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Kingston SSD Now V 40GB boot drive


Get the 64GB V+ version

Get the 64GB V+ version (Kingston SNV225-S2/64GB). It costs £109 (just £9 more than the normal 64GB version). Its write speed is 140GB/sec and its read speed is 220MB/s - much faster!

European 'standard' e-car power connector details emerge


What no USB?

One glaring omission is the lack of a data connection to allow the charging point to identify the car. For public charging points, this would allow billing information to be automatically sent to the correct customer.

Exploding core counts: Heading for the buffers


A stunningly stupid idea.

So, you put as many cores as you can inside the processor but you still have a single bus restricting access to the memory - durgh!

This problem was solved 20 years ago by the Transputer - a British invention.

Pentax K200D digital SLR


Re: Batteries...

Errm... You don't mean Lithium-ion at all.

These are the rechargeable (and usually proprietary) batteries used by most other dSLR cameras.

You are probably referring to the non-rechargeable Lithium/Iron Disulphide batteries that are available from Energizer:


Dell adds multi-touch to Latitude XT


And shut down....

...by holding two fingers up to the screen!

Nikon D40 entry-level digital SLR


Also check out....

...the Pentax K100D super which, IMHO, is a slightly better camera and is, currently, only £249.99 at a certain high-street catalogue store.

UK gov offers car CO2 rankings by class


But this info is not new...

For years now, Vehicle Excise Duty (VED or road tax) has been based on emissions. The manufacturers have to have all their cars tested and the information is stored in a government database. It has been available for years on the VED website. Just download an XLS version and then sort on the emissions column - or any that takes your fancy:


Derbyshire cops get into deep water


Re: Well

And a good thing too! Have you seen what happens to a diesel engine when water is ingested - bang!

Not only that, but most insurance companies do not cover you for driving into water.

So this could be a very expensive mistake.

EU funding to save Galileo?


US military doesn't rely on GPS

Or, more correctly, the US military doesn't rely on those GPS signals that are available for civilian use.

Signals for at least two positioning systems are transmitted by each GPS satellite. There is a coarse signal which is used by our satnavs. The accuracy of this is limited and can be worsened at any moment if they switch Selective Availability (SA) back on. There is another signal that is more precise and is much more difficult to decode and, I imagine, is what they use to guide their missiles.

Some more info here: