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Apple tablet unveiling brought forward

Patrick 14

Ipod tablet

It would be good to see somethng like a 6" screen ipod touch with a 1024*768 screen for real web

also only need to drop in the same cpu but at 800mhz and gpu from the iphone 3gs and 512mb system ram and it could do it for £350-£400

slap in 32- 64gb flash and its a great system. and would even eat into the xbox and ps3 market as the games would still look good on a 6" screen as it would just be able to still pocket it just.

And of Cause it would run all ipod touch apps to.

But what the fuck do i know lol

Samsung intros skinny watchphone

Patrick 14
Paris Hilton

I have made video calls on the 10th and 11th july 2009


My wife had gone to london. and when we tried to make the calls out of 5-6 we did only one time was we able to see each other without some silly colour cock up happening.

And was using K810i and Vario2 to do it. and its in the mins from t-mobile from what i can tell..

Only did it so the kids could "see" there mother lol.

But when it did work right it was clear. and at least there is no limit to the amount you can do over the 3g unlike most "usb 3g modems" that do not like you to stream video lol...

Paris cause even her "video" was not as bad as video calls look lol

Sony whips up fresh Walkman players

Patrick 14
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Why do they make mp3 players any more, the likes of Sony etc. then they allow you to use itunes?

I'm not a fanboy of apple. but come on its is one of the better legal methods of getting stuff onto the ipod iphone etc.

I know you can buy the cd's and rip them. i never used to buy audio tracks as i used the free internet radio just to listen, but got bored, but since getting my ipod touch then the iphone 3g. I have got loads from itunes...

Steve icon, he may be the Devil but the shit works well

World+Dog will buy 33m netbooks in '09, says analyst

Patrick 14

@ Tony Smith

The 701 had Celeron cpu. the 901 and the toshiba have the atom and the HP a Via CPU.

So yes I did try them and found out no matter what CPU they have, they are all Rubbish.

And for the record I was not trying to play 3D games on them.

Patrick 14
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Why do people buy these rubbish little machines.

I have used them since the eee pc 701 4gb. that one had crap wifi. had 901 Toshiba NB100 had the HP 2133 nice but hot and slowish. i fund this faster on IE but not much

and two of them was sent back as they was that rubbish the 901 took 5 mins to boot to xp that i could use.

I find them slow at just about everything. IE , video play back etc etc.

my wife has a old Dell D400 which has a "Centrino" 1.6ghz and intel video and leaves this shower of netbooks standing. came with external dvd and was only £180 and bluetooth too.

One seller in Manchester is doing the D400 but with some screen marks for £90 each but no dvd rom.

if you pay the upto £40 from ebay for a brand new battery you can still get good time on these notebooks.

And with the size of the netbooks now getting over 10" its silly not to get a decent centrino based 12" sub notebook.

I still have a old Sony picturebook with the P2 400mhz cpu and if it had access to the 1gb most netbooks have i feel it would match them for speed if not beat them...

and why did i buy so many netbooks. I was hoping they would be better with the other CPUs...

Rant over

Paris as even she is not that stupid...

Pssst... Apple tablet on way, whisper Chinese moles

Patrick 14

It won't be a Mac if it's using an ARM CPU, more like an iPhone tablet.

I guess the G3 and G4 and G4 ibooks i have owned was not mac's then as they had Power Pc cpu's

? what is a MAC apart from a water proof coat lol.....

iPhone makes eyes at T-Mobile and Orange

Patrick 14

its only a phone....

I like my iPhone. I do not like 02. they are there to provide a service and its works sometimes.

I have had windows mobile over the years and when i am not having to reset it due to locking up. it was very slow.

to be honest I am not that bothered about it been on any one network. but I do feel when i get to the end of my 18 months I should be allowed to unlock it for any network, as I will have paid the price 02 wanted to stay with them for the 18 months. I did not sign up for a life time contract with 02.

its costing me £864 for the 18 months as i pay around £48 every month. at the end of it the phone is mine, no one elses. but then they say you cannot leave us and if you do it becomes a very dear ipod touch....

UK Palm Pré carrier confirmed

Patrick 14


Hopefully. its more stable than the iphone 3g as of sometime this week. I will be on my 3 iphone 3g

The last refurb did not even last 24 hours before it all went wrong and ibricked...

UK DVD sales plunge...

Patrick 14

I think I know why DVD sales are down Its .....


I have a Toshiba Laptop L200 1JV with a HD DVD in it.

And when I walked into Game Station and see brand new (not preowned ) FILMS AT £1.99 each

I got 19 of them lol. NO really I did

The laptops hooked up to my 37" LCD TV and it still hd films just not on blue ray and around 10* cheaper.

So no DVDs for me lol....

Coat icon as I'm Looking for money to get this years tech........LOL

Owners say iPhone 3GS is a scorcher

Patrick 14

the word "hot"

To me this is when my iPhone was that hot i could not keep it touching my arm due to the amount of heat it was giving off.

I have had a replacement as the one i had would not take my password unless i kept syncing with itunes. then would only last for so long.

What is strange it only came with OS 2.2.1 installed and not OS 3.0 and starts with the 5 on the serial number...

Patrick 14

Hot stuff

My iPhone was in airplane mode and was playing music on shuffle repeat all.

while under pillow.

So no gsm radio running as i have 3g turned off.

wif or bluetooth not on.

Yet very hot to touch and flat battery on OS 3.0

On OS 2.2.1 no problem with heat and even when one time i did leave phone turned on it was still playing music when i woke up and not hot.

Also I di dfind on OS 2.2.1 that sometimes If i got a call the screen would not come on and it was out in the open...

Patrick 14

Its the OS 3.0

I was using my iphone 3g every night to goto sleep with on the os 2.2.1 and all is well. and under my pillow.

First time I used it with OS 3.0 full charged and the charger was removed on the way to the bedroom and only on no more than 5 hours 30 mins as i went at 11:30pm and up at 5:30am I woke up and it was very very hot and the battery was total flat. and this was fully charged..at bedtime

Never had this problem at all with os 2.2.1

Also my iphone does not like my password, i have to sync it every time to get it to take my aol password which i have used with my iphone since getting it and has been my account details since i had the ipod touch 2nd gen, and all apple put in an email was the link for the forgotten password site. and this is on OS 3.0 again

Its sent to Apple's/O2 repair place and if its no better it will be cancel contract time...

Fire icon as that was how hot it was after 5 hours

iPhone 3.0 - born on schedule...

Patrick 14
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I was able to update mine. but got really fedup with the 02 MMS mess up.

I even did a restore to try and get it to work. then this morning got out of bed and it worked.

Anyways. I think it has got slower. seems to take a bit longer to notice i have pressed a "button"

I have had many phones over the years and still have a Vario 2 on t-mobile and that has WM 5 on it. and it has a real keyboard lol.

WM has been rubbish since day one. I'm no iphone fanboy but I know when something works and just about everytime the iPhone does.

I have noticed I used to have to do lots of resets on WM.

The iPhone has some problems. it does not like most of my bluetooth devices and takes what seems like an age to work with them. so times its picks them up sometimes it does not.

Also I hate it when the screen does not come on when i get a call. and that means i miss the Wife Phoning, My mistake that might be a good thing...

I really want apple to update the iPhone so we get the fastest possible speed from the 600+ cpu

I have to charge mine a few times a day as it is, so it would not make that much diff to me. or have a CPU speed control for people that need phone battery life over fuction sometimes.

The iPhone may not be the best phone in most people eyes but it does work and in most cases is stable. to me that makes it worth more as I can use the phone when i want to and it work...

Paris even she is not that Dumb to use Windows Mobile OS



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