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Aged 18-24? Don't care about voting? Got a phone? Oh dear...

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Apathy and abstention

The current system doesn't have a reliable way or even attempt to capture the difference between 'can't be arsed' and 'none of the above'.

If they want to spend their time doing something useful, they need to work out whether it is an issue of people not being bothered to vote, not having anyone they want to vote for or not feeling like their vote counts (e.g. being stuck in a 'safe seat')

Windows 7 users to fly without SP parachute

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Now we know you're 12

It's something that geriatric computer users and their friends substitute for humour when they can't think of anything new.

It would be a meme if it didn't pre-date the concept of memes.


AMD cuts to the core with 'Bulldozer' Opterons

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special HPC version

Generally a great article however I'm not convinced by the 'Special HPC version'

If there was only a single Int unit taken out in a 16 core (8 module) chip, wouldn't it be more economical to release this as a 15 core chip? We've already seen AMD harvest to a single core in the X3 Phenom line.

LHC knocked out by ANOTHER power failure

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Rather than spend time making a comment system that allows replies but doesn't use a tree view to group them, why not use an existing good one e.g. reddit.

Admittedly it doesn't have the post icons though...

Oracle should relax Sun's Java Community control grip

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Dead Vulture

Some great comments

All this article gave me was opinions and weasel words.

The comments page, on the other hand, has been most informative.

How rare.

GTA maker coughs up $20m for 'hot coffee' sex

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Worst Minigame Ever

Let's not forget that, not only was this consensual sex with your girlfriend, it was also fully clothed consensual sex unless you hacked the textures as well as the game code.

Furthermore, it was also the most shockingly boring mini game I have ever witnessed.

I honestly think it wasn't left out to avoid offending people, it was left out to avoid people complaining about how painfully sh1t it was.

It had the kind of input system that made '80s athletic games feel like fully immersive virtual reality.

Face it, the average Christian American Youth is not going to spend it's evening corrupting the mortal soul by pressing left and right until carpal tunnel sets in. It will use Google fricking image search and a good old hand shandy.

Cameron condemns Tweeters as tw*ts

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Oh boy...

If mumble pants brown has achieved one thing, it's making us forget that people with good sound bites don't necessarily make good prime ministers.

It is a good sound bite though.

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oh... and

...and while I'm commenting, wtf is that headline about? That's possibly less accurate and more inflammatory that the Daily Mail.

Microsoft bribes Oz to ditch Firefox

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Search genius

So.... The top Google result for '3000 upside down microsoft'?

It's an article about Microsoft laying off 3000 people.