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Sysadmin tells user CSI-style password guessing never w– wait WTF?! It's 'PASSWORD1'!

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Re: "They looked for the password on the CD . . ."

Santander...Muppets? Tell me is is not so.

All ID information gone missing a couple of weeks after giving it to them? So when exactly that happened to me and they told me that it had never happened before, they were lying? Who knew?

How about answering the security question of 'whats your address' and to be told I got it wrong. Then finding out they had mixed up my old address and new address. Then being blamed for giving them the wrong information when they were the ones who copied the (correct) address from the utility bill.

Finally finding a piece of paper containing another customers account details and address attached to the back of a bunch of photocopying they gave me.

Santander. Only found in the same sentence with 'Security' and 'Data Protection' with the word 'fuckwits' appended.

The Next Big Thing in Wi-Fi? Multiple access points in every home

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"We suspect there is going to be a patents battle"

Remember the days when patents were there to encourage, foster and reward innovation? Nope, me neither.

Men charged with theft of free newspapers

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Re: Nothing is 'free'


'Free' is not the same as 'worthless' or 'without value'. Just how many commentators on here don't realise this is outstanding.

We are 'heroes,' says police chief whose force frisked a photographer

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Questions about ID

" if Mitchell had “identified himself” to the woman employee, “the matter would have been resolved "

Um. How?

If he had shown his ID, how would that have proven he was not a terrorist?

Do only terrorists not carry ID then?

Is there a master database that can be instantly accessed by police employees which shows who is a terrorist and who is not?

How would they have known if the ID was fake?

When I take a selfie with my phone, should I be carrying around my passport to prove I am not a terrorist then?


USPTO: Hi, Ask Me Anything. Reddit: Can we trademark 'AMA'? USPTO: No.

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"sprawling and poorly designed"

I'm sorry. Remind be again who released an app which was so poorly implemented that it crashed half the time, had buttons that didn't work. Also the same website who changed the nested comments layout so that following a conversation became impossible.


Barnet Council: Outsourcing deal with Capita has 'performance issues'

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Here in nottinghamshire they instigated a new 'savings' scheme by preventing out-of-area people using their recycling scheme (local tip to you and me). All 'customers' wanting to use their 'facilities' had to register and they were going to check to see if you were registered using a hand held device scanning your numberplate.

The claimed 'savings' were based on figures from a limited survey performed 10 (yes ten) years ago. Anyone like to guess the additional costs of the handheld devices, the registration process, the server to run it all and the communications needed to join it all together? From an FOA request there were no actual figures of how they turned those numbers of people being turned away into actual costs that were going to be saved.

Now it has been running a few months, no-one I know has had their numberplate scanned. Best of all if you live out of the area, all you have to do is choose a random address and name and register your vehicle to that address. No checks are made that your car is registered to that address. I know 'cos I did it!

So 'savings'. Yeh right.

Trump's torture support could mean the end of GCHQ-NSA relationship

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Article title could do with some work

".....could mean the end of GCHQ-NSA relationship........officially"

Fleeing Aussie burglar shot in arse with bow and arrow

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Meanwhile in the UK

The shooter would have been arrested for Assault/GBH. After all he was fleeing so he no longer posed a threat and therefore, according to our courts, you cannot claim proportionate self defence.

Personally I would have notched another arrow.

Build your Type 26 warships next year? Sure, MoD – now, about that contract...

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Re: Have they finished the aircraft carriers yet?

"long term military procurement strategy involving rolling and properly scheduled asset renewal to create a steady work programme for design and build"

You are talking about SMART procurement introduced in the MOD in late 1990s / early 2000s.

All good talk, well meaning and sounded wonderfull.......till you came slap bang up against the Financial guys on both sides. Soon as you did, it all disintegrated into contracts, budgets and profits. The Financial Departments, and I assume behind them the Treasury, acted as if SMART procurement didn't exist. From my experience, lots of talk but not a thing changed.

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Re: Have they finished the aircraft carriers yet?

"putting arrestor hooks on the Typhoon"

I worked at BAe nearly 30 years ago and saw drawings back then of a modified EFA (still can't bring myself to call it the Typhoon) for landing on aircraft carriers. It had to have long undercarriage legs which made it look like it was landing on stilts. It also needed a beefed up fuselage to cope with the stopping forces through the arrestor hook. As I recall a big worry at the time were the modifications to cope with the corrosive effects of salt spray because the Germans had banned Cadmium plating.

Mind you I also saw proposals for modifications to fit Air-to-Ground munitions which were roundly rejected by the RAF at the time. Now look what is happening in Syria. Never say never.

