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Openreach reshuffles top brass, brings in BT bods to make biz more independent of BT

Peter Methven

Corrected your post for you...

It used to be. After serious under-investment by many successive governments it was privatised so that it would be able to make private sector money. Now do you understand?

Oracle tools up for cloud wars with sales re-org

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Re: On Premise

Should that not be:

"Basically all on-premise software is now considered "legacy" and will be charged at an even higher rate to implement the functionality you thought came as standard"...

Trainline.com dumps Oracle and Microsoft, gulps AWS Kool-Aid

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Unlike their trains that don't go anywhere most of the time!

UK national mobile roaming: A stupid idea that'll never work

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Re: @Lee D

You clearly haven't tried to get a new phone line provisioned recently... Ours took 8 weeks from the order and was 3 weeks late, one of our neighbours waited 6 months... And then was told it was the fault for not complaining more!

El Reg nips down IKEA's 'I've Got A Screw Loose Street'

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I have your missing bits...

That's strange... I always seem to have bits left over when ever I build anything from IKEA :-)

BlackBerry pie sliced up: Nuke-plant OS, BBM chat app, etc sale mulled

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Epic Fail

Bazza, your statement unfortunately reflects why Blackberry is struggling. The consumer market is bigger than the business market and whether it is right or not consumerisation of IT is resulting in consumer products being adopted in the workplace. Blackberry could be the most secure product in the world, but a lot of business functions don't require "military approved" security nor care and will not pay a premium for it. BB have also messed up their pricing in my opinion. Windows Phone 8 on Nokia devices is cheaper, iOS and Samsung Android are considered more desirable and in some cases are also cheaper.

BB have been squeezed from every side and have been too slow in reacting and are suffering for it. Announcements like this one also stop risk adverse companies from adopting the Q10 and Z10 and make them seriously evaluate whether BB is for them.

Gates: Killing the internet is easy

Peter Methven

The real story is the indignation of lazy journalists.

I've got the general impression that the people most upset about the internet shutdown is the media who now can't just republish Twitter and Facebook posts as being "journalism". They have to actually get to the country and do some real interviews, or they can just report on how the internet has been shutdown, rather than doing real journalism...

Microsoft has shifted 1.5 million Windows phones

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135,000 were given away though...

I seem to recall that MS gave a WinMo7 phone to every employee, they have around 135,000 staff worldwide...

Also when you consider all the IT departments in the world who have got one, to evaluate whether to upgrade to WinMo7 and all the developers who have bought one to test with the 1.5 million manufactured number may not really mean a lot.

I'd be interested in the number SOLD to end users in a given month for each of the major mobile phone operating systems to see whether WinMo7 is really of interest to mobile phone users.

Juniper blows small wad on Trapeze

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Entirely Good News!

Trapeze were only bought by Belden a year ago; and by all accounts Belden have made a good profit on Trapeze Networks.

As a customer of Trapeze this is entirely positive, with Trapeze owned by a larger network vendor (who isn't Cisco) there is likely to be more understanding of enterprise network issues and the equipment is likely to remain supported for longer.

Leicester City councillors eye up iPad to save £90k a year

Peter Methven

Laptop or iPad

Ummm, maybe a laptop would do the same job, for lower price, and added into that they could replace the desktops with docking stations and save even more cash...

Or maybe this is just an IT engineers idea to score himself a free iPad "for testing" that has back-fired!

WTF is... Project Canvas?

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If it upsets sky...

A couple of thoughts:

1. I suspect if Virgin and Sky are strongly oposed then it is likely to be extremely beneficial for the consumer and increase choice.

2. This is a situation where the BBC can genuinely lead the world and produce something of real value from the license fee and are actually quite well placed to do so. The UK market is a fair sized market for technology and manufacturers ;if they see something that is well designed and reasonably easy to implement will look to roll it out into their hardware. After all much of the software will already have been written for them and it makes more sense to use someone elses R&D!

Exiled iPhone Wi-Fi apps move to Cydia

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WiFiFoFum is cheaper than Fluke devices for Wifi Scanning!

I frequently use WiFiFoFum in my day job, in a multiple wireless access point environment where the frequency (channels) and strengths of individual access points are incredibly important to ensure correct working of the overall system.

Students and academics expect their iPhones and Android phones to seamlessly roam from access point to access point without any drop out so overlapping cells have to be carefully setup for which WiFiFoFum is a cheap manner of sampling signal strengths and checking everything is working as planned. WiFiFoFum is a lot cheaper than buying a proper device from Fluke!

(Although there is a centralised management tool for managing thin access points every now and then things go slightly wrong and there is no subsititute for actually knowing what thin access points are doing.)

