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Did Donald Trump really just ask Russia to hack the US govt? Yes, he did

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It is a larger problem to not know the extent of Hillary's transgressions prior to the election, than to see what emails she exposed.

You are merely being a vulture picking at things as an excuse to hate, when this is only a response to what has already gone wrong with government, their scheming and lack of transparency then feeding the public LIES.

The difference between Hillary and Donald is that Donald tells the truth even if you don't like it, while Hillary tells you sweet lies while robbing you blind, then no matter how bad it gets, then you area all the more desperate for another sweet lie.

This is a continuation of the Obama administration if Hillary gets elected. Now we are on the verge of race wars, of having terrorists attacking us and our allies, a continuation of the degradation of our economy, and fewer and fewer middle class wage earners able to support themselves instead of having public assistance programs control their lives.

This is not what America used to stand for. Perhaps you are too young to remember. Our forefathers did not fight world wars for us to just turn over our lives to leftist control freaks who want to give away the spoils of our country to foreigners who left their own country because they couldn't make a good living there and were desperate.

It is time for all honorable citizens to take back America. That starts with honesty, not attacking someone because they are honest. Better to deal with what you know than be stabbed in the back.

Glassholes beware: This guy's got your number

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Yes, reacting to anyone who isn't immediately threatening to your person is a hate crime. I'm not suggesting that means one should or shouldn't react, at some point there's a fuzzy line between tolerance, forgiveness, and not turning a blind eye.

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Or simpler still, merely disallow the connection with a MAC exclusion list. I suppose it depends on what your kit firmware or OS flexibility allows you to do.

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Yes an admin can block anyone they choose to whether it be glassholes or people wearing brown shoes.

Proposed California law demands anti-theft 'kill switch' in all smartphones

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Re: Can you think of any other consumer good @ Alan Denman

It's certainly reasonable for you to want the feature. It may even be a feature that many people want. What is NOT reasonable is for government to dictate that it be required rather than letting the industry offer it as a feature then customers can decide if that is what they want.

The arrogance of Gascon is appalling, dictating what the industry must do and then acting as though they are "dragging their feet" not doing something they would have if they wanted to. Then he goes so far as to state HIS patience is running out? He seems to be mistaken about his place in the world, that being elected to an office does not make him a god.

Don't worry though, this kind of tech will be applied to vehicles as well as phones. Hacker-robbers will disable your vehicle, brick your phone, then you'll be sitting there defenseless. It was nice to know you before you suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth. At least they didn't have a chance to sell your phone, right?

Picture this: Data-wrangling boffins say they have made JPEGs OBSOLETE

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Re: Who cares about saving space over jpeg?

Oh rly? The typical webpage loads at less than half my ISP allowed bandwidth. Why? Server side bottlenecks.

The typical camera has an inherent maximum FPS capability. Why? Memory writing bottleneck.

The typical flash chip can't double in density many more times. Why? Process shrink limitations on write cycles.

Space and bandwidth are very much today's and tomorrow's largest concerns with the amount of data humans producing, growing at a rate faster than our storage densities increase. Cameras are popping up everywhere, even kids riding their bicycles and regular folks driving to work are recording video. They used to be SD, then HD, and soon enough 4K. It all adds up. These are video not static images but the same type of compression tech can apply.

Then there's wifi. More and more things connecting together means reduced data rates are quite desirable. Certainly the lowly JPEG pics are only one small factor, but a popular enough one that it should not be ignored.

Think unpatched Win XP hole's not a big deal? Hope you trust your local users

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Re: Quote "XP is like 13 years old. Get with the 21st Century."

So essentially what you are saying is you can't make sound decisions or practice safe computing, or even hold onto your own possessions so you will just leave that burden on someone else then blame them.

Nice try and fail. Manufacturer's warranty on vehicles runs out on most items after 3 years and that's the period were the most early failure occur so even if it is under warranty you still have to suffer through the downtime, and must be incapable of using a basic set of tools if you can't even fix the majority of vehicle problems in less time than it would take to get the vehicle to a dealership, go back home or wait, then go pick it up when finished.

Yes I am comfortable with an easier to break into car because I'm not a fool that leaves valuables out where they are an enticement, nor do I make bad life choices that leave me in areas of particular vulnerability. I've NEVER had my car broken into and in fact seldom lock it except at shopping centers.

I don't care at all if MS patches XP, I learned to use it, apparently more securely than you can use whatever you're running, over a decade ago.

