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T-Mobile, Orange and O2 land Europe iPhone deal

Alastair Dodd


I pity the sad fools who buy this overpriced under featured fashion accessory and amazingly I pity O2 for being stupid enough to be strung up this way by Apple.

US Navy seeks hydrogen-powered forklifts

Alastair Dodd

not forgetting

that a big part of the ballast weight in a forklifts is provided by the batteries, and the space they used will be taken up by the necessary bigger hydrogen tanks.. so cue bigger forklifts that can only cope with light loads. genius!

Patientline backs down on price rises

Alastair Dodd

Allways been a rippoff, they deserve to lose the lot

Patientline has always been a joke, too expensive, too much hassle for patients to get cards and causes no end of issues for staff. Let em lose the system or the NHS to buy it dirt cheap and then run it competitively and they'll make money.

"And, conveniently, medical equipment is subject to malfunction when exposed to mobile phones; so people in hospital really don't have a choice." - You really believe that do you? It's complete rubbish, only reason phones are banned (well for the public anyway) is that they are incredibly annoying ringing all the time as people have no bloody manners when using mobiles so cause untold pain to people who don't need any more.

Virtually all Doctors in hospitals and many of the staff use mobiles as hospital pagers are in short supply and stupidly expensive, if they were a problem for equipment do you think a doctor would make his job harder?

Doctor Who recruits new sidekick

Alastair Dodd

can the next side kick be platonic

why do all modern companions want to get in the doc's pants?

Gartner reaps iPhone backlash after making business case

Alastair Dodd

the business needs of smart phone users

* It is an iPhone, after all, with an emphasis on phone.

Like all other on the market really.

* It offers e-mail - currently the most popular means of business communications.

Like all other on the market really.

* There's an address/phone book for quick access to contacts.

Like all other on the market really.


* It offers SMS, a quick way to contact other mobile phone users, and voice mail - both useful to road warriors.


* There's a real Web browser - by far the most underpowered and underappreciated part of a mobile phone.

* And it contains a slew of corporate-worthy apps, including a calendar, access to maps, spreadsheets and a document reader.

The ONLY two things out of the list that make it good for Corp users.

It's too expensive, the data is terribly slow, the wifi is gimped, so is the rest of it really.

Shut up Wientrab it's not really massively more attractive at all. For a business user really an old Nokia 3200 would do.

Certainly not as useful as say a blackberry which is half the cost.

Paris Hilton says jail term has changed her

Alastair Dodd

STOP covering the vacuous tallentless waste of protoplasm

Please. Then maybe she'll go away and we can get on with important things like slagging of the rubbish London 2012 logo.

On a serious note seriously it's not a tech story - it's not even a proper news story and I for one am so damn sick of the Paris coverage I'm going to vomit.

Computer crash causes bad attitude on ISS

Alastair Dodd

Somebody tried the Safari beta

bad move

Boffins demo wireless electricity

Alastair Dodd

Yeah been done before

old idea and practical? I think having 30cm wide copper loops around a lightbulb is practical certainly especially if you lose 60% of the energy...

OH COME ON! This is pointless and stupid especially considering most people are trying to save money. There are already much better devices coming out for phones, pdas, etc based on this anyway.

Online games turn British man into hero

Alastair Dodd

Give the reward to the guy who took the bullet.

"He went to help the guards and was shot in the chest by one of the men. The robbers got away with the cash box. Security firm Loomis is offering a £25,000 reward for information leading to their capture."

This bloke helped the security guards, police are calling him a hero and he should get a reward.

Screen stars: Ten HDTVs on test

Alastair Dodd

Do some better research

Good article apart from the glaring screwup:

"A quick(ish) game of Gears of War at the recent Sony European showcase proved as much."

So Sony were showing off a flagship Xbox 360 title at their showcase were they?

Spitzer stargazers find hot, windy planets

Alastair Dodd

SI Units please

Centigrade or kelvin are much better to use - I find it hard to understand a scale that is related to the temperature of a horse's anus.

Don't let Paris Hilton do bird

Alastair Dodd

Throw away the key

The daft, tallentless, drink driving, wonky eyed waste of protoplasm would be better off staying in jail.

The rest of the world would appreciate it immeasurably