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Laugh all you want. There will be a year of the Linux desktop

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Wishful thinking

I wonder if I can use this wishful thinking to give me a pony too? Seems like after 25 years people are still incapable of just accepting defeat.

The Linux desktop can’t happen, I wish it would, but it won’t. They can’t even decide how to install software, how on earth are they going to present a unified desktop that’s universally usable when they don’t even have a unified configuration system?

MacOS stole the Linux desktop by being Unix with a first class desktop and professional app support.

Windows finally nailed the coffin closed by making WSL2 and now there isn’t any reason why you’d run a Linux desktop with a substandard desktop when you can do everything linux wants to do, but without the desktop problems that the Linux guys can’t seem to figure out.

Linux has its place on servers and inside containers. But it doesn’t have the unification necessary to present itself as a serious desktop apart from if you’re a sufficiently motivated technically inclined person

AWS adds bare metal support to EKS Anywhere

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Bare metal Kubernetes is not complex

Running a cluster across multiple VPS services, i.e. bare metal, is not complex. The complexity comes from scaling that automatically because you basically have to build what cloud providers built. A way to deploy new servers and join them to the cluster. As well as the complexity of running HA kubernetes. Which I believe these days is a lot less complex than it was. But still not as simple as running a single master cluster.

So perhaps there is some other meaning that I'm not aware of. But I don't find it complex at all and I've been doing it for almost 4 years.

Apple offers improved Linux support in macOS Ventura

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Docker already runs x86_64 images on mac

You don't need special software to do this since docker can already run x86_64 images on my m1max. I'm looking at a list of them right now

I love the Linux desktop, but that doesn't mean I don't see its problems all too well

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Re: What killed the linux desktop: package managers

So you're not going to address the main topic of my comment and instead nitpick about one tiny detail which wasn't really the point of the comment. Great work my friend!

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What killed the linux desktop: package managers

Underpinning a lot of problems with linux was always package managers. Device drivers too. But the primary way to get software onto your system is through a package manager. Which is a fancy zip file with some scripts in it for particular events during installation. This is what killed off linux as a desktop.

Why is it that on debian the packages all depend on different packages? Why is it that files are installed into different places? Or that the filesystem has a dozen different configuration formats, all of which are nonsensical and pointless. It's just a massive pile of ego-masturbation and package managers are at the centre of that whole dogpile.

Whats the real difference between an RPM, or a DEB file? There isn't none. Any different is artificial. So if you wanna support linux, why can't I just use one format and have one configuration system with multiple potential backends to store the actual config in any number of ways. But that said, why aren't configuration files json documents? Can you give me any technical reason why any format couldn't just be a standard, well described, well supported json format which is machine processable and human readable/editable? It would be lightyears ahead of the trash garbage which is installed into /etc right now with about ten different file formats and no consistent way to know which is which or machine scriptable way to interact with any of it.

Expanding this point about consistency, what about configuration? Why can't I reliably get the ip address of my machine using a command instead of using sed, awk, and grep on the output from ifconfig, or is it ipconfig? or ip? or whatever tool it is today?

I know I'm expanding my point a little bit here. But underpinning this entire message is the core theme. The basic standards of software installation and system configuration should have been standardised and resolved DECADES AGO. It's absolutely ridiculous that we have a dozen package managers installation files into a dozen different locations based on whatever distro decided to buck the trend and go it's own way. Why are they doing these random and pointless changes to how the /etc filesystem is stored? It's just ego, it's just empire building. We need to acknowledge that fact and then we might have a chance to fix it.

But no doubt there are a dozen people gonna try to debunk my point by whatabout-isming it into oblivion and then nothing will get done cause nobody wants to accept this is a big problem that needs to be fixed.

Last time I tried to make this point I got a bunch of comments about how this wasn't the biggest problem and then blah blah blah. Can we all just agree that whatever you're going to add to this message, is in fact another problem on top of my problem, instead of trying to debunk what I'm saying by just layering on another totally different thing? Would be nice right? To finally agree on something. We can both be right you know, it's not an either/or issue.

Linux failed cause nobody was professional enough to do the right thing and instead we have a bunch of professional amateurs building distributions that now is an unfixable problem because those people are "validated" by their long tenures instead of being ridiculed for producing inconsistent piles of garbage all in the sake of brushing their own ego instead of doing the right thing.

