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Six of the best gaming keyboard and mouse combos



...does break, not every item yet (for me at least), but especially mice die. In my case it was always the left mouse button which died first.

Dragging an item across the screen became utter warfare, clicking one item once ended up in it being clicked several times somehow, or not at all... Usually then I know, time for a new mouse, yet somehow I always end up with Logitech again. Over time I went from two MX518 to the G7, which in the long term wasn't that great as the battery didn't last as long as hoped, so switched back to wired, using the G9 for around 4-5 years now, same mouse, no issues with it yet (now that I said it, I'll come home to it non-functional now ;) ).

Around the same time I got the G9 I replaced my G15 rev 1 with the G19, not because it was broken (still working fine and used as keyboard on other computers), but simply as I wanted something new :)

What in my opinion is missing in the article a bit are supporting peripherals, such as the G13 and G35 for the Logitech setup, as it works well together also with the current software provided. I have the headset, and it broke within the warranty period (left ear part had no sound anymore) and the G35 was replaced instantly by Logitech, which I now have over three years without any hardware issues itself, but the covering around the earparts (whatever it's actually called) and the top foamy bit is breaking apart now.

The software used to be crap, separate software for keyboard+mouse and headset, now all peripherals use one, didn't have an issue with it yet losing any of my customizations, fortunately.

All in all I like the Logitech stuff, but may look more at the Mad Catz items, I must've missed the memo that Mad Catz is what Saitek was (loved the old Saitek Cyborg stuff)

VIOLENT video games make KIDS SMARTER – more violent the BETTER


From personal experience I can agree with that, the majority of my friends (there are always exceptions of course) who I used to play games from Doom via BNC networks to what you have these days, on a regular level be it online today or small to large LAN parties back then, all turned out fine, no one is a murderer, psychopath, whatsoever, and work in a Tech related field.


I really

have to play Postal 2 again, loved that game :)

Racing Post p0wned, accounts accessed and passwords pinched


Am I the only one who cringes every time the phrase "cyber-security experts" is used?

Big Beardie's watching: Alan Sugar robots spy on Tesco petrol queue


Re: Balaclava anyone?

Balaclava under motorcycle helmet if they insist on taking the helmet off, though usually they don't insist on it. Wonder what ads they will play for me standing there with a bike helmet on...

That said I avoid supermarket petrol stations anyway, don't like their crappy fuel.

Samsung is officially the WORLD'S BIGGEST smartphone maker



I do wish that Lenovo phones were more available here too, they appear to be quite nice from the looks of it. (didn't look too much into specs just yet however, so I may be wrong...)

Coming up in 2 months for a phone renewal with my carrier, looking around there doesn't appear to be that much choice with most carriers for Pay Monthly phones, mainly Samsung, Sony, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry, perhaps HTC and maybe even a Huawei here and there, but that's about it. Surprised almost none of the major carriers offer LG phones in a PM bundle, let alone other brands.

Still unsure if I want to switch from SGS2 to 4, or buy something else in the end...

New Oz government keeps Huawei ban after spook briefing


Re: I'd trust Chinese made gear more than bent US or British gear

"Reliability is far more important, than anything, to me and having over 920 TP-Link routers and hubs all over VietNam with only one adapter having been damaged during a thunderstorm. We visit each unit whenever there is a software upgrade.

One undocumented TP-Link feature is the ability to max out the RF output to 0.5W or 1W according to model! Really punches through Rebar filled concrete walls and floors."

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on my father's TP-Link router he uses in China, which he'll bring back for me play around with :) Just hope I don't break it ;)

11m Chinese engulfed by 'Airpocalypse' at 4000% of safe pollution levels


It is, loved it there.

Considering going there long term, but then rather to the south coast :)

Chinese hotel guests find data spaffed all over the internet


Re: Travel - it's like that...

> Really? It was quite easy for me to find bars in Beijing and other cities that have free Wi-fi that do not require any details. The needed even less than the "free wi-fi" common in the West which require registration.

Same thing, been there the last three weeks most bars and little shops here/there just give you the password to connect to the wifi (if password required) or don't even bother with one in the first place, and off ye go online (minus various few online places which of course are banned/blocked).

> Still, quite a few of those details they are asking for will be required for our hotel reservation (and visa) in the first place, so the hotels I used needed you to register, but simple enough for any agency to link your hotel room number to reservation details and then visa. That's why I stayed clear of those.

The hotels I've been to of course also required that data, booking and whatnotall, and at least in the hotel in BeiJing it was required to speak with another person within the hotel to have the internet access enabled.

