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Pre-order your early-bird pre-sale product today! (Oh did we mention the shipping date has slipped AGAIN?)


Re: In my day they called it Vaporware

It's not just Kickstarter/Indiegogo types either. Logitech are notoriously bad, or good - depends on your viewpoint - at taking money upfront for goods and not delivery for months, assuming they deliver at all. They make their customer support mechanism particularly challenging to (a) identify and (b) having done so through sleight of hand or gawd knows what by referring customers to technical support forums.

I have to add I've been bitten by Kickstarter too, anyone recall the PopSlate II promo for the iPhone? They exceeded their goal, took the money which was blown then promptly terminated the project when found out https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/03/21/popslate_indiegogo_fail/

AT&T rethinks iPhone 3G S upgrade fee



Could do well to learn from this, but I suspect their arrogance will remain.