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Destroying offshore wind farms is top priority for Trump if he returns to presidency


Re: Will Trump bring back the coal-powered car?

To be fair to the Left in general and conservationists in particular, their fears about nuclear energy were justified in the 1970s. When it came to our record at handling dangerous materials and protecting the most vulnerable, it was not (up to then) impressive. Three Mile Island & Windscale didn't help either.

In the intervening 50 years, the degree to which the regulators, governments & those who run nuclear power plants has shown us how safe nuclear energy can be, has ameliorated the position of the Left & conservationists on nuclear power. Now, most see it as a part of the mix of a CO₂-free energy generation system but not as the only source of CO₂ energy generation.

What's up with Alphabet and Microsoft lately? Profits, sales – and AI costs


Stock price correllated with anti-social behaviour?

Is there a positive correlation between stock price & anti-social behaviour?

That is, the less good these companies are for society in general, the higher the stock price rises?

Rarest, strangest, form of Windows saved techie from moment of security madness


Re: Security through incompetence

Peak Microsoft doesn't mean that it is good, just that it is the best they've ever made.

I agree with Jake: NT4 & Win2K are up there as amongst the best output from Microsoft ever. SQL Server & Excel would be in that list too.

Whether it is the amongst the best commercial software ever released is another matter.


Here CPU = Computer

In days gone by, computers (as in the boxes) were sometimes referred to as CPUs. I never liked it myself but that's the way it was.

Hugely expanded Section 702 surveillance powers set for US Senate vote


Re: Palantir In The NHS???

From a US perspective, there a lot of foreigners in the UK (about 67 million of them, if Wikipedia is to be believed), so yes, it will simply be a matter of finding the baddies from amongst the goodies based on their medical histories. But that they have the compute power for that, so it shouldn't be a problem. Palantir will surely be able to help them as well since they are, em, good folk.

San Francisco's light rail to upgrade from floppy disks


Re: "best in the US"

sgp» Rail is really good for carrying freight though. Just a shame there's almost no decent passenger service.

This tune came back to me after almost 40 years on reading that:

Guys» Freight is great | Freight is great | We carry weight 'cos we are freight | And freight is great. | Freight is great | Freight is great | We never sulk.We hulk the bulk. | 'Cos freight is great. | We never make a fuss. | We got the goods on us. | We take the loads from off the roads | And freight is great.

Gals» Couldn't stand gravel and sand | Being ignored, no-one aboard | Nobody complaining, 'we were late again' | I should hate carrying freight, nobody living in me | Got to be a living, breathing passenger train.

There is a poorly recorded video on YouTube. Be warned: here be roller-skates! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3sm0sr1iTI

Farewell .NET 7, support ends in May – we hardly knew you


Re: .net 7?!

Are you suggesting that dot Net requires more bishops (Leicester is good but I'd prefer Bath & Wells) to make it more surreal?

Woz calls out US lawmakers for TikTok ban: 'I don’t like the hypocrisy'


Mac Man

El Reg: Go look at Facebook and Google, says Mac man

No, no, no.

He is the Apple II man.

As far as I know (and I am open to correction on this), Woz's only contribution to the Mac was designing ADB (Apple Desktop Bus).

He did make the Apple II series which did provide the cash to allow the Mac to be developed.

I do agree with him broadly though. If tracking is bad, then look at home as well.

Britain enters period of mourning as Greggs unable to process payments


Re: Ok adding my not so consipracy take...

D of TB» You didn't get the catastrophe you wanted.

No, we got the catastrophe we didn't want.

Developers beware, Microsoft's domain shakeup is coming soon


Re: I seem to have gotten to this planet by mistake. Does anyone here speak English?

An «Experience» is marketing-speak for something that will disappoint you, that cost a lot to put together and has high entry fees.

Kremlin accuses America of plotting cyberattack on Russian voting systems


Re: Attacking Russian voting systems ?

I expect that this election will be Fair & Balanced.


Re: Lets alter all the votes...

Because not even Putin likes to lose to himself.

Rapid7 throws JetBrains under the bus for 'uncoordinated vulnerability disclosure'


Do you mean «scaremongering»?

Fear munger


Musk 'texts' Nadella about Windows 11's demands for a Microsoft account


Re: re: Twitter/X account

I prefer the term 'Agent Orange' myself.


Re: Muskabuntu

Do you *need* Windows 11?

Apple Vision Pro units returned as folks just can't see themselves using it


Killer App & Price

I know that it is not the Apple Way but Apple should have massively subsidised the first batch as a sweetener to get as large an initial roll-out as possible. Say USD500 a pop.

