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Dubai to get huge climate-controlled domed city and giga-mall

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Re: Conspicuous consumption at it's worst

Small point - Bahrain is a separate country and not part of the UAE, you might be thinking of Abu Dhabi - they have have oil & gas

Battling with Blizzard's new WoW expansion and Diablo revamp

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If you're after hardcore hack 'n' slash

Then may I recommend Path of Exile - https://www.pathofexile.com/‎

Just take a look at its Passive Skill tree, that'll either entice you or put you off.

Plus its free

US federal judge: Yes, Bitcoin IS MONEY

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Re: Duck test = fish test!

I love the smell of pedantry in the afternoon

WAR ON PORN: UK flicks switch on 'I am a pervert' web filters

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Wonder if they'll be as good as the UAE filters when I lived there 4 years ago, which could be got around by simply going to the https version of any site.

Knew quite a few people who gambled, who were quite happy to be able to get to their fav gambling site when I showed them this.

So, who ought to be the next Doctor Who? It's up to YOU...

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Roger Daltrey

Meet the new Who, same as an old Who

Brit adventurer Nick Hancock postpones Rockall holiday to 2014

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The Rockall Times

When he does make it, tell him to start the paper up again

The ten SEXIEST computers of ALL TIME

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Re: I seem to recall..

The cray did have seats around the core.

My first IT job was a PFY for Rutherford Appleton labs with 5 other PFY's. We got shown around the whole computer centre, one of the other PFY's decided to sit on those nice leather seats and kick his heals against the underside, before being asked stop as he was kicking a rather expense machine. None of us had clue what it was then.

Natwest, RBS: When will bank glitch be fixed? Probably not today

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Re: Pro tip

All doesn't work when your work place banks with Natwest and cant pay you regardless of your bank

Reloaded Doom 3 shoots onto shelves this autumn

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Re: "Bringing the classic first-person shooter to consoles "for the first time"."

I played the original Doom on the Playstation 1, so its been on a console before

Brit ISPs shift toward rapid pirate website blocking

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Quite right.

I used to live in the UAE, out there a lot of sites are blocked, including gambling sites. Quite a few expats i knew like to gamble and were miffed that they couldn't get to their favorite gambling site. That was until I pointed out to one of them that the blocking only worked on http sites and not https, so going to the https part of your favourite site worked fine.

Only mentioned this to one person but all them knew about it in a few days.

Chic USB drive leads double life as personal vibrator

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Paris Hilton


Are RegHardware going to review this?

Apple blocks sale of Samsung's Android fondleslab across EU

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Take an Etch-a-Sketch and remove the knobs, what have you got? The Ipad community device

I used to have a HP Tablet PC, remove the keyboard and you've got the same design again.

How to kill your computer

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Throw it out the window

An old boss of mine did this with his laptop after it pissed him off one too many times.

Christians vs metalheads in FB flame war

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@Copsewood 'Try to do that in a Muslim country'

It must have been all a delusion when I went to the Dubai Rock Festival in 2007 and saw melodic death metal band In Flames.

You really are an idiot.

BA slams stupid security checks

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Security Muppets

Colleague here tells an interesting story about his cousin who is an airline pilot.

Cousin gets stopped by security for a pair of nail clippers. He explains that he is the pilot and his cabin has a fire axe in it, but no security still wont let him take a pair of nail clippers through.

Diary of an Overflow Addict

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I'll claim place number 6

Swedes brew up 18.5 per cent 'Ace of Spades Porter'

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Nanny State

My local beer festival, Engineer Arms (Henlow), had some of this last year. Think it was the only one they didn't run out of.

Speed cameras slide out of LibCon budget

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+10% is wrong

>I never understood the fuss about speed cameras, you have to be travelling in excess of the >speed limit + 10% to get a ticket. That's hardly dificult is it?

I thought this as well but it's wrong. I went on a speed awareness recently (instead of the fine and points for speeding). Was told that 10% is a guideline only, some forces are going for zero tolerance.

'Racist' job ad sparks investigation

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Job advert in dubai

Remember a job advert I saw in Dubai. It was for PA to the director. Started out as "must be Filipino, female and under 25".

Just gone to have a look to see if I was remembering correctly and found this


Avatar attracts nine Oscar nods

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I can't have been the only one that bored out of mind by the end. Good graphics but the rest was tedious and up its own ar$e

Ridley Scott signs up to direct Alien prequel

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Time travel

Hollywood have missed a trick, by using time travel they could have gone for a

Aliens vs Predator vs Terminator vs Star Trek vs Futurama vs Doctor Who

Kodak EasyShare Z915

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Not sure what you mean by "Kodak is the latest company to enter the super-zoom market, with the EasyShare Z915", as I bought my Kodak camera in 2003, it had 10x optical zoom then, one of the main reasons for me buying it.