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Memo to openSUSE 12.2: More polish, less angst

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Yes, conceded, installing from scratch is the best method.

However, once your data is backed up, what's to lose by trying the upgrade path and see what happens?

From (64 bit) 12.1 to 12.2 using the dvd upgrade route proceeded quickly and without incident. I have a couple of minor things to address, but end result is excellent. Well done openSUSE.

12.2 is impressve.

Download.com sorry for bundling Nmap with crapware

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@David W

See post from 'kain preacher' above - it's a VALID argument, because it HAPPENS.

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For this very reason

I abandoned the use of CNet completely for any downloading whatsoever.

Oh, and I won't be going back regardless of any 'revised' policy.

"Fool me once..." - and I know how that saying goes.

Top-secret US lab infiltrated by spear phishers – again

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Complete Oxymoron

... "most sensitive" and Internet Explorer.

if it's so "sensitive", why is IE in use in the first place?

I'll leave the Windows part alone.

Microsoft polishes Windows Phone 7

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Time to dust this off then


Perfect for a Win7 phone.

Microsoft 'personalizes' Bing search results

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WTF is Bing anyway?

iPhone crashes car stereos, Toyota warns

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Oh wait, that's the outfit that should publish a "Recall of the Month" calendar.

Adobe Reader browse-and-get-pwned 0day under attack

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PDF Xchange Viewer

...from Tracker is another alternative.

Susceptible to this? Can't say, but I've used it for a long time now after Adobe bloated their reader out of contention and never had a problem.

Yahoo! search! accordion! prods! you! to! squeeze! box!

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We’re here to keep you...

Well it was marginal before. Now it does none of the above. No longer considered viable. Are they just trying to bury it now?

Microsoft claims state first with Minnesota cloud

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Who names this stuff?

BPOS? Geez, Big Piece Of S#*t immediately comes to mind.

Microsoft injects more juice into Office Web Apps

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Well I can only say


MS offers Security Essentials to small business

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Isn't it time for...

Google to release an antivirus to "balance' off Micorsoft's?

Maybe the team lead for Security Essentials could migrate over like the IE guy did.

Or put simply, "more stuff to be avoided".

Safari and Firefox updates plug critical holes

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Apple Updater

Configure check for updates daily/weekly/monthly/never.

Also painless, automatic and customizable.

Toshiba warns of fiery laptops

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Toshiba or Toyota?

Thought I was reading a car page there for a second.

In line with Craig Foster's comments above, I have noticed a decline in Toshiba myself quality of late.

Trojan-ridden warning system implicated in Spanair crash

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Good luck mate!

Opera stomps on 'extremely severe' security holes

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Turn off update possible in 10.10

Tools - Preferences - Advanced - Security - Auto Update:

Change to "Do not check for updates"

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Couldn't possibly be

If you read anything on their forum, any and all issues identified "couldn't possibly be", has to be the end user's problem. My favorite is the constant dragging out of "previous (negative) comments on the upgrade path for previous versions, and claiming that historically this is what happens, and the latest is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Guess they never heard of Vista and it's "upgrade path".

BP pwned by Twitter pranksters

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Harsh or not harsh enough?

Read the paragraph stating "Early investigations..." from this link:


I can hear the necktie people reciting the rote bs now...

"Look, we saved 500 grand"

Opera targets mobile with email acquisition

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Moved on

Didn't accept the transition notification and cancelled the account.

Opera alerts EU to hidden Windows browser-ballot

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Try posting...

...a valid issue for v10.5x in their forum. Anything short of worship is shot down in flames, or simply removed, classed as "not adhering to the forum terms". Guess the "attitude" permeates the entire culture.

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The ballot should have been this:


Trojan poses as Adobe update utility

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Update Safely...

Yes, exactly.

Opera says bug probably can't commandeer machines

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I've been using K-Meleon as a secondary browser for over a year now and I can't actually recall it crashing. Same goes for checking out v1.6 alpha. Guess my system just works.

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K-Meleon 1.54 was released today, Secunia report on previous version:

"There are no unpatched Secunia advisories..."

