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Bill Gates drops $1m on laser-based malaria fighter


I wonder if they'd adapt

I imagine that eventually the mosquitos will adapt or grow comfortable with the light wall and no longer fear walking or flying through it.

Spend the 1m on mosquito nets and erect them around whole villages in Africa.

Smart doesn't necessarily mean better.

I like that Gates is continuing to share some of his wealth to help the world :)

Blue Coat owns up to Syrian Web-blocking


Why is it embarrassing?

Why is it embarrassing? They didn't sell their kit there, nor did they get caught selling their kit there.

Someone bought their kit and then sold it on. There's nothing they can do about that.

El Reg in email address blunder




echo 'WARNING: Your email is going out to '.count($email_addresses).' people. Are you sure you want to do this?';


Too much information


Too much info? Give it away

You didn't need to create this advertisement movie - you already showed us how to handle bulk data. We should just email our email databases out to 3000+ people and then write a jokey post about it as if it's no big deal and not actually email those affected, who might miss the story.

Crap alchemist jailed for poo-into-gold experiment


Jail for an accident?

Regardless of how misguided his experiment was, it seems a tad over the top to send it to jail over it. Yes, he screwed up, yes he started a fire - but surely he should just be liable for the damages, not thrown in jail!

Three questions that could put out Amazon's Fire



It's all about speed. Instead of having to download a media heavy 500kb page that's meant for a desktop with a proper resolution, your Kindle Fire will tell Amazon what page it wants and Amazons powerful cloud network will collect that page and then compress it down to a more manageable size for your mobile device. This saves you bandwidth and CPU processing, speeding up and generally improving your browsing experience.

I wouldn't be comfortable putting all my traffic through their servers but I can certainly see the benefits. Disabling it for HTTPS would be a start.

Royal Navy halts Highlands GPS jamming


How important is the jamming..

If the Navy are willing to turn it off after a few fishermen complain?

What other country would limit their military operations because of complaints from fishermen?

Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's fair for fishermen to lose out, I know how tight the margins are for most one-man traller boats. But surely the safety of the country comes before the profit of a small number of fishermen?

Schmidt ducks antitrust questions lobbed from Congress


Right on. If he continues like this, they just might get annoyed enough to do something about those crooks.

Hackers break SSL encryption used by millions of sites


If these guys have worked it out..

then I'm sure most governments have had this capability for many years

New Apple move against Galaxy Tab on Euro front


Work checking out

I always thought that If I was going to get a tablet, it would be an ipad. The prices aren't that different (for a decent tablet) so might as well go with the masses and get guaranteed new software regularly.

But now, with Apple making such a big deal other this, I'm actually really intrigued to check out the Samsung. They make some pretty decent Blueray boxes (not so great Freesat boxes it seems, lets hope software updates come soon for those).

Considering practically every slab looks the same, why are Apple getting so worked up over this one? It must be pretty feckin decent to have them this worked up!

Sky wins TV riot battle


Not that bad really :/

I'm not an apple fanboi but I'd have to disagree with you. Considering it was dark outside, its pretty good quality. My nokia would give me a nice big black blob if I tried to record under those conditions.


'The only people hurt are insurance companies"..

Some idiot commented on the video that this is only harming the insurance companies. What a load of nonsense.

Firstly, an increase in claims will cause a small increase to everyones insurance premiums. As we all know, nearly all forms of insurance provide a discount based on you having no claims. If you claim on your insurance this year, you can bet that your renewal price is going to be much higher.

Aside from your renewal costs going up, insurance premiums in general will increase as the level of claims increase, so it will also affect other businesses.

Many insurance companies will exclude glass cover (ie. windows) after 3 or 4 claims. That may sound like a lot of claims but that's not per year, that's overall. If you have a business in a busy high street (especially anywhere near a drinking establishment) then you'll know it's not uncommon to have your business' windows damaged.

Aside from insurance costs, because of this damage, a lot of businesses will be closed for a certain amount of time. That means staff won't get paid and the store will lose money. It also means that I can't walk down the road and buy a fucking scart cable (I don't want one, but you get the idea).

So please, don't be so naive to believe that the only people being harmed are insurance companies.

Grassroots Brit project plans .app top-level domain bid



So now every large company is going to have to consider making defensive registrations of TLDs. What a load of non-sense.

On counterfeits, fakes and Apple stores


They're authorised by Apple

They're authorised and given permission by Apple to sell their products under certain circumstances and their products come direct from Apple. So it's not like it's just some random guy who's writing 'APLE' on a bunch of dell laptops and trying to flog them.

Trying to deceive people into thinking it's a legit Apple store is probably against the conditions of being an Apple reseller.

