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Yelp lands in Aus with some help from Telstra

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Kill It Before It Grows!

Thugs who manipulate reviews and astroturf to the detriment of anyone who does not pay to advertise on their site. It seems obfuscation and extortion are the only IP coming from the US any more. Eradicate the scourge before it takes root, mate.


Trust me, I'm a computer: Watson takes on health care challenge

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I Hope It Can Differentiate...

Between a mere flesh wound and a mortal turtle attack...

Injury Code W5922XA: Struck by Turtle


9/11: The day we lost our privacy and power

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It's Even Worse...

The masses flock to gadgets(aka toys) and PAY to give away their privacy under the guise of 'convenience'. All the while, every metric is recorded, stored and sold to 'affiliates'.

Piles of unshiftable HP fondle-slabs choke Best Buy

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Oh My, Yes

Couldn't have happened to two more deserving outfits. Rarely in nature do you see the equalizing force of comeuppance so vividly.

Suspects in PayPal web attack not so anonymous after all

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Don't Forget....

When they chronically nick their customers' monthly bills they get no retribution and pure PROFIT!

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re: self-taught programmers

self-taught programmers = script kiddie

Hey! My friend is sending spam

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Big Brother

Don't Suspect A Friend...

Report Them!

US Senators pen Act to ban location-based stalking

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Black Helicopters


US Senators pen Act to ban location-based stalking...

except for the 'good guys' at your corporate provider and various LEO agencies. They can be trusted.

Gabrielle Giffords may wave Endeavour off

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I 'injected'...stem cells?... into my comment because:

1)I wouldn't be surprised, she IS getting the best of the best of the best cutting edge treatment money or power can afford

2) I was reading today about the 1st human trials of SC treatments for spinal injuries, glaucoma and strokes started in the US recently(no age limitations mentioned).


3) I am ignorant of her treatment because not one Rep Gifford "news" story since she was transferred to Texas has included any FACTS of her condition or treatment beyond "surprising", "better than expected" and "on the road to" recovery. Oh, my bad, one mentioned her skull cap is scheduled to be reattached in May.

I concur her having motor function and cognitive thought is amazing and fascinating, that's why I am interested...I also know a tragic BD victim and a Huntington's sufferer, so I read a lot on brain treatments and hope for progress.

What I meant to convey was my aversion to(hate is a little strong) the infotainment news with warm, fuzzy rhetoric that serves no purpose other than PR and to sell ads. She needs a road-trip and photo-op at the launch pad like he needs to be distracted from being the captain of that spaceship. The stakes are too high, <b>IMO</b>, for both of them. It is brain surgery and rocket-science, after all.

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Political Priorities Reign

While I condemn the lunatic and empathize with the victims, I am tired of the warm & fuzzy "no news" news stories. Let's face it, the last thing this woman needs is a roadtrip and the last thing NASA needs is a sideshow distraction. Let's talk about the real gains/deficits/treatments(stem cells, per chance?) if we are to continue on with her as the subject of news stories. I respect the astronaut and the politician(as much as a politician can be respected/trusted), but enough with the "positive spin" stories that gloss over the tragedy and the reality of the damage done. Cognitive disconnect benefits nobody but those who sell 'stories'.

HBGary's nemesis is a '16-year-old schoolgirl'

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Yeah. Me, Too!

I am also a wizard, 1337 and my mom rents the above-ground structure from me.

Facebook lets users report friends who post suicidal content

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Don't Suspect A Friend...

Report them!

Chemists create current-bearing plastic

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Interesting. ...But Not Promising

Given the useful life of plastics. Interesting that they can dial in a pre-set conductivity, but how long does the conductivity last? Does it degrade faster or slower than the the plastic itself?

And yeah, what JDX said. Less petro products, please.

Games sales slip in 2010

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Glad to hear it, couldn't happen to a sweeter bunch of corps! I hope they respond by yanking more end user features and rights to "combat piracy" and keep all the honest sheeple on the data mining tit so they can pay fees and stay 'in touch' for the next crippling update/patch. Said it before, say it again: I'd rather play D2, HL1 or FC1 instead of getting all comfy and cozy with my new bestest friends Ubi or EA. On second thought, thanks anyway, I'll get the D&D manuals out or set-up the Risk board.

