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Inside WD's flooded Thai factory


Glad I got that F4 last week

Order a Samsung F4 2TB last week (delivered today) for £80.

Just check on eBuyer today, now selling for £130 (reduced from £156)!!!!!!!!!!!

Rockstar officially announces Grand Theft Auto V


very true, I think I skimmed the sarcasm in the posts and even missed the joke icon, fails on me!

Never understood why Americans use that format, it makes no logical sense at all, but I know they like being different "just because"!


11th Feb??? Duuuhhhhhh

Or America dates even.............

Trailer due on 2nd of November

Bletchley Park lands £4.6m restoration bonanza

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Great news!

As Andrew said, a superb day out at Bletchley, too much to fit in a day really, will be going back soon. Entry fee was good, considering you can go again within a year and free guided tours around the place, from very knowledgeable chaps

Tremendous amount of history here, which needs preserving!

Hunt empties broadband funding pot across Blighty

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Formula One

The Beeb should be able to sort out the funding issues with all the money it is saving from not having Formula One any more

Ads watchdog bites Virgin Media over 'con' claims


done.... you have been

My missus was conned by Virgin while at Uni, her + housemates were told that the 8MB package wouldn't be good enough, as "the walls of the house were too thick and damp for the signal to get through", so they needed to 20MB package! Being non IT-educated types, they fell for the salesman's crap hook line and sinker

When I found out I complained several times, write to head office, recorded letters etc etc, never got so much as a call back, was furious!

Even on the 20MB package, they never got over 8MB

Facebook fails webmail tests


What utter sh***

Being a self confessed Gmail fanboi, I must protest!

The features suggested as being good about Hotmail are all included in Gmail and more. I don't understand how they justify them as making Hotmail "better".

5GB of storage? Gmail is currently about 7GB (and counting....)

"Group messages into conversations", errrr, yeah, OK

Advertising is also, in my opinion, lesser in Gmail

Just my thoughts anyway, the whole host of contacts, calendars, tasks also adds to the mix, but most likely not reviewed by Which?

Google also recently announced that they were upping the limit places on the number of contacts you could store from 10,000 to 25,000, no idea how you could use that many though

Google blames bug for Gmail deletions


Christ, how many tapes??

I can't imagine what their tape backup involves, very impressive I'm sure

Have been using Gmail Backup for a while to keep local copies of emails. Website is completely offline now and software hasn't been updated in years, which is a shame. Still works on Windows though

Channel Five reborn as Channel Five

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what adverts??

Adverts you say? Not watched an advert on "Channel Five" for a while, I do enjoy a good CSI/CSI:NY/NCIS

- MythTV User with commerial skipping!

MozyHome stiffs unlimited users



Looks like most people found out after Mozy emailed around, very poor show to start with, never mind the HUGE price increase.

Have been looking around for an alternative, but might not bother. My internet is depressingly slow, have just finished my 175GB backup with Mozy after starting in August. The thought of doing it again to another provider?? No thanks.

I think I might be safe enough with rsync to a server in my loft, which is going quite well. Still leaves the risk of total disaster, but Cheshire doesn't get that many hurricanes/floods etc etc

Women reveal all for X-rayted pin-up calendar


ahhhh but.....

....boners don't have any bones!!

Firefox comes over all cloudy

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Xmarks is crap, at least it was when I used it. Had to recover bookmarks from my own backup many times after it destroyed them, or I found that it hadn't actually been syncing anything

Was a major fail!

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Have been using Weave from the start without issue (well, a few duplications when it had a very low revision number, all ironed out though). Over 500 bookmarks kept in check, the ability to open tabs from other machines is very handy too.

BOFH: The poncy director's cut

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slowly working back to 52 instalments in a year then? Excellent as always

Scots killer posted Bebo updates from behind bars



Les, the next ones on me

F*ck you, thunders disgruntled fanboi Apple user

Gates Horns


There's a Linux penguin, a fanboi, and a Windows luser in a plane, and the pilot says, we're carrying too much weight, one of you has got to go, and the fanboi says, well, I can't jump because...

we will still crash, Windows is so bloated!

Light bulbs inspire boffins to find fast data transfer trick


err and the point being?

Fibre optics anyone, I really don't get the point of this

Bloggers spring 'baccy happy landlord from slammer

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Well, I think he deserved everything he got, silly tit. Jail time seems a suitable punishment for some arsehole that is going to let punters have a mass "smoke-in", yeah, how big and grown up of him

Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone


I just don't get it

Why would any one want one of these? What can you use it for? What "gaps" in the market does it fill?

Netbooks are cheaper, have more storage and expansion (something Apple avoids). The list is endless.

You can also plug your own Vodafone/O2/3 dongle into it, for £30, not the crazy prices Apple are charging

Ubuntu Firefox shuns Google for Yahoo! search

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@Mr ChriZ

You beat me too it! Well said.

Comments here also make this story sound like a big deal, which, well, it really isn't!

iPhone app transforms speech to text


@ Ebeneser

"Nice to see iPhone getting features that have been on Android for some time now."

Not exactly, it's third party software, so hardly an iPhone feature that Apple implemented!

Swiss roll Street View into court

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@Richard 51

here here,

I have long praised Google for this and am annoyed every time this happens, it is always the minority looking for something else to complain about.

As I have said before, no-one is identifiable in these photos, everyone sees thousands of nameless faces every day while driving, walking, watching news reports on TV etc etc etc.

3UK shapeshifts on traffic shaping


@ Magnus Ramage

And who the frig are you to say people can't or shouldn't use P2P on their 3G connections??

Like @ jeremy 3 said, some customers pay for every bit and byte they upload and download, so they shouldn't be able to use it as they please?

