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Three cops spanking in mobile user ranking

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Yeh, this makes sense!

I have two people I work with pulling thier hair out with three. One who tried to leave, one who joined.

the joiner had such a ballache with them customer service wise.

I'm on o2, rang up to leave on a Sunday, was offered a decent retention, received my working phone + Sim on Monday.

o2 called me up and offered me home broadband. i took it. Its over two months now and I STILL haven't got it. I live in London not Botswana.

As much as Ive lost my patience with this their customer service has been fantastic. I cant fault them, just the incompetance of their tech/BT openreach.

they are well on it and makes the difference from me wanting to <insert potentially incriminating threat similar to one aimed at Robin Hood Airport if you are that way inclined> to being ok with them dealing with whatever the hell they are having trouble with sorting out.

Still, there is a strongly worded letter ready to take aim at them because of the wait as soon as its all sorted out.

Researcher warns of iPhone phishing peril

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Aye: A relatively easy problem to solve from a UI Perspective

The page would have to load pretty fast not to see the main safari chrome AND the Phishers implementation.

On Iphone 4/Ipod Touch it would be quite obvious: Web graphics look terrible on a 360dpi screen!

However I think that the solution here is more feedback to the user of the url, some kind of subtle transparent slide in bar that shows the url, until the user interacts with the screen would help.

it would spoil the imemersed experience that Iphone web apps designers have gone for but it would work.

Could the banks possibly do this on the server side using ajax/something else?

Im not security or dev guy but can see how this can be solved in numerous ways from an interaction design/Ui viewpoint.

iOS 4.2: An 'ace' for iPad, a 'meh' for iPhone

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I Can't believe I didnt get a brighness control on my phone.

Makes me want to jail break!

The auto brightness just doesnt seem to have any effect so I always readjust when I change lighting situations such as night time or bright sunlight.

Twitter 'martyr' takes airport joke case to High Court

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Murderous curry muncher outed on national TV


just Sayin'!

BBC new media boss defends iPlayer Flash, slaps Microsoft

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I understand your rage....

But trust me, Its your Service provider, not BBC.

Its just the implementation is very ad hoc: The Service providers identify that users with <Handset> are going to kill thier network because there are so many of said handset on the network capable of doing streaming video very well. iPlayer is one of the biggest in the UK.

You should ask yourself why would the bbc randomly restrict an iphone on o2 but not a droid on voda, for example.

the fact it works on your dongle is precisely because of what you say, they use device//browser ident to do the filtering.

Its your Service provider. Not the BBC.

I wonder if your ISP can tell that your traffic is coming from your laptop instead of your phone.

Private browsing modes in four biggest browsers often fail

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Thats unbelievable!

Why would they do that?

Caretaker faces jail for putting abuse images on boss's laptop

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Facilities Managers

Facilities Managers can be on quite a decent wedge.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro

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So Different from x10Mini??

As '80%??' Above said, Even though the percentage is the same, How can this review be so much more negative than he X10mini Review?

Surely the Pro review can only differ in the fact it has a HW Keyboard.

You cannot Zoom the Browser? Wow, You Can, And its pretty simple to do so, hardly a hidden feature.

Unlocking the screen having to press one of the 3 buttons and then 'unlock' button 'everytime'?

Press the Hardware Unlock/power button on the top of the device.

Sony Vaio M Atom 2.0 netbook

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Dodgy Review Ratings

I Just dont get your review rating criteria Reg, and never have, you give such high marks that seem contradictory to what you say in your review. Based on what you have written I would guess at 60% max. but its rated at 70%, which i would say is pretty ok.

the Verdict is a great example:


The combination of a specification at the top end of the scale with Bluetooth and 802.11n wireless included, a price on the right side of £300, an attractive design and peripheral features usually found on more grown up laptops should have made the Vaio M strong competition for the slightly more expensive Samsung N220. However, the Vaio M's failings are just too many and too glaring to overlook. As it stands Sony's first attempt at a bog standard netbook is a decent enough effort hampered by a poor keyboard, weak battery and, evidently, no option to upgrade its 1GB Ram. ®

KIN'ell, Microsoft! Is that a breasticle I see before me?

