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Will Android, HTML5 tempt tabloid tablet tyrant Rupert Murdoch?

James Dunmore

It's funny that the guardian tries to diss the times online as only have 35,000 readers. The Guardian's paper readership is less than 500,000 - that surely is a worrying figure for the Guardian and not the times.

PHP devs lob second patch at super-critical CGI bug

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Sorry, but PHP is fantastic as a lightweight front end (website) programming language. It has the smallest, easiest hello world of any of them. It's only a bad language when you write bad code - sure, the difference is in PHP it's easier to write bad code, but that's down to a bad programmer, not a bad language.

I've seen plenty of C# and Java websites that run badly, and have been written badly (not to mention how slow Java and c# are). Don't use a sledge hammer, and all that, PHP is great for it's job - it's why it is used so widely

Don't get me started on how dead Ruby, etc. are.

I'd agree that Python on Diango is a good alternative, but I'd argue against it being superior.

NoSQL databases not just for the 'cool kids'

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Why is it either/or argument

There are times when NoSQL is suitable (think of storing generic metadata on something), and times when RDBMS is good (lots of transactional records) - why not use a hybrid?

As a poster earlier said, if the value of your data isn't high (even though in reality, NoSQL doesn't lose data, and RDBMS is only as reliable as the underlying architecture that is constantly lying to it that it actually did do a disk write anyway) for example a review on a product, use NoSQL, but if the value is high (a payment record) use the other.

I think both are good, and both are needed.

Formula 1 revs engines through Virgin Media

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Sky != Murdock

Sky was made 50/50 from BSB (British Satalite Broadcasting) and Sky, making BSkyB. At the time, BSB was made from ITV channel parent compaines, and Sky was 50/50 with News Corp. News Corp currently isn't 100% owned nor run by Murdock, and News Corp don't own 100% of Sky.

Granted, by buying sky stuff, you do buy into the Murdock empire, and in effect give him some money - but in the grand scheme of things, you are giving money to a british success story and giving money to jobs in the UK.

But, back to topic - great that they reached an agreement.

Why your tech CV sucks

James Dunmore

I have no contact details....

.... not because I didn't put them on, but because some agency took them out because they want to make sure I'm contacted directly and they get their cut (yes, it wouldn't take much to find me via google though!).

My CV has been formatted badly, because an agent has got hold of it, but it on their database, changed all the things that I knew were good, paraphrased things for me, but a mission statement on, formatted it badly and emailed it off in word format (however hard to try to avoid the CV factory agencies, they still get your CV, somehow).

PHP users warned to stay away from latest update

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...yes clarity

at least we know why it failed... if this was closed door, we wouldn't know why it broke, and be hidden from the truth - how many times does this happen at microsoft and apple (for example) - we'll never know.

Ten... outdoor gadgets

James Dunmore


Would you really pay mega bucks for a watch and a chunky digital map when both can be obtainedfor free/next to nothing as smartphone apps? Okay, maybe the map has a more robust gps, but the watch....? Many free apps and an arm strap will do the same job.

Tottenham MP calls for BlackBerry Messenging suspension

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because riots didn't happen before the internet

Yep, it's modern tech's fault - let's just turn off the internet - big red button on the door of IP house.

Okay - obviously phones/social networking had meant that the riots can be organised and spread from area to area quicker, but come on, surely the police have a similar technology to rely on to deploy cops?!

Murdoch muscles BBC out of Formula One driving seat

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It's a political move

i.e the beeb are cutting popular items to cause outrage, rather than cut - say, bbc 4 that no one watches.

I think F1 should remain on free-to-view (in the short term), however, I already have sky sports, sky always do excellent sports coverage so it isn't a bad thing.

In the long run, we should scrap all license TV (well, happy to pay a means/house-sized based fee towards documentary making, but not eastenders and chris moyles' salary) - and go true PPV on demand. It's not far away (in the future) anyway.

Ten... wireless speakers

James Dunmore

Although not technically a wireless speaker

Would have liked to have seen a sonos or squeezebox slipped into this review.

MS to WinXP diehards: Just under 3 more years' support

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3 years to...

...learn how to use mac's on *nix or some very slim lightweight android/mobile/chromebook esk platform that's all the rage by then.