That's the underpinning problem of linux and unfortunately it's a problem that will never be solved.

Canonical pushes out MicroK8s installer for Mac and Windows, with Multipass VM tech lurking behind the scenes

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Mac already has kubernetes with docker built in?

Why would I want to use this on a mac when Docker itself already comes with a kubernetes option built in? Seems useless

Web Daddy Berners-Lee DRMs HTML5 into 2016

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Re: Over my cold dead browser

you're the idiot I'm afraid, those "bad old days" aren't "old" at all, they are the status quo and have existed and will continue to exist into the future.

all that will change here in the browser is a bunch of new events and a new API for talking to external decryption modules, that's it, you're browser is still 100% open source, nothing in it will be even close to being secret.

this is what you get for commenting on topics which involve programming knowledge where you demonstrate that you don't have much of it.

when a DRM provider wants to play back their content on your browser, they'll need to provide a closed source, binary only module that will load into the browser and do the decryption using whatever login/key/secret your browser provides through the API.

this is 100% identical to the current situation, there is absolutely no change in the arrangement that currently exists and it never was disappearing. Netflix is currently 0% along their plan to go DRM-free and I would doubt they even had a plan to do such a thing

you wouldn't be disappointed, if you understood how the technology REALLY WORKED

Chris Thomas Alpha

Re: @DrXym

thats an easy problem to solve.

the browser provides an API for talking to encryption modules, those modules are closed source and distributed for various platforms by various vendors.

therefore, it'll be like the old days with windows only decryption modules and games like this, the browser will still be 100% open source, but the API will allow you to talk to an externally loaded binary module, like a firefox plugin which the source code is not distributed and dynamically linked, therefore sidestepping any legal problems.

this is in fact no different than the current situation, if you enable the API and use a website which uses it, you need to play by their rules, if you don't use that website, it won't make the slightest difference to you, but if you don't have the API installed, you are still no better off, since the websites which want to make it available will still encrypt their data, but you'll have it delivered by Internet Explorer only ActiveX controls and things like this.

so the situation hasn't changed and never will change, it's just that you can do these things in HTML5 now without, moving a large part of the problem into the browser and leaving JUST the final decryption stage in the binary only section, whereas before the entire thing was binary only, player included.

this is actually a better situation from a programming perspective, since it might be possible to use a WINE like wrapper around the binary module, or even build a firefox plugin which includes a virtual machine to interpret and wrap up the binary module, whereas before it was much more difficult because the problem was larger.

so probably this is a step up, even though it's not the end game the freetards wanted...

Ubuntu 13.10 to ship with Mir instead of X

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maybe so, but it's utter garbage....a university student can create a better API/protocol than the entire X team did for decades, time to let go and throw away all the broken toys, it's 2013 and we can create better ones...

Brits: Give us £1m and we'll build a crack ALIEN-HUNTING TEAM

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Re: Seti@home

the most wtf part of your comment is not the out of date client software, but the fact that you still have OS/2 servers.....

Cold, dead hands of Steve Jobs slip from iPhones: The Cult of Ive is upon us

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well, it's not that, yes, to avoid this "innovation" we can just not buy one, but it's that this is practically forced down our throats through the tech media that we just get all rowdy and pi**ed about it and if they didnt patently lie about their innovations they clearly stole from somebody else and proclaimed it's the next best thing, nobody would care, but they are all the time crying on and on about how innovative they are that people feel the need to spend energy rubbishing their claims and making fanbois cry about it

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Re: Put an iPhone beside a...

I didnt cotton onto this.......you mean when you're typing in lower case, it shows the keyboard in upper case? how do you know visually which case the characters are going to be typed in? a highlight on the shift key?

sounds confusing....

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apple copied palm and then android for it's multitasking

in ICS and Jelly Bean, when you open the application switcher, they appear like cards, contain actual window contents and you can flick them to the side or upwards depending on the orientation of the device to indicate to close or dismiss an application.

palm had the first implementation of this, but android followed suit and then apple?

sure, wow....innovation right? just like the apple notification area isnt a more basic version of the android notification area, what are they going to copy next? widgets in the main screens? or is that still off the table cause it wastes battery? odd, since my htc one x goes a day without charging and has main screens full of apps.....