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The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.



Sure Signal not so sure

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I cant believe...

I cant Believe People pay for this.

CAn someone tell me who has a fentocell how you felt when you shelled out for and provide your own extra covrage on top of your mobile phone bill and Internet costs?

Why would you do that?

Mobile industry still bickering over apps

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One track mind, no stakeholders, no comprimise.

Is exactly why apple succeeded in the first place, they exploited the absolute nightmare the mobile industry is, especially when trying to get people to work together and agree on something that will be mutually good for everyone, which in the end will quite possibly not much different from what customers have delivered to them now, but with a different UI on the front.

Samsung have the volume so they need shooting down as quickly as possible.

my view is one massive wholesale store> Many retail filtered store fronts for anyone who wants to have thier own store.

Simple for everyone.

Brits take iTablet moniker for 12in iPad rival

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"But the iTablet runs .... Windows 7."

Which Means it wont really be that touchable because its running an OS Built for Pointer input, and will just infuriate and annoy people as they attempt to complete the same tasks but with a far inferior input device.

Tablets need Full touch OSs for them to really succeed, any that do not have this are a non starter or most of the target market.

. alas, many people will buy such items when PC world jumps on them and they will be left with an even more infuriating experience than they currently have with a full computer running a complex OS.

Adobe to Jobs: 'What the Flash do you know?'

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Massive Pressure

My Macbook cooks faster than I do whilst watching porn, err I mean flash video, yet I can watch full on Movies in many other formats with the fan gently tickling my processors neck.

This is my main problem with flash: as the Youtube video abive points out nicely.

I dont have a massive hatred for it: Flash has done wonderful things for the richness of the net, but the seriously need to sort out how much it batters my processor.

so yea, its annoying, but Im all for it not being on my phone if it means my battery lasts longer.

Virgin hails 'free' landline-to-mobe calls

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Charged for the Incomings

Junk calls arent really a problem over this side, and we have the 'telephone preference service' which can help alot if you are getting calls.

aside from this, I just cannot get my head around how it was ever acceptable to be charged for receiving incoming calls AND Texts, so much so it seems to be the norm.

Stranded Hartlepool pair refuse coastguard rescue

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"s'seized the wood and threw it in the river".

Thats exactly what i was thinking at the start of the article.


Apple's iPad - fat iPhone without the phone

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Fucking, FUNNY!!


Steve Wozniak, your time is up

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Lets 'ave an article about this, please!

Lets 'ave an article about this, please!

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I have to agree with this.

I love the reg for being tongue in cheek, not give a fuck articles (Miss the Ted D stuff) and sarcastic tone, couple with well writing analysis.

But this doesn't seem to make any sense.

Lawrence 7



West Country pagans tie horses in knots

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Jeff Howley better watch himself

They'll be platting his hair next and burning him in massive clotted cream scone made of of Wicker whilst lord Somerset explains that it was the horseplay, and that he was the horse whilst girls of a dubious age dance naked over a cowpat.

Has he not seen what happened to his counterpart north of the borders? Leave these things well alone Jeff!

Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’

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I dont think the article was trying to imply any sympathy for the ops at all, It was a summing up of the state of play and what each players wants: Thats how I read it.

What you believe the outcome of this action by google to be is mis-led: They have essentially sucked in a large number of equipment manufacturers + Operators with a solid gold promise of 'hey, look what I got over here, Its the solution to all your development woes, and guess what: Its Free!'

Alarms bells should have rang then but they didn't, and many companies have bet the farm on Android and sucked in, Playing Google's game, where Google Made the ball, Wrote the Rules, reffed the and decided when and where you would play.

Then Google begins to decide which players get the power ups first, and which players get to know what is going to happen next, while the rest fight it out catch up style when the ball is finally 'open sourced'

After which, Google decide that they are not just happy reffing the game, owning the ball and writing the rules, but they want to play as well.

The effect this has is potentially enormous. Because google now has the ability to control the a large portion of the Mobile industry by deciding who it tells first about future platform alterations, and will more than likely release its own products based on better platforms than it releases to Licensees first.

God play.

Google open-source boss comes clean on Android

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As already mentioned on here Users (real ones, the ones outside of our world) just dont understand what andriod is all about. there are problems reported from Ops ranging from market place to the Andriod's UI archetecture. Its too wildly different and, suprisingly from Google, Difficult to use, for a user who is used to a 12 key feature phone. The paradigm is more of a computer than a phone with little stepping stone inbetween.

Custom UI or differentiator apps help, and also give Manufacturers a unique selling point, but fragmentation, new releases and no roadmap affect and cause lots of effort in regard to customisation and maintenance for the phone maker.

It also seems that Certain Device makers are on Googles bumming list where as others are not. HTC, Moto had 2.0 sets out when the platform was released, yet other Makers releasing or still have phones yet to release running 1.6 who seemed not to have access to, or be aware of exact release dates for Eclair.

Given the take up of Andriod I would quickly say that they have succeeded in following a microsoft style model of SW liciencing to Device makers & Operators (Even though its been thrown at them as 'free and open source') and have or will have many players in the industry reliant on thier SW. Now they are releasing thier own Branded device (Admittedly a HTC set) for general consumption it raises many questions about what thier future plans are and commitment to playing a fiar game without any conflict of interests.

I admire Nokia for Doing thier own thing with Meamo and hope such a platform proves a solid challenger along with iPhone OS (EVen if it is a closed system) and SYmbian, if teh foundation sticks together and manages a redesign of the UX elements.

Sony readies family-friendly internet access gadget

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Total Knee Jerk reaction there, Its isnt a iTablet, no where near, its a Sony Chumby. Chumbys are cool. They are a brilliant example of a connected appliance, and thats the future, Mr. AC, you just wait and see!

Samsung's Galaxy stuck in history

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Samsung and LG: Dont expect anything

As far as I can see, Samsung, and LG are just technology companies only interested in putting out products quicker than other companies in segments where there is a gap, need or want for a particular tech. they are only interested in the point of sale, afterwards they really do not seem to be interested: and it works, they are 2&3 in the Mobile market on volume but make some of the most difficult to use and annoying phones out of any other top player, but their tech specs sheets and feature lists read like a dream and their products do look good: So people buy them.

They are proper old school and dont seem to give two Lee Myung-Baks.

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Yes I Agree, no I Disagree

Exactly Re the 'Manufacturers can customise...' model

But I disagree that customers are not interested in things such as Custom UI Packages and signature applications, I think these are major selling points and differentiators.

Android has a really bad rep at the moment in the mainstream segment because users just dont get or understand it, and these are exactly the types of customers who the Manufacturers and Operators want on thier andriod offerings, so an Application or customisation here and there that solves some pretty suprisingly big UX issues in android or makes it really easy to do online social networking will mean better chance of a happy customer and a customer that goes to you, rather than the guy next door also try ing to palm you off with an android phone.

But as you say, then comes the absolute ballache of branching and maintaining, The work involved I think has probably been heavily underestimated and 2010-2011 will be very interesting to see how the platform changes.

Nokia jacks up Apple patent complaint

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A lot of people missing the point here.

Nilay Patel over on Engadget has done a good write up of this when the story first broke about the NOK APPL rumble.


Nokia have a point regardless of this latest round. Otherwise they wouldn't be doing it. In terms of GSM tech, they are not the sole owners of the IP.

There will much more to this than what is reported.

2010 will be interesting!

Video surfaces of alleged Apple tablet

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Real, but fake.

If its fake, someone has put alot of effort into creating the Ikea app. Its very slick.

I cant really tell, except that the ui is very very quick and responsive, so putting these two things together, along with the back drop, my guess is that this is a UI Demo video, or something similar, used for sell-in purposes.

In other words, I think its, real, but fake!