Twitter buys Tweetdeck for $40m – report

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They appeared to have stopped working on the AIR desktop version, and forking from the android version (wrt. functionality - I have no idea about the code behind it) - hence chrome deck, then the next version will be just browser based I believe.

Twitter buying tweetdeck makes sense, as it's a much better offering than anything they've done.

Spotify's music manager makeover - does it work?

James Dunmore

Why compare to iTunes

Okay, all you i[fanatics] out there love iTunes, but I think it is one of the worst bits of software ever, why try and clone it or match other software up to it.

Perhaps I'm just old fashioned, but I'm more than happy to navigate through my music collection with a file explorer.

I don't understand the complaint on lack of a rating button either? If I don't like it, I hit delete?

Sergey Brin: Only 20% of Googlers still on Windows

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Windows on more

"It should be noted that regardless of its design, Windows is targeted far more often that other operating systems because it is used on far more machines"

That is such a flippant statement - does this reporter have any grasp of the number of *nix servers and machines in the world?

Desktop machines, yes, clearly more windows devices. Servers, mobile and embedded devices, by a long way, no.

Windows is targeted because it is used the most often by the least technically minded people. For example, how many people that read this great site would click yes to install a pop up that says your computer is at risk? And in turn, how many OS's would allow you to install that software into the heart of your OS without asking you for a password (okay, vista and 7 do).

Apple MacBook Pro 15in

James Dunmore

Proper UK keyboard?

Nope - probably an international British layout, i.e. the @ sign in the wrong place, etc etc. Basically, a US keyboard with a £ sign.

Apple - sort it out, it's very annoying!

Gov gone wild: Mad new pub glasses, bread freedom introduced

James Dunmore

Rest of Europe....

Seem to have 2/3 ish pint sized glasses - they have less binge drinkers too - coincidence?

(saying that, they also have the large tanker glasses, and in eastern Europe, it's much cheaper.... but still).

I'd prefer to go to the pub had lunch and have 2 x 2/3 glasses than 2 pints (which is a bit much to have a proper productive afternoon) , and having 2 halves is, well, for the ladies ;)

To the commenter who mentioned bread sizes and toaster sizes - needs a knighthood !!

Linux bug bestows attackers with 'superuser' powers

James Dunmore

you will first have to....

Manage to open consol on my server to exploit this....

Jobs dubs Google's 'open' Android speak 'disingenuous'

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Tweetdeck say Jobs is wrong


Erm - in your face Steve!

Ryanair wins ihateryanair.co.uk because of £322 ad revenue

James Dunmore

Off to buy.....


see you later ;)

Foursquare falls down, lurches back up

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And facebook and twitter never have down time

... as in yes, 4square was down for a bit, but really, so is every other social networking tool, don't think 4square will lose many users over it - if anything, no such thing as bad publicity - some people will now go and check it out

Webmin for users: Usermin

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Just because it's 2002

Doesn't mean that people don't need a refresh.

*nix has been around for decades (ish), some people are just discovering it.

I like webmin - sometimes it doesn't quite configure everything the way you would expect, but it's a nice interface if you don't always want to go through the command prompt. I would assume the same for usermin

An HTC named Desire. OK, two HTCs...

James Dunmore

Keyboard = win

Got an HTC Magic - touch screen keyboard is great, most of the time, but when you want to write a large email, or text, can't beat proper keys - in fact, most people in the office here have a blackberry and an iPhone because they can't beat using a blackberry for long emails.... will be good to see if the desire takes some of the business usage.

The HD looks a bit too bulky for the pocket though (mind you, so does the samsung galaxy S)

First SMS Trojan for Android is in the wild

James Dunmore

If you really really dumb....

.... You'll be infected. Bascially, click here for a virus or a bit of software you don't want, plus untick the trusted sources button - you deserve to be infected if you do all of that.

I agree with @It wasnt me if the networks are aware of the scam, and lots of customers start going to the premium - simply block that number.

UK supermarket starts contactless payments

James Dunmore

Cash costs

It boils down to cash handling - having works in a very busy bar and cashing up at the end of the night, we were impressed if a till was correct (+/-) to £5 - multiple that by the 6 tills we had and it soon adds up. Not to mention the security (and therefore cost) required to look after cash floats, etc.

