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London's Oyster card website still down after 12-hour outage


Re: "now I have to walk an hour to work"

all DLR stations have a ticket machine or three, just sayin'

Philips Fidelio AS851 speaker


Given that audio streamed via Bluetooth doesn't sound particularly good, doesn't it kind of defeat the purpose of having speakers then? Sure, the speakers makes the sound louder, but it's not going to sound very nice...

BT cable ballsup hooks up punters to wrong numbers


I Guess their Engineers...

_Puts on sunglasses_

...got their wires crossed!


El Reg in email address blunder


Well, I guess even the hacks ^H^H^H^H^H techies in El Reg can make mistakes in a hurry...

Are the vultures circling the person who pressed the SEND button?

Elixir 2


Kudos, good sir! I've been looking for a way to imitate the settings tab on the new HTC Sense UIs for a while now on my Nexus S! Does exactly what I want it to do!

Never would have found this without you review :)

Treasury considers Coins replacement


Headline misleading?

Huh, I came into this article thinking that the gov is going to give up coing for something like RFID purses or something...

Instead, all I get is an article about a dodgy gov project that is going to get replaced.

Ah well, I'll just use my PayWave card then!

Is it all over for Mars Rover?


Very true

Damn damn damn damn damn you beat me to it! I have the link copied and everything!

Heart, because I loved the comic

LimeWire knackered by US courts


My first thought?

"OH F!ck Off!!!"

Next up, hold car companies responsable for the idiots who speed and cause vehicular manslaughter... After all, without the car, they can't possibly speed can they?!

Oh, while you're at it, gun manufacturers, alcohol companies, rewrite-able media manufacturers etc etc ad nausem.

Grenade, because those manufacturers need to be sued too!

BOFH: Forgive and forget




That is all.

Yahoo! hires! ex-Microsoft! Windows! Live! man!

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Finally! A! Yahoo! Article! That! Has! The! Exclamation! Marks! In! Again!

I! Missed! These! Headlines!

You! Had! Me! Worried! All! The! Whiners! Had! Got! Their! Way! And! Put! You! Guys! Off!

Ash cans flights for another day



Is it just me, or does COBRA sound more like a Bond-esque villian group?

Mind you, with "Dark Lord of the Sith" Mandelson, that would actually make sense!

"No Mr. UK, I expect you to die!!!! Mwahahahahahahahaa!"

Death row inmate claims allergy to lethal injection



Humans, Madam Bee?

Grenade, because that's the way he should be executed.

Transport for London gobbles up Oyster


Re: So when do you think...

A new keyboard.

You owe me one for that last line.


HK Octopus Card

It's strange, because Red Ken went over there and bought back a few things from HK, including the RFID card, which I admittedly love.

a small correction / expansion of a point, though: The Octopus card can be used as payment - and be topped up - in a couple of chains, such as 7-eleven and McDonalds. It''s not limited to any one type of item, just places.

Personally, I like the Oyster card, as those blimmin' paper ones used to disappear in the pocket quicktime, but not as happy with Big Brother being able to track my every movement...

Seagate preloads FreeAgent Go with 20 Paramount movies

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Done Before?

I like that idea :D

Of course, if this was to be the case, it'll be done on some sort of read-only HDD, so you can't wipe it and use it for your own devices.

Also, hasn't some sort of USB key co been doing this?

BT fibre upgrades hit full speed

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Right there with you buddy... I've been waiting to get more than 2Mb myself... apparently I'm too far from Poplar!

Brits take iTablet moniker for 12in iPad rival

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Windows 7

...So why does it show an image of windows XP running in the photo?

Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone

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@Jai Multitaking

So, no need for multitasking for Joe Bloggs web surfing?

So, I take it you don't have any friends online then, as you won't use an IM client whilst web surfing, as that won't run in the background giving you notifications that some one has IM'd you?

Similarly, if you were in an email chain, collaborating on a document, say, you won't be notified of a new email that came in whilst you were editing the document (apparently, you *might* first party apps working in the bacground, so this point may be moot).

there are many things you might want to run in the background, which need to be running to give you notifications.

I'm not saying it's a life or death feature to have (although I certainly want it personally), but saying multi-tasking is not required because it's not on Apple's new Jesus Pad is just gulping down Jobs' Kool Aid.

U2 frontman bitchslapped by TalkTalk


Re: As it was then...

Hell yeah! Off the top of my head at consumer level: -

-Online gaming,

- Streaming of HD movies / TV Shows (see Korea for example)

- HD quality video messenging.

- Cloud computing in the future?