AT&T to choke your iPhone

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Bill Ray comment Please

Look forward to a Bill Ray Comment on the next 2-5 years of Data usage over mobile nets....

iPhone app transforms speech to text

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Completely Different set up

This isnt really about the iPhone. Voice commands are available on many different handsets, Input based voice recognition Is only really possible with server side processing, which is similar to what Google's voice search does, but Nuance a leading here in every sense when it comes to input.

The Reason why this is free I believe is to improve quality and accuracy before selling a paid version. This will be part of a much bigger strategy for them as they move towards offering ODMs very accurate voice recognition systems that can then be sold as a true feature that actually works.

Voice recognition is certainly one of the next big frontiers for mobile devices, IMHO, despite the constraints the act of speaking aloud has in public or private.

Invest in Nuance*

*If you do and shit hits the fan, dont blame me, and just some Commentard!

Gumtree comes over all queer in blocking 'offensive language'

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Bootnote is Highly offensive

It sickens me every time I read your otherwise excellent articles and I find your 'bootnote' at the bottom of the page.

Do you not realise how offensive this term is for technical authors, writers, secretaries and other members of the community who on a daily basis contribute to articles or publications by creating marginal notes, annotations, comments & digressions in order to add richness and further depth to the main article?

As a Reader I find this term highly offensive and cannot believe you would write a piece about the offensiveness of language and not even consider your actions when using the term 'Bootnote' which is derogatory and undermines the value of yourself and fellow marginal note practitioners.

This type of flippant use of language contributes to hate and a secular society. And possibly global warming and fundamental extremism within the writing classes.

'Doctor Dark Energy': The Ultimate LHC eccentric?

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Doctor Dark Energy!

Sounds like a Side kick of Butter's in South Park when he is Captain Chaos!

Captain Chaos and Doctor Dark Energy...... to the Rescue via Death and destruction sponsored by Osama bin Laden,

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No Nook e-reader til 7 December or later

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Quality Headline

Well Done,

Mills & Boon will just have to wait.

UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files

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New Comment functionality

Its like you just read my mind, As I thought, 'dammit reg you really need to get some nice comments functoionality going on, like, Reply, Report, Thumbs up and thumbs down"

Now Im paranoid.

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Bullshit / @ 'awitty username' / LozzyHo & Give over the Hand Wringling

Everything that needs to be said, has been said.



"There could be child pornography, there could be bomb-making recipes," said one detective.

"Unless you tell us we're never gonna know... What is anybody gonna think?"

What if there are pictures of children making bombs? what will the daily mail think?"

COTW, You get my vote, Funny shit.


"The authorities had no option. He COULD have been hiding anything, and surely the law CANNOT take refusal as a presumption of innocence. Let's face it, I don't want Al Qaeda suspects doing so either. I don't suppose missing bail hearings, trying to enter countries illegally and having traces of explosive on your hands helped his case either."

Idiot! Thats exactly what the problem is: Dont you see? Read the story, read the comments, you have a right to silience, but yet you don't. Do you believe in your right to privacy, and silence? Do you believe that you should not have to prove your innocence, but should be proven, by the justice system beyond a reasonable doubt your guilt? Do you not understand that they brought nothing of any value to support thier suspicions, that thier suspicions were dropped, but the guy was put away for RIPA offfences even though they had no charge for any actual crime, apart from using his right to silience?

Then you should be seriously alarmed about this story, and what it means for your rights and freedom, because RIPA by all accounts suspends your rights. and I'm no activist, or spend all my days reading about this stuff, but this concerns me, alot.

If your not, then I have no hope for you and your children, enjoy X Factor and stricly, the Jungle and the Dancing on ice, you drone. I hope you do not end up becoming overly paranoid, psychotic, or have a long term mental illness that causes you to have strange behaviour that would make the police question your suspicious behaviour, they outlook isnt good.


Please give over with the hand wringing #

By Anonymous Coward Posted Tuesday 24th November 2009 13:52 GMT

" All the talk of "well what if he didn't have child porn / bomb making plans in his encrypted volumes? What if it was pictures of kittens" is disingenuous and wilfully ignores the facts.

That's exactly what the police asked him to prove, which he could have done by decrypting the files. He didn't. Which rings alarm bells unless you're a committed optimist, which doesn't tend to make you a great detective.