However, in fact no computer tech on the OS front is not advancing faster than automotive tech. What great new thing did we get from modern OS? A bit higher memory capacity? Touch-screen interface that nobody wants? More color gradients? LOL, you don't even realize how much of the underlying code in Win8 is taken from Win 2000, reused over and over.

In automotive tech there have been substantial advances in recent years to vehicles the average person can afford rather than luxury vehicles, far far more substantial than the upgrades Win8 has over WinXP.

1) Movement to more aluminum for weight savings.

2) Traction control

3) Tire pressure sensors

4) All around airbags

5) Realtime fuel consumption

6) Integrated touchscreen and voice controlled dash computers with cell, GPS, etc links

7) Rear view cams, alarms

8) Frontal crash avoidance systems

9) Skid avoidance systems

10) Automatic multi-zone temperature control

11) Advanced fuel injection redesign

12) Driver doze-off/sleep alarm

I'm getting tired of typing, do your own work to become educated about topics you want to discuss.

PS If I want to steal a new car I'll just bring around a flatbed, winch it up, and run a sat/cell scrambler till it found its way into a metal warehouse for dismemberment. That false sense of security you have with a new vehicle is really just a more valuable theft in this day and age.... because I know security and you don't.

Pilfering sysadmin gets four years and $2.3m fine for kit theft

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Only 4 years?

I'm an honest man but frankly, pulling this off and getting only 4 years in the slammer almost seems worth it, an example to encourage fellow thieves let alone those that don't have a reasonably well paying job at a large corp.

Rapidshare tells world+dog: Stop PIRACY now!

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After years of knowingly allowing users to share pirated content, only now after fears that they might be in legal jeopardy, do they pretend to take the higher ground only wanting to create terms that hurt their competition still offering pirated content.

A simple mind could think, they are trying to be noble and law abiding, but the rest of us know the truth. They're just selfish bastards like the rest of us but arrogant enough to write about it as if they're fooling everyone.

ISPs facing global clamp down on piracy

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What IF

... we just tell that one particular lawyer to bugger off?

Sorry but no, the opinion of one lawyer and rationalizing towards an end of making an article about it, is not sane, not evidence, and generally goes against common sense when you consider that ISPs will always opt to do what costs less and provides a more attractive service for prospective customers.

Article fail.

Biologists create synthetic DNA capable of EVOLUTION

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and to think...

Our alien overlords did this about 5 billion years ago. Time flies.

Teens break up with Facebook

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Facebook requires the attention span of a 2008 teenager but continued use of the internet and especially cell phone texting has devolved (or is that revolved? Your call, I wouldn't call it evolved.) youth to the point they have no more attention span than is needed to read a tweet.

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Re: You've nailed it!

but that's what happens in one's life, you're the same person and what's new is you're spending a lot of time on the new relationship or child. It's not that they "need" to share these things, rather they're doing the same thing as always, sharing what is on their mind at the moment.

Americans resort to padlocking their dumb meters

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Re: Dumb meters for dumb people

Actually no most of the dumb meters don't have radio transmitters and I've no idea what makes you pretend to know otherwise.

That doesn't mean I'd against smart meters, but I am against wasteful spending and throwing tech where there isn't any advantage for the customer while incurring cost to do so.

Cocky Foxconn tells tech biz: We'll design your mobes, you do the ads

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Re: And what exactly....

Foxconn is positioned better the way things are. Right now the market has first of a kind, product segment competition. Foxconn sells many different products and some companies lose millions of dollars because theirs was less popular. Foxconn can avoid this expensive gamble of guessing where the market will go next and focus on their forte which is exploiting cheap labor to build things with higher value:cost ratio than elsewhere.

US broadcasters put the squeeze on small-town cable TV

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Re: Cable isn't dead...

You obviously aren't in small town America where there isn't usually DSL very far, nor WLAN at all. What ways "could" exist in an area, are irrelevant in the eyes of the consumers, their choices in how to connect today by service providers in their area.

However, neither DSL or WLAN are particularly efficient. WLAN would easily be saturated if everyone tried to use it and the speed is poor. Similar can be said about residential DSL, using a degrading low tech twisted pair line, already slower than cable when we'd like to increase the bandwidth getting to every home if all these content on demand services keep evolving.

Cable TV is the preferred choice anywhere there are enough channels to satisfy someone who would've had satellite TV instead. The highest speed cabling, now moving slowly to fiber optic, will always be the best way to plug into TV as well as the internet.

Testicle-boiling new iPad ignites fanboi fury

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Re: Wake me up when it's news...

Exactly. It's degrees rise over ambient or body temperature that's significant, and that the chips themselves are getting far hotter still to generate this heat level on the outside of the casing which bodes ill for product lifespan.

