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Beeb creates new global iPlayer post

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We at the colonies...

I for one would love to pay $5.00 (cdn) to the mother country so I could watch first run Doctor Who when it is aired in the UK.

Patch Tuesday sounds death knell for Win XP SP2


I hear you brother!

I've got a NT box and an 2K box collectiong data as well, Good ol' BX boards max out with Tualatin (yes they work with BX) My workstation is an XPx64 and I have to upgrade it 'cause x64 don't have SP3... O well, progress. Windows 7 does have some nice eye candy

Playboy flashes 3D centerfold


We don't need 3-D Porn

Anyone could do 3-D. What the "Industry" needs is Feel O' Vision (tm). Really I'm tired of darting at things coming out of the screen.

Crap Scottish weather favours ginger hair

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I Heart Gingers.

Russian Olympic boss walks plank


Next WInter's Game in a War Zone?

I wouldn't want to be the man in charge of the next winter Olympics. Sochi is 400 km from Chechnya.

Canadian cops taser 'naked and agitated' man


20 years old in Victoria?!!

Victoria BC, Canada is know for its gardens and the seniors that tends them.

If I was a 20 year old in Victoria, I will welcome the "baton, a dog and pepper spray" then the Tasering. Just to breakup the boredom.... Naked is just a bonus!

Billie Piper hooks up with Belle de Jour

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Fun After Doctor Who in Canada

After watching series 2 of Doctor Who with my son, my son and I went looking for other stuff that Billie Piper had done: Need less to say he is watching Sarah Jane.... Daddy got something new on his Christmas wish list....

'Doctor Dark Energy': The Ultimate LHC eccentric?


New Writer for The Register

I think you guys should give Chris Stephens a desk in at Reg Central and a Beer stipend.

Georgia cops cuff terrorist elf



Could someone please Photoshop an elm suit on the perb...

Physicists assemble world's smallest snowman

Paris Hilton

Sounds like a Friday afternoon thing to do....

But Look Out Micro Snowman 2.0 will be self replicating! WIth presumably Micro Snow-women, Micro Snow-fetish and all that entails...

Taliban attack Brit troops with explosive donkey


Stealth Donkey

The Taliban got the target all wrong! Donkey have next to zero radar cross-section, they were actually targeting airfield. The fact that it toke a keen eye sniper to take out the incoming (instead of a radar guided missile) PROOFS that the Taliban have an advantage in terms of Stealth Tech!!!!

DARPA need to investigate some kind of Anti-Stealth/Donkey death ray to counter the new Taliban threat.

EA exec punts 96,000rpm e-car engine


Turbin engine good. Piston Bad

I want one with an after burner!!!!

New 'reversible' paralysis-ray turns victims blue, flaccid

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It will never work in people

Had a read. In order for it to work, the chemical has to be concentrated in its head. AND it has to be exposed to the UV light. This works great for worms since they are see through. But in people we have something call a skull which is pretty good at shutting out light.

But two thumbs up for Canuck Science, now back to the igloo, got to get this Global Warming thing happening faster....

(Disclaimer: I'm a Canuck as well)

DARPA issues balloon-hunting $40k 'Network Challenge'


99 Red Balloons !!?

Just 5!? Where are the other 94 Balloons. Com'on!

I for one would be driving down I95 with the classic German language 80s Hit by Nana blasting while looking for said balloons.

Today marks 'least productive' day of year


Here I Canada

I'm snuggling with my Polar Bear buddy. See you next spring....

Madmen cling to jet-powered merry-go-round


A face of Flame

I Love IT!

But I was really waiting for the massive ball of flame to spit out of the tail of one jet into the face of the on coming cart/guy.

PS Why is there a guy pissing on the post through out the video? Must be some kind of art installation....

Bill Gates-funded boffins develop anti-AIDS stealth condom


Could Hurt~!


Let me get this straight, this gel turns "semi-solid" in the presents of sperm. What if this stuff get up the urethra and turns semi-solid would stuff gets stuck! Worse, what if it expands! Then you would have semi-solid gel expanding in your urethra.... How would you get semi-solid out of a clogged urethra?

Animal testing is needed.

Gamers gun down Half-Life



Labview, Check

Accel'ometres, Check

PC, lots

guns, nuts! Sub using fire axe, tools or lab stools....

Friday afternoon of fun in the lab while the boss is on vacation!

Firefox 4.0 flashes lusty leg at Windows lovers


Text browser

I give up! I'm going back to text... Lynx works. No color change, no fancy php, jave, abc, xyz.... Just the text please!

This page has been left intentionally blank



I wounder if IKEA would trade a new kitchen for a male juice donation? Swimmer works (see user name), proven track record.... ;-)

Astroplumbers fix US space superloo

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A Proud Canadian Achievement

Robert Thirsk got down and dirty to get the job done. Canadarm, and now Astro-plumber

Kingston's thumb drive is tiny Tardis


Tales of Flashdrives

I think there is a story here some where. A Reg Poll on the worse thing that has happened to a flash drive. Washing up is fine, but really what else has happened to your flash drive: i.e. How deep was that mud hole, what body cavity did you dig that flash drive out of and the burning question that I have is; can you use a flash drive as a marital aid and save my love life. Please post pictures.


Paris Hilton

Yes, But

Who cares how big the drive is. The real metric of any thumb drive is "Will it Survive a Tumble in the Wash". No reviews ever does it. But it is a real saleing point!

Paris, ' cause all drive needs a tumble.

Russian snatches world's strongest 'intimate muscles' crown


Book deal?

Really what use is it? Self help improvement book. Or better yet late night infomercials!

If I was plotting the next 007 film, she would be in it. Imagine death by vagina.

O well, something else for my wife to worry about.

MyDoom dabs spotted on mega cyberassault


Old worm new trick

I wounder how much did the North Korean pay to target DDOS against South Korea and US. I also wounder how many people could they have fed with that money...

Mad World.

Canucks buy 300 teraflops Blue iDataPlex super


What's 3 Teraflops is good for?

I bet you the build's going to be nice and toasty in the winter.

PETA pronounces on Obama fly-swat


Where was the secret service?

The secret service protecting the president should all be fired! What if the fiy was an Al Qudia sleeper fly, send to assassinate the Prez! Shame!