However in all three hotels I've been to they also had publicly accessible wireless, two had it only in the lobby, one had it throughout its building, and when using those they won't necessarily be able to identify the user in connection to which room that person has booked. The hotel in ShangHai required room number and passport ID to connect to the wireless, though we (and a few others too) have been handed generic un/pw to connect, and worked.

Game designer spills beans on chubby-fancying chap with his stolen Mac


Re: Motorbike thefts London

Sorry for your loss :(

Didn't one of Carole Nash's studies state 50% of UK bike thefts occur in London?

London's bike thefts is one of the reasons I don't live there any more and rarely go to other than to places where I know it'll be secure.

Met Police is a disgrace when it comes to this... :(

Fail, because that's what the MPS mostly is

National Security Letters ruled unconstitutional


Mixing languages

I wish it were frowned upon in Germany, but over there (country of my origin), it appears to be a rather big trend, replacing as many German words as you can with English words, but keeping the German grammar on those, which ultimately ends up in really really F'ed up words...

To top it of most can't even pronounce the words correctly, so half the time you won't even understand what they're on about :(

Even goes as far down as giving their kids combinations of some English names only to sound "good", so large it has its own "ism" now, "Chantalismus" in Germany, "Chantalism" after the name Chantalle.

German site, but the pics are enough: http://chantalismus.tumblr.com/

Facepalm, because that's what it is

Microsoft brings Azure back online


Re: Microsofts "customers" get Ballmered again

"comedy new desktop" - love it!

beer for ya

Top tools for junior Linux admins

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neat tools

One of the very first items I install on a Debian based machine is 'sysv-rc-conf' which gives a nice overview of all services and their runlevels. There's also 'rcconf' on Deb based boxes which is similar to ntsysv on RH based boxes, but you can't select the individual runlevel to run at, just simply enable/disable. Then of course there's chkconfig on RH boxes to set individual levels for services...

Surprised no one has brought up OMD yet (omdistro.org) for monitoring, which incorporates nagios, check_mk, pnp4nagios and few other tools, which makes monitoring a breeze.

htop is also a neat tool, I tend to replace top with htop on my machines by aliasing htop to top.

If you connect to many boxes via ssh, look into setting up the ssh config file, followed by an alias in your ${SHELL}rc file, e.g. alias box1='ssh box1' where box1 again is set in /home/$LUSER/.ssh/config with the settings required.

If you have to work with netcat a lot, consider swapping netcat for cryptcat (http://sourceforge.net/projects/cryptcat/)

deborphan is a useful tool for deb based boxes, finding orphaned deb installations which are no longer required.

of course learning awk and sed etc. is a given, though consider there are also other useful tools to use instead, such as tr in various cases rather than sed.

Get to know Kerberos. At some point in your SysAdm life you'll come across a large network with multiple users and systems, and you don't want to have every person having local accounts on each boxes accessed by ssh keys only...

Ideally learn to harden Linux machines from early on, makes life later on much easier too.

Also get yourself familiar with a version control system such as cvs,svn,git,mercury, and keep your config files in there, especially useful if you have a given config setting across various boxes, be it httpd confs, kerberos confs (nsswitch.conf, pam/system-auth, etc....), and any other used across various boxes.

Linux is not Windows, but it doesn't mean it's 100% safe/secure. Look into chkrootkit and rkhunter.

There are loads more of course. A forum I frequent and is quite useful is




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zsh is by far my most preferred shell too. Would love to get it across all our servers, but alas, it's only on my own machines (and work laptop), all other boxes come and stay with bash out-of-the-box :(

Oracle wants another go at Google over Android Java copyrights



Appears Oracle's going down a path SCO started a long time ago.

Obama signs Executive Order on critical cybersecurity


At least they're doing something

If it's the right track however, time will tell.

Here in Blighty apparently we're vulnerable for next few years as we don't have the people/infrastructure to deal with large scale attacks, apparently...

Clash of the Titans: Which of you has the greatest home lab


"Home lab"

Well, it's more of a collection of boxes doing stuff.

Initially I had a Q6600 box running Windows Vista (indeed!) and had a chance to grab an old box from two jobs ago (basically 5 years ago), an old AMD XP 3500+, running Debian with 2GB

Nowadays the Q6600 runs Kubuntu 12.04, 8GB RAM, GeForce 260 (previous gaming box), and the AMD is still the same, doing same, being file server and basically web server for the bit of (private) web development I do (used to do professional, not anymore), while the Q6600 can run VMs and also SMB shares (store for music and all)

New box is an i7 Ivy Bridge 3770, 32GB RAM, SSD + HDD. Next to gaming it's also there to run VMs (and other hobbies e.g. 3D Rendering).

