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Eat frozen food and avoid line-caught fish, says eco study

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Fed up

To the mods (who will probably block this), I am fed up with the science reporting on the Register. You can't base an entire article from one (often dodgy) citation, "The new research was carried out [by] Nova Scotia..." to push an opinion.

It is becoming predictable, to say the least, that when I click on a science related link that it will be mostly opinions and poo-pooing of often well cited studies. Your opinions are often based on only one other study done by someone with an axe to grind.

Other general bias and censorship of legitimate comments is also doing my head in. So without further ado, bye.

Billionaire floats eco dream on sailing soda bottles

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Random Note:

Plastiki is Fijian for Plastic.

Parents demand control over text messaging

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Bullies or...


US monster-truck roboguns to blast enemies autonomously

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From them there hills

What about an ambush from high ground/a sand dune?

Santa menaced by sex offender postie

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Fucking Unbelieveable

The fucking self righteous twats, one sex offender closes it down? He was stopped from working! No need to do all that bollocks.

It doesn't even say he was a paedophile, he was probably just caught pissing in public.

US Navy electromagnetic mass-driver commences tests

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Alton Towers

Speak to the guys who designed and built Rita, they seem to have managed to do it.

Intel Israel rolls out the barbed wire

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Presumably they can't work either.

@Andy Towler

"if they're breaking the law"

I think they mean Jewish law not state law. It's like saying* it hurts my feelings that you posted your comment on the 16th of October!!! That's when my rabbit died when I was five. So you shouldn't be allowed to post....

*Something similar anyway...

Booze shops get ID card lessons

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If I owened a shop I would

Tell people to show me some other ID as I didn't know what the fuck that bit of plastic was.

Judge Dredd 'Black Box' recorder/spy kit for guns unveiled

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This will be enforced in the police (although it may 'malfunction' at any sign of wrongdoing) but freedom fighters in the US of A will be able to remove/drill it out without too much trouble.

Bill Gates plants (wetter) smooch on Steve Jobs

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They are business competitors

Not fanboys. They would probably have a great time together on their über yachts but still compete in business. Doesn't mean they hate each other.

Apple snuffs iPhone app for too much Appleness

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Break the mould

And put it on the Rock Store or Cydia.

That might get Apples attention.

(Rock and Cydia are app stores you can use if you jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch)

Microsoft opens Windows 7 to advertisers

James 55

I thought

They killed Zune?

NASA: the Moon is a hydrated mistress

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I wan't to stab my eyes out with a fork

"compounds they will be analyzing GOING FORWARD"

Quickening satellite quickens pulses at ESA

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@AC 17:01 - "The Boffins are in denial"

Aaaaaahahahaha, you are a typical example of a non-scientist thinking that a scientist is doing his job wrong and having a MASSIVE misunderstanding of how science works.

An element of doubt in science is not a reason to discredit all the other related science, it's a reason to find out what piece of information you are missing.

You say they "refuse to even consider that their mathematical model is wrong."

I seriously doubt that and scientists aren't this mysterious "THEY" working to distort how we think. It's more likely, don't you think, that "they" use this model or theory as it's the best fit out of the current lot? You don't think that "they" have it written in stone do you? And that "they" aren't constantly challenging it and putting forward more ideas?

>"We've known for decades that the laws of physics as recorded have serious errors in them, but >the boffins refuse to accept this and still go on using incorrect mathematical models. For >example, Einsteinian relativity completely falls apart when you factor gravity in."

What planet do you live on? Who was your teacher? Einsteinian Relativity as you call it is ALL about gravity, the whole theory is based around gravity and how it bends around mass. It's not like he forgot to put it in.

You also say

>"They had to invent the concepts of Super String and dark matter in order to explain away the >errors (Super String says that there must be at least 6 dimensions in the universe, the extra >ones of which have never in any form been detected by any known science, and dark matter is >some ethereal substance that the boffins claim makes up most of the universe, but which is >conveniently totally undetectable)."

