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Alienware assimilates Dell FROM THE INSIDE!


I am typing this on a five year old Dell XPS1530 which apart from the graphics board solder needing reballing has not had a problem and is still performing well. Just sayin'.

CSC confirms $1.5bn NHS IT write-off


If you look back, Accenture jumped ship from this contract some years back as did Fujitsu, who now look to have engaged lawyers to sue HMG for monies they claim are due. If anything, I've some sympathy with CSC for hanging in there, trying to please the customer by keeping up with the moving goalposts that were the user requirements. Would be good to have a full detailed independent public enquiry into how the programme started, how it got to now, what went wrong and what could have been done earlier to sort it. I think the senior servants involved would fight that tooth and nail though.

CSC's iSoft takeover cleared

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Best outcome really

It's probably best outcome to secure the future of iSoft and the software solution that's already had so much invested in it

Jester claims credit for knocking Westboro Baptist Church offline


XerXeS is nothing new

"XerXeS" is nothing new. Anon already have a similar weapon in their arsenal that goes by the name of Slowloris, and it's seen plenty of action in the past months. Needs the penguin on your machine to run it though.

O2 and Be Broadband speeds dip


Couldn't BE Better

Your article doesn't reflect my experience. Have been on BE for 2 years and my speed hasn't degraded at all. I use their pro package and get Annexe M double upload, also I'm a heavy downloader (30Gigs + per month) and don't get capped or shaped ever. Best ever on customer service too, 0800 number to people who actually understand the internets. Oh, and great pings for gaming, can't beat it really

Anti-spammers urged to gang up


Blue Frog Fan

I agree, I enjoyed using Blue Frog a lot, it should be brought back with venom

Tories don black cap for ID cards


Tory smokescreen

This is just a smokesceen from the Tories. Unless the Pirate Party win the next election in the UK these companies will still get paid large sums to create a huge new biometric database and biometric passports, writing new applications to run it all, replacing the current ancient kit and apps. The ID card itself is an optional add-on which in theory could be put on hold and implemented when we have the next terrorist scare. The main thing is a new biometric passport and database which all the major parties support and is coming to us soon


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