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Hi-torque tank engines: EXTREME car hacking with The Register

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Old Top Gear

Here's the merlin engine in a car:


Boffins build copper-crunching laptop cooler

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Hello ATI

Isn't this just Sapphire's method of cooling ATI graphics cards vapor-x:


Microsoft's Office ribbon hits Mac fans

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Here endeth the lesson


We just bought this for 100 users cost £75

Beeb sacks teaboy, hires Press Association

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It could be worse!

Some work experience must have come up with the "image" on this page:


Brits take iTablet moniker for 12in iPad rival

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Looks like its running XP in the publicity pic!

Canon Digital Ixus 200 IS

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Thumb Up


I got one for Christmas - grey import from America so a lot less then the uk rrp

We have had a lot of snow and the snow mode it offers is excellent took a fantastic photo of my wife and son just by pointing the camera at them - don't really need a viewfinder just experiment with the settings!

Overall I'm very impressed with the camera

UK, France mull Photoshop fakery laws

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All time favourite "photoshop" fail

This is from the bbc news website it contains my absolute favourite photoshop manipulation of an image - see if you can spot it:


more like mspaint and a bored work experience me thinks. How its still on the site I'll never know.


Intel tears up CPU branding scheme

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Hmm ratings

Will have to buy the eventual 11 star one - because these like go to 11.