I wonder how much product longevity testing they did at Foxconn, and doubt it was more than a couple years. Have the chips even existed that long in finished silicon? Even if iPad4 displaces it by then, I'd never want to buy a product that self destructs within two years.

Hong Kong scientists claim 'self-charging' graphene battery

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Re: IANAC but...

that or it just sucked the life force out of everything around it.

Microsoft accused of leaking RDP attack code

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Re: Covering up?

How do we know the researcher even exists instead of being only an online persona created by the code on and web and in various databases, and that the code didn't report itself because it really wants its 15 minutes of fame?

HDD prices to remain 'inflated' until August

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Re: Bad Numbers Make For Bad Statistics

but the numbers are still either wrong or non-applicable, nobody would have paid a higher price pre-flood to buy at single unit pricing from a distributor instead of the lower pricing from a /retail/ merchant. If one talks wholesaler pricing they must talk volume pricing that is lower than the middleman retail merchants charge. It is necessarily so or there could be no retail merchants.

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Bad Numbers Make For Bad Statistics

Is it the article text that is unclear or is the data only applicable to the UK? One paragraph mentions 3.5" models were the hardest hit by the price hikes but a few paragraphs (er, sentences actually...) later we read that a 1TB HDD was selling for $100, 40% higher than before the crisis.

Why are they using dollars if it is not speaking about the US market? In the US 1TB HDD did not cost $71 (with a 40% rise to $100 after) before the crisis. It might have been the full retail price which nobody paid, as the US market had recurring sale prices under $80 for 2TB 3.5" and certainly the volume sales to OEMs was lower still.

If talking US market, at one of the most popular merchants on the 'net (Newegg.com), their cheapest 1TB 3.5" HDD is currently $107 delivered. Pre-flood price was $50 (or less), an over 100% rise is still present today. Granted if one considers sale prices, today we can get a 2TB 3.5" for $110, but that's still close to 200% of the pre-flood sale price.

There is another issue. If prices merely drop back down to pre-Thai-flood levels by August, they are still inflated prices as price per capacity would have dropped below pre-flood pricing by then. At least Seagate already had their next density increase worked out and ready for production and possibly others by then. It's conceivable that we'd have been under $100 for 3TB by mid summer without the floods.

Speedy 3D printer creates 285µm Formula-1 speedster

JC 2

I wonder

if we can just print a new planet when we've worn out this one.

Online advertising isn't creepy enough

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There's Advertising On The Internet?

... been blocking ads for year, and wonder why others aren't too. While I have redirects to a server giving me a clear pixel in place of some ads, in other cases it's just as simple as using Firefox with AdBlock Plus then when you see an ad, use ABP's "Open Blockable Items" feature to block where it's coming from.

That might seem tedious at first but you'll have to do it less and less often and even if you don't block 100% of them, 90%+ is still an improvement, right?

Male dinosaurs failing on social privacy

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They seem to be clueless to the fact that since males are more often the pursuers of, ahem, loving relationships with anything that has a pulse, it's more a matter of self defense for many women not to share too much of their private lives. They don't want any random creep sidling up to them and/or stalking them... except for the attention whores.

Astrolabe backs off, timezone database safe

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Time And Text

Thank goodness nobody thought to patent the keeping of time or the use of text or we'd never have made it as far as we have.

Court rejects Tesla’s latest libel spat with Top Gear

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Tesla needs to have a going out of business sale.

Wang charged in inappropriate electricity socket use

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Re: Re: One word

Fundamental lack of understanding how these chargers work. If it's capable of 500mA (@ 5V as USB is meant to be), then if it's an approximately 80% efficient charger circuit, that's 3.125W.

3.125W/110V = 28mA

Climate models need revising: Droughts, heat waves not such a big deal

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Are they idiots?

So we only have to be concerned about two weeks in late July and it's of little concern because if we're having a heat wave, it's expected to magically cool down during the (usually) hottest month of the year. With logic like that, I'm sure the rest of their findings are flawless too...

Valve responds to Half-Life 3 grumbles

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I have no expectations and don't want to buy a game then wait for it to be patched enough to be playable. Ignore the squeaky wheels always whining for something more to complete their lives.

Shareholders! attempt! Yahoo! coup!

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Re: so what

Apparently many millions of people. Though they may never again have the same marketshare %, even if they only tread water they are still a quite large internet presence and could restructure enough to make reasonable profits. Being the 2nd or 3rd most popular search service behind Goggle is a place where a lot of companies WANT to be.

