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EasyJet wanted to fling me off flight for diss tweet, warns cyber-law buff

Rob 59

I smell bacon

Someone could well be telling porkies here, think about it, all of the following needs to be true:

1. The manager or staff needs to be on Twitter

2. If it's not the manager then one of his staff needs to admit they were on Twitter to their manager during work

3. Said manager or employee needs to actually give enough of a crap to make more difficulty for themselves

4. They identified the bloke in the queue from his Tweet

Facebook 'HipHop VM' juices PHP speed pill

Rob 59

Optimisation like that would be seriously expensive for development time though. Managing the complexity of and testing process oriented code is not fun.

Videogames caused riots says plod

Rob 59

"unnamed constable"

a.k.a nobody said it, the evening standard is a shoddy paper, please don't fuel this kind of tabloid journalism they don't deserve the publicity

Anonymous and LulzSec spew out largest ever police data dump

Rob 59

data on informants

Nice one numpties, now you'll probably get people killed.

Pandora plus Endor: Multi hab-moon motherworld discovered

Rob 59


No idea, I only work in the newer metric system of double decker buses

E-book readers are a satisfied lot

Rob 59


I'm suprised that the iPad is considered a threat to e-readers at all, surely it's all about the e-ink technology that makes it just like reading from paper. Who can honestly say they enjoy reading loads of text from a backlit screen? Yet almost every article I see makes no mention of this - either they think this is no issue or have not even thought about it.

Browsers could host a (simple) database

Rob 59

Isn't this out there already?

With Google Gears for one, and I've a feeling safari might a SimpleDB type API built in? Let's hope if it is a similar standard they actually take a look at what has been done already instead of developing a totally different set of standards.

Boffins showcase do-it-yourself flying spy drone

Rob 59

Pretty dull in comparison to...

diydrones.com - There is a much more interesting community here they are making autopilot systems and IIRC someone made a drone that fed realtime mapping data into FlightGear

The Times kills off blogger anonymity

Rob 59

I've not read that blog but...

If he was giving away case details or sensitive police information then he has to take the bullet IMO. In anyother job depending on what you were writing about you could quite rightly expect to be dismissed let alone a written.

Anyway if he had some proof of genuine corruption, couldn't he have used wikileaks?


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