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Who killed Cyanogen?

Chris 171

Re: Full list, please

Yahoo! Really! Are! F$%ked!

Apple iPhones, iPads BRICKED by iOS 9's 'slide-to-upgrade' bug

Chris 171

Ban Them!

Samsung has the patent on this particular 'slide to' it would appear.

Apple's big secret: It's an insurance firm (now with added finance)

Chris 171

Re: Wow - Good analysis!

Certainly an interesting take that does make sense.

Where does the revolutionary saccharine soaked marketing come in? I think that is why there's this tribalism involved. The world didn't fall off its perch with the arrival of an apple pencil & I giant ipad. I noted a much larger kick back than the usual web wide fawning coverage of product announcements this time round too.

Still, Im not going to by any tech device that pretty much put together with a glue gun. Seems like real phones peaked at the Nokia N8 and have gone backwards ever since.

Apple may be a 'tech' company but there getting closer to just building shiny on the outside ornaments but hey, with a margin like they have I don't suppose it matters.

Get whimsical and win a Western Digital Black 6TB hard drive

Chris 171

Refreshed for the 20th time...

I thought getting a ticket for Dismaland would be easier than this.

Busy BlackBerry wheels out BB10 and QNX updates

Chris 171

Very confused.

I could make an old BB work fine, have had a Q20 for a week now which looks & feels lovely but really is quite a stretch to use intuitively.

Does this update allow for the phone number dialling/keypress sounds to be muted? like old Nokias had 10yrs ago?

Glad its a supplied device currently!

Apple recalls Beats speakers: Rap chap's crap batt rapped in zap mishap flap

Chris 171

Branding ahhhh

That is all.

Virgin Media goes TITSUP, RUINS Tuesday evening

Chris 171

Still nice to know

I appreciate these stories as it lets me know that it wasn't just me, tho all the resetting did create the mother of all IP conflicts on my network which necessitated a full router/switch reset and associated pain.

Web was still accessible just very slow & wouldn't hold a web radio stream without cutting every few seconds. Yet speed test sites were still saying a had 50mb+ connection.

Frustrating that VM don't seem to update status pages when they should. Id have just played some records & not touched a thing had I known.

VINYL is BACK and you can thank Sonos for that

Chris 171

Underground Music

Sonos is not to thank for the vinyl resurgence.

Underground dance music is what has kept things going since the 90s, of course in most cases I could get a .wav but the record, one of those 300 pressed is far more valuable to me. The physical interaction being number one. DJing with CDs doesnt feel right, Traktor & Vinyl Timecode is impressive however.

Surface noise yes, warmer sound yes, big soundsystem compatible yes.

Ill buy all formats but a vinyl record still brings out the goosebumps better than any other medium.

Music is more than just the waveform.

How the FLAC do I tell MP3s from lossless audio?

Chris 171

Records and WAV

Give me the best feeling from my music.

Storage is cheap enough these days not to need compression on a home system. I'll record to WAV if not originally supplied with the record (or download) of a release, then make a 320 for the mobile devices. Only WAV issue being attaching metadata, you just need to make a good naming system & file structure.

CDs are played in a CD player and ripped to 320 for the digital Traktor..

Perception is everything and you can go as far as your enthusiasm takes you, as important is a system that can move air rather than just tickle it. I also prefer a specific listening position and have the mid tweeter at ear level, I like the headphone like separation you get that way, just with added smile from the big speaker boxes.

iPhone 6 will make you fork over with Apple Pay if you want to BONK

Chris 171

As with anything apple...

Try to get any of their devices to work with another manufacturers thing and the NFC becomes aptly relevant. No F#cking Chance.

Google Glass teardown puts rock-bottom price on hardware

Chris 171


If a customer (read guinea pig) can stump up the cash, I'd guess that the device is going to get used & talked about incessantly. The big G need some affluent human data points, they found them.

Then surprise the masses a bit down line, with a significantly improved version for about 500 units of your chosen denomination, whilst still having a fat margin.

Apple patent LOCKS drivers out of their OWN PHONES

Chris 171


Nokia Car Mode anyone?

apple, this is not innovation.

It's a done deal! Microsoft-Nokia merger to close on Friday

Chris 171

Elops Job

Interesting that after what many do see as a Trojan horse, Elop is still in Nokia having to deal with the internal fallout he's created.

That being said, the 1020 stands alone if you want an interesting device. It's a good telephone, it's imaging abilities are well documented & the mapping second to none.

If Elop can keep making things like this then he may end up being the only Microsoftee that can deliver flagship mobile hardware that is actually good. That's not happened before and testament to the Nokia of old.

Despite the Lumia growing me, I still have the N8, now repurposed in an underwater case as a camera / timelapse device, we won't see another phone like it after these events and that is a bit sad.

For the days when plugging in extra things to your thing was a thing.

UK.gov! frets! over! Yahoo! exodus! to! RIPA-free! Dublin!

Chris 171

Re: Yahoo has always been the Ryanair of the net

They ruined Flickr too fwiw.

You only have to look at the derth of instapoladroidster apps/sites to see how badly they failed to innovate after the buy out. They had it all there ready to go...