Opera 10.50 goes from pre-alpha to final in 10 weeks

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Coincidence I'm sure

"On January 5, 2010, Jon stepped down as CEO of Opera Software[2] to be replaced by Lars Boilesen."



K-Meleon 1.6 alpha has less issues than 10.50, and is more in line with lean.

Longtime Opera user, disappointed to be saying this. And LOOK on their forum dammit, this release has all manner of issues.

Steve 72

Well put !

"Objective" anything seems to have gone out the window lately. That wonderful line "gimme sumthin' I can use" is particularly appropriate here.

For the record I've used Opera essentially since it arrived on the scene and this release is the only update I've rolled back.

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I've been doing IT long enough to know that it something that simple is f@cked up, then there's more. Wager how long it takes for 10.51 to come out?

A mere five minutes worth of searching revealed other issues that I don't need, glad you're as thorough.

Steve 72


as what I replied to Relgoshan above.

Check the other observations here and elsewhere, glad it's working 100% for you. Five minutes research is all it takes.

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Not ready for prime time

Loaded up and installed the classic skin, went to the config page for toolbars, no text fields visible!!


Not there yet, sticking with 10.10

Exploit code for potent IE zero-day bug goes wild

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if you use Windows, use one of these...

Opera, Firefox, SeaMonkey, K-Meleon, Chrome, Safari...

Watchdog mauls Disney woman's breasts

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Or as is often the case

Disney marketing started the whole thing to generate exactly what you have here.

Opera update plugs heap big buffer overflow bug

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Still a long way for Opera to go...

to achieve a 44% ownership of browser exploits year to date though.

(And it wasn't even IE that achieved that little gem).


Firefox flaws make up 44% of all browser bugs?

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Use what you want

If you ignore stats like this and what Secunia can confirm, you'll get what you deserve.

Adobe relieves Reader and Acrobat update blues

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That's "Anything But Adobe Reader".

Docu-Track's Pdf-XChange viewer portable does a commendable job, and 5-1/2 Meg at that.

Europe clears Windows 7 for takeoff

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@John Meredith


SSL spoof bug still haunts IE, Safari, Chrome

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...thing I do with these type articles is Ctrl-f for "Opera". sure they have exploits (generally quite quickly patched) but the thing is one of the most secure out there.

Easily confirmed at secunia.com

MS opens up Security Essentials downloads from today

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I particularly...

...liked the instructional video - especially the part where the nice lady advises me to remove any existing antivirus or antispyware - you know, the very stuff I have already selected and configured - and that works - for an unproven entity that comes from none other than the very outfit making the porous o/s in the first place.

Mozilla cracks on with fourth Thunderbird 3 beta

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Our servers are too restricted to allow configuration outside of Outlook 2007 (as in no POP3, no IMAP). Mozilla needs to incorporate an easy to configure (exisiting webmail and webmail-owa plugins do not work with our system) OWA setup and I'll be using Thunderbird once more.

Microsoft harries XP-loving biz customers on to Windows 7

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All can be made to work

I have finally adopted Vista at work - but not without a fallback to the old XP box on a KVM. I do not plan to immediately convert to W7 until the end users sweat the details (because Microsoft will not have - I actually learn from history). Most 3rd party apps have caught up to Vista now also.

As for the "necessity" to upgrade, the term "Revenue Generation" is weighted toward Redmond at the moment, not to me. Think of all the course/textbook/cert revenues alone! Out of my pocket, into theirs.

As for spending my own time "learning" W7 at present, I put that time to better use with Linux.

Mozilla prepares for SeaMonkey 2.0 release

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Some of the critics haven't really used the product. Any semblance between SeaMonkey and Netscape suite's bloat after v4.8 is rather "absent".

Adobe spanked for insecure Reader app

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What's Adobe?

Gave it up years ago. Bloated insecure garbage.


Tracker (pdf-exchange) and Foxit (to name two others) do the job just fine.

Unpatched Firefox flaw lets fox into henhouse

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Opera is bloatware?

Yeah, right, best do some math over.

FF has routinely beaten out IE for exploits on multiple occasions. What a (dubious) achievement.

MS names ship date for free security suite

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Why would any a/v MS provides be effective?

I mean Live One Care was a such glowing success story.

Well, wasn't it?