The first bit is very true, these theories help to fix problems with space time theory. Yet you said earlier that "they" continue using incorrect models, you now state that "they" don't.

Finally, we live in a 3d world. Of course it's going to be hard to see the other dimensions, that doesn't mean it can't be done:


And, dark matter is certainly not magical and is probably detectable



I guess what I am trying to say is that average Joe once believed that the sun revolved around the earth, but one day someone not too special suggested it didn't, people said it was heresy. You see, there was an element of doubt to what he proposed, there was no way at the time of being certain. More evidence was discovered that supported the theory, now we teach it in pre-schools. It is heartening to think that the SCIENCE prevailed and that the OPINIONS of people who don't matter (I'm thinking of you, AC 17:01, and me) fade away with history.

German boffins produce sim of 'invisibility carpet' in action

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Use in Afghanistan?

Or any desert? No army can spare all that time chasing mirages.

Urinating Spaniard soaks Street View's Canaries

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You see

That man is clearly identifiable - especially if you knew him. Deleting photos only after they have been spotted by bloggers etc and spread around the web is not good enough. Once it is out there you can't retract all the copies!

Street view is baaad, and not even that useful (to me at least)

Spain 'goes 50% wind powered' - in the small hours

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Stick to I.T.

You are thinking of a wind farm which is small with turbines which only produce a megawatt. The UK is now entering 'Round 3' of wind energy. Massive turbines in massive farms over massive areas in the sea/ocean.

These things don't peak and trough like you seem to think. Wind turbines out to sea range between 1.5 to 2 times more efficient than on land. And I don't think you will ever hear anyone saying that the UK will be powered entirely by windmills, it's all in your head. It is only recently becoming feasible to power the UK without fossil fuels, but unlike what you seem to think - this includes many solutions mixed together.

Even if you don't believe that the gasses and particles we produce in our global expansion are contributing to global warming (We certainly managed to shaft the ozone with cfc's didn't we?), there is little doubt that fossil fuels will run out, unless you believe God is constantly pumping oil into the earth for us.

BT call centre staff snaffle £45m lottery win

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Says they were from HP. And the other ticket was owned by a couple from Newport.

Baying mob turns on miniskirted Brazilian uni student

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That was a school??

On the video?

Spain won't disconnect illegal file sharers

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But he can't dissconnect people

from their friends USB sticks or CDs.......

Apple under Jobs: from muck to mountaintop

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Love him or Loathe him

He is damn good at his job

Large Hadron Collider scuttled by birdy baguette-bomber

James 55
Paris Hilton

"almost 8 Kelvin"

Phew, time to get out the swimming shorts/bikinis

You too can become a Taoist Mao Shan master

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The optional one for Ohio made my day.

Mac art project game destroys aliens files

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Thats pretty good.

It should delete files when you die though, THAT would make it an adrenaline pumping game/good drinking game.

Sacked drugs advisor pledges new expert body

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" The key word there is "Advisory". In any walk of life where you are the "expert" then you can offer your opinion/advice but the person to whom you give it doesn't have to take it. That's life - get over it."

If the government is not following the science then there should be a clear reason why. And we should be told this reason.

Do you want a government who picks and chooses the advice it gets according to the opinions of those at the top and the Daily Mail/Rupert Murdoch?

I would hazard a guess and say that Alcohol and cigarettes are safe from immediate legal harm because some big scary breweries and tobacco companies are behind them, whereas cannabis is grown by some fella down the road, maybe even you.

The x-texting Metrotextual comes out of the closet

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Receiving but not giving

I get them from my house mates but don't send them back. I'm from the country and we do carve steaks from our cows with our bear hands!

STRONG REAL SEX? That's not porn, rules ASA

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"I'll bet the outcome would have been different if the ad had been carried by tabloids rather than broadsheets."

Really? Have you seen what is in the tabloids?

To the article writer, have you seen this advert? You seem to be offended by it. It's not bad the fact that it is advertising film that featured torture and self-mutilation doesn't make it pornographic.

