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Mafia Wars dons deprived of pit bulls

Andrew 19

Coming soon - virtual PETA

Feel smug about all the virtual animals you are saving as you withhold virtual insulin from a virtual diabetic 5 year old.

Rack up massive Hypocrisy Points as you harras Kelis for wearing fur while illegally ditching the animals you yourself have killed in local dumpsters.

Pirate Party UK sinks on maiden voyage

Andrew 19

I wonder if people's perceptions were affected

By the association of The Pirate Bay with a certain other non-mainstream political movement?

Lost iPhone 4G vendor loaner outed

Andrew 19
Jobs Horns

Do you think Apple would have paid the guy a reward?

If he'd actually made an effort to return it?

Just wondering...

I'm guessing "no" because "grateful" is a bit too close to "humble" on the emotional spectrum...

Steve Jobs Flash rant put to the test

Andrew 19


X with hardware acceleration is more efficient than X without hardware acceleration.


I don't think that's a valid claim unless you replace "more efficient than" with "faster than", in which case you have a tautology.

Any algorithm will be faster under hardware acceleration, regardless of how efficient it is.

Experts rubbish iPhone for health use

Andrew 19

Opportunity for Palm

Well, Epocrates, the killer mobile app for health, has come out on webOS just a few weeks after the iPhone version. It has a couple of major advantages over its iPhone sibling:

1. Palm units have removable batteries - i.e. get an after-market "rump shaker" and you've got double the battery life. Just not an option with iPhone. Epocrates stores all its data locally so you dont have to worry about constant data traffic killing your battery either, just the screen and CPU

2. Because webOS has true multitasking, you can switch to another app like email and not have to wait for Epocrates to re-load a humungous medical database when you switch back.

Get in there, Palm!

Climategate witchhunt fingers scientist

Andrew 19

Don't we have enough REALLY good reasons to cut pollution?

...like habitat destruction, waterway despoilment, deformed babies, dead animals, wrecked soil, smog, health problems, etc etc etc?

Why do we need to be sold some Roland Emmerich rubbish about the end of the world on top of all that?

South African Police reveal Apple tablet photos

Andrew 19
Jobs Halo

"Reality distortion" brand

This is what they put in the mineral water at Apple press events

Film review site hacked to spew malicious PDFs

Andrew 19
Big Brother

I go there daily and i didnt notice a thing...

...probably because I have AdBlock

Full Flash goes mobile (with Google's backing)

Andrew 19

Only h/w accelerating video?

So all those flash GAMES that are notorious for bringing fully fledged desktops to their knees are going to be just fine on an unassisted mobile CPU?

Think I'll wait and see on that one...

Vegemite unscrews lid on iSnack2.0

Andrew 19


To be fair, this is a new and different product, not a renaming of Vegemite as many news reports have wrongly implied.

Could this really be some kind of "no such thing as bad publicity" viral stunt? Seems out of step with Vegemite's down home image but you never know with these hipster marketing types.

I'm guessing they expect their version of New Coke to last about as long.

They should have taken the ironic doomed faddishness to its logical extreme and called it Vegemite 2000.

Ten sizzling gizmos survive economic nightmare

Andrew 19

Reg joins the tinfoil hat brigade. Literallly.

Wow. The Reg is the site where I expect to see frequent derisive references to the "tinfoil hat brigade". Did that same site just seriously recommend a product that is EXACTLY THE SAME CONCEPT as a tinfoil hat?!?!?!?

Apple admits iPhone apps not suitable for business

Andrew 19
Big Brother

iPhone Vertical Market?

So does this apply only to the app store? Is it even legit (from Apple's perspective) for a software vendor to market iPhone apps directly to (business) customers, bypassing the app store?

Palm accused of spying on Pre owners

Andrew 19

palm accused of doing exactly what it said it would

Engadget has a pic of a first time setup, user agreement type screen that straight up tells you it's going to collect location data.

It says "allow Google's location service to collect anonymous and aggregate location data. Collection will occur regardless of whether any applications are active"

There follows Agree and Disagree buttons so you can opt out. Controversy FAIL.

UK teens bullied into sending sex texts

Andrew 19

re: Something has gone very rotten

"When did things go so badly wrong? Im 28 and never remember anything even close to this sort of thing happening,"

nothing's changed. you remember rightly.

the amount of vice in the world has been pretty much constant since forever - it's just the taboos around reporting it, and the comms tech for doing so, that changes.

and in this case - media/lobby group hysteria

Andrew 19
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when all you have is a hammer...

An organisation called BeatBullying examines text messaging and finds... bullying!

That's about as surprising as a fundie looking at creation vs evolution and plumping for creation.



Che Guevara's granddaughter poses for PETA

Andrew 19
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PETA: Animals > Humans (yet again)

Killing animals? Bad. Glorifying memory of mass murderer? All good.

As long as Che didnt mistreat any ickle puppy dogs or moo moo cows.

PETA = bunch of reality challenged trust fund brats


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