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Swarm of investors crave 'more shares than Facebook is selling'

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Profits warning issue - turkeys vote for Xmas

Facebook has already issued a profits warning, saying that mobile usage is eating at advertising revenues.

I wonder if the leemings/investors will change course? Perhaps they'll swarm towards sub prime instead..

Doctor Who girl Amy Pond axed in 'heartbreaking' exit

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I'll pay her handsomely to run around in a short skirt ....

Man sues boss for 'condemning him to eternal damnation'

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Let's face it, whatever his motivations, this bloke should not have been suspended for refusing to wear the badge & certainly not sacked. This is heavy handed management in the extreme & should be resisted by all n sundry.

Drinking alcohol wards off asthma

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What are the chances..?

I drink plenty & have asthma - the gods are against me

Adobe bets on Flash 11 to fend off HTML5 invasion

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Flash is going the same ways as applets (remember them, the once future of the web) & Java's Webstart. Bye, bye...

Israeli couple dub sprog 'Like'

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Could have been really worse

Brother called Everard, sister called Ophelia, surname of Dick - I kid ye not!

Diagramming for web development

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We use OmniGraffle for wireframes & high level site maps. I've tried online wireframe tools but have found it difficult to get clients to actually "sign off" online wireframes. They seem much more willing to physically sign off a printed pdf!

Man demands police protection from sex-mad missus

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They have kid?!?!

Kids are a pretty good prophylactic in my humble, frustrated, experience.

Paris coz, well you work it out

Chaps tolerant of girl-on-girl cheating by other halves

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IT Angle

From the Department of the bleeding obvious

What next, a study showing the correlation between gun ownership and death by gun shot wounds? Now that would be a revelation in the US!

Change to sustain public sector ICT spend

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Trebles all round for the big consultancy firms

These "reforms" are another example of the privatisation of public services - jobs in the public sector are sacrificed in return for more profit in the consultancy sector. All this talk of encouraging SME involvement in the public sector is just talk - its the DoLittle & TouchUp consultancy firms who will clean up & we (the taxpayer) will end up paying more for less.

Google axes Jobsian codec in name of 'open'

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Kettle calling the pot black

Its all a bit rich for Apple to call Google to the bar for failing to support "open" standards

Limping MySpace to offload half of workforce

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Dirty Digger does it again

Well, Rupert has screwed up again. Can't wait til his "pay wall" media empire goes the same way.

Is this another illustration that traditional businesses don't really "get" the internet? Is Friends Reunited is another case in point, or is it that these "social" networking sites have a limited life span, good for a few years until we get bored and move onto the next thing? If so, Suckerberg had better sell soon.....

Nottinghamshire back-end taken over by giant reseller

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Believe it when I see the £

How many times have these outsourcing deals actually saved taxpayers any money? Normally service declines and the company renegotiates the contract to extract even more for less.

Gov to resellers: Glory bonanza secrecy days are over. For real

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They always want "best of breed"

How many times have I heard local govt depts say they want 'best of breed" software, regardless of the actual requirement.

They start with a general requirement, that gets fed into a requirements committee (that usually has someone from Information Management who has a corporate "information strategy" that pushes up costs enormously) produces a wish list that means any "off the shelf" system needs substantial customisation, & they they then appoint the biggest supplier who naturally has the best sales people.

The then get a bookend system that is so particular to the one dept that it can't be used by other depts (yes, I know of a dept EDRMS that couldn't be used by any other dept), that adheres to the "information strategy" but uses proprietary protocols/api that mean it can't be integrated with other systems.

Sex abuse fax leak costs council £100k

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Why were they sending something so sensitive as a fax anyway? They can have no guarantee that the receiving fax machine is not in reception, for example. Furthermore, the barristers should know better than to ask them to fax information like this. Cock ups all round.