*we all know how bad the pirates are hurting by the DRM...poor bastards have to wait a day or two to play the games. Poor SOB's.

Webmin for users: Usermin

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Thanks, I Never Noticed Usermin

I've used webmin since I started playing with Dapper Server. Never noticed the Usermin link on their site. Thanks for the info.

Memory shortage could spike PC prices

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If Memory Serves...

... isn't it about time for another price fixing scheme? It's been so long, I can't recall...


"In September, Infineon Technologies AG, headquartered in Munich, Germany, agreed to plead guilty ... agreed to pay US $160 million in fines"

Isn't it time for the pirates in silk ties and suits to start paying their debts back to society?

Thieves steal 3,000 laptops from US Special Ops contractor

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Special O.... What?

RSS feed stopped at "Special O..."

I thought it was a new low for crime and they had ripped-off the Special Olympics!

Luckily, just another iWar military contractor making $$$ hand over fist.

9 hours??? Let's hope the iDiots handled their iNsurance policies as well as their iInTheSky.

Google vanishes Android apps from citizen phones

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I Feel Better Already

"Google insists that the tool will only be used for good."

Googs, you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Nokia dumps Symbian on N-series

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Newer, Faster, Better...

I'm hanging with the n800, I will not pay $40/month for service I do not need. Wifi fits all my needs, except when I'm driving... which isn't a bad thing. I also don't need a Google impregnated JE on top of a locked linux kernel. F the data miners.

The shite of the n800 is the latest OS doesn't run many crucial apps because the loader doesn't recognize the libs(newer?) and always tells me installation failed b/c of missing depend's. I can't even get samba shares to mount regularly. Community support entails JFGI replies or endless vi's and vims and cli commands beyond this hobbyist's skill level. Sounds like the n900 users will feel that same pain sooner than later, too.

Symbian>>>Maemo>>>Meego>>>YouGo buy something newer.

Researcher shows how to strike back at web assailants

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Yes & No

“If the answer to that question is yes then it's a technical violation of the US computer crimes statutes. In other words, you do so at your own legal peril.”

If there is little or no enforcement, who really worries about risk? I for one welcome enforcement, but not back-lash draconian measures that come too late. *or as expected. ie:allow problem to fester and grow until previously unacceptable solution becomes acceptable.

MS sees Windows 7 leap, but XP workhorse refuses to die

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tempemeaty is the only one?

I thought more people would note that every task you do(including opening notepad) is beamed back to the mother ship Redmond. The final tally of "phone-home" triggers topped 40, wow! Why does MS need to know if I'm using Notepad or Wordpad???

Add to the list the lame network/sharing center, the 20 or so folders in My Documents(if not My anymore, who's? MS's?), libraries and indexing/searching confound the simple in the spirit of "easier". To transfer files on my LAN, sneakernet+usb2 flash drive <b>is</b> faster than copy&paste to mapped drive on anything over 10-20MB b/c Se7en takes more time indexing/tabulating than it does transferring.

Sorry, the few useful features(which are covers of pre-existing apps, which 3rd party vendors do better) are over-shadowed by the un-useful, un-exceptionable, un-deniable hand of MS's over-specialization. Hopefully by Vista SP8 we can have their "security" features as an optional download just like the other useless crap... dead mail, messenger, etc.

Third of UK students would strip their way through college

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Paris Hilton

And Every Girl Wants A Pony...

Until they realize a pony takes hard work and burns through money like hay. If the pollsters asked the males if they'd be gigolos, 90+% would probably trip over themselves queuing up... until that fugly, 300lb reality tries to sit on their face.

Ubisoft undone by anti-DRM DDoS storm

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Last Game I Bought Was Half-Life 2

Much to my surprise, I had to activate it online to play it. It was an alright game, I have since skipped re-installing to replay it b/c it's none of anyone's biz what I play, when or how often. Had I read the requirements more carefully I would have skipped the purchase altogether.