With Apple's massive reserves, they could easily pay for it on the interest they earn from their reserves alone and still have money left over for wheels of a new computer.

And secondly, how hard would it have been to have written a few apps to demonstrate the awesomeness of AR?

Link up with Boeing or Airbus and have an app that shows all of the parts & part numbers of, say, a fuselage listed in front of you as you look at it, along with possible diagnostics, numbers of spares in local warehouse?

Or an app for a surgeon that lists detailed anatomy of a patient opened up for surgery along with possible noteworthy points about what is on screen?

Or an app that shows you, step by step iFixit-style how to repair, say, a bike, a dishwasher and the like?

Or an app that shows you how to cook an elaborate meal along with hints, suggestions and instructions while you are doing it'

Or an app that explains how to solve, say, the maths problem in front of you using a variety of different ways?

Or an app for farmers looking to buy cattle at a cattle mart: display details of the animal in front of you, possible illnesses or injuries not apparently visible, estimated weight and so on?

There is no end of possibilities that AR can't make better.

These would all make for great ads as well thus killing two birds with one stone.

Think of it as being inside a useful YouTube video and it's showing you what to do in real time.

Forcing AI on developers is a bad idea that is going to happen


Re: Software Development != Coding

On 3D printers, I'm waiting for three things:

1. A company like Apple to produce an appliance that's reasonably small, easy & intuitive to use (not that Apple products have been either of these things for quite a while now);

2. An easy to access library that is complete with files for anything I might ever want. To be fair, Thingiverse is heading that way;

3. More support of different plastics, which many already support;

While it's nice to be able to design things yourself and then print it out, I want it primarily to replace parts that would cost me a fortune to get from the manufacturer/tradesman, that would make me wait 6 weeks to arrive or, most likely, is no longer available.

To use the peripheral metaphor, I feel like as if we are still in the 1990s when it comes to printers, scanners and the like. They are pricey but getting cheaper. Colour was available, but... One could combine scanners to printers, but... Nowadays, there are easy to use MFPs, which while still a pain in the arse in some regards, are what I wanted back in 1995: a network-attached, colour 600-dpi laser-printer with scanner for €300.

Making sense of Microsoft's 'confusing' Copilot functionality carnival


Re: We've had a whole day of this crap..

You're not suggesting that the primary purpose of all of the various copilots is to collect training data to make its various AIs better while getting paid for the privilege at the same time, are you?



Lukewarm reception for Microsoft's Copilot Pro amid performance, cost grumbles


Copilot for SSMS

As someone who writes a lot of SQL daily, I am annoyed that CoPilot is not available for SQL Server Management Studio but *is* for Azure Data Studio.

CoPilot itself looks very promising. It's predictive capacity was quite good and I got used to it quickly. The problem again is ADS.

I have SSMS nicely configured and I know how to use it. I don't want to have to learn how to use ADS unless I really have to and CoPilot is not yet enough of a reason for me to spend a month or so mastering ADS to make it useful.

US Supreme Court doesn't want to hear Apple, Epic's gripes about in-app purchases


Re: SCOTUS is busy

I'm surprised about this one. The case deals with interstate commerce so the US Supreme Court should oblige the US Congress to deal with the matter.

BOFH: Nice air conditioning system. Would be a shame if anything happened to it


Re: Tea and coffee

It's great way for you to only drink the coffee/tea that you really want rather than bleaching your teeth early.

Disease X fever infects Davos: WEF to plan response to whatever big pandemic is next


Good news: Vaccination For Woke Mind Virus Expected In Coming Months

Vaccination For Woke Mind Virus Expected In Coming Months


Microsoft's code name for 64-bit Windows was also a dig at rival Sun


Re: Wang WP

That would only lead to people in Microsoft asking whether they were the baddies and we can't have that happening.

No link between internet use and poor mental health, according to Oxford boffins


Re: Wrong way to study...

I asked a psychiatric nurse recently had she noticed any trends over the last 10 years.

Her immediate response was that the number of teenage girls/young women presenting in their clinic with suicidal ideation, self-harm (mostly cutting themselves with blades) and eating disorders has increased markedly in this timeframe.

Microsoft pushes Azure Government Cloud as homefront defender


Single points of failure

If I understand this correctly, Microsoft wants Australia, the UK and the US to run their cross-border info from their Azure Government Cloud, which will be hosted in a data-centre or two somewhere in the USA.

Immediately there are several points of failure here: the data-centres themselves and the undersea cables. All it takes for the data-centres to be compromised is some demagogue to rile up his (or maybe her) foaming-at-the-mouth supporters and they will be burnt down in short order. Take down the data-centres and the droids won't know what to do.

