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Are you undermining your web security by checking on it with the wrong tools?

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Might be worth noting in the article that some products have been updated since the paper was written, as the authors mention near the end..

eg. Fortinet was tested against their 5.4.0 firmware, the vulnerability listed in the paper was fixed in 5.4.1 and they are now at 5.4.4

'Utterly unusable' MS Word dumped by SciFi author Charles Stross

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New version for Office for Mac coming .... when?

Office 2011 for OSX is just plain crap. Having been issued a Mac Air as my work laptop recently and trying to embrace it with an open mind, it felt like a massive step backwards going from Office 2013 on Windows. I still use it daily but my emails I do in OWA and any word processing I wait to I get back to my desktop.

Microsoft have promised a new version of Office for a while now - they've released the iOS and Android versions so hopefully a full suite for OSX isnt far off?

Releasing the new Outlook client only to corporate Office365 users was annoying as well, what about all of us that pay for on-premise exchange?

TPG floats fibre cherry-pick

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I just want decent speed

I don't really care if its the NBN or a private supplier, I just want decent download speeds. And I want decent upload speeds for my slingbox too.

Microsoft has no plans for a second Windows 7 Service Pack

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not just the updates.. what about the hotfixes

I have had to install a number of hotfixes to resolve various issues which our environment experiences and there are hotfixes for. As far as I am aware hotfixes arent available via the normal WSUS and have to be downloaded / deployed manually.

I was hoping for an SP2 to roll all these into one, along with the updates..

Microsoft unveils paid SkyDrive options

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$20GB ?

Football rules punt Oz IPTV into touch

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too many bloody ads

the only problem with FTA getting all the sport is the Adverts every 60 seconds.

Bonkers MS security update flags Google.com as malign

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bbc too?

Ive had reports of Forefront flagging BBC Scotland website as serving blackhole today as well...

For Australian small biz, NBN retail prices look fabulous

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$6k / mo

we pay $6k/mo for a 12mb / 12mb unlimited data fiber connection here in sydney...

hoping the NBN will make the same of faster speed link available for a more affordable price.

And if i can get 100mb / 40mb at home for $190/mo, thats a price I am willing to pay.

Foxtel costs me over $100/m as it is. I would rather have the faster speeds and ditch the murdoch TV

Glasgow cammer not thrown in slammer

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surely and iphone battery doesn't last long enough to record an entire movie?

BA slams stupid security checks

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I flew from glasgow to sydney this month, and brought with me a can of Irn Bru. At security, when they were handing out those plastic bags for liquiids, i put my 330ml can in it, as a piss take really. I then placed it in the tray, along with my laptop. It got through security at all 3 of Glasgow, Heathrow and Kuala Lumpur.. I had to laugh.

Angry Birds tweet fury at Redmond

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RE: How to pick a phone

I agree.

I based my phone purchase on which would run slingplayer (back when it was only availbale for a handful of phones)

Sony granted PS3 modchip dongle ban Down Under

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I see their page now says they are "Sold Out".. interesting I wonder if its to do with the injunction..

If they do get banned from selling them.. I better get my $169.99 back :P

StorageCraft promises two minute server image resurrection

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been using it for ages

My work has been using this for ages.. Its great.. The HIR function is great, lets you migrate from one hardware architecture to another with ease.. The new Exchange component looked good to at the conference I was at recently. Highly recommended

Woman loses Bebo privacy case against lad mag

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Thumb Up

Epic Boobs!

Nuff said ;)

O2 and Be Broadband speeds dip

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on be too

Had a severe drop in speed and continuous connection drop-outs earlier in the year. Be were great helps, increasing the SNR to stabilse the connection whilst I/they investigated. Turns out the incoming BT line to the house had been damaged and Be had BT replace that free of charge and everyithng went back to normal (15mbit down / 2mbit up)

The extra upstream makes watching my slingboxes a joy.

Microsoft's Silverlight 4 - Flash developers need not apply

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sylverlight on symbian

they need to make a version for the symbian OS too. My Setanta-i subscription uses silverlight, and Im unable to watch the games on my phone.

Office 2010 beta sneaks onto wild wild web

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technical preview

been runing the TP since july.. I was a fan of 2007 and 2010 is just building on that. I duab boot ubuntu but I find myself going back to windows for Office.. Openoffice just isnt as good.

Mozilla plans to tie Firefox 3.7 pigtails in pretty Ribbon

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ribbon in 2003?

Was it not 2007 that the ribbon appeared?

Microsoft Live Messenger in worldwide hiccup

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works fine in australia

been singed in all day and night no interruptions

O2 leaves travellers in the lurch

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02 payg ok in aus

not sure if it wasnt working, i hardly ever use it any more, but its working just now

Virgin Media sets throttle on hardcore hogs

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10mbit upstream

Im on be pro as well, and have almost 2mb upstream. I work abroad a lot, and the upstream is great for being able to grab files etc I need when Im away. Also, Ive got a slingplayer so I can watch my sky when Im away. 10mbit would make it a lot lot better. All legal and legitimate uses for having a high upstream.

Baffled-by-tech MPs expense IT support

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more IT expense claims

Theres loads more examples on this thread here: