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Hands on with the Motorola Razr Maxx

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Re: The one I'd have to recommend

odd Cause my watch battery lasts 5 years lol

Hands on with the Huawei Ascend G300 low-cost Android phone

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There are selling faulty mobile to us

Take a look here http://android.modaco.com/topic/353401-huawei-loudspeaker-issue-definitely-software-related/ if no link showing goto google and search for modaco g300 and look for loud speaker issues


if yours is doing the same phone there Uk london based centre on zero two zero seven two six six seven seven zero zero. they take details and then pass it on to someone.

With enogh people they might do something.

Patrick 14

NO leave it well alone

iPlayer does work and you can install flash 11 for google play.

the amp for the rear speaker is a joke. its way to low even at max.

The screen when rotating sticks around 45% for a while then carrys on.

the phones feels nice but the back cover is a pain to remove had mine a few hours at this point in time and already marked the bit you pop it off at.

Orange San Francisco 2

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Just get the Sony Ericsson live comes with music, aka WT19i, Orange do it in the UK for £129 (argos) plus topup, three do it for £99.99 plus topup and this has the same cpu/gpu as the Xperia play just the lower 3.2" 480*320 screen, but does flash and has xloud stereo speakers. great little phone and runs most games too. it was able to run gta too but that was pulled for this phone as the makers made the mistake of allowing it to be installed on any handset wether it worked or not on the launch day but it did work and yet they still pulled it, also Sony's launcher is pants launcher pro is better and faster. Only sold mine because I got a used open Atrix for £175

Netflix vs Lovefilm

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Netflix plus 1

I had love film via my Sony TV and it was rubbish, the picture was poor and I'm on 20-40mpbs fibre to cab.

I'm now on netflix free trial so far its ok, Its very good in HD and I do like the fact the picture gets better as you start to watch it on pc.

Only fed up as Sony do netflix in USA on my TV yet not over here?

And for the Muppets that says the offer is only open to facebook need to goto Specsavers. try the top right corner for the normal sign up page that I used.

China gets 64 quid Android 4.0 tablet

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I find this very funny. You will find out if you visit the Website mipsdotcom its made by a real company and mips is a very old cpu type that was big back in the day with pocket pc's

Just because you are the type pf person that does not know what you are buying and from the sounds of it you might have been stung in the past, get over yourself.

Things come down in price, did you kow the dual core cpu in the Kindle fire only costs $14 . The screen is only around

it Company like Apple that have over priced goods cause they look good and the iSheep just buy them.

Rumoured iPhone 5 'will have 4in screen' against Jobs' wish

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I own an unlocked Orange Monte Carlo aka ZTE Skate.

its got a 4.3" screen but still keeps the 800*480 res, the point is you can make bigger but keep the res of the iphone 4s.

Yes it will not be retina Display but thats just a fad is it not, I have owned a iPhone 4 in the past and yes the screen is nice, but 4" nicer.

Ofcom boss warns of low interest in 'superfast' broadband

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I'm on fibre to cab. As I'm at the end of my local exhange. My line via ADSL was ruuning at 2.5mbps.

only problem is BT is Dragging its feet as it took 3 months to switch my line over to the new box just 5 metres if that from their box.

Now the Digital Region box is around 350metres from my home and I have a download around 30mbps stable ( 40mbps service ) and a upload speed of 7.5mbps.

its only £25 a month where as my adsl was aol and was £15 with a 40gb limit and around 445kbps upload

i have two kids that love youtube videos and a wife on facebook all the time and I use steam game and onlive game streaming service . when we are all online you cannot even tell. but when we had the ADSL, you could tell even simple things like updating the Os on our pc's took forever

I still have my phone with BT as the ISP I use does not do voice calls. and VOIP is rubbish even at faster speeds ( the ISP I use has a VOIP for their home based staff ).

Until you use it and make use of it you do not really know you do need that kind of speed.

I also have a Sony 32" Tv with internet tv and we do use it for BBC iplayer and it needs 3.5mbps for better a stream thats not even classed as hd

Price-slashing fails to ignite PlayBook sales

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Yeah I had a Got a used Acer A500, what a slow pile of cr-p that was, no really buggy as hell, even when typing text in to any box on the web broswer it crawled. sold it on ebay took a 90 loss to get rid of it 5 days after getting it.

I was going to get the playbook before the acer but shop said acer better.

two days ago I got my playbook. As I found they had lowered the Price, And Compaired with the Acer its a Rocket.

Only grip is games on it cost about 10 times more, £4.99 for one when only 60 odd p on Android

So yesterday Got a Used Motorola Atrix. for sat nav and games and only £190. as I have loads of apps for it.

I do like the Playbook its the right size and feels great, And yeah I know not many have been sold.

If people tried it for a while instead of a quick store demo, it might grow on them. stores are letting people down.

I was in Best buy and they never had one working right and internet use was a no no, And if you go into the likes of PC World and ask to see internet speed on a device, you might have well have asked them to donate there own Blood. but my guess is to stop people from finding out how sh-t low price netbooks are lol back in the day.

Only thing that pissed me off was you cannot use it until it has checked online for an update, then you have to wait for a Just under 400mb download and install. I'm lucky I'm on fibre to cab @ 40 mbps but not everyone is. So if no internet via wifi no playbook use.

And the Video preview it has on it looks bloody good too. I keep playing it..

Ten... Androids to outshine the iPhone 4S

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You can get the Xperia Play for £200 from expansys and just over that at clove

Its not bad but I found the camera very very slow.

Orange Monte Carlo budget Android smartphone

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this has the same CPU as the galaxy ace and I own the galaxy ace. I did try playing with the Monte Carlo in a orange store and it was very slow.

the res on the ace is 320*480 and runs at 59fps on neocore.

plays the first angry birds no problems and need for speed etc.

even has tethering option too.

and only £149 at cpw with normal top up on three network

Vodafone Smart Android smartphone

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Why bother with new buy second hand

I got the Wife a used Sony X10i and that was only £95 from local Cash converters. It was £100 but got it cheaper as the screen was very badly marked. But I knew it had the screen protector on from factory so under that it was mint. which it was

So you can get a 1ghz phone for less than £100 if you look around, There was a moto defy the otherday in another CC store for £99 only 800mhz but still fast I've owned one and it was just a bit slower than the galaxy S on the neocore score.

Fujitsu installs Windows 7... on a phone

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If it

if it won't run Just Cause 2 I don't want it

HP TouchPad 9.7in WebOS tablet

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I like the Pre

I like webos.

I have owned most brands and models of phones upto the iPhone 4 Which i got got secondhand.

I have gone back to the pre. yes I did like the iphone but I find the pre works and gets the job done with no fecking about.

and unlike android when you close an app. its closed.

Over clocked cpu to 1ghz and freetether installed.

Also unlike android the cpu can play games etc. buy a low spec android mobile like lots of people do and they expect it to run just about everything in the market.

I want a 7" webos tablet. but for now will make do with my Dell streak 7" wifi

HTC Flyer 7in Android tablet

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7" all the way

I get what you mean about 10". its to big. I've owned the ipad (9.7" WTF ) and I feel its to big for most job's.

Gone down to 7" Dell streak 7 wifi ( £165 as new grand A cex with 5% off ) and apart from rubbish viewing angles its great. Very fast quadrant standard score of just over 1700.

And it has GPS built in too which show me a ipad that does without 3g.

Flash is good too better than other phones I have used

And I use a Palm pre unlocked and most stable smartphone compaired to most Android. I know I owned quite a few of them LOL...

Dixons Advent Vega

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Ipad or vega or maplin scroll ?

I had a Vega and found it to be rubbish, The screen is a joke , I now have a Maplin scroll with 2.1 and that has better veiwing angles than the vega. The archos 101 was even worse. but that was reduced in Currys.digital as it was a customer return and went down more than a working girls knickers

I've had 2 ipad's so far in a week only returned due to first having major backlight bleeding and second just started to corrupt my music, which i did a restore on and it just gave up

so not getting a third.

took wife out spent some of the refund money and ended up with the maplin scroll.

The touch screen is a joke but it does play videos well. nice clear screen

the battery does under 2 hours, and only cost £30 less than My used Motorola Defy thanks CEX

Claims to have open GL2 support but very few games run right on it bits missing etc. Also having to turn the thing 180% to get it the right way up.