Minty fresh Linux: Olivia hits the virtual shelves

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Re: mint is really doing things no linux has done before

you know what....people LIKE that.....lots of people in fact....enough to spawn an entire distro and get it into the top of the charts....

Chris Thomas Alpha

mint is really doing things no linux has done before

it's incredible to see it in action, but mint is finally pushing linux to the point where it's acceptable for daily use by non technical people, by including more and more tools, getting the thing off the ground without requiring the terminal and stupid commands that only people like me or you understand.

this might actually be the second distribution (ubuntu was the first) to focus on the user and actually work towards supporting them and the first to actually accomplish a general good feeling about it's current direction (since people seem to hate unity and ubuntu since it tried it's search engine tricks).

ubuntu seems to just break every two weeks, sound stops working, graphics stops working, sometimes packages fail to install, it's a constantly drip drip drip of problems, that combined with unity, which is awful...

no other distribution has come close to this, none and yes, I already know about your favourite and it's crap, I've quite literally tried all the big major players, ubuntu, fedora, red hat linux, centos, debian, mint, sabayon, bodhi, they all tried and to be honest, all of them failed within hours, broke in some way or had missed the point completely of trying to be user friendly. all the minor players? who gives a rats all, nobody uses it anyway

not that any of this matters, linux already "arrived on the desktop".....it's called android and it's eating linux for breakfast....

Drupal hacked, resets passwords after millions of accounts exposed

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Re: Somewhat annoying

what if you found out they didnt hash or salt the passwords, would that be enough?

I mean, an incident, fine, they lost the db, fine, reset everything, fine, if you find out they stored everything in the open? still fine?

lets see what they say, I'm sure the next couple of days they'll tell us...they have little choice but to do so otherwise the situation will just keep going on and on.

Android device? Ooohhhh, you mean a Samsung phone

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Re: Two years baby

I believe they are going to do a google flavoured version in the future, so you can buy the normal samsung, or the google version, which will make it very interesting for me, I like my htc one x, but I instantly wanted to install cyanogenmod on it.

if I can get a samsung with a vanilla google installation on it, I'll be super super happy.

Chip daddy Mead: 'A bunch of big egos' are strangling science

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Re: I am not happy

"BULLSHIT IN A CAN. If anyone knows where alpha or whatever else comes from, the Noble prize is GUARANTEED. People try numerology on the mass spectrum or whatever all the time, a fruitless approach as it doesn't yield insights just patterns."

So analysing alpha yields patterns, not insights?

ok, so alpha is determined by patterns? what kind of patterns? what determines the pattern, is the pattern affected by anything, where does the pattern come from, instead of analysing alpha, perhaps we can analyse the pattern instead.

I would say the pattern might be insightful, but I'm not applying knowledge to your question, just logic, I might be talking out of my asshole, but if analysing something yields just patterns, maybe we can analyse those instead and see whether we can manipulate the pattern and observe changes in alpha.

just a thought.

Archaeologists uncover 'Unicorn's lair'

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social sciences?

the key to understanding is right there.......social sciences? hahahahah, put on this McDonalds shirt and answer the customers, theres a good chap!!

Sex offender wins case against Facebook vigilantism

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Re: People who

I find it ironic that you mention other peoples IQ level, then go on to spell "beat up" incorrectly. or "beaten up"

but certainly not "beated up"

I have no sympathy for pedophiles, I don't go around targetting them, but if one of them had an accident, I wouldn't bat an eyelid...paid for his crime or not, I wouldn't lose much sleep over it.

however, your point is sound, that people confuse paediatrician with a paedophile are pretty stupid, but to be honest, perhaps we shouldn't have chosen words which sound very similar to describe very different things, I blame latin.....or at least, somebody down that road...