*And no, I don't want a hacked version w/ free trojans either.

Anyway, thanx to Steamer I have spent 100's(1000's?) of hours of my life not playing video games these past 4 years. I feel like I should pay them for this dis-service...

US sorority girls in booze-fuelled orgy of violence

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Paris Hilton

Ever Seen A Catfight?

It's no laughing matter, girls are mean and dirty fighters, they go for the groin, the eyes, definitely expect some tugging on the hair. Like AC said, watch some "Ladies'" Lacrosse... or Hockey or better yet, Rugby.

Paris wants to know, do they still call the crotch the "squirrel" in ladies rugby? Or is it the Beav?

Facebook status bolsters alibi in armed robbery case

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Craig 28 "His parents were witnesses. "

I know plenty of people vouch for their children by lying to police, witnessed it many times. Some couldn't believe their baby could do such a thing, some believe the baby was locked in his/her room and wouldn't think of sneaking out the window after curfew, and some are even co-conspirators.

But... you are correct, sir. I did not RTFA.

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Watertight Alibi

Next up:

"I couldn't have downloaded all that pr0n and those pirated albums, my logs say my account was logged off. You need to talk to 'Administrator', he h4X3d into my computer from the 'tubes."

Hotmail imposes tracking cookies for logout

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Paris Hilton

Got Sandbox?

Can't comment on IE or FF pr0n-Mode, but <a href="http://www.sandboxie.com/">SandboxIE</a> takes care of all those lingering cookie problems.

Even Paris knows the 'box rules!

P2P snafu blows lid on secret Congress probes

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A Politico's Defense

I put a non-DRM'ed disk in the reader and TOR copied the files, and then uTorrent shot it through the 'tubes to TPB, releasing it to all my Limewire contacts. These nefarious softwares and unfiltered pipes allowed this to happen. If only there were some more protections in place, my esteemed colleagues could have proved their innocence(wink, wink)... Let's make some new laws!

On to more important matters, who's turn is it to buy lunch today? Verizon? Goldman? Exxon hasn't bought in awhile...

Charlize Theron to travel Mad Max's Fury Road

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Thought The Title Read "Furry Road"

Charlize brings out the kink in me.

As far as MM4, hopefully she rides a fully-armed Aprilia RS250:

"She's the last of the t-two-strokes, she sssucks nitro!"

First telcos commit to Windows 7 netbooks

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Do The Math

What you get:

a single 1.6 GHZ Atom w/ 2Gb RAM(DDR?DDR2?), 160GB HD and no optical drive + 120 GB data(up&down) spread over 2 years.

What you pay:

250+20tax+(70* X 24)=$1950. *59 plan ends up being 70*. Plus $.05/MB overage charges when you exceed the 5 GB cap per month(That's $51/GB).

Wow, what a deal!

Seidenberg wasn't kidding when he said NN "would ruin the Internet's potential for economic growth". There's so much more potential to gouge the consumers if NN is thrown under the bus.

Mine's the one w/ the Alltel unlimited USB receiver in the pocket... until VZW turns it off.

Judge shoots down challenge to Craigslist erotic services

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Paris Hilton

Good Reading!

I hope all the lovely 21yo honeys' who want to meet me tonight, return en masse! Granted, one look at the mugshots on The Smoking Gun will ruin the fantasy, but that's why it's called a "fantasy". Maybe TSG should be hit with a cease&desist?

Paris sez she wants to meat me 2nite!

Google apes Microsoft's Twitter pact in real-time

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Does This Mean...?

Does this mean we have to type -twitter to every search for facts to avoid the avalanche of useless detritus now? Like finding meaningful results amongst the paid placements wasn't hard enough.


FCC flooded with anti-net neut letters

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Robot Marketing Arm(y) From Altaire Six: The Movie!

