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Billionaire floats eco dream on sailing soda bottles

Bruce 9

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Swindle

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a Swindle trying to con as many people as the CRU.

Its a few specks of platic per cubic meter. It takes hours of trolling to pick up a 1/4 cup of plastic bits. It is totally invisible on google Earth.

Its an effing fabrication!

10,000 Hotmail passwords mysteriously leaked to web

Bruce 9

30,000 Gmail passwords too

GMAIL - insecure by design.


Microsoft Security Essentials shakes up consumer antivirus

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Bitch Bitch Bitch Bitch ...

There. Saved the next 2 million commenters from having to type anything.

Managing the Windows desktop estate: Your view

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XP Power Users + logon scripts + AV

Make your users less than admins. Power users seems to work.


Logons scripts that check for latest DATs. Force load if necessary. Shutdown if it can't be forced.

Windows plays virtualization catch up with Linux

Bruce 9

IBM Shills

PDF is hosted on IBM's site. Therefore they paid for it.

I love the way "open source" people suck up to Big Blue.

VMware plots world data centre domination

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Hardware is getting cheaper and cheaper. You can buy boxes to run Xen or Hyper-V for the price of the VMWare licenses alone.

You can buy Quad boxes with 128GB of ram for about the same price as the VMware license on a quad box.

VMware vSphere gets more gadgets

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Timing ... VMware went free first.

VMware Server 1.0 went beta on February 6, 2006


Virtual Server 2005 R2 Ent went free on April 3, 2006


Bruce 9

VMware Server has been free for years

VMware Server has been free for years. Don't blame Citrix and Microsoft for following ...

Is this going to be another "blame Microsoft .... and ignore the free Netscape" piece of crap?

New trial means Unix ownership still up for debate

Bruce 9


"We think SCO has presented sufficient evidence to create a triable fact as to whether at least some UNIX copyrights were required for it to exercise its rights under the agreement."

IDC: Linux support sales to break $1bn in 2012

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Gates Halo

Pay as you go with Microsoft

We buy Microsoft support calls. 5 - 10 a year. They cost about 250$ each. If you don't need them, you don't use them. Cheap.

Stephen Hawking both British and not dead

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Free doesn't help if you are dead

"And what is the US survival rate for people who can't afford health insurance?"

The figures were for all people in the US, insured and uninsured.

If you are implying that the death rate is higher for uninsured, that would imply the death rate for insured is even lower and the NHS is even crappier.

For ignorant morons in the UK, the US has three major " public insurance schemes, Medicare, Medicaid and Medigap.

Of course they are all going to go broke soon.

By the way, many of the "uninsured" choose to do that becasue of free choice. They spend their money elsewhere.

"At least 44% of the uninsured are uninsured by choice, and the number could be much higher than that. An Urban Institute study found that:

•One in every four uninsured persons is eligible for Medicaid or SChip, but has not enrolled.

•One in five has a family income in excess of $58,000 and presumably can afford coverage.

This is a minimum estimate. Of those who earn less than $58,000, there are undoubtedly many who can afford coverage because:

•They have access to an employer plan, (almost one in five uninsured turn down employer coverage.)

•Even if their employer does not provide health insurance, they have opportunities to work for employers who do, but choose not to.

•They are young and healthy or live in rural areas and face premiums much lower than the $9,961 annual premium assumed by the Urban Institute scholars.

•They are near retirement and can draw on assets to pay premiums until they become eligible for Medicare."


Bruce 9

Die early in the UK

... it is beyond dispute that treatment in the US is better. Diagnosed with prostate cancer and want to survive for the next five years? In Britain you have a 74 per cent chance. In the US, it is 98 per cent. For leukaemia, the American survival rate is close to half, while in Europe it is a third.


Apple and Google kept (unwritten) no poaching pact

Bruce 9

Ass kissers unite

If Microsoft did it would be evil.

When Apple and Google do it, the ass kissers practically trip over themselves trying to kiss ass the best and announce to the world how it all tastes so gentlemanly.

MS no-frills security scanner gets thumbs up in early tests

Bruce 9

Mr. Solaris has been rooted?

Mr Solaris forgets about Unix rootkits ... has he been rooted?

Canonical responds to 'abusive' Ubuntu posts

Bruce 9
Gates Horns

Rule #1 has been broken

Rule #1 has been violated!

Rule #1: All abuse must be directed towards Microsoft!!

Rule #2: Those contemplating abusing Linux will be banned. (See Rule #1)


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