Asteroid miners hunt for platinum, leave all common sense in glovebox

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the "gravity" of the situation

has anybody realised what taking thousands of tonnes of materials onto the planet would do for the mass of the planet? we rotate around the sun because we have the mass we do, if we start making the planet heavier in a sizable fashion, it might have effects we could not want.

also, why mine everything and drag it back to earth, why not build things in space with it and require less materials to be blasted up to space on rockets. I'm sure there are tonnes of carbon and iron on those asteroids, sounds like the perfect place to fabricate building materials for habitable space stations, etc.

then of course being in space, you'd need less heavy boosters to drag materials from the planet into space in the first place.

Man, 19, cuffed after burning Remembrance poppy pic is Facebooked

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Re: Free speech?

don't conflate two issues together, just because they would lynch you, doesn't mean we should do it.

just look what happens over there if you try the same thing - bad argument!

you're effectively arguing that we should equal the behaviour of other people, or do better, no, we should do a LOT better.

basically some people would find what he did to be offensive, I personally don't, I find it unfair, but a lot of people in the army are there out of choice, not queen and country, what part of "doing your duty" is being done in iraq right now.....are we in imminent danger of being invaded by the Iraqi's ?

the police should back off slowly, you can't arrest people for burning poppies, no matter how offended some people would be.

Apple's poisonous Touch silently kills the GNOMEs of Linux Forest

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touch screen? on my desktop?

I always wondered why they chased so avidly the touchscreen market whilst targetting desktop users.....

does my desktop have a touch screen? no

if it did have a touch screen, would it be comfortable to lift my arms for hours to touch it constantly? no

so what is the point of a touch screen emphasised user interface on a computer which will never ever be used for that purpose.

I would understand if gnome ran on some mobile devices, but like web development, you design two user interfaces and share whatever you can between the full sized desktop screen and the mobile screen.

does gnome run on any touch screen devices? maybe

are those devices in popular user? no (I suppose somebody will reply saying they use it, therefore this is wrong, however I would point out that a handful of people using it on a touch screen does not count as "popular"

so what the hell happened....pride I suppose, they didnt want to admit they had failed and just kept ploughing on until the car ran out of juice...

Apple unsheathes MacBook 13-incher

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Re: price comparisons

the information was correct, in fact if you read my last statement, it states that perhaps sales taxes are the reason for the discrepancy and asks a clarification.

would you like your cheese with your reading lessons? If you're gonna try to burn people, at least try to not look stupid at the same time.

Chris Thomas Alpha

Re: price comparisons

why did I get 4 people thumbing me down? I don't think my comment was trolling or causing mischief.

I think sometimes people don't understand the rating system, it's not to abuse by squashing comments you don't approve of, it's to rate comments which are clearly aimed to dislodge or cause the conversation to become derailed.

I think the information I put was conductive to enhancing the conversation with some price info, not the contrary.

Chris Thomas Alpha

Re: Is Apple becoming Oracle?

yeah I would agree with this, I waiting since july with a busted screen on my macbook, suffering to get the 13 inch retina version when it came out.

then when it arrives, it's 2,200 euros for the 256GB ssd + 2.9Ghz option........whaaaa....

only 256GB ssd??

dual core cpu??

no nvidia graphics??

the 500GB SSD is +500 euros!!!

ok, 2,200 euros is a lot to ask for such a configuration, i'm seriously considering waiting until next july until the prices drop, I feel the price is just too high to pay for a laptop....retina display or not, I dont think it's worth what is effectively a 1,000 euro increase over the macbook pro without retina...

I know the SSD adds to the cost, but I'm not willing to pay that much of a price jump, I can't justify that to myself without knowing I'm lying about how I feel about it.

Chris Thomas Alpha

price comparisons

just to do a little price comparisons, I checked on the spanish/euro, british and american websites

The spec I wanted was the 256GB SSD, 2.9Ghz option which you have to click a few buttons to get

US: $2,199.00

UK: £1,858.99

ES: €2.279,00

however, $2,199.00 in euros using xe.com is "2,199.00 USD = 1,699.55 EUR"

that means the price difference between the US macbook and the ES macbook is €579.45 !!!! Thats almost a quarter of the euro price of the macbook.....

However, it's worth considering that on the US store, it doesn't mention any sales taxes, maybe this is because in the US you're supposed to do this yourself with the IRS? Although I don't know how their tax system works, so I'm not sure why the prices don't appear with any sales tax.