I'm fully aware this'll be jumped on by the "if you've nothing to hide, you've nothing to fear" brigade, but that's not what i'm saying at all. I'm asking how YOU propose to deal with the very real problem of people encrypting child porn / terrorist plans in the modern world. What's the solution? Ask them nicely, then give up if they say no?

If you don't want the police to be suspicious of people who refuse "on principle" to decrypt hard drives after being found with explosive on their hands, after skipping bail, after applying for a passport when theirs was retained etc etc, you're asking them to only pursue criminals they catch with a knife in someone's head and a signed note of intent ("I done it, it was me, i meant to do it, it's a fair cop") "


Thats a good question, what should the Police do about Peados and terrorists encrypting thier data: How about doing thier job properly? If they had, then they would have a case, but they didnt have a case, he got sent down for RIPA Offence, regardless of his strange behaviour. they didnt have a case. just being suspicious of someone doesnt make you a good detective. This didnt end up going to trail on terrorism offences or being a kiddie fiddler, and then get dropped in court because of lack of evidence, with an unencryted hard drive sat in the evidence locker. there wasnt a case to bring to court.

Filesharing laws to hit websites and newsgroups too

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Or, reads something like:

"so that it, in future, new communications technologies allow creative content to be unlawfully copied in new ways, remedies can be developed and implemented more quickly and flexibly than might otherwise be possible, so that emerging threats can be addressed in a targeted way".


"so that it, in future, new communications technologies allow creative content to be unlawfully copied in new ways, remedies can be developed and implemented with a knee jerk reaction that might otherwise be impossible, so that emerging threats can be addressed in a shallow, ill thought out way that is dictated to us by rights holder organisations so new technology & innovation never gets the chance to change their business models in a way that they cant handle again, preventing any more upheaval, change or pain caused to rights holders organisations, in the form of competition, change, and challenging ideas that they dont have the ability or skill to react to quick enough.".

Or something like that.

Wall-punching Brit gamer foams (milk) at the mouth

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OOF That was pretty grim, and I doubt it was a spoof. Even if it was it was far too much. Its funny how on the internet everyone is a cunt, but thought el reg commentards had a bit more to them than to join a world wide chorus of putting a fucked up kid down.

The Response video is piss funny, however.


Making Muvizu: DIY animation is here

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is the name you are looking for....

Apple snuffs iPhone app for too much Appleness

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Utterly Rediculous

Completely understand thier argument to prevent people taking the piss, but when its to give a coherent user experience, consistency and aid the user's mental model of the system you think apple would be right on it, and not care. ther is a difference between branding and referencing.

What, apart from a legal condition not being present, means they and mactracker can do it on OSX/PC? nothing.

Sort your shit out apple.

Microsoft boots modders off Xbox Live

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@Why is it called an xbox 360?


Worst joke ever, Well done son.

Sony Ericsson Satio 12.1Mp cameraphone

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@Sarah Davis, Dazed & Confused

Although are right re megapixels, The Camera on this thing is absolutely fantastic. The best Camera on a cameraphone I have ever used, its so quick and the picture quality (ON screen, didnt get chance to chece printed, and on PC) is unbelieveable.

Google embraces Wave's permission chaos

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@ Matt 89 & Neoc

Get a New Job. Sounds Grimmers!

Adrian Esdaile, Yes, I agree, in that sense it does sound more natural, let social structures define permissions instead of reliance on technology, inside a business this should not be a problem, and if it is you has some bad people who need weeding out or if such things are the normal order of the day, the place is fcuked.

STRONG REAL SEX? That's not porn, rules ASA

Lawrence 7

Where is the Offending Item in question?

Quite obviously we need the ability to make our own minds up about the offensiveness of this offending offender, and for you to write such a story without any visual reference is just unacceptable!!

You know what you need to do. Mobil, or it didn't happen!

Scientists flee Home Office after adviser sacking

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This Story makes me Angry. A waste of everyones passion and time.

What would happen if we switched the system around and science and evidence ruled over made up policy and side agendas?

