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Shuttle intros Phenom-friendly media centre barebone

Daniel Cassidy
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Attention Shuttle:

Media Centres are shaped like Hi-fi separates.

Capita wins NHS website contract

Daniel Cassidy


If anyone wants to vote for me as supreme overlord of the UK, my first act will be to ban Capita from consideration for government projects.

Vista woes fuel Mac sales surge - analyst

Daniel Cassidy

13" vs. 15" laptops

13" laptops are more expensive than 15" laptops because they're much more portable, and the screen has to be a higher DPI to get a decent pixel resolution.

Mine's a 14" Thinkpad and I wouldn't dream of switching to anything bigger.

Chinese net addict murders mother

Daniel Cassidy


If you're going to report Chinese propaganda, could you at least have the decency to not report it as if it's true?

Essex University offers online degrees

Daniel Cassidy

Nothing new

I'm pretty sure Essex University have done this for years. At least, when I was a student there, I don't remember ever having got out of bed to go to lectures.