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A title

I always got a lot of force closes on this app. I installed Photo Wall, and find it far superior. I even bought the premium version, as I loved it.

Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!

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Paris Hilton

A title is required

You mean the world isn't going to end and the Japanese are not going to abandon Tokyo and flood to our shores where they will work in Curry's and HMV?

Paris, because she knows a little about fission.

Govt asks businesses for views on intellectual property

Antony 2

Sieg Heil

I wish I could spell propoerly :)

Tracking website eyeballs SpyEye

Antony 2

Quoth the server, "404"

Where's it gone?

IPS in cunning 'get an ID card, get crucified' scheme

Antony 2

I respect the laws...

I have applied for an ID card.

Mine's the one with my ID in the pocket.

China cages game Trojan hackers

Antony 2
Paris Hilton

China, prison?

I thought China, executed you for everything.

Paris, because she likes Trojans.

Has your iPhone been involved in an accident?

Antony 2

iPhone for me?

I think I might have to get an iPhone for this app.

Mine's the one with the blackberry in the pocket, with all 4 apps installed.

Arriva cellphone tickets let mobiles keep you mobile

Antony 2


Anyone else looking forward to having to hand over their phone to accounts to get paid your £2.40 bus ticket expense?

BT call centre staff snaffle £45m lottery win

Antony 2

I used to work....

Up until about two years ago I used to work at the Virgin Media office at the Albert Dock in Liverpool.

A lot of my friends from there left around the same time I did, most went to work for BT (guess which office).

I've just text all my friends from VM who are now at BT, to see if any won the money.

Non-Latin web addresses approved

Antony 2



TwitterPeek - the handset that spews Web2.0rhea...

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Paris Hilton

Lacks features

No camera for tweeting pics?

No camera for tweeting videos?

Most people who want one, already have a smartphone or some phone with data.

I will stick to Úbertwitter for now.

@ParisHilton, because well isn't it #obvious?

T-Orange: How it's going to work

Antony 2

New French Name

How about Merde for a new name? It would give them the French feel and define them as a company.

"The futures bright, the futures Merde"

Mine's the one with the mittens on the string.

The legal risks of uncontrolled IM use

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"This is in spite of the fact that many organizations - President Obama's White House among them - ban the staff use of IM for security and compliance reasons"

So no leaked install of BBM 5 for the president?

Extra large condoms hit UK supermarket shelves

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Paris Hilton

Head issues

Does this mean I can finally fit one over my whole head?

Paris, because she'd never make me use one...

Johnson signs off ID card for UK citizenry

Antony 2

Calm down, calm down

Irish? I'm Scouse, can I get that on mine, like kidda?

O2 leaves travellers in the lurch

Antony 2
Paris Hilton

o2 are really having a hard time

I just upgraded my handset and they sent the wrong phone, looks like they're really going to the dogs now.

Paris, because she wouldn't loose her blackberry.

O2 unveils small biz landline to mobile link

Antony 2
Paris Hilton

Does anyone remember

Follow me numbers?

Paris, because she would never leave her phone behind.

Sweden: IP numbers are personal...unless you're a pirate

Antony 2
Paris Hilton

IP numbers....

What about IPv6?

Paris, because she keeps her numbers private


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