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Apple fans, Android world scramble to patch Broadcom's nasty drive-by Wi-Fi security hole

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This is why I moved to iPhone when the 7 came out - security. They really do seem to be about the best in terms of updates; no need for Google to make update, then for the manufacture to review, test and release it across their many devices.

I like that Android do release a lot of software updates via PlayStore now, but it's not quite the same

Just give up: 123456 is still the world's most popular password

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Am i being very stupid? How is this 15th most popular? What does it say?


Nintendo pulls the Switch, fires Joy-con at Microsoft and Sony

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I thought the price looked ok for the console.

Way too much focus on motion sensing controls, which people don't really seem to be interested in; they don't want to be flailing our arms around to play some Mario. At least that's how I see it.

Also, want a second controller though - £75 (says GAME)

Apple's Airpod wireless earbuds finally go on sale after six-week delay

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Re: Exchange rate? Apple don' need no stinking exchange rate.

$1 = £0.79

American Prices are ex-Vat

£0.79 + 20% VAT = £0.95

So, $159 in UK retail price = £151

Where's that 5% from?

Beancounter nicks $5m from bosses, blows $1m on fantasy babe Kate Upton's mobe game

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I wonder how much people spend on these games?

I wonder how much the average user spends (only counter users who do spend)?

I wonder what the top 10 spenders are?

Chinese Android smartphone firm: It packs a dedicated crypto chip

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"M series is targeted at ‘People who work in the government"

I'm not sure the government will be wanting it's staff to be using Chinese owned, Chinese made mobiles containing sensitive data, even if they do have this encryption* chip

*data mining

Lenovo CTO: Hey, look around – we're not the only ones with a crapware infection

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another school of thought would suggest that Lenovo will be one of the most secure*, after being caught out like this.


Revealed: The amazing magical innovation in the iPad Mini 3 – a lick of paint

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Maybe the glueing helps stop things rattling around inside something which will get a lot of rattling in it's life? Is it possible that this glue will help the device feel newer for longer because of that?

Apple flings iOS 8.1 at world+dog: Our AMAZEBALLS 9-step installation guide

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I was updating my other half's 5s last night.

117MB update, requires 2.2GB of room to install. (See picture)


So I could have either updated via iTunes, or clear a bit of space on her phone. I decided to clear up some space on the phone. Most of her space seems to be taken up by apps. So I delete a few she doesn't use, but that still didn't leave enough room. I look at what's taking up most room, and it's still apps, specifically Buzzfeed, which weighs in at just under 800MB - surely that cant be right? I check, the app itself is like 20MB, the rest is cache. Can you clear the cache? Not really; you have to delete the app then reinstall it!

No wonder iOS update install rates are slowing

Hey, iPhone 6 fanbois: Apple's bonk to 'Pay' app IS GO

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Vs Google Wallet

From what I've read, ApplePay sounds like a very clever system, and more secure than GoogleWallet.

I used GoogleWallet in the UK once (Subway sandwiches), when you could spoof your location (you had to be in the US), and be granted access to the app. It worked well.

Really, I'd be happy with either. The idea of a properly digital wallet which I could use most places is appealing. Hopefully Apple will speed up the process of getting NFC Payments to work in more countries.

Quit drooling, fanbois - haven't you SEEN what the iPhone 6 costs?

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Re: Err...

Just a quick thing about iTunes music on android phones.... You can just drag and drop the music files. There's no lock on them. Or maybe you might choose to upload them to GoogleMusic. Any music i download from iTunes gets automatically uploaded to my Google Music account.

You are right about Apps though.

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But it's cheaper....

The new iPhone 6, is actually cheaper than the iPhone 5 cost.

the iPhone 6 costs £539

the iPhone 5s cost £549 (last week)

Huawei: 'Tizen has no chance', Windows Phone is 'difficult'... it's Android all the way

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The number of people Huawei having working in R&D.

just a fun factoid.

Amazon Twitch snatch catches Google the gobbler off guard

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Twitch have made a good move there, selling.

There doesn't appeal to be much mass appeal for Twitch, obviously it has 55 million users, but will that grow much bigger?

The Twitch owners were right to get out (financially now, before there users leave/grow up.

Kate Bush: Don't make me HAVE CONTACT with your iPHONE

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give yourself a shiny.....

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I'd argue that most 'artists' would t people taking pictures of their shows.

It's cheap advertising for their next tour.

Who needs hackers? 'Password1' opens a third of all biz doors

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At work our main password has to change every 30 days. I just n+1 to the number at the end of my very basic password.

Coming to a console near you: Destiny beta and The Last of Us Remastered

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Also, not £45, if you shop around even a little bit...

Amazon, for example - http://amzn.to/1m5pXqs - £38

Or Argos - http://bit.ly/1qxU0tO - £39

Or many, many other places

Average chump in 'bank' phone scam is STUNG for £10,000 - study

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Re: It would help an awful ****ing lot

Re Special Characters?

Would having special characters in your Verified By Visa password help THAT much?

You can't brute force the Verified By Visa password system - after a few incorrect attempts your account is locked - so you just need to make a password that cant be guessed easily. If you replaced every special character you wanted to use, with the letter A, in this case it's just as secure.

Facebook Phone rumours are back: And probably true this time

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Re: laughable

"rapidly dwindling stock value" - it's been pretty even for along time now.

WTF is... Microsoft Xbox SmartGlass?

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no iPad?

I thought this was going to work on iOS/Android from launch?

As the sex pistols once sung - Liar, Liar Liar.

PayPal co-founder sells out of foundering Facebook at VAST profit

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real world assets?

" worth roughly the same as UK retail monster Tesco, which has real-world assets such as shops, trucks and stock"

Does facebook not own any buildings, or data farms or useful IPRs?

TalkTalk pitches cut-price mobes to own customers

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Re: BT Broadband did a similar deal through Vodafone a few years ago.

I didn't know that.

What's with 07777 anyway?

Lone config file in Mac OS X SIGNALS DEATH OF THE DVD

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PCs and Laptops?

I can understand why you'd ditch them on laptops. For the most part, most of the time, i dont use an optical drive. I could do without it on my laptop and gain the advantage of a thinner, smaller, lighter laptop. Then have a separate USB optical drive for those infrequent moments when i need one.

However, i'm not sure there's the same benefit for a desktop PC. Rarely do i think my desktop PC would be much better if it was a little bit thinner. To me i cant see the benefit of losing the optical drive from an iMac, to save a few mm, but then have a USB one in a drawer, or permanently attached.

Bucks muck chuck muck-up leaks 840 email addresses

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Why one storage admin fears Justin Bieber

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Downes wishes they'd think again.“SD looks just as good on a PC screen,” he said at the event.

"Downes wishes they'd think again.“SD looks just as good on a PC screen,” he said at the event." - Which PC screen? A grey box laptop from 1997?

Obviouslyif you play it in its native size it will "look just as good" but what happens if you want it full screen?

Ten... Sata 3 SSDs

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I too bought this, although the price seems to have sky-rocketted up to £145 ( http://amzn.to/K2P9e3 ) I'm going to swap out my MBP's 256GB HDD for the Samsung 830 256GB SSD. Should be a good upgrade. Although, obviously my MBP only has SATA 2, this still worked out the cheapest option for me. *

*discoounting buying from a website i've never heard of, and giving them all my details

Apple's Retina Macs: A little too elite?

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Re: Samsung

its certainly a lot of money. But it's also a lot of machine.

For some people it's going to be for show, like jewelery. (whats the point in diamonds, they are just rocks?)

For some people, its the excitment of having the cutting edge in terms of tech, which this certainly would appear to be.

For some people, its not a lot of money, and its a nice laptop.

For some people, that new display is going to be brilliant addition to their computer lives. (i know photo reviewing on my ipad3 is amazing, thanks to that screen. Really amazing.)

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Re: There's certainly room in the Retina Macs for both.

There def isn't enough room.

Infact, there's such little room the flash storage and ram is soldered in, and cant be swapped. any spare room has been filled with batteries, which from the pics would appear to be approx 50% of the insides.

Kinect gives Skyrim fans something to shout about

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I was all ready to slate this...

...but i thought i should at least watch the video.

It actually looks pretty good. i've found my problem with skyrim, is that as a xbox user, the UI is rather horrid, needing lots of button presses thanks to the relitivly low number of buttons on an xbox controller.

IE, quick save and quick load!!

this seems to have addressed that. I obviolusly wont be buying a kintect for it though.

(Imagine that, an advert makes a product look good...)

Forensic snoops: It doesn't take a Genius to break into an iPhone

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Re: In the UK we have another solution...

*After my 2 year stretch*

Policeman Pete - "Cuz, whats the password?"

Me - "Well, i remember it just being random letters and numbers, I think it started "1bii19w", but it was well over 20 characters long, maybe 30, used letters numbers and special characters, and after 2 years in nick, i've totally forgotten it. Sorry, cuz"

Policeman Pete - "???"

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Re: Faraday bag?

i'd have thought, to avoid 'contaminating evidence' the friendly policeman just pops the phone in a evidence bag as is, ie turned on. What if there is valuable forensic evidence under the battery cover that falls out when he take the batt out?

Also, not so helpful for sealed phones, as so many people have said. Nokia N8, iPhones etc.

Half of iPad 3s sold will sport 4G, says bank

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If you have a smartphone...

Most Smartphones now will let you set up WiFi hotspot, and most of the Networks will allow you to tether, either as part of you data allowence, or for a small fee, usually about £5 you can add on a 'tethering' allowance. I am on 3, and i get actually unlimited, unlimited data (inc tethering), and the speed is fast enough to stream NetFlix.

If you were in a country with a LTE/4G network i can see the appeal of buying the 4G iPad. Some people might want to extra 4G speed, I'm not sure what for yet, as i said, i can stream NetFlix on 3G.

Maybe in a few years time when NetFlix et al stream in Full HD, and there is an actual 4G network in the UK i might consider getting the 4G iPad. I guess my phone would be 4G by then too, though?

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I bought a WiFi one. Its £100 cheaper, and i get actually unlimited tethering with my mobile phone contract (Three One Plan). So i just tether my ipad to my phone, all the time.

BBC iPlayer added to Xbox

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The article shoul dhave been called...

"BBC iPlayer added to Xbox, FINALLY"

Glad its on there though, the xbox is getting really moving into media streaming hub teritory well.

HP caught with SIX Windows 8 PC packages up its sleeve

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Isn't it time we got rid of 32-bit machines? Or rather, isn't it time we stop making 32 bit machines?

Microsoft mulls touchscreen controller for next-gen Xbox

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The problem with the PS controller is the triggers are shaped wrong. They need to be concave, like the xbox, not convex. its such an odd design choice. I find it really uncomfortable. I expect its why on games like Call of Duty, they PS controller doesn't actually use the triggers for shooting?

I personally also prefer the concave tips on the thumbsticks on xbox, rather than the convex ones on PS3. But i know lots of people who prefer it the otherway round.

On reflection, i much prefer the xbox controller - but the battery pack: Yuk.

Angry iPhone users bring antitrust class action against Apple

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I use a MacBook Pro, can you tell me how it is any more "locked in" than another laptop?

Microsoft celebrates the death of IE6

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could just be people reading from their locked down work terminals, like me. This is from IE6. Like others have said, lots of company intranets are IE6 based.

I canot explain IE5 or IE2 though! wow.

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i am currently using...

... IE6 to view this site, and type this.

We use IE6 at work for our internal Intranet systems. Everything we use is built for IE6. We have no way to install other browsers either, so this means we struggle to browse a lot of 'modern' sites. I couldn't scream loud enough about this.

Pakistan bans rude text messages

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surely the 'yoofs' will get round this by spelling words purposefully wrong. Maybe backwards? Maybe swappiing the first and last letters? the two middle letters? Anything...

Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy Blu-ray disc set

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I watched JP1 recently in the cinema. It is still awesome.

The Dino CGI is just brilliant, even 18 years later. And that music still wows me. Amazing.

Biker gang plunders Covent Garden Apple Store

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bored of "Jesus slab" etc

22,000 'freetards' escape Hurt Locker piracy suit

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you can only sue for...

In the UK, when it comes to sueing for money, the first question you have to ask is, what have our (the film company sueing) personal loses been...

Well, if someone downloads, for free (illegally) a copy of a DVD, the answer is a difficult one. The defendant could easily argue that becuase its a DVD his friend owns, that he would have just borrowed it anyway, and therefore the loses are £zero. You could also say the the film company has lost the cost of 1 x DVD royalties, which is going to be £5-£10? You then have to add on lawyers fees, etc.

However, if you upload while you download (the standard setting for most p2p/torrent programs) then you've distrobuted the DVD (just parts of it, maybe) to possibley thousands of people. So suddenly the film company has lost thousands of potential DVD sales, directly from your actions, ie 1000s X £5-£10? Then add on the laywers fees etc.

You can, of course, tell your torrent program (i've heard) to not upload any data, and therefore you're not distrobuting any data at all.

Thats as i understand it, anyway.

Telcos cough mobe tracking habits

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tin foil hats at the ready.

Chinese fuzz bust faux iPhone racket

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Buy yourself a packet of scampi fries with your friday pint to celebrate such a joke!

Tosh puts 1TB in the palm of your hand

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No price for the 1TB sized option, which the article is named after?

Larry Page sees 'tragic' future for Google

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too big

Google's No.1 enemy is indeed google. They have grown so big, and are so diverse it wont be long until they are thrown before an EU council or similar and told to stop being quite so good at what they do. In the world, you just aren't allowed to be too good at what you do, its not fair.

Renault Wind Gordini roadster

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"Underneath the visually arresting two-thirds scale supercar body, the Wind is essentially a Twingo ...."

Actually, its a RenaultSport Twingo. A very different animal, in terms of handlinging and poise.