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World Cup to be shown in 3D

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The format is not the point .....

Geoof Hurst's goal in '66 is still spinechilling because of the sublime commentary ... it was 2D, low def and Black&White ... and more importantly, a very special moment.

3D will not make the use of the likes of Andy Gray whilst England go out in the Quarter Finals even remotely bearable ...

H Ross Perot Jr fails to grab rhino by the horns

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@Paul 4

Right, I've read up on what he was hunting.

The guy is still a complete c*nt.


The Register Downloads channel is live and kicking!

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Apple blueprints the iShoe

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Whatever ...

Those of us thaf use Garmin GPS watches can ignore this .... I wear NIke Triaxes and change them when the watch says 500 miles have been done,

Intel touts NAND-killer breakthrough

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Also found it fascinating ....

But surely if you're aiming at layering stuff onto chips then it's the second layer that's hardest rather than the first?

Ballmer pumps Windows 7 up to thrifty customers

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I'm with Peter 39

Surely the "new normal" doesn't expect me (or my business) to pay silly money to move off of what is working (XP in my case) to Windows 7? I'm happy to pay for something that gives me a benefit but an OS is just there to run in the background and let me get on with stuff.

And no ... I'm not moving us from office 2003 either thanks :-)

And my servers are all Solaris or Linux ....

Abigail's Windows 7 Party

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Only just caught up with this .... excellent stuff

Illinois bright spark sparks car inferno

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@Grease Monkey

And presumably the lighter was for her half pack of cigarettes ....

EMC co-founder kills himself

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RIP ... a real legend

Title says it all but as with Paul Simmonds above can everyone with a political agenda just fuck off somewhere else?

Hilton's mum enjoys One Night in Paris

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Paris Hilton

Re: I can't believe they kept that part in there ....

What did she mean?

Microsoft gets SaaSy with SP2 for Apple-friendly Office

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What's The Time?

It's Def Con One

Twitter docs hack exploits stupidity vuln

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Irk The Fanboys

"In its observance of the San Francisco startup law of relying on free, online productivity suites instead of ponying up to Microsoft for something that actually works,"

... is it me or is it just getting too easy to bait people these days?

Microsoft hosts Feynman lecture series

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Why don't you all STFU?

Feynman lectures for free on the web .... this is just a plain great thing.

Stop the moaning ... install Silverlight ... watch it .... remove Silverlight.

Or just get with the fact you've already (as noted above) installed Flash and fuck knows what else and get off your high horses.


Ballmer gets tough with girly Microsoft partners

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How many client-side OS versions?

"I don't know if they can't make up their mind or what the problem is over there. Last time I checked, you don't need two client operating systems. We tried it before with Windows 95 and Windows NT. I don't know what's really up."

So Windows 7 will be sold in how many different versions?

Will Android and GoogleOS be different code bases or different versions of the same code base? If the latter than Ball should just STFU!

Notorious phone phreaker gets 11 years for swatting

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C'mon Jimbo7

I think enough people have pointed out your mistake .... care to respond?

Twitter would have stopped Rwandan genocide, claims PM

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That's the worst comment I've red here .... best we don't discuss horrible things because it gives them credence? twunt

Anything that points out the pointlessness of Gordo (and all of the others on all sides) needs airing