Air Marshal: RAF may not have to be disbanded

Peter Methven

Everyone assumes.

Everyone seems to assume that we should still be invading foreign countries... surely when money is tight and we are short on soldiers etc. we should be reducing our military to a defensive role of defending the UK home soil, and dependant islands and countries. In which case we don't need a seperate army, air force and navy.

How about having:

"Homeland Defence"

"Foreign Invasion Force"

At least then when we are sending troops abroad someone from goverment has to stand up and say:

"I have taken the decision to send the Foreign Invasion Force into country X for peacekeeping."

RSA crypto defiled again, with factoring of 768-bit keys

Peter Methven

All encryption is breakable with enough CPU cycles...

All encryption is ultimately breakable with enough CPU cycles, that was the first thing I was taught in a University module on cryptography 8 years ago several times.

Anyone who honestly thinks any key will encrypt your data forever is fooling themselves and you have to ask yourself whether what you are encrypting is ever going to be the target of 150,000 years of cpu cycles and whether at that point it will have been worth the effort to break the encryption!

Why Nominet disconnected 1,000 sites with no court oversight

Peter Methven

Its about time Nominet started to enforce their Ts & Cs

I don't see anything wrong with what nominet did here... as part of an ongoing police investigation they temporarily shutdown (and held shutdown pending further contact from domain owners) over a thousand sites that were being investigated, which were in breach of the Nominet rules and regulations.

In my opinion if you register a site with incorrect contact details in breach of the contract your site SHOULD be shutdown, even without police investigations. If only two sites were incorrectly shut down thats a pretty good accuracy in my opinon, I doubt whether our courts get that level of accuracy.

Google slapped in domain name spat

Peter Methven

I think the real issue is Froogle and Groovle

If you read the full history: Groovles objected to Google using Froogle for a "shopping comparison site" which is what Groovles claims to be. (Hence why its been rebranded to "Google Product Search."

Google then started this case against Groovles, offering to drop the case if Groovles ceased their objection to Froogle being similar to Groovles. (Communications that Groovles produced in the hearing),

Googles problem is that they cannot object to Groovles and Froogle being similar as Groovles has being using the site address since before Froogle was launched for the current purpose, and the owner can and has produced evidence of making an income from the site over that time (I.e. he isn't "just" domain sitting).

So actually it could be argued Froogle is trading off of Groovles known name in shopping comparison... so Google have gone for Groovle being similar to Google, which it clearly isn't unless you are quite seriously dyslexic!

Atheists smite online God poll

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Don't knock it till you've tried it.

Having made the effort to attend an Alpha Course, i would say don't knock it until you've tried it.

Yes it is Christian, and yes its ultimate aim is to educate you in Christian views, but actually it does raise some interesting questions and on the course I went on, there is not a major pressure to "convert". It does however put forward a well reasoned, case for there being a God which isn't solely based around "you must believe because I do" and also goes on to explain some of the bible teachings which most people never understand.

I've been on team building days for work which attempt more "brainwashing" than the Alpha Course, and are more sinister.

The worst complaint I have about the Alpha course is I always felt I couldn't turn an extra piece of cake down!

Apple gives Palm the boot - again

Peter Methven

iTunes isn't supplied with iPods

I've got to disagree with a few posts here:

1. Apple may not have a monopoly on operating systems on computers, but I would argue they DO have a monopoly on "paid for" music downloads.

2. iTunes isn't supplied with iPods, you have to go and download it from the Apple website and, iTunes functionality still functions if you do not own a iPod. I question the assumption that iTunes and iPods are the "same product" that is just very effective marketing from Apple.

That being said Apple make the software, they can do what they want, especially as no one is paying for the software "directly". If apple choose to make iTunes not work with any other products (or their own) that is their right at the moment until a monopoly comission decides they are a monopoly.

802.11n Wi-Fi to be standardised... at last

Peter Methven


Half the delays have been specificially because so many vendors jumped the gun so all the vendors were trying to ensure they could software upgrade their pre-n/draft-n hardware...

The netbook newbie's guide to Linux

Peter Methven

Steve ...

Steve, just for your info the issue isn't with "linux" itself, its with the interaction between windows and linux. Samba allows a linux machine to talk a "filesystem" which isn't native to the "operating system" and to share a linux native filesystem in a manner that windows can understand. I think thats actually pretty impressive!

Simply put windows uses SMB/CIFS and most unix systems use NFS, unfortunately no windows user ever sees the need to setup windows to talk NFS, but linux users often have a need to talk SMB/CIFS.

If you have all linux machines then the network file system (NFS) which can be native to most operating systems (including windows if people configure it) is one of the most straight forward networked file systems you can use. (in my opinion).

