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Apple tightens rules for iPad news delivery

Jobs Horns

It's their field, too

I'm not surprised by the in-flight rules change. It's not just Apple's ball, it's their field and the officials are their employees.

Oh, and the only reason Apple must bear the cost of distributing a free app is because they chose to build the walled garden in the first place.

Mac spyware infiltrates popular download sites


Apple takes security seriously

... so is that why the Safari "carpet bombing" flaw is unfixed?

Jobsian drones shackle gamer with 'lifetime' iPad ban


I, Mudd

That whole interchange with the Apple store employees reminded me of the Star Trek episode "I, Mudd". For those not familiar with the episode, the Enterprise crew had been imprisoned on a planet controlled by a race of androids. If the androids were asked a question to which they chose not to respond, they would reply "I am sorry. I am not programmed to respond in that area."

Much ado about IBM's mainframe monopoly


1 MIPS == 4 MHz x86

You're confusing the MIPS cpu (originally an acronym for Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages, which is a RISC architecture) with the abbreviation for Million Instructions Per Second. MIPS as used by IBM has nothing to do with any CPU architecture except and is only relevant when comparing on z/Series system to another.


A better use for Hercules

The discussion about what to run on Hercules (or any other z/Series emulator) has missed one particularly useful environment - application development. Until recently, IBM offered a Flex-ES based system with a specially licensed z/OS bundle known by the catchy abbreviation ADCD (Application Development CD, which was really a DVD). If I recall correctly, this package carried a price tag of about $20,000 - not cheap but not hugely expensive. This was not intended to replace a production mainframe, but to provide an environment for developing and testing application software.

IBM and Fundamental (the developer of Flex-ES) have apparently had a falling out of some sort. It seems to me, however, that Hercules would be an ideal platform for the ADCD.

PS: I believe you can legally run MVS 3.8j on Herc, but that is a very aged OS, too

Trojan plunders $480k from online bank account

Black Helicopters

The banks don't help

Over and over, end users are told "Don't click on email links... especially ones that want you to sign on." And then what do the banks do? They send emails (HTML format, of course) with a nice button labeled "Sign on now".

Mainframe emulator goes commercial


Mainframe MIPS

Um... 1 MIPS = i million instructions per second.

AppleT&T faces twin texting suits


iPhone 3.0 software upgrade

Excuse me, but the iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade was FREE for iPhone users ($10 for iPod Touch)

Users claim iPhone 3.0 GPS mis-map mishaps


iPhone GPS

I just checked. The phone correctly showed my location (in my own backyard) on the satellite image, however the address it reported was off by four houses.

AT&T playing iPhone streaming favorites


Playing favorites?

AT&T does seem to allow Sling Player mobile to stream over 3G on other devices (such as Blackberry). Also, when Sling first announced the player for iPhone, the noted WiFi streaming only at Apple's request.. Maybe we have more than one target for that over ripe fruit?


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