I suspect that Mr. Putin has the Russian navy out looking for the various undersea cables, if he doesn't already know where they are, down the metre. Cut the Internet connection in the sea and Australia & the UK lose an important connection with the mothership. I would expect there to be secondary & tertiary connections but have they been tested when all of the processing power is done half a world away?

At the moment the stakes are relatively low, but if the Azure Government Cloud becomes a great success and it comes to control more important matters (for example coordinating military affairs), then these single points of failure become serious & likely targets (which, to be fair, they probably already are).

Amazon bankrolling industry lobbying against Microsoft Azure should surprise no one



AWS» These collectives argue Microsoft unfairly locks customers into Azure, or makes it difficult or too expensive to run its software in rival clouds – such as Amazon Web Services, or AWS

Is Amazon correct here?

Or is it simply that AWS wants to unfairly lock in these companies instead?

Is AWS actually more agreeable / more transparent with costs/services for the expanded world of database work than Azure?

That this field is so complex, I expect that the answer is, 'it depends...'.

X fails to remove hate speech over Israel-Gaza conflict


Re: Xitter has problems policing hate speech ?

I would not be surprised if tweets expressing anti-arab sentiments linger longer on the site while tweets expressing anti-Israeli sentiment are removed quickly.

Mac daddy Woz hospitalized in Mexico over mystery malady


Re: Not Mac daddy

He did design the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) some 10+ years before USB or FireWire were invented.

ADB allowed for the daisychaining of devices like mice, keyboards, joysticks and graphics tablets.

It was more agreeable to be able to plug the mouse into the keyboard rather than straight into the computer.

And you didn't have to worry about IRQs and the like.

From Apollo to Space Shuttle, Thomas K Mattingly's stellar journey ends at 87



That cartoon came to mind while I was reading the article. Thanks for posting it.

Raspberry Pi 5: Hot takes and cooler mistakes


Names for childer

You mean, in the same way that chemists should give their daughters names like 'Esther' & 'Heidi' (short for 'Aldeheid'), physicists should name their childer 'Joules' or 'Joulie' (as mentioned above)?

AI processing could consume 'as much electricity as Ireland'


Re: The Irish like being cold

In case anyone should accuse me of being party political, Iet me say that FG couldn't have done it without the invaluable groundwork laid out by the preceding Fianna Fáil governments.

Garret Fitzgerald's miserable rein as taoiseach was nicely set up by Jack Lynch and his give-away budgets. Even Charlie Haughey had difficulty [1] with the mess Jack Lynch left him.

Enda Kenny's government had the mess left by Bertie Ahern & Brian Cowen's approach to regulation (euphemistically called 'light').

[1] But not personally, you understand. The tightening of belts is what other people do.


The Irish like being cold

And the Irish will be happy to make that sacrifice. They don't mind giving up their electricity to data-centres.

They understand how important it is that people's Instagram posts are instantly available.

Indeed, being cold reminds them of the life under Garret Fitzgerald and during Austerity (thanks Brussels!).

Fine Gael governments have that effect on the Irish.

And the Irish government gets to take in more money in the form of corporate taxes.

So everyone is happy.

Go ahead, let the unknowable security risks of Windows Copilot onto your PC fleet


Re: will you have people? "have your people call my people..."

James Veitch has a nice video on Youtube about this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_1dhKsELzs

When Microsoft complains that you're a monopolist you know things are bad


Yes prime Minister

It reminds of the quote from Bernard Woolley:

Bernard Woolley:

That's one of those irregular verbs, isn't it? I give confidential security briefings. You leak. He has been charged under section 2a of the Official Secrets Act.

SpaceX accused of paying less to women and minority engineers


And in a compnay run by Elon Musk as well

It's so out of character.

Database from the 1980s needs time travel says author


Re: Time travel?

My first thought was, the problem with time travel back in 1995 was how to get 1.21 jigawatts of power.

The Anti Defamation League is Musk's latest excuse for Twitter's tanking ad revenue


Re: "I'm pro free speech, but against antisemitism of any kind"

You misunderstand the meaning of the word 'Free'.

It means 'My' as in, 'what I (Elon Musk) endorse'.

Microsoft admits slim staff and broken automation contributed to Azure outage



Welcome to The Cloud, where our problems very much become your problems.

We hope that you didn't lose too much in revenue because we sure as hell are not reimbursing you.

You are the fool who signed up to The Cloud.

This profiler chatbot promises to help speed up your Python – we can believe it


Nominee for the best subhead of the year

Well done el Reg!