You seem to be having the classic OMG-PAEDO-THINKOFTHECHILDREN tabloid response. Of course, tabloids are the height of moral newspaper publishing nationwide...

iPhone apps top 100,000

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Most of those apps are w*nk

100 000 applications? For a phone?

Half of the free ones seem to be "Lite" (should that be light?) versions and three quarters of the paid ones are clones of each other.

Four Fifths of the remaining fifth of the paid applications are clones of the remaining half of the free ones. Duuuhhhhhhh my head

Woman rings cops to decry daughter's superior BJ skills

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"Ah, Findlay: it's our kind of town."

Sounds like my town

Granada to start losing analog telly tomorrow

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This can only be adding to the confusion. Wait till the whole of Wales is ready to change then switch a the same time. Then wait till the whole of England is ready and switch at the same time etc. etc. This would minimise bad press to one day/week as opposed to years of small stories of people being confused and save all the tabloid readers from so many tears. :'( poor tabloid readers.

Bono serenades fellow fader, Bill Gates

James 55

Why so much Bono hate?

Maybe because he is so much more successful than you? Or because he at least appears to care about developing countries?

Are these really bad things?

And Bill Gates is giving most of their BILLIONS away along with Warren Buffet. Could you do that? Or would you go down the route of Russian Oligarchs and build palaces or be like Roman Obramovich and buy a fecking cruise liner/warship??

Sorry for the rant, but fuck off you tabloid reading intellectually challenged shit tickets.

Phew that's better. Sorry.

FBI techs shy away from facial recognition

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"...probably face recognition and fingerprints"

Devious decryption scam rides ransomware Trojan

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Could this Fail?

I'm sure that security firms will be able to get their pages to trump the scammers' on search engine ranks for those key words.

Wintel 7 machines freeze out iPhone

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Good Microsoft

Good on Microsoft for getting back to you and looking into this.

Bad Apple for leaving everyone in the dark as usual.

Shsssh! Google Voice has 1.4 million users

James 55

Doesn't this remind you of

The F1 spying scandal? PDFs wrongly censored?

Governator in acrostic 'f**k you' outrage

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Good man

Sounds like he isn't your average politician.

Mandy declares 'three strikes' war on illegal file sharers

James 55


"UK.gov was hoping to reduce illegal file sharing in Blighty by 70 per cent within a year"

Good luck with that. People will carry on what they have been doing for decades...

"Mate, is this XFactor winner123?? Can I borrow it?"

"Sure, I got it off fat matt last week"

Borrow means rip...

Fibreless fibre optics developed by US Air Force

James 55

Damn directional

Unless you could get physically between the communicating bases/warships/planes then you couldn't even begin to eavesdrop, no?

If you can't listen in, the next best thing is to stop them talking to each other. Smoke bombs anyone?

Upminster top for tupping on UK bonkmap

James 55

One promiscuous...

...slut lives there.

MySpace in talks to become Facebook friend

James 55

Cash is positively flowing

in the wrong direction.

Just like my drink

GCHQ outsources net snooping... to EDS

James 55

How are they supposed

...to get the data to GCHQ? Through the internet?

Will this halve our internet speeds as all the data is copied to GCHQ too?

Magpies hold funerals for fallen feathered friends

James 55

@Sarah Bee

"but they have what you could describe as rituals - mating rituals, eating rituals. No reason why they shouldn't have some rudimentary death rituals."

Mating rituals have evolved many times through sexual selection. eg. I'm better than him because I have a longer tail proving my superior health and resistance to disease/parasites so mate with me and have good babies!

I have never heard of the term eating rituals but I suppose you may mean the way, for example, alpha males in lion prides (and other species) eat first. This is not so much a ritual but more in the way of "I'll bite your feckin' head off if you try and eat my food!" - The rest of the pride are being submissive and protecting themselves by waiting till Alpha is full.