Apple tops Google in 'Reputation Quotient' survey

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Survey says

... a helluva lot of sheeple polled watch too much TV

Apple sends independent inspectors into Foxconn factories

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Well Kept

At least these inspectors coming is going to be a COMPLETE SURPRISE, with not even a moment's notice to prepare coverup strategies nor plenty of time to delay suspicious visitors to the campus (not as though they can just hop out of their cars and waltz around the manufacturing floor without a lengthly delay to bring security escourts for their tour.

What are all those children doing in the supply room closet? They live there of course!

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop

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Bad Father

We're only hearing one side of this. The father seems to be an overly controlling, manipulative person who isn't giving his daughter a little slack and realizing that everyone needs to vent every now and then when dealing with someone who lacks good, patient judgement.

His attitude made her complain about the chores more than actually having to do them. He pushed and caused a divide in the family. That does not excuse his daughter's actions but to resolve such a problem you have to start with the cause not the reaction.

The father is a good example of someone who shouldn't own guns. It is not rational to use a weapon against an inanimate object nor to go to great effort to express what could have been stated with a few words and lines of text in under 20 seconds. If this fellow can't deal with mere text he does not like, especially after having been in IT and exposed to all the trolls and idiots on the internet, how stable is he really? Stable enough he should have access to weapons?

No. Anyone quick to judge and act is exactly the type of person who shouldn't have weapons for the sake of everyone around them.

The daughter is only 15 yo, not even old enough to legally have a job in some states, and she is a full time student. She did not chose to have the obligation to provide for a child, that was her parents choice. This is another case of parents butting into their children's lives too much.

I bet if the father's own father had the same level of access to what he was doing when he was 15 yo and thought his father wasn't there, he'd have found his father to also disapprove. I can say the same about myself, today when I am around typical 15 yo kids I disapprove of a lot that they think, but I realize it's a stage kids go through. Trying to "fix the world" by imposing different standards upon your own child only causes more rebellion.

US Supremes: GPS tracking requires warrant

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Now If Only

... it also applied to non-new tech like tracking a car with a radar gun

Boffins cook up transparent solar car roof

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Just what I was looking for

... another way to drive up cost, complexity, resultant failure rate and repair cost of automobiles. It's almost as brilliant as a fancy all electronic gadgetized dash appliance that I'm not supposed to be looking at when driving for safety (and possible legal) reasons.

Ten... boomboxes

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Insane Prices

I'd rather buy a ready made solution but for these prices, connecting an iPad or other audio player anyway, I'd much rather just stuff a SLA battery or string of sub-C NiMH cells and power amp into a car speaker box.

SOPA is dead. Are you happy now?

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We do not need IP to keep producing. IP just gives people an illusion that their work is worth more than they were paid for it at the time and so they try to spend energy working less on production and more on attacking others.

Only retarded people think their thoughts are SO special that they, unlike generations before them, should be entitled to pittance from those who come after. What will happen to industries if IP were abolished? They'd actually have to continue innovating to make a profit, and do so in collaboration instead of back-stabbing, what a terrible thing that is!

Iranian coder faces execution 'for building smut websites'

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@ Never, ever visit

If by amazing you mean, bunch of backwards arsed idiots with no spine to let this kind of "justice" prevail in the modern world, then yes I agree.

I'm going to hell when I die anyway... no need to visit the middle east, send me a postcard.

Hate to break it to you but no, this is not a distorted view, a place and its society is reflected by the rules and penalties that society lives under - their government. Any illusion of freedom is always mitigated by consequences like death.

Inventor flames Reg, HP in memristor brouhaha

JC 2


these geeks obviously want credit. OK, it IS credit due but arguing now? It's just sad/pathetic/stupid.

Hey geeks. Get over ownership and back to innovation. Or don't. Your call how you waste time.

LCD cartel case claims seven more scalps

JC 2

How so? Other industries being caught price fixing didn't deter them (enough).

Humans, insects set to OBLITERATE frankincense supply

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@ A good plague when you need one

Brilliant. Kill off most of the humans so that some day, more humans can exist so we're back to where we started today, finding equilibrium.

Man fights felony hacking charge for accessing wife's email

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I wouldn't say the relationship is already over, if that were really the case then he wouldn't have needed to see the evidence for himself, he'd have just left already.

Same goes the other way around, her relationship with him is not already over until she leaves him. We might say she didn't for money or some other reason, but plenty of relationships ARE based on convenience or money rather than trust or love and that is an understanding between two people. I don't agree with it morally "for myself" but what two other consenting adults do is their own business.

It is true that cheating often breaks up a relationship. It is also true that not only suspicion, but even being caught, does not break them all up.

If we're idealizing about "health" in a relationship, where does that end? Anyone can idealize about what someone else should do to suit their standards for "health" but we are not the husband or wife in that marriage. As it stood they were still married which like it or not, constitutes a relationship of some sort as long as they're still living together.

JC 2

... and when you sign up to be married you accept that you lost some of your privacy.

SSDs choked by crummy disk interfaces

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Real PCIe would not require special bios or OS support, there is no way to directly interface PCIe with a slew of flash chips so you still have to have a controller which can report itself as a bootable device conforming to standards. Same is true if you pop a SATA controller card into a PCIe slot, it's not what the card actually does, it's how it represents itself to the outside world logically and with I/O requests. For example OCZ company makes a Revodrive product that does this though it uses more PCIe lanes (and costs as much as an entire netbook).

With the typical netbook PCIe SSD, the performance is horrible due mostly to a slow controller with little if any DRAM cache, and little if any parallel flash chip access... there simply isn't enough room on the card for many chips unless you start stacking them but then the cost gets beyond the price point of a netbook.

2011's Best... Cars

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Design for large cities? Not so much. The infrastructure can't support the majority of them driving or parking and it's also more feasible to take mass transit when it passes quite near your begin and end destinations.

Sure we could say a smaller car is more suited for city transport but the parking spots have to accommodate the larger ones as well. Regarding range it's well and good to have a few dozen KM range for everyday commutes but then if you have to rent, borrow, steal or buy another car to make your longer trips, then you've paid a premium for a little thing you don't even enjoy the fuel economy on much because your most frequent city trips aren't very far, most of what you need is nearby.

JC 2

@ Richard Taylor 2

Unfortunately the best fuel economy is had by driving in a more reckless manner when there's traffic around, continually weaving in and out of traffic in an attempt to keep optimal engine RPM with that causing changes in speed on all but straight, flat roadway.

Optimal RPM is key, keeping the motor in it's peak efficiency band. If you drive with this in mind your fuel economy can (done with practice, will) exceed that of cruise control which ignores engine RPM to keep a constant speed instead.

If your driving does not consider peak engine efficiency, rather keeping in an even flow with traffic, then yes cruise control will probably help your fuel economy by undermining your attempt to keep an even flow since the traffic around isn't doing that, but to whatever extent it overrides the intention it would help.

Bottom line, the test conditions determine whether your focus is best spent on fuel economy or sacrificing that to retain a certain level of safety (risk reduction even without an accident).

BREAKTHROUGH: Feisty startup slashes chip power by 50%

JC 2

@ Subtle & Sneaky

I'd imagine intel has considered these things but feels it's better to bet on their current dominant products position in the industry rather than betting on which new bit of silicon makes it into the most popular next-gen mobile devices. Startups have less to lose. Then again Intel may be working on just this but they did not feel the need to flood the news around looking for business alliances because they have the leverage to pull it off by themselves.

NASA busts booster booster

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@ "Wanna buy a RL-10 rocket booster, Guv?

I for one would put down bid on a penny auction with no reserve. Who knows when you might just decide it's time to really piss off the neighbors at 3AM.

Just who are you and why does it matter?

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Paris Hilton

Horribly Flawed Study

Their sample group had to be quite badly selected if 10% surveyed admitted having Google Alerts set up. Ask a reasonably random group of citizens in 1st and 2nd world countries what Google Alerts are and even that will get blank stares 90% of the time.

1/3rd admitted actively seeking out faked social networking accounts? Now I'm wondering if the data was just cooked, people don't have THAT much free time except a certain subset that is constantly on the internet in social forums, though I'm sure if you pitched a few leading questions to this group then let them pick what seemed like the cautious/prudent answer, many would pick the "I'm keeping myself informed" answer regardless of whether it were true.

Only 30 households and the researchers met "several" girls who'd found their photographs adorning profile pages of unknown people? Very, very unlikely to find such needles in a haystack unless one were only talking about friends of friends on Myspace. Yes I'm sure it happens and at too high a rate but several incidents among a random sampling of 30 residences? Bollocks.

Our information is indeed flowing out of control but the survey results presented appear very crafted and self serving.

Malls suspend plan to track shoppers' cellphones

JC 2


It's getting very annoying that businesses now have the mentality that we have to ask them not to do sneaky things behind our backs.

I feel it is time to make it illegal to track people by any means without their (active) consent unless it is via court order.