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Sunday's night sky to be flooded by MASSIVE SUPERMOON

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That's no moon......

New super maxed out on first day of operations

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All I can think of is how fast will it encode my blu-rays to H264 .mp4's

Air Video 2.4.6

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Airplay is wonderful

Just played around with this again, and my new AppleTV last night. Using the Airplay feature means I can send from mac to iPhone/iPad and then to TV via AppleTV. No cables to plug in and I can have the full remote next to me. This means I don't require another computer in the bedroom as a media client.

The issue with using a NAS to stream direct to iPhone is that most of them don't really have the grunt for transcoding. As it happens, I convert all my dvd / vids to H264 .m4v files that get stored on my NAS. Some sort of Airvideo server without transcoding. for Synology NAS' would be great

Apple iOS 4 update due today

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iPod Touch

Can I probably be not the first to say....iPod Touch (3rd Generation) ?.....

Son of Transputer powers new Amiga box

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Love it

Awsome! Long time since I've seen the Amiga's history acknowledged.

I spent many years clinging to the Amiga and it's attempts to be 're-born'. I still have quite a few original machines - despite the excellent multitasking and top quality software, it's SWOS that I love most about the Amiga

'iPhone 4G' loser outed

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Jobs Halo

Good at his job?

I hope the dude is bloody good at his job.......

Whatever happened to the email app?

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Do most people really use webmail as their main 'client' ? Nobody I know does.

As above, I use Thunderbird on Mac and Windows to connect to my googlemail IMAP+Calender.

Vulcan kept airborne by £400k refuel

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Waddington 2010

Anyone know if the Vulcan might be at Waddington this year? First time i've been to an airshow in a long long time.

One of my favourite memories was as a kid at Finningley Air Show in Doncaster - the Vulcan doing a full power climb and every car alarm going off.

(I also miss the lightning - would love to see one of those flying again too)

Sun squeals over 'UK's first iPhone baby'

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Jobs Halo

the iphone DOES help you out.

The iPhone is so much more powerful than that. Mine is always in my pocket and I was worried about the effect of all that wi-fi, signal etc on my little wrigglers.

Safe to say, the iPhone actually makes 'em more potent and we were a little surprised to find out we were gonna be parents after only 2 attempts. I'm sure if I'd upgraded to a 3GS this would have happened first time.

Anyway, the boy is 13 days old now.......although he does have a look of Lord Jobs about him.

Cameroon leapfrogs Hong Kong in malware hosting blocklist

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Missed the extra 'o'

I thought it said Cameron. I was looking for a Daily Mirror headline about how the Tory leader is infecting Windows

Toshiba reveals Cell TV specs

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I need more power.....

Do we need an additional generator to power the thing - like with the PS3? (okay, the slim reduces your power costs to just a small country's GDP)

Although the specs sound nice. Will it have Tetris/Pong to play?

MontaVista boasts 1-second Linux boot

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Wol Required

....and then I'll take one for my Media Server.

oh, and smb/afp/itunes server/sftp etc etc

Buffalo Linkstation Quad

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Raid Expansion

Is it possible to expand the RAID, when bigger capacity disks become available?

iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know

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O2 are crazy....and gonna lose a lot of customers

I don't see why people are upset about not getting a free/cheap upgrade from the 3G. You signed a contract and got the 3G subsidised.

But the tethering tarrifs, no unlimited txt bundles, rapidly going downhill CS, no improvement in tarrif contents and worst of all - all this is exclusive to the iPhone. Most other phone tarrifs on O2 offer much more for less. O2 are scamming their iPhone customers.

Roll on Orange/Vodafone.


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