Wintel 7 machines freeze out iPhone

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2009 and the war continues

The epic struggle between good and evil, the right and the wrong, the loyal and the extremists, forever locked in a geek war of epic proportions, flanked by fanbois on either side, ready to put their lives on the line for their believe in the almighty cause of Apple or Microsoft, never to give in to each others views,

For all eternity the battle rages, throughout the interwebs, never is a message board, magazine or blog post comments thread free from the tyranny and horror of war, a cause that now knows no reason for its beginning, two fundamental forgotten viewpoints clashing like no other.

Innocent commentards mown down in the crossfires of Steves thrown by fanbois too young to even remember Overlord Bill or Grand Master Tog, the Xerox Death Star or the D.estroyer O.f S.ouls.

When will it end? When will it end? There can be only one. It will never end.

Apple's move to kill Hackintosher suit denied

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Its my ball and I'll do what I want with it.

The Day Apple open up thier OS run on other machines is the day Quality goes out the window. From a laymans point of view, because they control The hardware and the software, they can guarrentee quality.

The app store & iPhone OS Probably has the same strategy*: Quality control of the user experience is near on impossible on an open system, and the iphone, no matter how good, is on its limit performance wise, and when it starts jittering, crashing, and rebooting (Regardless of what application caused it) customers are going to start getting pissed with thier device, and lose faith in the quality- The argument in my mind is the same for OSX & Third party Vendors.

Apple don't make computers, they make consumer electronics, integrated products, just like every other piece of electronics hardware you have which has a software element, and I'm all for that because it near as dammit gives total control of the user experience under one major stakeholder: The creator of the product

Ive never heard anyone taking legal action against Pansonic because they make it impossible to put thier Microwave firmware on other manufactuers microwave, or because its not possible to flash a Sony ericsson with a Nokia ROM,

why is this any different? It's thier Property, and if they want to keep it to themselves, then fuck you! They should be able to.

Getting the balance right between Interoperability and SW/HW integration is whats its all about IMO, and I know that from A company's perspective its also about market share: And Why not? Thats what competition is all about : A Hypocritical statement when we talk of monopoly, i know, but why doesn't someone else step up and release an OS aimed at normal users? I suppose we have to wait and see about Google's Chrome efforts.

*As well as the huge revenue stream from app sales, of course.

Lawrence 7


My PoV Is from a Sales perspective, not EULA. I Agree with Neoc's Comments regarding support, thats exactly how the EULA should read, but in terms of licensing and allowing others to sell their OS on third party machines: Its totally their choice if thats the way they want to play it.

Regarding the EULA, The majority of users don't want to do crazy things like Install an OS on an another device, or jailbreak, etc

For the minority, they should just do it, fuck the EULA, no one cares as long as you are not making any money out of it, break the rules and get over it. when was the last time you read an EULA properly? What, never? me neither.

Regarding the Mircrosoft comments: The sole reason they have such dominance (And shaky end user experience is precisely because they went down the SW and 3rd party Vendor route.

Facebook hack service smells fishy

Lawrence 7

Anal Intruder Scam

The Old Anal Intruder Dildo Scam, Money back Guarantee but the guarantee is you will never cask that money back cheque because of embarrassment, or in this case, Illegality.

Nokia brings Braille to SMS

Lawrence 7

Joke Alert....?

"Nokia Labs has been busy again, this time bringing SMS reception to the blind with a Braille-based text message reader compatible with the company's latest... *touch-screen* phones.

Blind people usually have little difficulty using mobile phones."

The major issue with the Trend for touch screens in consumer electronics there is no tactile or haptic feedback for anyone relying on touch alone to read, use or interface with a human computer interface. Blind people have pretty much been... blindfolded? in thier attempts to enjoy or use the latests devices on the markets.

as an experimental application its interesting, but has no place for a blind person on a full touch device, unless...

.....@Marvin the Martian.

What you are asking for there is the touch screen Holy Grail for both sighted and non sighted use, very accurate tactile, and haptic feedback which have yet to hit the mass market. once we see these on full touch devices I would suggest your solution would be pretty good.