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Fondle my slab, baby: Inside the tactile world of Apple-fan iDating


niche dating website with more woman?

If you ever want a dating website, based on a specific technology, to be leaning to wards woman, aim at webtv/msntv/tivo users. You would not believe how many bored house wifes use these boxes.

Adobe CTO paints Steve Jobs as Big Brother


think twice

If Adobe is beaten , you will have to 'buy a Mac or iAnything' to develop for the iphone!

A woman spends 287 days choosing what to wear

Black Helicopters


I am a regular reg reader and need less than a minute to pick a suit. all are black.

anonymously for obvious reason

My coat is the one with a neuralyzer in the pocket

Deal inked in US Navy 'R2-D2' raygun robo-turret plan


would it help against railguns?

No? Then please install it, to speed up the development of railguns.

US sinks $0.5bn into electromagnetic aircraft-throwers


title equired?

Nice article about using a rail gun as a catapult, but why mention the falkland island again to prove that it is needed.

ESA lifts world's largest telecoms satellite



No wonder that evreyone is thinking of Buzzword bingo w

With that high density of buzzwords any bullshit alarm should be triggered.

I bet you have copied the whole text from ESA to have a article around a picture, that shows a fully erected rocket taking off.

Stealthy click fraud tool exploits 9ball attack



since Every click on an ad is user-generated, the user is really showing interest in the ad.

for the advertiser it is not a fraud.

It is just only that google share on the revenue of the ad is lower than before.

Therefore I am sure that google will fix the api so that such a stealthy revenue diverter is not possible anymore.

Microsoft's Bing in travel trouble


has to be similar

It is a travel comparision , so that the majority of the web form has to be the same.

and the rest does actually look different.

only the color of the button is something that might cause confusions amongst lawyers.

Wikiland gets Euro data center

Black Helicopters

regarding the location of the datacenter

Is the data center water proof just in case of a flood?

Otherwise, after an hurrican in florida and a flood in the netherlands shortly after the accumulate knowledge in the wikipedia would be lost.

would not that be horrible? Think of the children ... who use it for school

Well, be maybe it would not be so bad...

black helicopter because sometimes things that look random are intended

Branson breaks ground on US rocketplane spaceport


where are the pictures ...

... that were not allowed to be taken ?

Student leader demands lectures be 'put against the wall'


curious mind wants to know

if lectures are shot who will create content for virtual teaching.

hang on.

is virtual refering to the media or to the value of the teaching ?


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