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Airport screeners go for the groin

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We live in a fascist police state

When children are getting fondled by TSA goons in the name of security theater the terrorists have won.

Bruce Willis relaxes as asteroid skims Singapore

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Bush's Bailout

The economic bailout was start under Bush, you historical revisionist teabagger!

Ranting Ohio Republican scares interwebs

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Re: nutter...

He sounds like Chris Farley - motivational speaker.

Shock jock blames Britain for hack attack

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IT Angle

WorldNutDaily? Really?

WorldNutDaily doesn't "report" anything. It's a fundamentalist, right wing disinformation site. This is the main disinformation source of the "birthers" here in Jesusland. Everything posted on WorldNutDaily should be considered false until proven otherwise by legitimate sources of information.

Why would El Reg reference anything posted on WorldNutDaily for any purposes other than the rich mockery they so deserve?

Mozilla tries to shunt Firefox 3.0 users over to 3.5

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3.0.12 for me thanks

3.5 has DNS issues with certain firewalls and routers. Why would I give up 3.0.12, which works, for 3.5, which doesn't?

Samsung gets 'stupid fast' in gaming grab

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I have an intel X25-M with Ubuntu 9.04 installed on an EXT4 partition. From the time I press the power button to the login screen is 15 seconds. Most of that is due to the BIOS (which could be further optimized to reduce boot times). Once I log in, there simply is no waiting for the OS to continue to load whatsoever. Opening applications is instantaneous. Even very resource intensive apps completely open in just 2 or 3 seconds.

I've read up extensively on SSD controllers. Samsung's ranks 3rd. Intel is first followed by Indilinx. JMicron SSD controllers are junk and exhibit severe stuttering problems. The sequential throughput is not the most important factor in SSD performance for typical end user usage patterns. What makes the intel controller excel is small random write performance.

This is encouraging news from Samsung, however.

Twitter transformed into botnet command channel

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And this is why we block Twitter at the firewall.

Microsoft's about turn: Windows 7 tech testers will get free copy of OS

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Gates Horns

Vista pushed me to Ubuntu

Because every computer I've ever touched that had Vista on it made me want to throw the damn thing out the window, I installed Ubuntu on my new home PC. Couldn't be happier.

Because of the surprisingly fantastic experience I've had with Ubuntu 9.04, I'm considering moving our file room and file server to Ubuntu at work.

Maybe M$ should consider giving those of us that have been pushed into the loving arms (flippers?) of a certain penguin a free copy of Windows 7. I'm done with M$ products at home otherwise.

Firefox 4.0 flashes lusty leg at Windows lovers

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Fix 3.5 first!

I had to roll back to 3.0.12 because of "Server not found" problems with 3.5.

I've tried startup bat files to flushdns and disabled the IPv6 default setting. I updated the firmware on the firewall and the performance of 3.5 was still infuriating. I have not been able to find any information that actually fixes the 3.5 "server not found" bug. How 'bout we focus on the functionality before we start making FF look all pretty and colorful, hmm?

BOFH: Hammer time!

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It came from the PC!

I found a dead scorpion in a PC once.

Firefox laggards offered security update

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FF 3.5 isn't fully cooked

I'm running 3.5 on two PCs here at the office. Both suffer from "server not found" errors. Repeatedly pressing the "Try Again" button eventually allows the browser to connect. I ended up putting a .bat file in my startup folder to run ipconfig /flushdns to help alleviate the problem. There are far too many people experiencing this same issue for to me recommend upgrading to 3.5.

And, as others have mentioned, not all of my add-ons are 3.5 compatible yet. You can call FF 3.5 an upgrade, but it has been my experience that you are actually downgrading the functionality for the time being. The mozzarella folks need to let 3.5 cook for a while longer me thinks. It's not quite done yet.

DHS killing satellite self-spying program

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The adults are in charge now

Extremist Republican Peter King told the publication abandoning the domestic satellite spying program would be a "very big mistake" and a "step back in the war on terror."

If Peter King is against it then you know it's good policy!

Britain looks to export net censorship model to Europe

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What's wrong with Blighty?

You guys have cameras pretty much everywhere but the loo (did I say that right?) and an Internet censorship faction rivaled only by China. I'm so glad us Yanks have that First Amendment thing to slap away the hands of the theocrat busybodies over here. You guys haven't gotten around to censoring posts that mention the First Amendment yet have you?



Stop icon for Internet censorship.

Catholic social club ousts coven of witches

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Clash of the invisible sky fairies!

I don't know what the laws are like across the pond, but this would be a legal no no in the former colonies. Once you make facilities available to the general public you can't discriminate against who can rent them out.

it baffles me that people still believe in all this superstitious junk in the 21st century. H00mans are so silly.