VMs across boxes I want to use (next to above Web dev) to focus on things I will be doing more at work soon, such as penetration testing, securing / hardening Linux systems, vulnerability scans, exploiting web interfaces, breaking vulnerable packages over the network, play around with log storage from my home machines and servers across a couple providers I use. Next to that any other Linux sysadminy thingy I can think of which looks interesting.

Got three unmanaged switches, two are hand-me-downs 100MBit, the latest finally 1GBit. Looking into sourcing some (older) Cisco switches to start playing more with VLANs around coupled with above stuff.

6 screens to provide full overview of things, top left and center go to the Q6600, top right goes to the laptop docking station (an i5 from work with 8GB for more playing), bottom three go to Win7 box (Mostly though for nVidia surround gaming ;) )

I'd be lost w/o Synergy in cases like this (absolut win of a program)

So it's somewhat a mix a of a "lab" and gaming station. As I'v e mentioned in the previous article which spawned this one, the biggest winner is probably British Gas here...


Re: change requests

We used to have that too, a full change advisory board for the regression systems, but not for the dev test systems.

I can see both sides, pros and cons for it, though nowadays (and after a department reshuffle), the regression CAB is gone and the dev test and regression areas are under our control now too (I used to be previously in a team working with DT and reg env, prod was different team, now am in said different team, controlling all). DT and Reg changes now go much faster and makes life easier :)

Why you need a home lab to keep your job


Re: Lucky?

I'm thinking along similar plans. Once I buy a house over time I want to switch electricity supply to solar panels and whatever else will be available for home renewable energy use (e.g. wind, depending on location).

Also planning to swap all regular bulbs to LED bulbs, 1/10th of the Wattage, same light. Light up full house for less W than previously just one room.

And that money saved could go into more lab tech (or into my motorbike...)

Beer, it's Friday, end of week (unless on on-call schedule, my thoughts are with you).


Re: Lucky?

I wouldn't cope without Synergy in the first place ;) (depending of course if I am trying other network stuff out, where ports may be closed for the time being of course).

One "disadvantage" over time is, I completely lose track where my mouse icon is, heh :)

Beer, from one synergy user to another.



Guess I'm lucky then that the company I'm at values progression and pays for training courses? Admittedly it's the first company I'm with who do it, previous three didn't, but still...

My "home lab" pales in comparison to the article's "lab", three desktops, one laptop, three switches, six screens, I guess the only one profiting from it is probably my electricity supplier :(

God-game creator granted Bafta gong

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You should be able to run it in a Dosbox without the need of wine, as well as SynWars

Ace Reg reporter in career suicide shock


Bye bye

Was a fun ride.

Enjoy your new job!

Beer for ya

UK.gov unmoved by Internet Explorer 6 security concerns



IE7's XP+ only, is it not?

so win2k would be out of the loop no matter if IE6 or 7

Labour MP experiences nasty video shock horror


they might

then want to try to fully censor DM and BM...

not that it would be something the Christian bollockers wanted for a long time anyway :|

It's official: Blogging is a dangerous business


as well

has his DNA been removed again?

Probably not though...

O2 and Be Broadband speeds dip

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title me up

Phone and ask them about the distance.

Back when I signed up for O2 Broadband (sometime mid 07), I was told by them during their speed checks for me that my exchange is about 1.5 km away and that I'll get about 15 MBit from the then advertised 16 MBit package (now also advertised as 20 MBit).

Their support so far seem quite good, friendly, and sometimes even knowledgeable.

I often end up with a Scottish guy, but so far he seems quite fun :)

File-sharing Bill could give Government control of the internet

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Nice one

Added to that, I'd say they should implement


and they might actually produce something of value for a change

Royal Mail lawyers demand closure of postcode lookup site


@My alter Ego (not my own, of course)

That is because in Germany postcodes aren't specific to one house / block of houses, but to a larger area. My hometown of about 110k citizens has 4 postcodes (after the switch to the newer postcodes 1st July 1993, prior to that it was just one), other places more / less depending on size.

And, compared to the system here, or at least Royal Fail's execution of it, it works perfectly well.

I never had a letter in my mailbox for a different name/street/post code.

The amount of times I have received a letter here for a completely different post code / city but same street, or also same street / city with slightly different post code went so high, I stopped counting after a few months.

Generally I'm in favour of privatising Royal Fail. I absolutely hate them, caused me enough troubles already. Still, at least having some fun out of it, when I think that some of the mail they've stocked up in piles now due to their strikes smell like dead locusts which I never received for my pet. Bunch of Twats

Blogger silences Google ads with death and destruction


block it

Or use noscript or adblock plugins for FF for example.