Then, at a business level: -

- Video Conferencing,

- File sharing (as in CAD drawings, projects, etc) between remote sites,

- Remote HD presentations (uhm, if they are still used)

I'm sure if I thought about it more, I would find more consumer level reasons, but those are the ones I use in some kind of way (online gaming, SD iplayer, and SD skype, for example... Lowly 2Mb speed here :( )

Google flirts with new-look home page


Old fashioned

Meh, call me old fashioned, but I like the old (current) one more. The whole point of the Google look was that it's spartan, not much... Just my search results, and a choice to choose between web / images / videos etc will be fine, no need to ass a sidebar that does exactly the same thing.

Doctor investigated for posting inkblots to Wikipedia



You mean they didn't name the inkblots after that character in Watchmen?

Model-slag blogger sues Google for blowing her cover


@Monty Cantsin

Oh yeah, I forgot this story was in Merica.. Where the quickest way to get rich is to sue a mega-corp! My bad...

In that case, if this were to happen in the UK, how likely is it tha she would win such a ridiculous case?

Damned if you do, damned if you don't, in my eyes.


Hang On a minute

What did she expect Google to do, do time in the slammer for contempt of court?????

How can she poossibly sue Google for complying with the courts?? Sure, if they gave it up because the model asked for it, sue 'em, but it's a whole 'nother matter when it's a big bad court demanding it.

Can any lawyers among us shed some light on the technical deets?

Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo! to join anti-Googlebook war

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@Harry Percival

I have to disagree with a point you made there; if I ran a service, why should I have run this service for my competitors for free? Like you said, it costs hardly peanuts to scan in the books, so why should big companies like MS or Y! have someone else do all the leg work and reap the benefits?

I have to agree with the big G on this point, "if" (big if) the agreement is non-exclusive, then it just paves the way for anyone to scan in books, and make a business model out of what basically a libary does, but online. G wants to get money via ads, but Ms could charge say, 1op a read of a book...

Don't see the problem here, on this particular part of the debate.

HTC Hero Android smartphone


@Paul E

Thanks a bunch, for some reason i was expecting it to be under "display settings, not buried 6 million menus under locale and text... Silly me :)

seriously though, thanks :)

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Got one now (T-Moby G2 Touch)

I've had the Hero (rebranded on T-Moby) for a week or so now, and it's a nice phone, and felt the review was spot on. Main gripes are a slow processor, and stupid portrait keyboard, and no way to calibrate the screen?

Other than that, loving it, wanting to splash a little cash on the market, but nothing caught my eye yet! No idea how they charge, does anyone know?

Google not liable for defamatory search snippets



It gives me food for thought, though. It makes me shudder if Google had done what MIS had wanted in taking down the snippet, as wouldn't that construe as censoring the Internet? If I type Google review", for example, i damn well want to see both sides of the arguement, not just the "Google is golden" reviews...

Still, nice to know that some judges have common sense AND a glimmer of tech know-how.

Apple's panties in bunch over Microsoft ads



What's wrong with quality AND choice?


If I can choose to assemble my own computer (with any OS), with quality products, what's wrong with that?

Why is there so much animosity between fans of different OSs? Why are there fans of OSs?!?!?

Builder blacklist boss hit with £5,000 fine


Only £5K?

Explain to me how that's a deterrent when he raked in £478,937, ruining people's jobs chances in such a way that is illegal (last I checked, it's illegal to give a negative reference?).

Google polishes Chrome into netbook OS

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@AC re: @Samo

@samo #

By Anonymous Coward Posted Wednesday 8th July 2009 10:09 GMT



does that make x86 86bit processors?


I doubt you need Itaniums (IA64) to surf the web...."

I do know that x86 are the old chips, and the new ones are x64. Seems like you don't. Not once did I say x86 are 86bit, but x64 currently ARE 64bit (unless I'm sorely mistaken).

If you want to play the wiki game:


Taken from above wiki:

"Intel 64 is Intel's implementation of x86-64. It is used in newer versions of Pentium 4, Pentium D, Pentium Extreme Edition, Celeron D, Xeon and Pentium Dual-Core processors, and in all versions of the Core 2, and Intel Core i7 processors."

You sir, are acting a foo'.



"Google Chrome OS, as it is currently known, promises to be quick to boot up and secure. It will run on x86 and ARM chips."

What, no love for x64 chips, a la 64bit processing?

Also, does anyone else think that an OS and a browser coming from the same developer with the same name will cause confusion to average plebs?

In all honesty, I really hope this goes well for them, as another competitor (at least, another big competitor) is always a good thing.

Underwear obligatory for Florida city workers


Job creation

Where do I apply?

Oh, and my uhh, religion forbids me to take a gander at another gent's lack of undies, therefore I can only work on the female of the species.


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