So yeah, I emailed Apple after being unable to return a faulty ipod under the same conditions as a regular Apple store (there were fees involved and a very limited time allowance). If resellers deceive people into thinking they're official Apple stores then Apple should seriously consider revoking the permission they granted to the reseller.


Same in the Philippines

I actually emailed Apple to complain about a shop in the Philippines because it's branded and styled exactly the same as a legit Apple shop but is only an authorised reseller. They have their own rules on returns/replacements which are much more restrictive than Apples' official shops.

Hundreds of dot-brand domains predicted


confusing for advertising

Stick enjoy.coke on a sign and people will think nothing of it. Stick coke.com on the same poster and people might visit.

I guess there are ways around this, like using www.enjoy.coke (looks so odd) or "visit enjoy.coke to find out more" but it's still gonna look a bit odd.

So they're certainly not gonna wipe .com or .co.uk off the map.

Intel 320 SSD bug causes forum despair



Yes SSD drives have some problems but they're the best upgrade available for most laptops.

I bought a new OCZ 60GB SSD for under a 100 quid and it has made my macbook pro absolutely fly. Even if it died within 2 years i'd be happy with it!

Twitter hacker flings poo at PayPal


Or twitter has been hacked?

Might not be phishing/weak password.

BBC mulls talent Twitter ban to prevent storyline spoilers


Radio 1

i guess this explains why Chris Moyles made a joke on the radio 1 show this morning about not being allowed to mention twitter.

Earth orbit for £1,000? You must be joking



Wow, remind me to never voice an idea when you're around.


Quadcopter + helium

Couldn't you fill a weather balloon up with helium and attach a quad copter? Then have the quadcopter kick in when the balloon bursts to push it just that little bit higher, so it's in an orbit that wont fall back to earth?

The quad copter IS the satellite.

WikiLeaks sues Visa, Mastercard over 'financial blockade'


Lets see how this plays out

This will be interesting to watch play out.

I have to say though, If I was VISA/Mastercard, I'd probably have done the same thing. There's still ongoing legal issues over the information that Wikileaks is releasing. Why even risk getting yourself mixed up in that?

It's just good business sense to pull away from Wikileaks.

Sony bomby-batteries pre-fingered


More info please

The article doesn't explain why they're looking into Sony batteries. What's the problem with them?

You say that there was an exploding battery problem in the past, is it still the same problem?

Please fill in the gaps :)

Bloke ordered to remove offensive numberplate


I can see it from both sides

I can understand why the guy is annoyed at the DVLA trying to take his plate away. He bought it fair and square.

But at the end of the day, if the DVLA have the power to revoke a plate then it doesn't seem like he's got any choice but to accept a refund, drive on different plates and if he really thinks he has a case, take it through the courts.

PS3 hacker Hotz accepts job at Facebook

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That's me done then.

If this turns out to be true, i'll be one of the first to close my Facebook account.

Go Daddy on the block for $2.5bn


Domain hijacks

I've seen too many domain names hijacked by GoDaddy because of spam/abuse/fraud complaints. It doesn't seem to matter whether the complaints are actually genuine. There's many many many forum posts about how to screw over a competitor if their domain was purchased through GoDaddy. A few well crafted emails and GoDaddy will simply take it away from the owner.

So basically, I'm hoping they do sell and the new owners clean up that shambles of an operation. Then maybe people will come back to GoDaddy.

Feds declare victory over notorious Coreflood botnet


Here's hoping this doesn't set a prescendent

Lets hope that this doesn't set a precedent that the US can access peoples computers to remove something that *they* consider bad.

Oh yeah these guys have this terrible software installed called BitTorrent. We contacted 25 million users and 59 replied. So we went ahead and removed the software from 25 million machines.

Apple Snow Leopard update sets stage for Lion


Yes, it is every driver ever

The reason why practically any printer just works when you plug it into a mac is because every driver ever made (nearly :P) has already been downloaded and installed onto your system.

That's why the file is so large.

Winklevoss twins drop Facebook settlement appeal


Hoping for out of court settlement?

Perhaps they were just hoping for an out of court settlement to be offered. It didn't come so they gave up?

Who knows!

'Four million Amazon Tablets' ready for autumn - report

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I'm interested to see it. I was impressed by the Kindle but didn't buy one becaue I'm not much of a book reader.

I look forward to seeing what they come up with!

Apple, Google, Microsoft seek gargantuan tax break


Google need a tax break?

Don't they only pay something like 3-4% after they're finished bouncing it through Amsterdam and Ireland?

Apple dealers hit with Lion bar


oh please

don't be such a willy wonker!

Dropbox security fubar infuriates customers



I had just signed up and started using Dropbox. I didn't know anything about this. Now I'm worried about whether I should continue using it or not.