Personally, I hate having using cash - working in London, aside from buying a newspaper, I always use a card to pay for everything and it is much easier/convenient/better (I've lost count of the amount of small change that falls out of pockets, etc.)... yes there will be problems, and fraud, but at the end of the day, I think I'll loose less cash to the sofa

Cable lays plan for graduate tax

James Dunmore

Tax is a bad idea

Without going over too many things already said above....

- as a graduate, you usually pay more tax

- the tax could be applied for such a long time - the loan is a finite amount - although it'll usually be paid for at least 15-20years. Perhaps maybe charge a little interest on it?

- If graduates get taxed, they'll either move abroad, or we'll get a country of freelancers taking divedens out of a company, rather than paying above the tax threshold

- Stop with the talk of "wishy washy degrees". Okay, to be fair, some degrees are better than others, but university learning is a mind set, you employ a graduate because they are able to think by themselves, research and learn for 3 years. Just because it's an arts degree doesn't mean it's any easier than a astro-physics degree - Difficulty is only relevant to the person applying themselves... I can write great code, can't draw for sh*t. Remember diversity is what makes the world go around

- 2 year degrees... right, at uni, you do need some "thinking time" and some time off. Lecturers need time off to do their research projects, etc. However, 1 month at Christmas and easter, 3 months in the summer.... Considering most students have to pay rent over the summer months, and struggle to find summer jobs - a 2 year degree does make sense....maybe a 1.5 year with a 6 month relevant work placement, followed by the final year. That would work really well.....

Spotify ports its music streamer to Linux

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Great stuff

Brilliant. Hope other companies follow suite. I think it's all very chicken and egg (wrt. linux native apps) - for example, picasa - is only really a packaged wine port - not native, hence why the uptake wasn't massive, which was googles reason for not giving 3.5, etc.

The more native apps we get, the more people will start using it. Just now need iTunes (horrible software, but so many people want it) and photoshop.

BBC chief acknowledges DAB flop & internet radio

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Okay, I fully expect to be shot down, as I was in the thread about 6music.... but on one hand we have the BBC saying DAB is failing, on the other, 6music needs to carry on......

But I agree, BBC should invest in internet radio for the masses; mostly car radios (in fact, the fact that DAB hasn't taken off in car, is a big sign of failure)

6music wins possible reprieve from BBC Trust

James Dunmore

Re: what a crock

Right, thanks for 100% argeeing with me and arguing for putting ads on the BBC radio stations (which in turn leads to part privitaisation)....Case in point - C4 - that is (if you actually cared to read what I wrote) exactly how the BBC should function.

There are plenty of commerical stations who do specialist interest shows in the evening, so again, it can live outside of the bbc.

And, again, if you read my post, sorry, i don't know much about R3 and classic - as you expressed. But would it harm R3 to bung a few ads on? Make it commerically viable, part privatise it?! And as your arugment clearly states, R3 isn't responding to listners, it's up it's own jumped up arse doing what it wants to do (what presenters want) - unlike commerical stations that actually listen to the markets and respond with what they want.

Still - if you go back to what I was talking about with 6, and commerical alternatives, no one has come back with a decent response.

James Dunmore


Sorry, but clearly I couldn't disagree more, and I'm sorry to start a flame war, but you don't really have much of an argument.

It's complelty chicken and egg - your example, classic FM, has problems because the BBC plays classical music (on Radio 3, unless I'm mistaken).

I listen to plenty of commerical. In fact, with the exception of the excellent 5live (which I think should never NOT be a state owed station), I try to only listen to commerical radio - and yes, it has been dumbed down, because every time any one does anything decent, up the comes the BBC, copies it's format, throws a ton of money at it, then steals it's audience. For every BBC station (even 5live) there is a commerical alternative. The trouble is, only the BBC can afford natational licenses, so any local output (mostly London), doesn't really stand a chance.

I'll be honest though, I do only know about "indie" genre stations, and again - I'm afriad your argument is not right - XFM was producing 6music esk output, well before 6 appeared (in fact, 6 stole half it's presenters) - it was had unsigned shows (still does) and broke plenty of bands. It had to chop and change once 6 turned up, and yes it isn't as good, but the format (6music) is commerically viable. Virgin lost it's way, but since it has been bought by absolute, it's starting to change for the better, producing bespoke 80s and 90s rock/indie esk only DAB stations, along with more specialist shows starting to appear in the evenings (not as good as 6music, but you have to cater for the audience don't you). This non commerical argument is a myth, as is the origionaility of 6music's output (but as I said, 6 should survive, and the others, at the expense of radio 1 - come on, what of educate, entertain or inform does radio 1 actually manage - have you listened to Moyles!?)