Thousands of slave droids in their cubes assault the FCC with a veritable snail-mail DDOS, ready to shoot their lawyer-guns(like a scalding laser, only more expensive) at anyone who dares try to stop them. World domination and eternal quarterly margin growth are their ultimate conquests!

Can the serfs join their powers together to battle off this menace? Or will Beck-E post pix of her puking last Saturday night on her Fecebook integrated Android Phone?


Mozilla service detects insecure Firefox plugins

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Dead Vulture

In The Next Exciting Upgrade, Fonzie Jumps A Shark

First the ribbon and now this? Is FF going to grow bigger and bigger ad infinitum? All the new upgrades leave me pining for a small browser that doesn't "think" for me or spy on me. IE & Webkits are negatives and Konqueror gives me problems under Linux, shudder to think under Windows. Is Opera the only small, functional multi-platform alternative out there that can handle JRE and Flash?

we need a shark fin avatar. just sayin...

T-Mobile takes on patsy role in Microsoft Sidekick fallout

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Interesting Insight...

Sabotage in Redmond?


On a related cloud tack, I just dropped a popular online backup service I took for a test drive that took 10 days to upload 7GB of data unthrottled(and unmonitored, my bad)... sweet, only 360 days to go until all 500GB is safe in the cloud! I gotta wonder, how long would it take to get it back in an emergency? Will it be "sidekicked" out of the cloud when I go to get it?

I believe I will stick with my sneakernet off-site solutions, thanx.

Is that a SATA in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?.

Microsoft Security Essentials shakes up consumer antivirus

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@callmeshane 1

Being OLD and BAD TEMPERED - with a LONG memory #

Too true, don't even have to be old to recall Live One Care, local ISPs are still tricking customers to install their spyware under the guise of a modem set-up/activation disk. Besides more unnecessary services(read:ineffective), slowing down the systems(high mem&cpu usage when idle) and being a delivery method for ISP's "I'm on-the-spyware-bandwagon-too" suite, what good was it? Obviously not too swell if it's being reworked and renamed already... Bing!

Let's see, what has MS f'ed lately? Live *, Live *, Live *, WGA, Vista, WinMobile, Danger/Sidekick, "Mojave/Seinfeld/laptop-punter/puking porn anonymity/7 party" marketing genius. Why can't Steve-o see this just isn't his bag? Lord knows he's got a chest full of booty and can afford to do anything else. Jump ship before all is lost, Steve! When & if 7 and Bing keep the ship afloat, you can still claim it was all b/c of you!

***I take it there will be no SB avatar b/c he will be gone soon anyway?***

Packing heat gets you shot, say profs

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@ MarkMac

I agree scientists know their science, but statisticians with an agenda know how to make a bunch of numbers "say" anything they want them to say. IE: mean, median or mode?

For the record, I never said the results were wrong and I am not refuting the results. I'm just saying 2 semesters of stats in college taught me to never trust anything but the raw data, but I don't have the time nor inclination to crunch it.

That said, I agree less guns may equate to less deaths, but the inverse could result if armed criminals went on a spree knowing the "non-criminals" had no guns. I am sticking to my original thesis, less ignorance/more education in proper handling and usage would result in less deaths, as well.

Once again, I am not a NRA member nor a gun zealot, just another guy with an opinion and alot of skepticism.

tuna 1

Guns Don't Kill People...

Yeah, we all know, people do. I'm pretty sure statistics would show most of the people shot are uneducated in the use of such a tool, innocent bystanders of the ignorant and arrogant types because they think the gun gives them power/protection some how(ignorance, again). Any firearm is a powerful tool/weapon, to own one IMO it should be mandated(US and abroad) to own one that you have learned the proper use, handling and respect such a potential devastator requires to be used in ALL situations, benign or hostile. Kinda like a 2 ton automobile. And no, I'm not, nor never have been, a NRA member.

My father taught me how to shoot/handle when I was 9, I have owned at least one firearm ever since(30 years). I have never drawn it in anger nor fear(*against a human) and I hope I never have to.

*I have discharged in the presence of an angry Javelina momma protecting her piglets(at the ground, away from them), thankfully she heeded my warning and stopped charging as I backed away as fast as possible.