Pint-glass-flashing FISHNAPPERS strike at Firefox daddy Mozilla

Chris 171

Re: Hmm sounds a bit fish flakey

There is a time and plaice for jokes like this.

That said, small (ish) tanks are fine and will happily support life, with the big if being how the water is looked after.

Never clean the filter sponges under tap water (take a bowl full from the tank instead) and keep the fish hungry, tiny amounts and often is preferable to a cloud of food in the tank too.

The moving stress did likely do the fella fella in however, from the Twitter pic they are (were?) ranchu goldfish which are essentially selectively bred genetic freaks. Handle with care.

Nokia Lumia update spreads Black death

Chris 171

1020 Success

OK on the update & arrived about an hour after the announcement.

One turn off turn back on again before the update would actually download.

I too had the extras app update at the same time but had to go looking in store for the additional updates for the Camera update, Beamer, the app folders are a slight waste of time however, as you cant pin everything into them to make a genuine hub for each type service. Train times at specific stations as an example.

The ability to kill background apps from a single screen is probably the most useful part of the update, allied to the camera improvements.

Still, cant knock the phone itself, its a great converged device & getting better it seems.

Apple's spamtastic iBeacon retail alerts launch with Frisco FAIL

Chris 171


You 'Design' the stores to the n'th degree and then invent a system so your flock are just staring at their phones.


If this doesn't terrify you... Google's computers OUTWIT their humans

Chris 171


So could the system be looking up images of shredders 'for something to do' and then putting two and two together later down the line?

TMNT Baddie issue averted already it would appear.

LG’s G2: The phondleslab that wants you to TOUCH ITS BEHIND

Chris 171

Re: Not expensive at all for what you get!

If it makes you feel better, my Lumia 1020 shattered after a drop that all previous touch phones have handled... A bezel can be annoying but the glass has little hope when it's so close to the impact point in this style of phone.

Deezer unveils tarted-up music-streaming service after $130m injection

Chris 171

Streaming no, Streaming Radio yes.

With actual DJ's curating and mixing the content for me, which I can then choose to buy, maybe even sometimes on a 12" disc of hard pressed plastic!

There are so many of these stations online that most bases should be covered from Gershwin to Gabba Techno.

A stream of unmixed singles wont inspire many, hearing a DJ play a forthcoming tune thats unavailable for a while will lead to more sales, and physical sales at that when the release date arrives.

If someone says they love music & only has downloads I couldnt believe them, I for one, must have a tangible asset when it comes to spending my hard earned on beats.

Here's what YOU WON'T be able to do with your PlayStation 4

Chris 171

Storefront Technology

Remember when as gadgets got better you could plug more things in, connect in different ways, plays all discs etc...

Devices ability to do things are being devolved to enforce walled gardens and suit advertisers, seems a bit rubbish to me. Plus I'd have to duck tape every camera.

Has it got a memory card slot still?

All started by apple I might add...


Lenovo stands up rinky-dinky new Yoga tablet

Chris 171

Re: they really have nothing

Looks more like a Sony Tablet S than an i thing.

Handy flap on the Yoga it is.

Nokia emerges smothered in red ink, manages to flog cheapo Windows Phones

Chris 171

Re: For all those that slam Apple

When apple can make things like Pureview, then I'll stop slamming them. Tricky to innovate with just a glue gun these days...

It's the '90s all over again: Apple repeats mistakes as low-cost tablets pile up

Chris 171

Re: Resale value

To be fair that's actually quite innovative.

Chris 171

Re: Resale value

Itunes, thats whats wrong.

Don't crack that Mac: Almost NOTHING in new Retina MacBook Pros can be replaced

Chris 171

A Machine Built For Obscene Profit

Is what all apple designs look like to me. Shiny on the outside, cheap corners cut on the inside.

Never a better metaphor really, thinking on it.

Buy another one, rather than fix this finely crafted and slapped together with a glue gun 2k device of mine...

BT Mobile inks network deal with EE, dumps Vodafone

Chris 171


Wondered why my EE locked mobile briefly displayed the O2 logo last week.

Apple iMac 27-inch 2013: An extra hundred quid for what exactly?

Chris 171

Re: Another comparison

In fairness the Merc still comes with a CD player I'd imagine.

As to the key point, this device is the equivalent of a 'designer' desk lamp.

Apple blings up new iMac with latest Intel chips, next-gen Wi-Fi

Chris 171

Re: 20+ Inches of case...

Yes it's design over function, apple internal drives break a lot, makes total sense to dispense with them, etc etc..

I like the ability to rip audio/video myself and my key point still stands.

It's a big piece of kit that will not be moved regularly and for the money, apple should be making their own hyper reliable internal drives that blend into the design unobtrusively, if you need it or not.

Then again, all you downvoters use itunes don't you?

Who am I trying to kid, carry on.....

Chris 171

20+ Inches of case...

Yet no room for a CD drive....

Some 'design' right there...


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it ... Win Phone 8? No, it's APPLE'S iOS 7

Chris 171

Re: Is it a bird, is it a plane?