Cisco's job applications site leaked personal data

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Leaks happen all the time

Not exactly an IT related story, but quite a few years ago I rented a storage unit. Right near mine in the passageway was stacked some cardboard boxes falling apart and spilling their contents.. I had a quick peak and they were jammed full of job applications. Obviously HR had offloaded their hiring records off site. Boxes and boxes of names addresses, schooling, past employment records. The name on the boxes, Thales at Crawley.

Report: UK counter-terrorism plan Prevent is 'unjust', 'counterproductive'

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1. So?

2. So?

3. So? Still a machine gut that can kill.

4. Bren Gun conversion. http://norfolktankmuseum.co.uk/bren-l4/

5. Wooosh. Pointing out illogical standards.

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"14-year-old was targeted over a Facebook photograph....wearing a salwar kameez and holding one of his father's licensed guns".

I must dig out one of my photos when I joined the cadets at 12 years old wearing an Army uniform posing with a converted Bren gun, and post it on facebook,

Of course the difference between his photo and mine is........um........

The UK's 'Universal Credit mega cockup was the coalition's NPfIT' - Margaret Hodge

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FiReControl project

I was on the bid team for one of the companies bidding for the FiReControl project. The bid documentation was a pile of poo. It read as if someone had taken every requirement from every source possible and thrown it together without any attempt to co-ordinate, rationalize or even put through a common sense filter. We all said to our senior management that we should not touch it with a long pokey stick as it would end in tears, but we were told to get on with it.

When it was announced to our team that we had lost the bid, the only comment from the back was "thank the f**k for that".

My Nest smoke alarm was great … right up to the point it went nuts

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Not so smart

So in this context the smart device is more expensive, less reliable, and more annoying than the non-smart device,....and does the same job.


Brit ISP TalkTalk scraps line rental charges

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Non story

"However, the Advertising Standards Authority is requiring all ISPs to offer line rental and broadband as one single price by the end of this month"

So they are not scrapping line charges, just incorporating them into the total...which they will be required to do anyway by the end of the month.

How is this a story?

Termination fees for terminated people now against the law

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Re: How do you enforce a termination penalty against a dead person?

Happened to me.

When my father died I called one of them up to inform them and to ask about cancellation, final payments etc. I fully expected to be told to send in proof (death certificate etc) but the only response I got was to be told that they 'could not speak to anyone except the account holder'.

That pissed me off so much that I just sent a letter (recorded) telling them the account was cancelled and that if they had any debts or needed any more information to send them to me, the executor, and I just cancelled the direct debit.

They kept sending increasingly frantic letters addressed to my father threatening all sorts of dire retribution.....and I just kept responding with the same letter asking them to apply to me as the executor.

After well over 9 months later and probate granted, I got a letter addressed to me (finally!) stating that the phone was now cancelled I was now responsible for all of his debts...including the 9 months for the time phone that had not been cancelled. I simply sent a letter back enclosing all of the correspondence up to that point, with an invitation to take me to court.

Never heard another word.

Matt LeBlanc handed £1.5m to front next two series of Top Gear

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Re: Episodes

Yep. Eddie looked as if someone's granddad had wandered onto the set by mistake.

Judge orders Universal Credit internal reviews must be disclosed

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So what?

No-one will be held accountable

No-one will be punished

No-one will be sacked

No money will be returned

At best some vacuous stateement will be issued saying 'lessons have be learnt....trust us'

So whats the point?

Cops hacked the Police National Computer to unlawfully retain suspects' biometric data

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Re: Just treat them the same

Doesnt matter. You can still spend 24 hours in the cells before being charged then subject to a restricting police bail bfor an extended period before being brought in front of the magestrates. In the meantime dont be surprised to be stopped regularly in your car and be subject to inspection to see if there is anything they can do you for.

Do not underestimate to power and vindictivness of the police to make your life a misery all perfectlu legally.

The paperless office? Don’t talk sheet

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Ah yes the paperless office

As espoused by the Management hierarchy and ruthlessly enforced by a total shelf space allowed for each person of no more than two linear feet.

Totally undermined by the Quality Department who insisted that all issues of documents had to have three signatures, and you had to be able to show them the document with those signatures for audits.

Further undermined by our clients who used to give us classified documents as part of each project, and the spoilsports would not let us scan them in and destroy the originals.

And then completely spoiled by the IT department who would only entertain IT requests on a suitably signed paper form, but they did condescend to let us email the scanned in forms..

Management response was to insist that all documents were to be scanned in (except the client's secure documents)......but the total storage space allowed for each person on the server was 1Gig. It took less than three weeks before frantic messages started eminating from the IT department that we were running out of server space.

UK energy minister rejects 'waste of money' smart meters claim

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Re: I think it *will* be a ghastly mess

"The marginal costs of manual meter reading are less than five quid a year per household. The savings on that don't pay for five hundred quid of smart meters."

Now this is the most important point. Whenever you listen to an asswipe Politician touting the position that 'we are only doing this for YOUR benefit, you know', you will know just how much they are bulshitting.

The Police Chief's photo library mixed business, pleasure and flesh

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Re: Many years ago, in a world not far enough away...

I worked for a defence company which had not made a particular item for many years, and we had thought that it had been withdrawn from servicebut we suddenly recieved an order. The costs were going to enormous as the drawigs had to be entire production line had to be started up from scratch. That was until one guy mentioned he had seen a pile of them down an Army Surplus store. They were all bought up and put through a refurb programme and delivered at a fraction of the cost.

We later heard that a storeman had thrown them out because he knew they were obsolete, but the 'system' had not yet cought up so an order for replacements was placed. The stores ended up with the exact ones thrown out.

6 months later we saw them back in the Army Surplus store again.

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Re: Many years ago, in a world not far enough away...

Would that also be the same (very large) stores site being sold off in the 80s. There was a warehouse which had not been opened for many years because everyone knew was empty. The buyers insisted on it being opened before they would take it over, so the doors were cut open.

Inside was just one item, an armoured vehicle.

DEAD MAN'S SOCKS and other delightful gifts from clients

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Re: A waterford crystal clock about the size of 2 packs of playing cards

How about a nice gift pen celebrating our ten years in employment partnership, nicely engraved with the Company's name.

I found the exaxt same pen in a catalogue of corporate gifts. Cost was £2.50 each, including the engraving of your choice.

I returned it, attached to the catalogue with a nice note, to our Company's HR advising them to insert it in an appropriate orifice, assuming of course it was not too tight 'cos the evidence suggested otherwise.

Sysadmin's £100,000 revenge after sudden sacking

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Re: James is a dick...

Too right. I had a similar situation where I had written programmes to automate a large part of my job (the job was not a programmer), but because I had now made it easier, the boss reasoned that anyone could do it and replaced me. I was professional enough to document all of the automation and to try to each my replacement as much as i could in the week handover period, but i could tell that nothing was going in.

Several months later i got a phone call from the boss. The computer had crashed and trashed my programmes. I explained there were automated backups and that the documentation explained how to reinstate. He said that the new person did not have the expertise to do that and wanted me to come in and do it myself.....and that i should do it for free. I told him that my contracting fee was £10,000, paid in advance and was waiting for his cheque.

I later found out he had to hire two more people just to do the job that I was expected to do on my own.

Oh dear, Microsoft: UK.gov signs deal with LibreOffice

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Re: continued Open Source Adoption

They take money out of the local economy in taxes, and then give some of it back by spending it locally.

And this boosts the local economy does it? Wot, better than...for example...by not taking money out of the local economy at all you mean?

Old tech, new battles: Inside F-Secure’s formidable Faraday cage

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Re: colour...

And now its "brown to shit yourself". Because the old colour killed you, but the new colour only loosens your bowels, the change was obviously done as a health and safety improvement. I for one thank them /s

UK.gov finally promises legally binding broadband service obligation – by 2020

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Yeh right

So i will have the right to request broadband eh.

My local exchange is fibre enabled so i requested a better link to my house than the 1Mb I get now (when is hasn't been raining heavily, when I get nothing). I got quoted £30k to lay a new cable.

Tell me how this announcement is going to be any different

How long does it take an NHS doctor to turn on a computer?

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Re: And your point is?

"key fob for their car doesn't need batteries"

Er, yes, if you want to continue pointing you key fob at the car to lock and unlock it, it does.

Google's .bro file format changed to .br after gender bother

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Ahh, the eternal vigilance of the profoundly ignorant

Reminds me of the story of a report produced by an IT dept at a council being taken to task for being racist. Their crime was to allude to the time of black slavery and how it may be offensive, by refering to a 'master slave disk configuration'

Be nice to the public, PC Plod. Especially if you're trying to stop terrorists

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In a lot of cases 'looking for any excuse possible to take it away'.

What could possibly go wrong? Banks could provide ID assurance for Gov.UK – report

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Re: But retail banks are clueless about security

THEY phone YOU, withholding Caller ID (which can be spoofed anyway) and ask you "security questions"

The only response to that idiocy is to start by insisting they answer your security questions. Their only response is 'but I cannot give out any information'. I then report them to their fraud department as an attempted pishing. Probaby wasting my time as they still do it.

It's official: You can now legally carrier-unlock your mobile in the US

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Re: It's nice to see people are chipping away on the DMCA

'Only in the US.....'. Tosh.

In the UK there are shops on the high street who will unlock your phone for a tenner. I think every one of the high street mobile phone retailers sells unlocked versions of popular phones (possibly not every phone nor every shop: I cannot check everything). I have bought nothing but unlocked phones for 10 years now.

