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Arm founder says the UK has no chance of tech sovereignty



Heresy: Hare programming language an alternative to C


Re: No moving targets

Maybe, but at least the syntax wouldn't be as ancient Egyptian. Sorry if you're a C++ zealot and have to read this alternative view. Speaking as someone that programs embedded systems in C++ on a daily basis. The syntax of C++ is a complete dogs-dinner.

Redpilled Microsoft does away with flashing icons on taskbar as Windows 11 hits Beta


Oh the lush irony

When Windows makes Linux's Year of the Desktop a reality :D

I work therefore I ache: Logitech aims to ease WFH pains with Ergo M575 trackball mouse


Sore Thumb

So, I think that pushing a mouse right, has actually given me a sore thumb..it's somewhere in deep in the "muscle" of the thumb and at the base. I may try one of these track ball things....thing is...can it handle Warzone? :D

Braking point: Tesla has had quite enough of Trump's 'unlawful' tariffs on Chinese-made parts, sues Uncle Sam


Re: Good luck with that.

Ahhh..the "free market" :D

Happy Hacking Professional Hybrid mechanical keyboard: Weird, powerful, comfortable ... and did we mention weird?



Ergonomic...what's that then? No way I'd not use a split keyboard.

Apple commits to support human rights - 'We believe in the critical importance of an open society'*


Re: Place your bets...

That's just the issue with capitalism. Profit before people. Just take a second to look around.

Here's some words we never expected to write: Oracle said to offer $10bn cash, $10bn shares for TikTok US – plus profit share promise


Repeat after me...

I love the free market!

Hidden Windows Terminal goodies to check out: Retro mode that emulates blurry CRT display – and more


Come back...

Coral 66, all is forgiven.

CSI: Xiaomi. Snappy Redmi Note 9 Pro shows every fingerprint, but at least you get bang for your buck



I don't get the mention of the SE 2020?


China's internet watchdog freezes 10 too-trashy online video services before they undermine socialism


I'm too old to work my way through irony / joke / are you serious....

I'm not sure what's "irony" this weather, and what's not: undermine socialism


25 years of PHP: The personal web tools that ended up everywhere


Re: 25 years ago

FTW: https://web.archive.org/web/19990202120514/http://www.theregister.co.uk/981202-000019.html




Singapore to distribute wearable contact-tracing device and won't rule out making it compulsory


In some countries

you have to go out your way to do a crime to get this level of attention. Well done them. It's a very inclusive policy.

Don't panic: An asteroid larger than the Empire State Building is flying past Earth this weekend but we're just fine


That's all well and good, but...

How many swimming pools away will it be?

Google+ replacement ‘Currents’ to end beta and debut in G Suite on July 6th


Re: Oh, you can opt out. Trust me.

Why opt out? Chrome? Looks good to me. Gmail, can pass. Search...yep..that'll be fine. Android..yah..fanks...

Can't say I'm a fanboi, but, why knock a free OS? Sure, it could do with some more security updates, so that only Google can get the info...

I still don't get the worry, personally.

Contact-tracer spoofing is already happening – and it's dangerously simple to do


Re: why?

His job is superfluous. If he did implement what scientist said, then he's just a broken filter. So if you "believe" in his job, then you're very much into puppets. I, personally, don't need them.

They've only gone and bloody done it! NASA, SpaceX send two fellas off to the International Space Station


Learned all they know...

from LOHAN...

80-characters-per-line limits should be terminal, says Linux kernel chief Linus Torvalds


I'm always surprised by...

..the number of Luddites in the tech world...

Tech evolves. Try it :)

BoJo buckles: UK govt to cut Huawei 5G kit use 'to zero by 2023' after pressure from Tory MPs, Uncle Sam



Take that as you will.

It wasn't just a few credit cards: Entire travel itineraries were stolen by hackers, Easyjet now tells victims


If you're "quoting" Churchill, then maybe you have to update your thinking, by, like, a few decades :D

Nine million logs of Brits' road journeys spill onto the internet from password-less number-plate camera dashboard


So what?

Publish it. Who cares. Full broadcast. I don't care who knows where my car, or myself, have been.

Can't do any harm, can it? Oh, wait, you're thinking robbers and stuff, and your house would get done...well, get cameras everywhere..see them get round that. Full publish. No harm.

As long as we allow an elite to control this stuff, then there can be abuses. If we make it all open source and public domain, then there's nothing they can monetise that anyone else can't. And, more over, everyone would be on the system...

Boss planning to tear you a new one? Google Glass is back: Weird workwear aimed at devs, but on sale to all


Re: The problem with removing the camera

I agree. Transparency at every level. If you want "privacy", stay indoors. There's no law against recording anyone, in a public setting. I'd go full broadcast. Bit steep though, for what is a go-pro with a cruddy display.