Some people ONLY have 3G connections where they live, no broadband available for example, so they might well be using P2P on their 3G connections!!!!

This comes down to the usual story of ISPs selling their unlimited packages, but then telling you, actually, please don't take unlimited literally, because we have MASSIVELY over sold out bandwidth

Firefox flaws make up 44% of all browser bugs?



erm, am I the only one that got the sarcasm in MarkOne's post? NM

Just because there are more bugs reported for FF, doesn't mean it's the most insecure, surely the opposite applies. How many bugs remain in IE and other closed source browsers that don't have the huge team of people working on closing holes in FF??

US woman to drop sprog live on internet


Miniature coverage?

Bet there's no Playmobil for that!

Google: Android fragmentation not 'bad thing'


@ AC 12:07 - battery life

At least you can take a spare battery with you for your Android, AFAIK, iPhone is one of the only new smartphones that does not allow you to change the battery!!

Whitehall plans 'White Noise' phone network collapse


Waste of time!!

"Data and mobile communications will remain intact throughout the exercise"

Data as in email, as in internet, as in the national phone network that's failing?!?!?!

OMG I can't use the phone, ahh, but I can email, sorted! Disaster avoided.

Turkish filters block Reg commentards


arse tit wanking................

.......turkey gobbler

that's 4/160, or is it 5?

Today marks 'least productive' day of year


illnes?? Yeah right

SAD is as much an illness as ADHD is.

SAD = the kind of people that go off with "stress" and want any excuse for extra bank holidays to celebrate "britishness"

ADHD = the best excuse for bad parenting to date, keep then drugged up abd the parents don't have to look after them, sorted!

Street View in (kind of) Swiss roll-over


So this is still going on?

How many times is this going to happen?

1. Google agrees with countries data, privacy, police chiefs about what they want to do with Street View

2. Google does it's Street View thing

3. Street View goes live

4. Countries data, privacy and police chiefs all moan and tell Google how outrageous this is, who would possibly agree to such a thing.

Child porn threat to airport's 'virtual strip search' scanners

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This story would have been a non issue if the media had not blown it out of all proportion. DJs talking about it on the radio, without full facts, tons of mis-reporting over the past few days, etc etc.

The dam scanner may as well be hooked straight into the UKs Facebook profiles, each image being auto uploaded, tagged and set as your profile image.

That's how much it has been exaggerated, people obviously prefer terror attacks, bring on the bombs!

Web firms seek Royal Mail rivals with GSOH for delivery fling

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They are crap anyway!

I hope Royal Mail are in serious trouble in a few months time. Lets get the door open to competition. Sure, there will be a period of transition, but I reckon Royal Mail will be coming to an end soon enough.

Ads watchdog underclocks reseller's 9.2GHz AMD CPU claim


HDD manufacturers?

Why do the HDD makers continue to get away with their 1000 rounding?

Microsoft howls as Google turns IE into Chrome


"Updating these browsers could break enterprise apps"????

hahaha, yeah, which is why most "enterprises" still use IE6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Motorola unveils Googlephone for the Tweetbook set

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This must stop, I really don't get it, do the phone manufacturers really make their money back in the wad they get from their chosen network? Compared to the thousands of extra phone they WOULD be selling on other networks?!?!?!?!

NY residents sue for $100m over phone masts



Jeroen Braamhaar said everything I was gunna

here here, who needs mobile phone signal anyway, it's not like anything relies on it these days

First Samsung Android phone out next week

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@ nichomach

No, you are not the only one

Not just "only on O2", but "only" on any network, surely moves like these by phone manufacturers severely limit how many handsets they sell.

Or does the nice payout from O2 (or similar) balance things out??

Also, do all of these "exclusive" network deals have an end date? Like with the latest iPhone

Tory Grandee puts boot into NHS Google plans

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you are kidding??

"Google is the last company I would trust with data belonging to me"

Yes yes and this is what the entire population of the UK is saying about Labour Gov!!!!

Mobile directory blames press for latest failure


boo fucking who

I don't get you lot, if there is an article about Google getting bashed about their Street View service, most commentards normally stick up for the right to take photos in public etc etc.

But this issue, has got everyone riled up. I feel sorry for the company, the press basically distroyed them with completely false information, suggesting mobile numbers could just be looked up on their site, which is not the case at all.

This is only the same as BT's directory, you have to request to be made ex-directory on that, so why is the same service for mobiles a big issue.

If you don't want your number on their, then that's fine, but leave the service alone, it is going to be a serious missed opportunity if it does not recover. You just wait until that time when you really need a mobile number of someone, then you will feel like a tit for wishing the company under.

For these whining about being disturbed by their mobile, errrrr, what???? Put it on silent, turn it off, ignore the call. I don't see the issue with being phoned up at an inconvenient moment.

ISPs vs BBC iPlayer: Missing the point?


here here!!

great article, glad this side of things is getting some coverage, not making the BBC look like the big bad wolf

Everything else has already been said, looks like BT are the only ones that have this opinion!

Apple iPhone 3GS


Digital Zoom????

LOL, or just crop with GIMP, digital zoom is just a gimmick and has absolutely no use

Regulators and law don't protect UK net neutrality


BT still coming out with this crap

BT are unbelievable, they expect content providers to foot the bill for them overselling their service? If BT can't cope with people actually using their broadband, they should have less customers, or lower caps on their products, it's not the BBC's problem!

BT are too used to having customers who browser the web and check emails occasional. Now they are shitting themselves because there are services coming out that the average person can and will use, while still being within their fair usage etc.

So BT just wants a scape goat, I don't hear any other ISP moaning!

Controversial mobile directory fails on launch

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Jezz, how do these companies manage such disasters, day one and it doesn't work. Did anyone test it...............


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