Rergardless though - are you telling me that this ringfenced "educate, entertain and inform" charter would be dumbed down by playing 60seconds of ads every half hour?! The BBC floods it's radio with self promotion as it is, it really wouldn't hurt to have that in there and save some of that wasted money.

And I never said the BBC should broadcast un-popular output. Just said output that couldn't exisit in the commerical world (Most of R1 could, most of 2 could - the parts that couldn't, then fair enough, create a channel for it). Ideally, I think the BBC should quit radio as a producer/broadcaster, and live as a platform to assit other stations (including it's own current lot) - letting everyone have a fair stab a the pie.

Still, with the days on podcasts, on demand music, etc. I can't see much of the BBC lasting much longer.

James Dunmore

Re: Er, Eh

Oh course the BBC can make popular shows. Dr Who, Top Gear, MOTD are all things that I love and are very popular.... but I'll add, I'll happily watch a repeat on "Dave" with ads, etc. I really doesn't distract from my viewing pleasure (in fact, in the days of VOD/Sky+, who doesn't skip ads anyway).

The flagship Radio1 & 2 are running at a dextriment to commerical providers - no one can afford to produce a national FM radio with pop songs and over paid presenters.

Make these flagship stations answereable to a public body (hmmm, shareholders?!) - you'll soon see it scrap it's overbloted, over paid presenters.

But sorry, back to the point I didn't really make first time around (but have in other threads) - it never should have been an issue about 6 - it never should have been on the cards. 6 and 1xtra and the type of output that the BBC should be producing. If they want cost saving, part privatise radio 1, use the money to fund more 6esk projects (although 6 is "so popular now" it could cope commerically - look at absolute, XFM, etc.).

It's also pretty shocking that 6 gets all this public backing, yet NME radio sunk without even a wisper.

James Dunmore


Sorry if I'm being a cynic, but this just sounds like a ploy to boost ratings.

And who cares that these ratings have come as a loss to those commerical stations producing similar output.

BBC radio should mostly be privatised, especailly R1, R2, with 6 not far behind. The idea of the BBC is to be able to produce programming that couldn't exist in the commerical world - all of these stations could. Easily.

Pictures of Ubuntu: Linux's best photo shots at Windows and Mac

James Dunmore

shotwell... itself in the foot

So I installed and ran shotwell, it started cataloguing my photos. Great.

Came back an hour or so later, with messages about my home partition behind out of memory. Odd, I thought I had a few gigs free at least..... yup - shotwell copied all my photos (15gigs worth) from my media partition to the root of my home partition, with date named directories.

Looked for settings to change this, couldn't find any......

apt-get uninstalled straight away

Hopefully they will fix this before it's default in 10.10

Orange gazes into 2050 Glastoball

James Dunmore

Less is more!

When I go to glasto, I'm glad I don't have my computer - phone is used to find friends, but that aside once the battery runs out by Saturday morning I'm actually much happier. Back to the old days of arranging to meet "by the cider bus" - and if people are late, you just have another beer!

My ideal festival would be a blanket ban on mobiles and wifi !

The Reg guide to Linux, part 1: Picking a distro

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Server = debian

Sorry, centos on the server sucks. apt-get does all the nice magic :)

Actually, as an earlier post says, it's win/win which ever - just personally not had much fun with centos

Google: Android fragmentation isn't fragmentation

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Splitting OS updates to market

Reg - Android dev has said that the future version of android will remove this "fragmentation" by slitting parts that it can (of the OS) into the market - for example, the dialer (a bit like how maps work at the moment), so it can speed development of apps, without a brand new SDK/OS every few months - then the releases become further apart, and bigger - giving everyone more chance to catch up.

They do need a stable release schedule though.

6Music: Dead man walking?

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Sorry - but axe 6music. XFM used to offer everything 6 does (half the DJ's are from xfm anyway) - granted XFM now doesn't do that, but that's because it has had to adapt due to the BBC taking away target audience (and, I suppose, commerical owners not quite understanding it).

If it got he audience, XFM could easily do what 6 does. In fact, the BBC license fee should go towards commercial bodies trying to create stations such as XFM, rather than create its own, bloated DAB (mega money) only stations.

The decent stuff from 6 can go onto radio 2 (that is having an identity crisis), and scrap the station.

(don't get me wrong, I'm a massive indie music fan - just can't see the point in 6music)

James Dunmore

Part Funded

@fixit_f the BBC is only part funded by the license fee, the gov does chuck in some cash too (okay, part funded = mostly funded)

Spotify waves £5 plan at freeloaders

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Mobile ad supported...

I had £10 premium, just to use on my mobile, but decided it was far too much money (saved the money and bought a bigger sd card instead). An Ad supported, or £5 mobile option would be ideal.

Twitter and theregister. Why it doesn't work

James Dunmore

I would rather...

... more of a reg commentary style twitter, rather than a list of articles - I can get the article list on RSS

Spotify adds Web2.0rhea

James Dunmore

Native Linux

No native linux client - again. Fail

Sure it works under wine - although my friend said all the "web2.0 crap" fails under wine on ubuntu.

When will iTunes, Spotify, etc. start releasing linux native clients. Poor showing.

HTC sets timeframe for Hero Android update

James Dunmore

news on the magic update?

Any news on the 2.0 update for htc magic (voda branded?)

Mountain View trials revamped Google Docs

James Dunmore

New drawing tool

Is pretty dam good !! It does the flowchart stuff that visio does, but erm, for free. Wow, it's so good, it might even replace MS Paint.....

But seriously, quite impressed.

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx turns back on Yahoo! search switcheroo

James Dunmore
Paris Hilton

They got a backhander from google then

....That's about it.. Google paid up.

Paris, because she'll do anything for fame and money too ;)

Brown promises no change to basic tax rate

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Stop election bu***** on the reg please

I get this everywhere else, I want el reg to keep it IT & funny stuff - please. Or at least election issues that directly effect IT - I really don't think there has been enough reg coverage of this digital economy bill - which is massivly important - really every other article should be about it to raise awareness.

Tories ask: Why BBC3, BBC4?

James Dunmore

BBC 3 is to...

BB3 is to family guy, what E4 is to friends (ditto repeats, and ditto "next weeks episode" on that as well).

Great if you love family guy (although most people who do, own a copy of the box sets), otherwise, erm pretty pointless. Most of the additional content 3 shows (glasto coverage, etc.) could be shown on the red button anyway.

Don't like 6music, but this should be saved over bbc3&4.

The whole bbc is doomed really - TV should be on-demand, pay for what you use - no more, no less.

Vulcan kept airborne by £400k refuel

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Brilliant, but...

Where's the lottery money, etc. to help out.

Would be excellent to see if flyover at the olympics. They need to get a concord up and running again.

p.s. I did donate myself, but some £399990 short of that one.

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx to Facebook and Twitter you

James Dunmore


Are people on the reg COMMENTS section really slagging of social networking?! really. REALLY!!!

I think it's great that there is a linux distro embracing what nearly every average pc user wants; remember most people on the reg are tech savy and usually want a stripped down system and build up from there; but that's what's stopped joe bloggs from getting going with windows/mac alternatives - they want it out of the box and don't want to open up a command line. Being linux, I'm sure this Web2.0 desktop stuff will be very easy to switch off.

As for design - this is where Mac is winning (again, joe bloggs) customers from windows - it looks great, etc. personally, don't get on with KDE4 (same for a lot of people) and gnome is getting dated - innovative design - yes please!! again, for those moaning, that's the power of linux/ubuntu - go install xfce.

PHPers prefer Windows desktop to Linux

James Dunmore

Forced usage

PHP developer here - linux desktop, as are most of the team here.

However, this article fails to mention 2 really important factors:

- how many developers work in a corporate environment which forces windows desktop usage (like my last company)

- PHP is tied into front end development quite a bit; how many people were using windows because they wanted to use photoshop or similar software?

- how many on windows would prefer to use a mac (but can't because of either cost, or corporate restrictions)

Windows Phone 7 Series launched

James Dunmore

Windows 7....

...minutes battery time

...total number of happy users

...number of phones that don't crash

...times as many iPhones sold

I'll stop now.

Sony Ericsson preps compact Android pair

James Dunmore

Think so

You could either install an app such as open home (pretty much standard android home), or flash the ROM. Although the latter would probably void your warranty.