Microsoft offers stickers to boost Windows 7 64-bit take-up

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64x Support...

Has come a long way. I'm running Ubuntu Server x64 w/ Xwindow and virtual Windows 7 x64 and sometimes have issues with web content(flash? java?) when I enable scripts. Hardware support is spot on, it seems. Better than 4 years ago when I bought an "AMD x64 system" running x86 Windows that included a NIC that did not have any x64 drivers available. Ahhh, the growing pains.

Newegg hatches IPO

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Dead Vulture


I use and am thankful for Newegg. Too bad they're going to go "public" and degenerate into just another gouging mega-corp. At least there's still plenty of little fish in the net to choose from. Best start scouting now for a new go-to when they start down the path of unlimited quarterly growth and margins.

Microsoft and Intel port Silverlight to Linux

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Paris Hilton


Am I a "fanboi"? Or better question, am I being disingenuous for a pay/favor/? The answers are No & No. You?

I don't hate MS, I do hate their control mechanisms, data collection services(both surreptitious and in your face steering) and most, if not all, of their security tools/annoyances(Defender, Sec Center, Firewall, MalSoftRemTool, UserAllowConditioner and most of all, the LiveOneCare that DID indeed cause BSODs and corruptions of system files...I believe it's been fixed but it still bogs down every system I've found it on and removing it is a manual chore. Does it need to be so hard to remove or are they just digging themselves in?

I love XP today, hated it pre-SP2. I'm even warming up to Vista, sp2 AND sp7. 7rc has replaced XP as my go-to VM and I will be buying a retail Ultimate when it becomes available. MS's problems are responsible for a good % of my revenue, so, no, I don't hate the gift horse. I do enjoy laughing at the shortcomings of people/entities with swollen egos who claim to do no wrong and chant/cheer their denials, especially when they are the very last to believe the hype.

Silverlight is an answer looking for a need and porting it to Linux is just a fool's folly, IMO. I wasn't kidding when I said haven't been to any site besides silverlight.net that asked me to upgrade. The WinUpdate failed,I tried uninstalling(failed) so I was looking for a solution after trying what usually works for corrupted 3rd party apps and went to their .net and I agreed to upgrade...guess what happened. Other methods used: I ran the Windows Installer Cleanup Tool...fail. Ran Dial-A-Fix then manually stopping/emptying/unregistering/re-enabling ...fail. I read editing the registry to trick it into thinking I had an earlier version might work, failed. Coincidently, I did all that just a couple hours before this article appeared, so it was fresh in my head stewing along with the aggravation of my own Fail. Haven't found a solution, you have any suggestions besides nuking the drive from orbit + re-installing or waiting for the system to become more unstable? I'd love to hear some ideas. Seriously.

After numerous hours trying to get a Ralink wireless device to run on Ubuntu(Dapper or Feisty) while it loaded without incident on Puppy I was called a MS fanboi when I called out the claim it worked, hmmm, a deflection from the issue by a personal attack, how original. I did not hesitate to point out it still couldn't run WPA or static IP and I had wasted a dozen hours of my life trying and I was livid. I failed. Just one of the many heartaches/headaches of trying to make Linux Desktop work for me.

So, to answer your question, No, I am not a fanboi of any group. I don't believe in one or the other, I prefer in strengths and weaknesses, facts over affiliation, with a little(alot?) of dry humor mixed in. If you are a fanboi, you should try independent thought sometime. No one person/thing is perfect, everything is flawed in some way or another. To claim otherwise is just silly.

While there is an exception to every rule, I will admit, I may be a Paris fanboi.

***just in case I haven't spouted enough already and my prosody is not coming through the screen, let me add this to the Paris quip... /sarcasm.

tuna 1

Oh Joy!

I can't wait to get the infinite fail messages "The installation source for this product is not available" and "Installation Failed". Will MS be releasing a Linux Installer Cleanup Utility or Regedit For Penguins? silverlight.net is the only site to prompt me to install/update it so far, and I only went there b/c of a failed update. I guess I'll be skipping this unless it gets snuck in through the updater or I want to recreate the Olympic sized BSODs.