For a company that's handling millions of peoples files, how could they allow such a huge security problem to slip through?

For those saying "encrypt your files before uploading to dropbox" - that's easy to say but slightly impractical and difficult to actually do.

Google bypasses admin controls with latest Chrome IE

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F Google

You can tell they're an American company. They do whatever they want, even when they know its wrong or illegal and then just wait for the small fine/slap on the wrist.

The penalties given to Google are nothing compared to their earnings so they openly ignore rules and laws.

And now they're trying to set a new standard. Just like before. Oh no, we're not breaking copyright laws because we're giving you a way to block us (robots.txt). And now, oh but you can stop us by doing xyz.

How about I start robbing peoples homes and then my excuse can be - "But if you put a sign by your doorbell that says 'thieves/404', I wont rob you'. Works for Google, should work for me, right?

Elite UK police agency website downed by Lulzsec

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The only people impressed/amazed by DDoS attacks are non-techies who read the trip made up by major newspapers. Lulzsec are proving themselves to be as lame as Anon.

Adobe offloads unwanted Linux AIR onto OEMs


Not a fan of AIR

I'm not a fan of AIR but I do like what Adobe have done here.

Some companies would have scrapped it and that would have been the end of it. At least Adobe are trying to pass it off to others in the open source community who might do a better job of it.

I know that they're just trying to get their product on as much hardware as possible, but still, good idea :)

New malware ferrets out and steals Bitcoins


Sticky note

Just wrote the password on a sticky note and put it on the side of the monitor. Trojan can't read that!

Visual Studio infected with HTML5 by 'rogue faction'

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Good job MS! :)

Brit CompSci student faces extradition to US over link site


Poisoning the root DNS servers

The yanks have been going nuts hijacking domains. They basically poison the root DNS servers (apparently the sole property of the united states of assholes to do whatever they want with) so the domain is effectively knocked offline worldwide.

As someone else quite rightly said, the yanks need to fuck right off. They're pretty much doing a hitler and slowly taking over the world, by force. But everyones just sitting back and watching it happen.

Those that rose up and thought against hitler were called heroes. Those that rise up and fight against America are called terrorists. Interesting.

They want to extradite a fucking kid for linking to copyright material? get the fuck out of here.

Wireless networking without paying The Man, man



But If I, as a consumer, can buy a usb wifi dongle for 4 quid then surely someone buying them in bulk for whatever they're making could get them even cheaper? The licensing is already sorted by the seller of the wifi adapter, right? Or is that not the case? Would additional licensing by required?


What a load of Bollox

It's more expensive then wifi alternatives, even taking into account licensing.

Sony teases tablet fans with bizarre 'mousetrap' vid


Same video

Are we watching the same video? That was absolutely naff! Boring 2.0

Google urges background tab websites to throttle themselves

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More data please

So basically a nice way for google to grab stats on how long people are viewing pages and their general browsing habits. And they don't have to get the user to agree to it because its being submitted by the site owners and not the client.

Feds seize $15m from scareware monger's Swiss account

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Guilty until proven...

Oh wait, you don't even get a trial to prove your innocence.

Again the US does whatever the F it wants.

No trial, probably no actual proof given. They just take 100mil out of a bank account in another country and thats that.

Site appeals feds' unprecedented domain seizure


Really getting annoyed

I'm really getting annoyed with The United States of assholes hijacking DNS records to "confiscate" domains. AMERICA YOU DON'T OWN THE WORLD. GO F* YOURSELF

Council fined for randomly emailing personal data



You'd think that after the first incident, they'd have got in the habit of at least using password protection.

The newer versions of Excel (for example) encrypts a password protected file and currently the only (public) way to get to the info is by brute forcing the password. I'm talking about password locking the file, not a sheet (which is still insecure).

A peek inside Apple's iCloud data center



That's one hell of a DC

Win8: A beginner's guide to FondleWindows


Don't fix what aint broke

Why do MS insist on making the interface "simpler" to use with each release. Everything gets larger, with more of the UI eating up screen real estate and you have to jump through more hoops to multitask.

Apple Lion is going the route of iOS

Windows 8 is going the route to iOS


Skype pushes out Windows update following massive login glitch


Skype is decent

Not sure why people are bashing Skype so hard. I'm a big fan. I've never had any problems with it on Mac and it's still working despite this suposed glitch that some of you are experiencing.

@Skype encryption cracked: Same thing goes for most VOIP networks. Just that Skype is singled out because they're so popular.

Almost entire EU now violating Brussels cookie privacy law


Waste of time

It's a waste of time because the biggest offenders (like Google) will just continue doing what they do and then just blame it on a 'technical error of a single employee' when they get caught. And of course they'll get let off like they always do.