Apple threatens Java with death on the Mac

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Java is dying

Hmmm, try accessing your bank details w/o then, or doing stuff on a non iPiss phone, etc. Java is everywhere, not necessarily on the desktop but on the server, mobiles, etc, etc. Its the most widely used programming language around - more systems run on Java than will ever, ever run on Jobs' software.

Gosling blows lid off Jobs Java nonsense

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P*ss off Apple

I migrated from Windows to Mac some 2 years ago, not least because the Mac platform is closer to my average Java deployment platform (*nix) than the windows OS I was using.

However, increasingly I've become concerned with the attitude of Jobs - its reminiscent of Micro$haft's "embrace & extend" - monopolistic, arrogant and anti competitive. Now this announcement is the final staw - I'm not gonna upgrade my MBP, instead I'm going to either look at a Linux laptop or even Windows 7 - that's how p*ssed off I am.

And no, Java ain't as powerful as it once appeared but it's still an important platform all the same. I do wonder if this is Job's taking a side swipe at Google & Android?

Paris cause Jobs is screwing us all

Osborne details painful cuts for UK

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Feckin tory shites!

Screw the poor, protect the rich - same old, same old Thatcherite bollox. And when we've hit the bottom of the next depression, they'll still be sitting sweet.

Leicester Council's iPad can chair meetings

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Feckin Jobs-worthies

Laughable excuses of councillors caught bang to rights - with such poor quality excuses it makes you wonder how dim Leicester's councillors really are, or how dim they think we are.

From a Leicestershire resident .....

Janet, E2BN procure network for education and local authorities

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Synergy Myngery

Synergy never leads to cost savings - it's consultant speak for gravy train!

Microsoft: Silverlight youth beats Flash experience

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Java Web Start

Both Silverlight & AIR remind me of Java WebStart (JWS) technology that was kicking around some 5 years ago - a way of delivering 'desktop' apps over the internet. JWS never caught on, which was a pity because you could write real RIAs using familiar technologies such as Swing, which could access OS resources while running in a sandbox.

I wonder if AIR & Searchlight are in any way superior to JWS or just have better marketing depts behind them?

Council backs down on CRB checking grown-up lecturers

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One way of stopping dissent

Its not stretching the imagination too far, is it, to see how this type of approach could be used to stop any kind of public meeting? I mean, how would your local extremist, (anti nuclear protester, green campaigner, etc) be able to get CRB checked under these regulations? This could mean the effective end of (public) free speech!

Or am I just being paranoid?

Men allegedly broke into computers of former employer

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Silly people

The last time I was made redundant (2002), all my access rights were deleted during my 'exit' interview. I was then escorted to my desk to retrieve personal belongings & then out of the building. Anything else seems strange to say the least ....

Olympic builders hit with biometrics - local residents next?

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Backdoor ID cards

http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/thumb_down_32.png Seems an obvious attempt to introduce ID cards through the back door.

First, soften us up by targeting 'dodgy' builders, then widen the net to trawl in other suspect groups (doctors, nurses, IT contractors .. the usual suspects) & then only those with something to hide will be left outside the system (crooks, terrorists, bankers, MPs) & full liberty to do as they please.

Amazon pumps sky-high Big Data cruncher

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Does anyone understand any of this?http://www.theregister.co.uk/Design/graphics/icons/comment/wtf_32.png

Home Office kicks ID cards into touch

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It's the database stupid

The database is the big issue - ID cards were only going to be a way of querying the database. The Govt & Tory opposition are committed to the database project - once that's done, ID cards of some flavour are the logical outcome, since no point having a database the authorities can't query.

When both Labour & Tories are committed to the database, its obvious that elements within the state have made support for it mandatory - there's a whole another story going on here that we haven't been told about. Why do we need to store biometric data after all? Aren't photos & fingerprints good enough for every day use? Not if you have some other reason for targeting large sections of the population...

paris, cause i fear we're all fecked on this one, esp when Tory boy & his Eton chums are 'running' the show