Amazon accused of remotely wiping punter's Kindle

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Isn't this similar to stealing?

yes I suppose because the content is accessible through a remote interface it lets itself be more open to interference from outsiders.

but since the data is not transferred across a network connection from amazon to the device on demand, the actual property is in the hands and physical constraints of the person holding the device.

so taking something away from that person, which they have paid for with money which was accepted, is more commonly called stealing. Or Fraud.

Just imagine is they were real books, amazon would arrive at your door to remove them?

Top admen beg Microsoft to switch off 'Do Not Track' in IE 10

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what about analytics though.

I installed adblock for chrome and found none of my analytics worked anymore, I had to whitelist it in order to work correctly again.

I understand that you want to stop people from advertising things to you, but I want to know what percentage of people come from what country, or what browser you use so I know if it's worth targetting with a fix (say for IE7, do I support it or not? by default I don't, but if 90% of people arriving had it, I would).

analytics seems to be getting kicked by the same boot, but it's not really the same usage, sure you can use analytics for tracking, but what if I want to customise better my website to make it easier for me to engage with people better, well, tough, cause now I can't :( or it seems that way anyway, DNT affects this or not? I'm not 100% sure, perhaps somebody can help me out on that.

Bitcoin exchange shuts after heist

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Re: Good way to shut down an "underground unregulated" currency

it's also a good way to selectively apply evolutionary pressure to make the system more resilient.

if you're a pioneer, you always have the most to lose and the biggest chance of losing.

eventually it'll work, but it'll take a while a lots of lost money....just depends on whether people want to keep pushing money into the system whether it fails or not.

I suppose private users of bitcoin are going to be ok, but well, if you leave your money in somebody elses hands, you really should know whether they are insured and have the capability to cover losses.

somebody perhaps should sue the guy, that might help :)

Torvalds bellows: 'The GNOME PEOPLE are in TOTAL DENIAL'

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wrong, linux does want dumb users, computers shouldn't be for the elite who can figure stuff out, it should be for everybody, clever and dumb alike.

also, if I have to do insanely complex commands in order to get a sound card working, but can't do it, thats not me being dumb, thats the system not doing it's job.

Chris Thomas Alpha

it's 2012 and still can't configure a screensaver properly......way to go GNOME!

Chris Thomas Alpha

Re: Can you even into programming?

comment all you want, but stupidity will be treated harshly.

Cook's 'values' memo shows Apple has lost its soul

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Re: Apple are another amoral company

well thats what you get for being a pioneer, you have to spend all the money and develop something which doesn't exist only to find once people know your idea works they'll make copies.

this has happened since the dawn of time WITH EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF ANYTHING THAT HUMANS CAN BUILD.

why all of a sudden should the rules change just because it's apple?

if apple are unhappy, stop being the pioneer and let somebody else go forward...but don't blame people for wanting a piece of the pie and use tactics aimed at stopping what has happened since the dawn of our species just because you don't appreciate it.

steve jobs is on the record as saying that apple uses the "good artists copy, great artists steal" mantra. Well, thats great, it's what people have always done, so it's good they have that value so close to heart.

but that works both ways....not just in favour of apple, sometimes it works in favour of the other guy too.

British Minister likens Anonymous to fascists and racists

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Re: Wrong Simile

a little self centered perhaps ?

have you considered that they might be thinking they are heroes of the minority, which should have the same level or more protection than the majority, but do not.

(more protection because the majority would naturally skew in the opposite direction, therefore need greater protection because of the lack of support they would normally enjoy).

pinochet is actually a war criminal, charged with murdering many many people, UK didn't exactly attempt to bust him did they? assange is accused of bad sexual etiquette and borderline asshole nature, hardly comparable, yet the UK are acting like there is a mass murdering child raping psychopath in the building, armed police? infra-red + heat sensors....

are they serious??

Chris Thomas Alpha

Re: Oh come on.

ignorant how?

they didn't extradite pinochet to france, they ARE trying to extradite assange to sweden...

where is the ignorance?