There are also gui file systems which will happily go off and see windows file shares, however for what ever reason the notebooks such as the acer one and asus eeepc have gone with other applications.

But I agree with your point about too many applications to do the same thing, its both a credit and a curse to GNU/LINUX.

How government will save you from P2P deviance

Peter Methven


Anonymous Coward, there are lots of legitmate uses for Peer-to-peer, just go and download a linux distribution for example, most major distributions prefer you to download via torrent, to save them money... I've downloaded more legal content via peer-to-peer in the last two years than illegal!

Once again the music industry shoot themselves in both feet.. they've missed the boat on peer-to-peer and are now trying to make someone else pay to build a speed boat to catch up!

Maybe if they pulled their fingers out as an industry and produced a peer-to-peer based universal download system that would allow me to download what I wanted in a format of my choice with a preview option then I would:

a) Stop buying CDs

b) Stop ever downloading illegally an album before buying it.

c) Buy my music online to use across a range of my personal devices.

Or they can continue on current basis and:

a) I stop downloading albums illegally to see if I like them before I buy them.

b) I stop buying any albums after getting stung buying 2 or 3 rubish ones in a row!

c) They loose even more sales!

BT opens wallet to send fibre to the home

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Make BT Infrastructure Not for Profit.

Of course if anyone had had any sens BT wholesale should have been set up as a NOT-FOR-Profit company in its own right responsible for the infrastructure. Then LLU might have had a chance of working. At the moment BT have no incentive to improve the infrastructure... it would just reduce profits, with little chance of return on investment. At the end of the day BT are a commercial company, not a state owned monopoly and have to act as such.

Pirate Bay slapped with copyright charges

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So the RIAA think that by closing one site down it will solve their loss of income...

So the RIAA think that by closing one site down it will solve their loss of income... hmm or maybe close one site down, 10 spring up in its place in a country which doesn't care too much about what American big business thinks.

Perhaps if the RIAA worked with places like the Pirate Bay and employed decent technical staff rather than layers they wouldn't be in the state they are currently in and would have a sensibly priced industry wide online music distribution mechanism. Roll over and die RIAA and big record companies you missed your boat and are irrelevant now.

Plus I agree its not illegal to "point" to copyrighted material which is all the pirate bay is technically doing.

BT Vision misses customer targets (by a shedload)

Peter Methven

Maybe of BT could find tell their asses from their glasses...

I'm another one who tried to sign up, for BT Broadband and Vision after moving house and after a month and a half of not having my broadband line "enabled" (the phone line was within 24 hours) I gave up and signed up with sky. 3 days later and my broadband was active.

I chased BT 4 times in the month and a half, each time being bounced around 5 departments before being cut off being transfered to a 6th department average call time per call was 2 hours! Email's I sent to their customer services remain unanswered 4 months later.

TorrentSpy shuts doors to America

Peter Methven

The RIAA have achieved more than they were hoping to achieve!

There is one thing I think everyone is forgetting here... This is not a victory to TorrentSpy it's a victory for the RIAA.

The RIAA have achieved more than they were hoping to achieve! Rather than having to chase individual’s who were using TorrentSpy with all the associated time and expense, the RIAA have just functionally managed to close the TorrentSpy down for the majority of American's who were using it.

A victory for TorrentSpy would have been to have told the RIAA to go and fly as they had no jurisdiction (forcing the RIAA to go after ISPs in the USA), or bring a case against them under European/ Dutch law - which the RIAA would struggled to win.

CSC cans project leaders

Peter Methven

Those with get up and go have already got up and gone!

My partner left CSC in the first round of "Voluntary Reduncancies" a year and a bit ago, at the time most people who were good at their job and could get a job elsewhere took voluntary redunancy and ran. Everyone suspected it was the first round of many redundancies that were going to happen.

Downing Street rejects Vista petition

Peter Methven

If its cheaper in the USA - Buy it from the USA

We live in a global economy... if something is cheaper in America then buy it directly from America!

I bought Windows Vista from an American website, and paid a significant amount less than the UK retail or OEM price.

People who walk into PC "Planet" or similar and happily hand over full UK retail price are being foolish and lazy as they've not shopped around at all. Business is business and any company will charge what they can get away with charging for a product.

Also to say if you don't like Windows don't buy it isn't always realistic, I have to do testing on a range of platforms including Windows 98, XP, Vista MAC OS X and Linux. The reality is a lot of people have Windows XP/ 98/95 and will be looking for an easy and safe upgrade path with a name they recognise, Microsoft offers that. SUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu etc. are all superb OS' but are not household brands and are unlikely to become so, they can't afford to advertise!