I have rooted g1 and san francisco etc and its easy in most cases, but as the vega's backlight was faulty, it was strippy light and dark. it had to go back.

Want unlimited net etc use O2 based spin off giffgaff

Six... budget Blu-ray Disc players

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I have one too

I had the tesco one that cost £80 was £59 but not when i got there.

So popped to Asda and got this one. As the Tesco one had problem making its mind up if i pressed the on board eject button. upto 4 times to get it to eject even with NO disk in.

Its miles faster than the tesco one and the eject button works.

Great player and do like the fact it does remember the last place, but I found out it did this on a DVD that i had in the player but have taken it out part way in and watched something else in it. Strange but true.

Vodafone 845

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Why waste money on this. You can buy a basic nokia 5230 for just over £60 and get 640*320 res if you need some for net.

I got the HTC Desire only £30 for it and t-mobile only has a fair use of 3GB per month on it.

and if you look at mobiles dot co dot uk you can get them for loads less on most networks..

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 smartphone

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I have this x10i.

And yes the battery is bad, but after turing off the 3g signal and the data for mms and data service. it does last longer. also does not eat into my Unlimited 750mb limit data from orange LOL.

The sound is way to low in all calls etc and i mean low.

The screen is great, but does need a few taps sometimes.

I do miss pinch to zoom, coming from the iPhone 3gs i was used to it for web pages etc.

Must say the web does look better thanks to the higher screen res.

I have copilot installed, locked up twice but apart from that works better than iPhone version due to the simple fact as soon as you start to move again you have the correct marker again.

Found it works well with my unlocked E5830 mifi so thats ok. oddly I get a better signal in shops using the x10 with mifi on orange than I do with the x10 on orange via the 3g on the phone with data turned back on etc.

Only thing that really lets it down is lack of killer games like iPhone has. so do miss that side of things.

Sony takes aim at Apple iPhone, iPad

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Lets hope its as good as the Nokia N-gage was.

it will be No touch screen and another fecking memory format. unless they notice SD is going well. or no memory slot like me Nice LOL iPhone 3gs

And hopefully it will take the UMDs too.

"Fail" Well it is a Sony

Sony readies revamped netbook

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Like they have said before me the screen is rubbish.

My HP DM 1010sa has a 11.6" tft with 1366*768 and thats just about right for the panel size.

And the DM looks better than this and only was £349 when i got it.

Fail well it is a Sony

Yes, the Googlephone works in Blighty

Patrick 14


if the link works take a look its going to cost you an extra £61.25 for duty etc


I think I will wait a bit longer, And it might be on sale in April at the Gadget show live

If its not unlocked on vodafone, which to be honest why would it unless Google tell them too...

O2 grovels for London network failure

Patrick 14

ha ha ha

You lot think its bad not been able to use DATA. I have problems even trying to make phone calls. And what is really getting to me is the O2 site service checker, the "coverage" is only on street eg NOT in your home. I can get a bloody good 3g signal in my Garden, but unable to get a decent signal at all inside, unless I want to make phone calls on the toilet...And I live in a Bungalow near a Major Town.

I guess its my own stupid fault I had a K850i on t-mobile but had a iPod touch And when someone came round to do a gas check they had a iPhone and the speaker was loads louder in the touch. Plus it was a phone, so I signed up within days DOH..

I was also told not to expect to be able to make calls in my home when i called O2 and even orange said the same. God knows how the people that use the Mobile 3g laptop dongles do anything inside...no wonder you get a "Free" laptop too.....

O2 takes a Christmas break

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Not had problem with data as I use my home wifi, BUT I cannot make fecking phones calls from my sofa. When it got this bad with 3 I left them..and that was not at the end of a contract. Screw them, if no service I'm not paying why should i, and yes I know I signed a contract with them, but it works both ways, I even had letters from them telling me the service was bad in my area..that was 3, let hope 02 get there finger out.

Parrot to cast iPhone as games console controller

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Never mind

Nvere mind using the iPhone to control other rigs. Get a clip on analog stick etc for this phone. I have man sized hands and hate the bloody small buttons game makers use for there apps/games etc.

Japan falls for the iPhone

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ha ha ha

The iPhone is like a DRUG its good but we all know we should not use it LOL.

I have had just about every "smart" phone from the makers and when using them you was forever having to reboot from a lockup which happened just about once a day if you was lucky.

Nokia smart phones where so god damn slow.

Yes the iPhone is locked down tighter than a nuns PRIVATE BITS, BUT it does work. there is something about how clean the OS is. yes you cannot use most bluetooth device's with it. etc etc

If the likes of Microsoft with its windows mobile rubbish was as slick and as fast and they had something like iTunes then maybe they would rule the world. But look at how long they have been going and look what they have done. NOTHING in the way of Apple. Yes you can install most things and use bluetooth GPS etc. BUT the OS cannot handle it.

And NO I don't own a mac or imac etc, but I know a good phone when I see one.

And most people slag off The iPhone without even using one for say a week etc.

And yes I'm a married man of 36 with 2 kids and not some spotty teen that talks out of there arse...

Job cause he is the Devil but his shit works

Samsung Bada: UI shots spied on web

Patrick 14


Its another no support OS more often than not.

There will be few apps games for it. they Just trying to get the iPhone market.

Good look to them. Because if they make a decent phone maybe Apple will make a even better one. LOL

Yes I have an iPhone 3gs etc etc. But what I really want to do is be able to make fecking phone calls in my house. And I live very near a large'ish Town.

Its a fecking joke when you can surf the web via wifi over my HOME PHONE LINE. but its not that often I can make a phone call from my settee. what a fecking Joke.

but if I stand outside my house in the front garden I can get faster 3g internet than my phone line does. for fucks sake...upto 4mb where as my phone line does upto 3mb on a good day 1.5mbps on a normal to bad day arghhhh

Look in pocket for a better signal?

Thai firm flies in early-80s style keyboard PC

Patrick 14


why the feck are we going BACKWARDS interms of computer power.

they need it putting where the sun does not shine...keep this trash off UK shores

Fanbois spy future iPhone in log file

Patrick 14

12 month refresh

I have a way round the 12 month refresh.

I have a iphone 3gs and the wife got my old 3g so thats due to end in august on 02 network so I get the lastest iphone then and she then gets the 3gs LOL

Sorted, I'm more than happy and she has to make do....

Lite-on ETDU108 slim DVD drive

Patrick 14

I have one..

I have this model and its great.

it works well on an old 701 8gb i had a while ago.

but some early laptops cannot power it. as it claims on the back it need's DC-5volts at 1.5A

There also do a writer version for only £42.50 which comes with the double usb lead.

Only stupid thing about it is the four feet on the bottom are not as higher than the cable that fits in the back. so does not sit right on table when not in use. also the usb plug is the wrong way up so you have to twist the cable round to put it in a normal usb port..

Intel to fast track Atom 2.0 introduction

Patrick 14

Why bother

I got myself a secondhand Dell d410.

Nice small 12" screen. 40gb hd upgraded to 160gb.

came with the longer life battery 4-5 hours+

2gb ram ddr2 @667

total cost £130 for laptop with 512mb ram upgrade to 2gb over 2 sodimm £16 from cex.co.uk

Hard Drive was £46

Total £192 and thats with the Centrino 1.86ghz cpu with warranty too...

Laptop from www.computermarkets.co.uk the manchester show.

and the laptop is in really good condition and so is the battery like new the battery

Show me a netbook with those specs for that money hang on you can't

Nintendo confirms big-screen DSi

Patrick 14


They are getting very Close to iPod touch prices, I was going to get my kids a new dsi for Xmas as they only have ds and ds lite, but I can pay from nothing to £4.99 for good games on the touch..

They still have there ds's for there games they own now, so it's very close call...

And they are able to use my 3GS iPhone ok...

Nationwide Freeview tune-up takes place today

Patrick 14


@ Lionel Baden

Yes I feel your pain about Reaper. there was loads left to do with that show.

Also flash forward, might be worth a look. lets hope its not as stupid as LOST..

I'm getting sick of crap show like friends going on forever due to repeats etc, yet good funny show getting canned with in the first/second series.

But I pay the Sky tax for HD, But will still have to retune my freetv but only for when there are three things on at the same time LOL

Vodafone joins the iPhone throng

Patrick 14

Its funny

I'm no fan of Apple, BUT over the years I have had a number of the Dumb Smartphones from palm windows mobile etc, and to be honest they was shite.

Slag off Apple all you want but the iPhone works. Its that simple.

I can cannot even remember all the times MS phones needed a reboot to work again, just about everyday.

Yes its not the most upto date phone spec's . its one of the mobile I use the most ever.

Its quite stable i only have the 8gb.

Before if I wanted a quick look on the net I would get out my laptop, where as all I have to do is start wifi and I can view the websites I look at.

like I said Knock Apple all you want but it WORKS

And if you have never used one long term then Please leave it alone...

It can also make phone calls to LOL

Orange gets UK iPhone deal

Patrick 14

No orange for me

I was with Orange for 18 months, just before the end of my contract, I moved home.

I was not able to make phones calls in my Home any more. When I asked Orange, they told me that was normal. Nice

And only live three miles from a large Town.

O2 are not great but I can just use it in my home if needed.

And don't get me started on how bad o2 data service is

Packard Bell dot m/a netbook

Patrick 14


I do not have a problem with PB, but I do have a problem with crap battery life and no cpu power.

I cannot see why they do not use the low power core duo or even a core 2 duo.

for the stupid money they are asking they could use a Real CPU drop in a 4400mah battery and still get over 2 hours battery if not more.

I had the Philips X67 a while back with a Intel Core Duo Processor U2400 1.2GHz, 533MHz, 2MB Cache. this was netbook size but had dvd rewriter and good speed and was only 1.6kg

3D tech-agnostic set-top box designed

Patrick 14

never mind 3d

whats the point. I paid for a hd tv, and got Sky HD (£29), but show me where the take up of that is for every program on TV. not even Top Gear is HD, but last of the Summer wine is?

Never mind 3d, get me a full hd service first.....then maybe in about 5-10 years I might do 3d LOL

TomTom UK and Ireland

Patrick 14


I have the co pilot satnav and it was not much use until the update.

It still has problems with roads that been there since Jesus was a boy but. it does work well.

One other thing I have found, if you are coming up to say a right turn then a left say when crossing a dual carriage way it will only tell you one of the turns even when you really need the first one and not the last.

One other thing most pound shops do ipod to usb power cables for £1 and the 12 volt to 5 volt usb for £1.00 and you can get a large holder in tesco from £6.97 most days that will hold the iphone. so there is no need for people to moan about not been able to get a holder/charger for the iphone. and mine is still full working. and if the cable is not long enough you just have to use a usb extension cable lol....

Apple's iPhone loses carriers money, claims researcher

Patrick 14

Glad i o2 not making money

I am glad if O2 are not making money. I was on Holiday last week in Torquay and I had a full 3g signal on my iphone and a crap 3g signal on my O2 pay as you go dongle.

While on call O2 to sort something else out I asked O2 why the difference and he told me the iPhone 3g network is for only text and voice NOT DATA and the Dongle is only for data. so there you go its one big con.

The dongle had around a 1/3 of the full bar and the iPhone 3G had full 3g signal....

He even told me that they use two different coverage Maps when people ask them to check for cover for there area....depending on what they are using. phone or dongle.

And when I get home still got good 3g on iphone but only GPRS on dongle arghhhh

And only had O2 dongle as I got it free with a wibrain from Gadget show live this year

Channel 4 to go 3D

Patrick 14

WTF what happened to ALL channels going HD, My TV is ready

I just want more HD crap for my Large TV I was conned into buy as I wanted HD tv shows from every channel but now its 3D, is that for some reason cheaper to make than HD.

I have sky+HD and want something but fucking football to watch on it.

What a bloody joke.

And the Chuck glasses are on tv and sat at £1.20 a copy and out now.

Also Virgin one's website was posting out for free. So i have two pairs LOL

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7

Patrick 14

Hope its not slow

I have just got rid of a TZ4 as it was very slow at doing most things even in the fully auto with auto scene type.

And don't get me started on the slowwwwwww focus.

The stupid 15 min video limit is a joke, and the best part of the camera was when i handed it to the person in cex while trading it in.

Gone back to canon and happy again....

Samsung's second Android spied online

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Yes I own one ( iPhone 3g that is )

I had to go without my iphone for 3 weeks while it was in for repair due to os 3.0 going funny.

but i treied to use a wm smartphone and god it was hard.

also yes everyone bags on about the iphone and fanboys etc etc but the shit works the itunes app store etc etc it all works.

The only thing letting it down is the shitty GPS signal..

The features on the iPhone may still be behind most other brands but as a package it works and yes it really does work...


Mr Job's as he maybe the Devil. but he knows his shit....

Sony reveals slim PS3, drops price

Patrick 14

Why get it at all

Just get the New Ipod touch if its out in september and pay of 59p for games.

say £169 for ipod touch then that leaves you with enough money to buy 137 59p games LOL...from the £250 and its web and ipod player and ipod video too. etc etc ..

Why bother with The PS3 as its rubbish ( i have had 2 so far lol )

And yes the Xbox 360 controller is miles better and I also have it wireless on my laptop

My two son's 4 and 9 both have there own Xbox 360's the 4 year old had a wii but got upset as he wanted to play the same games his brother was...so traded in for a xbox 360 ....

They never wanted to play on the PS3 LOL...

TomTom navigates way onto iPhone

Patrick 14

Co Pilot

Do NOT buy co pilot as its rubbish, I got it this morning before I knew tomtom was out. and it really is shit


Its very hard to get a GPS lock and when it does its for seconds only. to start with

Installed twice and still no better. had in car from Doncaster to Wakefield and nothing.

I was able to get a GPS lock when I popped the iphone into my sunroof sun shield. then for a few mins it would work. I have a medion sat nav and that was in the car at the same time with no problems.

Do not get me wrong when its working as it did for a bit longer on the way back, its good. but also was not keen on the gps loosing which road it was on.

If they do the update hopefully it works

I have NO problems using the GPS on Google maps and that tracks smooth...

I had the iphone in the wind screen and if it could get any closer to the sky, it would have been outside the car.

First Samsung Android phone out next week

Patrick 14
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Job maybe the Devil but his shit works

Kodak Easyshare M420

Patrick 14

£170 cheap

I got myself a Sony A200 with 18-70mm and 12 months warranty from CEX and yes its secondhand but at least its a Decent DSLR.

Price £220

its £50 more but thats a better Camera. and yes No video modem but I can take picture that are good for that sort of cash LOL

3 boots up portable Wi-Fi modem

Patrick 14

why bother

Is that so all the family can now leave the House, so you can sit next to a transmitter to get a decent signal arghhhhh.

Orange declares mobile broadband price war

Patrick 14


I sometimes use a iphone 3g o2 sim in a 02 payg dongle and i get internet for free.

Also as I only have adsl i can sometimes get the internet faster than my 2mb ( upto 8mb aol) home phone line does lol. on the Dongle

But then again its very rare i can get a Decent mobile signal in my home for just voice let alone data and thats been like it on 3, t-mobile and o2 so thanks.

I must have a lead lined bungalow arghhh

Looking for enough money to move to a Country thats got a decent internet speed LOL

Buddy, can you spare a PC processing cycle?

Patrick 14

yes lets do it save the world

I know why not run this on a ATOM based netbook lol.

hang they cannot even do the internet right let alone saving the world.......


Gaming exec calls for videogame price hike

Patrick 14

I can take the kids out for £70.00

Yes If I am been tight or running out of money I can take my wife and two kids to gullivers kingdom at Matlock bath.

I know that only gets me one day out but I only have to spend £15 on fuel and £45 to get in and all the rides are in the main price. and that leaves £10 for food and yes I do spend a bit more on food.

but it gets the family out for a day and its around 7 hours in the park and 1 hour each way driving. so theres your play time covered for the same price and its outside too. and the kids will have more fun.

But part from that I pay no more than £30 for xbox 360 games and thats at a push. as i do not think that more than that is worth my cash when I can spend it on better things .....lol

And if you really want to save money wait a few years and buy it second hand....