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'Google Earth for the Iraq insurgency' gets $115m


TIGR =Tactical Ground Reporting

Am I the only one seeing a fault with this acronym?

Apple seeks OS-jacking advert patent

Gates Halo

I like the idea of ads popping up during coding

IF Big Big Savings on Cheap Flights!!!!

GOTO Majorca

Dallas cops fine drivers for 'not speaking English'

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Nate Phillips

My black friend (or Black-American if you had to distinghuish his country of citizenship) would probably put african-american in quotes, if he was the kind of guy to do that kind of thing.

He got to America by way of Jamaica, and while technically he originally came from Africa, so did we all right?

Twitter gets $100m injection

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Oh my god

Congratulations half of you for not getting it AT ALL.

Good article :)

Microsoft begins Security Essentials downloads


That symantec quote is brilliant

That is some super head burying there.

"Consumers need firewall protection, Web protection, antispam and identity safeguards - these are among the essentials when it comes to security, and you can only get them through a full Internet security suite provided by security experts. "

I can't count the amount of computers I have 'fixed' simply by disabling Norton or Mcafee's Firewall. I can't count the amount of customers who swoon over how fast their computer goes when I install AVG, Avast, Antivir or Nod32 (some people believe your computer is not safe unless you have paid money) on their systems.

US city demands FaceSpaceGooHoo log-ins from job seekers


@ LaeMi Qian

I was thinking the exact same thing, walking in with a severe-looking hairdo and skirt-suit and robbing them blind, but they'd probably get suspicious when they saw my 5 o'clock shadow :/

Catholic social club ousts coven of witches


Holding a rap concert at the KKK meeting grounds

What is this woman complaining about the catholics might have stupid beliefs but they are their beliefs and if they don't want to hold another religion's party on their grounds that's fair enough.

Fedora 11 leaps into filesystem unknown


Boot times

I'm not familiar with a lot of linux operations, maybe slow boot times happen frequently with linux os' and that is what makes ubuntu's boot time remarkable but Windows 7 boots in on this machine ( Coreduo 6300 - 1.86ghz and 2gb ram) in 13 seconds. And by boots I do mean firefox is open and I am browsing in 13 seconds.


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