My first thoughts when I saw the revolution that apple have imbued to their clients was Symbian Belle.

Yet it apple still doesnt have proper mapping, a memory card slot, USB OTG, a camera that's not run of the mill, or even proper drop testing...

iOS anything? no thanks,.... N8 still the one, 1020 at a push.

Forget Mars: Let's get someone on the Moon – NASA veteran

Chris 171
Black Helicopters

Panel Arrangement

So supposing this happens, placed correctly and in sufficient numbers the panels could be made to resemble a pupil. Therefore turning the moon into A MASSIVE SPYING EYE IN SPAAACE!

Or have I got my acronyms mixed up?...

Leaked photos of iPhone 5C parts portend ugly Google legal battle

Chris 171

I'd go as far as REVOLUTIONARY!

Apple: iOS7 dayglo Barbie makeover is UNFINISHED - report

Chris 171


Seeing as with Symbian you can skin your phone and icons with alternate designs easily, Im highly surprised apple does not offer similar, being that their all revolutionary and that.

Feel the white hot flames of innovation!

MYSTERY Nokia image-mangling mobe spotted in public

Chris 171
Thumb Up


I'd have an 808 now if I could have bought an offical uk one, this shall do nicely.

Its the raw unique tech i like, the bundled OS is not really a deal breaker.

Looks to me like proper Nokia Flagship phones are back (shortly)!

Cook: Apple has 'no current plan' to pull profits out of Ireland

Chris 171

At the end of this..

Wouldn't it be funny if apple ended up paying 30% in a deal.

New Lumia 925: This, loyalists, is the BIG ONE you've waited for

Chris 171

Re: Not what I was waiting for

Exactly my predicament... funny how the N8 is still! the most versatile converged device.

Apple's marketing honcho Schiller attacks Android, Samsung

Chris 171

Re: Fragmentation?

That's the rub though, the amount of 'choices' apple make carte blanche for their clientele is starting to bite them on the arris.

I don't think they can change a drilled in ethic this strong overnight. Trouble is they need too.

Bit like Lewis leaving McLaren, you gotta depart the jobsian way but stay close to home kinda thing. Or just stop shlitigating yourself out of all credibility and put a memory card slot in a phone.

Report says #Facebook #to #adopt #hashtags

Chris 171

Like equivalent..


Bit cheeky but I think #susanalbumparty tipped the balance.

They want it!

Virgin Media keeps mum as punters fume at crippled web access

Chris 171
Thumb Down


Streaming audio giving more regular hiccups over the last few weeks too, usually signifies a snafu somewhere in their network. This story popping up at least means I can stop getting angry with my router.

Flexy 'iWatch' glass said to be three years away

Chris 171

One thing for certain...

The first i one will be shit, followed by a miraculously revolutionary version 2...3....

4 will be particularly cool I hear...

etc etc, no thanks.

NASA melts mysterious 'metal Martian flower' myth

Chris 171

So vape it then...

If it really is just a bit of rock...

Don't buy it myself, at least go for a closer sniff... might save drilling holes, you never know.

Curiosity photographs mysterious metal object on Martian rock

Chris 171

Arm the laser!

Interesting certainly, and an uneasy feeling, looks skeletal.

Tho that could be the beer and my incomprehensible desire for ribs.

it is still Friday right?

Windows Phone 8 hasn't slowed Microsoft's mobile freefall

Chris 171

Unsurprising really..

The phones may be nice but their still mee too devices in a flat slab kinda sense.

Save for a rumor of full fat PureView coming I'd given up trying to want a WP Nokia.

Apple loses bid to 'cut in line' in Samsung patent dust-up

Chris 171

Time is short it seems...

That's the smell of panic as the lasts of the RDF burns off the brand, time for some running around in circles at infinite loop.

I have no suggestion as to how they fix this.

We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP

Chris 171

Re: Please Jobs

He started it!

Beggars belief really, apple customers must surely start to be wondering if their choice of shiny, really warrants coming from a company who are in reality, just a saccharine soaked marketing mouthpiece with a penchant for excessive pecuniary.

Fuck apple longtime & not in a nice way, they need to find reality if they want to halt the slide their currently accelerating down.

Surface left on shelves as world+dog slurps up small slates

Chris 171

Fire Sale?

I mean they look nice (Like a very big Sony X1060 Walkman if you ask me) but yeah RT & Win8 is just not cricket.

Still cant fathom how they could make something so unintuitive.

I blame apple.

Is your Surface Pro a bit full? Slot in an SD card, it's not from Apple

Chris 171

Raison d'être

Do people really need telling that apple mobile products are just wallet raping hobbled devices?

Far far to limited to be called a 'smart' device in my eyes, its only smart is taking the 30% cut so the marketing team can keep the cool cannon firing.

iTwats gotta love em.

Record numbers of you are reading this headline right now

Chris 171

Re: Result skewage


Web firms drool as ballgazer spies $11bn mobile ad spend in 2013

Chris 171

In app ads...

The ones that are purposely placed on the screen to garner the most accidental taps?

Click fraud essentially and the elephant in the room with these stupid numbers.