Not to say there isn't but I can't see much evolutionary advantage in a magpie having a "funeral"/ritual. Could it be that the magpie with the grass was on its way elsewhere when it saw the commotion again and went to investigate thinking food or mating.

Magpies are also attracted to others for feeding/mating/fighting and fly in groups. If you ever set a Larsen trap (with one egg) you will find 3 or 4 magpies in there the next day as one flies in and gets trapped in a cage and others go to see what is happening and get trapped in neighbouring cages (with no eggs). Repeat.


Wolfram Alpha API lands with price tag attached

James 55

@They often don't give sources

WTF? No sources?? Noone past A-level anything can use it then. Unless every student in the land just types W. Alpha (2009) as every source for every bit of work. (That would be nice and easy)

Also @Ewwww, look at the small print!!

Terms and conditions can suck my dick, they are becoming/have become ridiculous. We don't all have teams of lawyers to decipher them for us! Therefore they should be burned and declared a stupid invention.

Oz driver prangs ute during 'amorous activities'

James 55

That Mark

Would suggest to me that she was leaning over to the side when the accident happened... It's at an odd angle.

45th Mersenne prime revealed

James 55

Prime numbers and Encryption


Child porn threat to airport's 'virtual strip search' scanners

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@Fillippo "Irresistible force vs. immovable object"

" Wow! The OMGPEDOSAREEVERYWHERE crowd finally comes to clash with the OMGTERRORISTSAREEVERYWHERE crowd. Both have proven able to legislate absurd restrictions of freedom for no actual benefit, based on irrational fear alone. One can only wish they'd kill each other over this issue."

Haha, classic. Sad that it's true though.

Aerial laser gunboat 'burns hole in fender' of moving car

James 55

Was I the only one...

Who expected a beam/burn hole a foot wide?

Ex-GCHQ chief compares Iraq whistleblower to Soviet spy

James 55
Big Brother


Like a Mafia family? or a Cult?

Snow Leopard data-munching bug predates Snow Leopard

James 55

@Christian Berger "Weired, but nothing that's outside of the big idea"

" Most Macs aren't made to store data on them. If that would be, Apple would include more than a single harddrive into their computers so you could make a RAID. Most Macs are made to be appliances. Easy to use and a bit limited, but certainly not meant for storage."

What the...?

*Goes to apple store or retailer*

...Wait what is this? I can select a dedicated Raid card when I buy this mac? ...and Wait, here it says, HD Bay 1, hmm maybe there is more... Oh yes here, HD bay 2, HD bay 3, HD bay 4... I can choose to put a Terabyte in each?? Out of the box? I wish my toaster came with that much storage out of the box...


To all the Windows/Mac/Linux haters/kids - everyone has different requirements, if you don't realise that then you won't get far in life. Especially if you try to start up your own business or be a consultant.

Web firms seek Royal Mail rivals with GSOH for delivery fling

James 55

Good god

I hope it doesn't get sold to the private sector. If a new owner could buy Royal Mail and make a profit by making things run smoother (+whatever else) why can't the govt. do the same? and take the cash to do stuff with.

BUT BLOODY HELL DON'T SELL IT! It's value will be depressed in this financial climate and be sold for less than it is worth. Following the sale all the unprofitable parts of the service will be cut (Who makes and grows our food? Oh wait... People actually live in the country side!). It will cost you more to post something to Scotland from London than it would to Manchester. You would probably have to buy a separate stamp for each region the item travels through to get the cheapest deal. (Sound familiar?)

We used to have the best rail network in the world and took our knowledge abroad to build other nations rail networks. Then we sold it and now arguably have one of the worst and most confusing networks in the West, heck, there is even talks about nationalising it or parts of it again in future.


The thing people seem to forget when we have a government we don't particularly like is that they are there to serve US (no, really), and the private sector is out to serve itself, the shareholders and the CEOs.

Sorry for the long post, but to sum up I say don't give in to the greedy (w)bankers, CEOs, board members and majority shareholders. Lets get a functioning government (don't ask me which!) and sort out our national treasures.