The sub-editor deserves a pint on us for that one.

Oracle Cloud, Netsuite, and Azure go down, hard, Down Under


Common connection

Is there a common connection?

is the single cause of failure Sydney's electrical grid?

US Air Force wants $6B to build 2,000 AI-powered drones


Clone Wars

Or, more accurately, drone wars.

Directed by AI.

How could this go wrong?

This is the stuff of sci-fi movies over the last 45 years.

Microsoft makes some certification exams open book


Lincoln & Booth

I seem to remember that it was an Emacs & vi argument.

80% of execs regret calling employees back to the office


Re: WFH vs remote

I can only speak for my company and the team I'm in.

During CovId, the company introduced a WFH policy and once the epidemic had abated somewhat, 1 day in the office was mandated. We have picked Thursday for ourselves although we aren't strict about it. We have our weekly meeting then.

I'd say that about 40%-70% are in the office, excluding the poor women in help desk who don't really get a choice in the matter.

The company also introduced hot-desking at the same time and it is a pain in the arse.

Three quarters of the employees sit in the same place all of the time and so any benefits that might come from it are lost.

I prefer the office to home on account of there being fewer distractions but the other two people in the team far prefer to work from home.

One lives more than an hour away and she has a dog. Life is so much easier for her when she can work from home.

The other colleague has made an impressive setup at home with his own chair, one of those massively wide screens, his own computer and so on.

He lives within a 20 minute commute and could come in, but why bother when the setup at home is so much agreeable than that at work.

And he is disturbed less often. Fewer people just drop by for a chat. He likes to be able to work as uninterrupted as possible.

Unlike the anonymous office space that has to be set up and tidied away at the ends of the day, he has customised his workspace and he feels for comfortable and relaxed there too.

And he has his cats with him to lie on his keyboard.

Microsoft may store your conversations with Bing if you're not an enterprise user


Re: Oh noes!

Some of us hate Google & Facebook more than we hate Micros~1. Not much more, I will grant you that, but still more than Micros~1.

That being said, I'm not one of the three people mentioned although I do like Bing as a search engine.

And, as for Google, in the end, I will surely love Big Brother but at the moment I still savouring the new cream paper.

Florida man accused of hoarding America's secrets faces fresh charges


Re: This is not a joke. This is not a drill. This is the messiah for a whole bunch of idiots.

Wow, 6 downvotes in a few hours.

Now, to those who have downvoted me: what did I write that was wrong, misleading or offensive?

I am open to being corrected on the origin of 'hilbilly'.

The people in the Applachians and much of The South *are* descended from the Ulster Scots.

President Andrew Jackson was one of their finest. I went to see the cottage of his parents in Northern Ireland last year.


Re: This is not a joke. This is not a drill. This is the messiah for a whole bunch of idiots.

elDog» The US colonies still have a solid remnant suffering from partial genetic brain damage and will vote for a trump or bojo or their dead heros like Strom Thurmond or Mitch McConnell (is he dead?)

We still have their genetic forebears in the form of the Loyalist community in the North of Ireland and look what a progressive, considerate lot they are. Just at the massive bonfires they build out of wooden palettes and adorned with Republic of Ireland flags, nationalist politicians and such like. Attention seeking or a simple reaffirmation of values?

I don't know whether this is true or not, but I heard on a podcast that the word 'hillbilly' comes from the term, 'King William's Men who live in the hills'. That's the Unionist community in the Northern Ireland — Ulster Scots proud & true.

They haven't gone away, you know.

Social media is too much for most of us to handle


Verbing weirds language

As a Rightpondian, I don't mind many of the words from the Webster reforms (color, humor, flavor), I dislike, purely on aesthetic grounds, the 'z' in -ize words (recognize, patronise) but I would be really happy if the continual use of nouns as verbs would disappear ('architecting a solution').

This seems to be a Californian Tech phenomenon and it could also be that I'm getting old and this is the modern equivalent of telling those brats to get off my lawn.

p.s. For those too young to remember them, the title comes from 'Calvin & Hobbes', one of the great gifts of America to the world: https://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1993/01/25

Why do cloud titans keep building datacenters in America's hottest city?



El Reg» As a general rule, datacenter operators like to build where land, operational costs, and taxes are low.

Oh Ireland, you are such a slut.

Almost all classic US video games 'critically endangered'


Macintosh Garden

For those who used Macs in the 1980s & 1990s, there is the Macintosh Garden.

Install a Macintosh emulator like mini vMac, Basilisk II or Sheepshaver and the old software there can be played.

The Internet Archive also has a browser emulator for running old software.