Hey GitLab, the 1970s called and want their sexism back: Saleswomen told to wear short skirts, heels and 'step it up'


Suffice to say, if you concern yourself about what other folks are wearing ( in a non H&S setting ), then you're a dinosaur. Move over, Mx Conservative.

Contractors welcome Lords inquiry into IR35 before tax reforms hit private sector but fear it's 'too little, too late'


Don't worry, no one else will either! :D

UK government review of IR35 tax reforms? Like a broken pencil, say contractors groups – it'll be utterly pointless


Getting closer to locker room and early shower...

Good luck with the transition to the sofa :/

UK taxpayers funded Grand Theft Auto V maker to tune of £42m – while biz paid no corp tax and made billions


Re: Tax Avoidance?

"broken tax system"...ha ha ha

What a time to be alive: drone pooper-scoopers are a thing now


The Culture

Ian was right...

‘Alan Turing law’ to give posthumous pardons to 59,000 men for 'gross indecency'


Re: So in a future distopean world

You can't equate same sex consensual sex with the abuse of children during paedophilia.

You're a tiny minded numbskull. Sorry to be the one to break it to you.

Basic income after automation? That’s not how capitalism works


Car Factories

Many more cars produced, MUCH less human labour. Does this author really live in the real world? Human labour goes from "living" to "dead", that is, humans, to artefacts that humans have created ( machines ), in all industries.

Having said that, BI would only be one more way that capitalism tried to maintain the profit stream. A stream, as it turns out, that is shockingly bad for humans anyway. It would not surprise me if they gave it a try, given that QE and the socialising of debt was only a sticking plaster.

End all the 'up to' broadband speed bull. Release proper data – LGA




Second 'dimmer switch' star spotted


Re: Who needs religion?

I think you missed the word "think" in that lovely sentence.

Flying Spaghetti Monster is not God, rules mortal judge


"Prison officers denied his requests on grounds that Pastafarianism is a parody religion." That made me LOL. Thanks El Reg!!

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg



El Reg....the charmer....

Paper driving licence death day: DVLA website is still TITSUP



The DVLA has my NI Number...I was not aware of that...interesting.... https://www.viewdrivingrecord.service.gov.uk/driving-record/licence-number

PRATCHETT chats to Oz from 31,000m above Planet Earth

Black Helicopters


Will this prove the Flat Earth folks wrong after all? :D

BREAKING NEWS: Apple makes money



I can't wait until they use some of this profit to build things humans may really benefit from...like say, robo-cars....

Driverless cars banished to fake Michigan 'town' until they learn to read


Flat Earth...

Oh, and you can't get heavier than air objects to fly. And super-sonic speeds, never. As for instant global communications, no way. And you can't get computer controlled cars to go about without killing everyone.... Yawn... I can't wait :)

GET A ROOM, yells Facebook as it stumbles on IRC, slaps it in an app


Ah! 'Ello!


Hackers thrash Bash Shellshock bug: World races to cover hole



I don't know if I could hack a Mac, but I'd sure give it a Bash.

No anon pr0n for you: BT's network-level 'smut' filters will catch proxy servers too


Re: I'm done

Talking of reactionary ;)


Not that I was....

.... EVERT going to use Big Trouble anyway...still...

Apple blings up new iMac with latest Intel chips, next-gen Wi-Fi


would i but one..

Fill in the gaps.... would I ++++!

PHWOAR! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, Prime Minister


Will google be censored

I mean, what I wanted to know about the latest scandal involving MPs; MP has under-age sex with teenage boy. Or something to do with abuse of anyone? Rape Victim harassed by nutty DJ.

If you've got kids and you want to keep them safe on line, take responsibility. You don't buy them a chain saw and let them go into the garden, so step up and take responsibility for your own offspring. Don't expect every one else to "help" you. A step for a hint, don't let them use the net unsupervised.

If we go further down this path then then we'd all just best set our proxys to that one in China and be done with it.

Google begs for secrecy as it files Glass design with FCC



We have a saying in Scotland:

Aye right!

( feel free to argue about the punctuation )

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop



It is always the parents fault....always....he sounds like a catch...well done Mrs NutJob for landing him....and he's screwed his daughter over in so many ways...as you have all rightly pointed out...guy's a twat...just a shame he's an IT twat too...I hope I never have to work with the cnut :)

Star Trek tractor beam to save Earth from asteroid Armageddon


Missing the GeoStationary Point

Ah...that title has no meaning...don't let it worry you...

but what we need to do is attach engines to the EARTH. That way we are in control :) ha ha...off to escape from my straight jacket now :)

French court fines Google $65k over search suggestion



Ford....Not by human thought...so when your car auto-parks over someones' toes....not your fault...no human thought...well..maybe the speed...how long till that aspect is removed? It'll be interesting to watch in any case... I've used too many of these .... now ....

iPhone 4/4S 'self combusts' in airliner inferno


Cooked Apple...

Apple pie anyone?

If only they were even that useful ;)

Feds nab granny in moon rock sting


All together now...

because it's fake!

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