In curtailing personal freedoms, the US is turning into the world leader,

NSA man: 'Tell me about your Turkish connections'

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Re: Conversation loop

I won't even go via the states, not even on just a refuel stop.

Every person had to be 'imigrated' (passport inspection, stamp and fingerprint), we were not allowed any further that the single room overlooking the aircraft, and as soon as they reached the last person, we all had to be 'emigrated'. It took four sucking hours.

All this for a sucking refuel stop and the sucking plane had finished refueling within half an hour.

Never...never...never again.

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You could just go to a hundred other more welcoming and friendly countries.

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Re: @ Peter Simpson 1 Yeah? Just try to leave Israel!

You try telling either party that they are more closely related to each other than Europeans, Africans or Asians; that Palestinian DNA falls slap bang in the middle of the Jewish groupings, and so they are all basically blood brothers....and wait for the fireworks to fly (....or rockets, bombs, shells whatever).

Mind you expecting 'we hate them because they are "X" race' to have some logic or sense to it is just wasting time.

ONE EMAIL costs mining company $300 MEEELION

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Re: Churnalism

'middle easter'. Is that like saturday evening, half way throught the long easter break weekend?

(Sorry, couldn't help myself)

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Re: Headline wrong?

One email does not cost squat. What sent the share price tumbling was the 'buy...buy..sell..sell' speculators who act on rumour and half truths, and the automatic share dealing system who all jumped on a small dip and kept on pushing it down and down.

The share dip was temporary anyway so the only actual losses where by those who play with short term rises and dips in the market. Long term investors lost squat.

ISPs CAN be ordered to police pirates by blocking sites, says ECJ

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Re: Good luck with that...

Oops that site has been blocked. Never mind, google pirate proxy, couple of clicks and away we go again. (Other options are available. Results may vary)

MPs blast HMRC for using anti-terrorism laws against whistleblower

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her job

her job

Her job is to create favourable headlines in the press, produce statistics showing how marvelous they are ant not create any embarissments for their minister. What made you think otherwise?

Delhi police forget passwords to corruption portal, ignore 600 crimes

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They 'forgot'

Having seen first hand the Deli finest at their finest. I can state with confidence that the real reason is one of the following

'not my responsbility'

'it is some elses responsiblity, but i dont know who that is'

'not being paid (bribed) to do it'

'it will just mean more work for me'

'Why would I, Ive got a second job that earns me more'

Apple's nonexistent iWatch to bag $17.5 BEEELION in first year alone – analyst

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Re: Tell me who

"It's a Penal Tracking Device - you are supposed to wear it aroud your ankle."

For a second there i read penile tracking device and had a scary moment wondering where we supposed to wear it.

Apple and Samsung STILL in bitchfight over banning ancient mobes

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Re: I wish ...

"open shops now, I wonder who did that first?"


(Not a clue if they did it first, but I just picked an example of a hi-tech retailer selling their own products in their own shops on the high street years before the Apple resurgence on the back of the Ipod....let alone being first with the idea of opening their own stores)

Do cops need a warrant to search your phone? US Supreme Court will rule

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me no understand

Say the police are not allowed to search the phone of someone who is arrested, they take him into custody and then apply for a warrant from a Judge presenting all of the evidence leading to the arrest. What exactly have they lost?

I can only conclude they want the ability to arrest someone, and then look on the phone for reasons to arrest them.

Clink! Terrorist jailed for refusing to tell police his encryption password

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Re: GCHQ isn't the problem

" don't remember what the passphrases are"

So you are guilty of a criminal act.....you just haven't been charged for it yet.

That is how this law works, right?

Mexican Cobalt-60 robbers are DEAD MEN, say authorities

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Re: slow death...

I'm trying to be sad....but I just can't.

Germany: SAP's software licensee conditions are INVALID

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"SAP said that, in practice, the company had only ever applied the clause to initial licensees and not to third party acquirers"

Sooooo. You are spending large sums of money going balls out to defend these terms in a court because......you were never going to them???????

Cough....bull droppings......Cough

Coroner suggests cars should block mobile phones

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Re: Perhaps

"putting the annoying one in a Golf"

Sorry but can you give me a better clue?

peter 45

Re: Yes well...

"80% of deaths on country roads occur on bends because 80% of country roads is made up of bends"

Yeh well, outside my house, where there has been 3 serious accidents and one death, every one of them were caused by going around the bends TOO SUCKING FAST. Its a 40mph zone,, but the local copper reckoned they were all doing at least 60mph. The accident investigator estimated that the guy who died was doing between 70-80mph. I have had people screaming at me for daring to slow them down when turning into my driveway. The road is quite safe if you are doing 40mph, but some people seem to think it is their right to go as fast as they like regardless of condition, speed limit or other road users