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World of Google zombies mistake news story for Facebook



Well that was just....

One of the earlier posters found a way around the problem and posted a follow-up which i include below for your convenience.

"for those of you that want to get in face book now just go to Bing..put in face book and search (or it will pop up) hit on face book login and it takes you to your password page...i did it...."

Music industry cooks UK government's piracy stats


Lets write our own paper!

Then lets not publish the paper and put a shock figure out there. My research shows that 29 million politicians in the UK have scammed atleast £500 000 each from the tax payers in the form of expense claims. My study of 1 politician shows that he falsely claimed nearly £500 000. Adjusting for the fact that the probably didn't disclose the full amount, we can safely round this up to £500 000 (we could probably go higher, but I'm being nice here). We can also assume that he didn't really want to tell anyone, so lets say that 9856% of politicians are undertaking the same practice.

OMG... we have to encrypt our money and and disconnect offenders from their... umm... do politicians even like anything?

Firefox 4.0 flashes lusty leg at Windows lovers


Well it looks ugly...

but lets not forget... this is just a theme, no bloat should added other than a few lines of code to turn aero on when required. Other than that, it should just be using the current theme functionality. For those of you who are worried that Mozilla are focusing too much on form rather than function, I'm sure the function peoples haven't stopped what they're doing because some arty guy wants to try and make it look pretty. Hopefully someone is working on memory management, isolated processes per tab and a task manager - what's the point in looking like chrome if it doesn't do exactly the same things!?

BT axes 20 jobs at Dabs.com



I did wonder why dabs got so crap! Its quite ironic that a retailer run by the UKs largest telecommunications operator doesn't have phone support. Maybe dabs refused to pay royalties for actually using their phone lines to aid their business model.

(Oooo new icons!)

Baffled-by-tech MPs expense IT support


Maybe he had...

one of the cables like this:

____________ _____________

| | \ |

|_____________\ |____________|

I accidentally bought one once, and when I tried to return it, the dumbass shop assistant tried telling me it was the right one!