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Starship Troopers beat Aliens, Robots AND Chuck Norris to WIN in a FIGHT

Simon 79

Marvel vs Capcom?

In fact how about any playable characters in the favourite games of the past misspent youth? Duke Nukem vs Lara Croft? "Shake it baby..."

Boffins hide cute kitty behind invisibility shield

Simon 79

That cat is using the invisibility cloak for privacy...

... whilst its obviously setting up to take a poo! LOOK!

Sony to ship VR-style 3D headset in November

Simon 79

Oh come on....

So "most" users will exclude the UK where the usual currency conversion of $600 = £600 will prevail.

Sony to serve up Wimbledon in 3D

Simon 79

I really don't see the point

Unless you get funky with the camera angles, which will involve seeing less of the court and the game, as AC 15:56 said you need to be behind the baseline or along the edge (as the crowd are). I dont see the point in this apart from a gimmick. Otherwise there are going to be PLENTY of sweeping camera shots past the players and the net etc and they will be putting the ball replays of was it or wasnt it in, shots in 3D. Rubbish...

Kentucky man denies drunk driving, blames blow job

Simon 79

With a smile like that...

... he must be telling the truth!

Stop sign because that's what he wasn't saying.

Skype offers iPhone video calls over 3G

Simon 79

Hmmm how long...

...before Apple pulls the plug on this due to the shame facedness of this?

The 3G coverage picture that can't be published

Simon 79

Well the answer is easy!

Why would Offcom formally put out the figures and make them official when they could just be taking back handers off of the lower3Grated mobile operators to NOT publish the data and give hard evidence for the poor schmo who cant get 3G data so they can cancel their contract?

The lower3Grated mobile operators would rather someone blindly buys their contract instead of being informed enough to make the best decision.

Conspiracy Theories FTW.

Oz firm seeks talented IT developer

Simon 79

WTF is a "develooper"

Nice advert.... not sure I meet the requirements though - my moobs may only be a B cup.

Urgh... mental floss needed...

Dirty, dirty PCs: The X-rated picture guide

Simon 79

Oh the memories!!

I used to manage an independant PC Repair/Sales shop and we had a "Wall of Fame" for things like this. I wish I had taken digital copies of the photos now. The worst one I had would rival and probably beat all of these. A bloke brought his PC in, he was raspy and had trouble breathing, I found out to smoking problems. When I opened up the pc the smell was pure horrible, old tobacco and dog. Apparently his couple of dogs liked lying next to the PC whilst cos it was warm.... honestly inch thick hair congealed and fused with sticky tobacco smoke... I almost threw up - should have done it in the case, made it look prettier.

YouTube Lad from Lagos gets a bite

Simon 79


I don't care if its viral marketing but its made me laugh! Love the badge.

Yes I agree that it was very well put together and I don't know many household webcams that do that good picture/sound (but that may just be me)

Coffee splattered keyboard cos of that badge...

RIP tennis gal's DD jubs

Simon 79

@Rtrdo - well....

... come on admit it... you weren't REALLY watching the tennis were you...

Hollywood prepares to battle Asteroids

Simon 79

What about Joust??!?

Or even Chucky Egg...

Now the Joust one could be fun - then again it would probably come out something like a Knights Tale but without Heath Ledger....

Che Guevara's granddaughter poses for PETA

Simon 79
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RE: I'm a little teapot, short and stout...

You, my dear chum, owe me a new keyboard... luckily the monitor escaped the most of my nostril administered latte...


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