Next up: Linux LiveOne Care, now Linux can bog and BSOD just like your father's Windows.

Does the Linux desktop need to be popular?

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X-Ubuntu Works For Me!

I'm no programmer and can barely tread water on the CLI. If Wine, Webmin and Vbox didn't exist/work I would probably have reverted back to XP... again. Still do alot of my work in "virtual" 7 these days, but I'm learning. Still, it's not ready for the "Average Joe".

Yahoo! instant log-ins take new OAuth

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Paris Hilton

This Will Make It Easier....

For the bottom-feeders!

Really, all these "conveniences" to push the users to "affiliates" are:

1)Not all that convenient for the end-user

2)Another cost for the affiliates with lame offerings nobody wants anyway

3)A useful aggregate for the parasites who prefer options.

4)Profit for Wahoo for doing nothing

Paris has a similar business model: Profit from vapor!

Mozilla catches half of Firefox users running insecure Flash

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My Printer's Ink Level Monitor Needs An Update Too!

I'm 100% positive my flash and jave are out of date, I disable all the shit services at start-up (Quick Annoy/auto annoy/ annoyance trays). I MAY deal with an upgrade when I come to JRE/Flash content that requires a newer version to view. I've found useful alternatives to most bloated apps that update too often and try to run unnecessary services(Jog on Adobe Reader), but JRE and Flash are the biggest sticklers to date. Since I surf behind AB+ and NoScript, sandboxed(sandboxIE) by default, I don't think my risk is all that great. If I'm wrong I'll copy over a fresh VM image or restore the host system's image.

Yeah, I do update the OS, AV, Anti-Spy and firewall, that be well enough for me.

US researchers demand cell phone safety tax

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FUD, Rinse, Repeat... Profit!

Funny how all the studies on this subject in the 90's failed to find correlation and petered out around the turn of the century. I guess we have nothing better to do in these bountiful times but to chase this windmill. Again.

BTW, I suspect radiation from the sun causes cancer. I propose a $1 tax on all short pants, short-sleeve shirts, bathing suits and sunglasses to fund my research into this terrible threat.

Microsoft purges AutoRun from older Windows

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Follow Up

@Dave29: No problem, I wish all MS end-users learned from the get go to navigate to the device instead of the nag pop-ups/auto-plays.

@Chris C: My interest is piqued, I'd like to know what the problem was and how re-enabling SHD resolved the issue. I have been disabling this service(amongst others) on all my & my clients' MS OS's for 2 or 3 years w/ no adverse effects(personal and enterprise). I have found nothing of note Googling, except the vulnerabilities associated w/ keeping it enabled and DVD drives may be labeled as a CD drive in My Computer.


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We're Talking AutoRun Again?

Service Name: ShellHWDetection

Display Name: Shell Hardware Detection

Startup Type: Disabled

Don't be fooled by the service's name, all removable media is still detected upon insertion, it just doesn't Auto-Run or open a pop-up annoyance window . Works on XP, Vista SP 1,2 & 7 with no adverse effects... unless opening My Computer to access the media is adverse?

Why is a simple solution ignored in lieu of reg tweaks and updates and patches in every!single!disable!autorun! article that comes out on a monthly basis?

Apple Store pillaged in 31 seconds

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The Greater Good

New Jersey's Draigslist is going to be having smokin hot deals on iStuff right soon and it won't be a scam for a change.

Criminals or Craig's saviors?

What’s the point of desktop virtualization?

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I Use It To Be Hip!

Now I can run a Mac without paying the price for gold inlaid Intel hardware w/ the cool Apple logo on it.

Oh, I also use it to run Linux distros(Ub, Red), Server 2008 RC, SBS2008 RC, XP for pron, and 7 RC environs... all on 1 box.

Any of them gets a bug, becomes unstable or I load an app I decide not to keep, forget about uninstalling/re-installing, just delete and copy a fresh image from the master file.