Works too

Chinese youth beaten to death at net addiction bootcamp

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@AC 4th Aug 4:40PM & Timemaster T

Thanks for correcting me :)

been a while since last seen, guess I know now what to rewatch soon


Net addiction camps?

reminds me somewhat of that episode of the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex show, 2nd Season, where Togusa is undercover in that one 'camp' sort off of kids with net addiction, where in reality those kids are used to create / break firewalls etc...

would explain a lot, coming from China...

Government rubbishes ID card hack report

Big Brother

@Simple Solutions

Aye, I agree. Full disclosure on wikileaks and elsewhere would be great!

Show the NuLab Twats how dumb they are.

BT's giant new faster broadband boxes blocked

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Alexandra Palace

Would be a good spot for those cabinets *laugh*

Chinese more willing to trust hookers than pols



...there are people who trust politicians?

O2 data fails, again


@phil b 3

so far I havn't noticed any problems with colleagues' iPhones or my N95 on O2 at/around Moorgate (where I'm sitting right now) or elsewhere City.

The only thing I noticed is a delay in sms receiving from time to time, but that seems to be all over London / elsewhere :|

Apple-apeing Microsoft spins out retail store prototype



Shouldn't the Gizmodo link rather read

"Take a leak inside the microsoft store..."?

UK.gov's Jobs Search site needs some work


Is it just me who thinks...

...that a jobsite like that in UK should only have English as language?

If you don't speak English, why are you looking for a job in England then??

MySQL.com sites go dark


@James Woods

Maybe you'd realize that mySQL was not developed in US, and instead hold by the Swedish company mySQL AB, in Sweden where mySQL was developed, before Sun purchased it

Why should they move servers or anything else after a purchase to a different country?

They do however also have an hq in USA

Bank fined £3m for data loss



I had the exact opposite with HSBC in that matter.

I went out one day to get a gfx card for my linux box, but my card has been declined at the shop's terminals all time. Checked an ATM, same thing.

Went home, phoned 'em up and enquired about it, and they said they registered a suspicious transaction in Poland (where else...) and blocked both the transaction before it went through as well as my cards.

Was surprised that they did that. Of friends I heard they had to chase their banks around to get money back again which they lost in such frauds.

That was with a regular account. Now having HSBC Plus, which they also advertise with enhanced security and all that bla, I expect that they act at least the same, though no issues at all yet so far.

Tattooed Swedish devil girls sexually molest cyclist


@ Thommy M.

Some of them should be exported to London then....

Only know a red haired Swedish in Camden, and she's the exact opposite of hot :|

Microsoft stores to get in Apple's face this autumn

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@B Johnson:

"Perhaps they should set up one of their shops near the London Stock Exchange."

Think I'd make it my daily task during lunchbreak then to go over and have a good laugh at the shop :D

Child protection groups undermine Aussie Firewall


it won't help...

when having children charities speak against the planned actions.

There was a similar problem going on in Germany, when they were poking around with their new law, a few children protection groups spoke outright against the new (back then still planned) law, and they had hard facts at hand too, still, Stasi Germany ignored them.

Wouldn't be surprised if it'll be similar in down under.

Second unpatched ActiveX bug hits IE


And now for something completely different...

a security hole in IE...

Europe should put privacy at centre of new laws

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Stasi 2.0 vs privacy protection?

How does this stand in contrast with the EU plans to spend around 100 million to build up a huge IT system gathering DNA of non-EU foreigners entering the EU and other invasive data to be collected?

Also with Germany's minister of the interieur, Wolfgang Schaeuble, also known as the person bringing Stasi 2.0 to Germany, being assigned to the EU as EU Commissar, I see low chances of any privacy protection schemes by the EU.

Rosetta Stone rocks Google with trademark lawsuit


global traveler

So if I call someone a global traveler, because that person travels, well, globally, can Rosetta Stone sue me now?

How can anything like that be registered anyway?

Stargazers spot oldest supernova yet



10.7 billion years ago, sheesh.

Comprehend that one ;)

And in all those years before and after, surely earth can't be the only inhabited planet, contrary to what weirdos believe in. There must be life elsewhere too.

Mine's the one welcoming our Alien overlords :)

Sun's VirtualBox 3.0 exits betaland


if only one could...

...assign more than the 128MB video RAM to the guest than what's available now with VBox 3, as well as having dx10 included, I'd switch finally my main machine from Windows to Linux too.

Only thing stopping me, for games / render programs (and some other progs which still have complications with wine)

US senators demand boycott of Iran 'snoop' firms

Paris Hilton

Now if that is...

...not typical US-American, then I don't know what is.

Paris, because even she can't help it having such Senators