Microsoft: MED-V won't help you escape WinXP end-of-life

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the only appropriate response

is to laugh....not investing in the core software of your business which then subsequently becomes unsupported, why didn't somebody at least TRY to run the software on chrome and fix up the bugs....they've had years to do it...you might be able to get an intern to fix the html layout problems, since all the server code doesn't need to change....all you need is a student programmer who knows HTML/CSS/JS, you can find those unemployed in the local cafe....so there is really very little excuse.

so laugh...perhaps a bit of righteous ridicule will go a long way....these apparently IT PRO's are not so IT PRO after all.

Google asks YouTube commenters to stand up and be counted

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dear google

please suck my balls.

that is all.

HTML 5 gets forked up

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Re: What's HTML ever done for us?

am I the only one who read that link "w3.org" Status STDS ?

Chris Thomas Alpha
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Re: Worst of both worls

agreed, xhtml is the way to go, html is just tag soup and we need to get people to realise that whilst people might not fully understand xhtml, it's good points are it's more logical.

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Re: Double yuck

and meanwhile, people like me who hated the current stagnation will be super happy to use those new features in our code when our feature detection code tells us we can do it :)

thats life, you have to be agile, quick and manouverable, if you're not, you get bitten.

Chris Thomas Alpha

Re: Doesn't sound too scary.

crap developers have always done that, so the current events won't change anything, they can barely keep a page running across multiple versions of a browser without it breaking, I used to have a guy working with me who suffered the same problem until I took him aside and educated him better.

Apple MacBook Pro 13in

Chris Thomas Alpha

hold your wallets until october :)

as other people have said, 13 inch comes in october, my macbook is not "busted" but pretty broken, the screen "whites out" until I wiggle the screen a bit (broken hinge connector I think) and the trackpad I can only use the touch mode now, not the click since it stopped working about 8 months ago.

but the other month when apple failed to impress me, I put my wallet away, I'll live another year with this one, it's already pretty good, 4GB of ram, everything I need for me job (freelance webdeveloper)

if in october they bring out a 13 inch retina, I'll look at it again, even more so if they bring out a retina air, then that will practically open my wallet singing and dancing, perhaps even with a cover song from jim carrey.

but until that happens, my money is firmly staying in my wallet....which it'll do until apple impresses me again.

Euro Parliament kills ACTA treaty before court can look at it

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Re: "backdoor control laws"

the idea of dropping parts of the ACTA treaty in order to make it more paletable has another name by military terms, it's called "forming a beachhead"

the idea is that you pass enough of the treaty to get accepted and then use itself to push through the other parts which were previously rejected.

so because we know this, we have to refuse to accept any of it, because any small piece we allow to exist, will just be used to drag the parts we disagree with through.

just look at the "european economic community": we accepted to be part of it and then it was used a vehicle to drag the parts we didnt agree to.

Facebook: Our phone app DID seize your email

Chris Thomas Alpha

yeah yeah, it was a bug...

sure it was.....who wants to bet real money that it wasn't a bug, but hoped that nobody would notice, or care and continue as they did before unaware, or uncaring about the consequences.

now the damage is done, it can't be reversed, so those people might just think "oh well, nevermind" and use the facebook mail system regardless, because what choice do they have? reinsert emails which they probably forgot about?

yeah yeah, bug, I'm sure it was...

thats why I turned off facebook sync...and why I hope you all did it too!!

Python wraps its coils around the enterprise

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Re: Python talks to everything

HERE HERE!!! Nail, meet hammer, on the head.

I am always fighting to get my developers to learn some basic style guidelines, to the point where I would happily trade away the benefit and just subjugate myself to the programming language.

Apple introduces 'next generation' MacBook Pro with retina display

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no 13 inch retina???

wow....what a bummer....I have to buy a macbook this month and now it's never going to put a smile on my face than owning one of those....I don't want 15 inches...it's too big... (she said)

Berners-Lee: Net snoop law tosses human rights into the shredder

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Re: Actually...

true, but I doubt it could decrypt everything on the net in real time and therefore all you'd have to do is build a herd mentality, temporary encryption keys, etc, etc and the game would be back on again...

you have a good point though, I just doubt they could decrypt enough to know how to filter before all the keys might change and then you're back to square one.

I mean, if you're serious about creating an encryption arms race between privacy lovers and intrusive governments, I'm more than happy to sit back and watch that one...sounds interesting...

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Re: alternatively

I would agree with that...