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John Mayer tweets remorse over Playboy interview


I thought everything he said was pretty funny..

I don't see why people are taking such offense.

Believe it or not a white person can use the word nigger in a joke without it being a racist joke.

He was obviously making a joke about racism and not about black people.

It was pretty good social commentary if you ask me.

China executes securities trader over $9.52m fraud


@ Hmmmmm......

Could have been worse. They could have gone with "Heads roll at chinese firm"...

Tech-savvy UK kids = (over)confident writers


Putting pen to paper scares me.

I pretty much don't do it any more.

Billionaire floats eco dream on sailing soda bottles


What's the point?

"Recyclable yacht" as per the image description.

What's the point.

I doubt yachts are the reason out landfills are getting full...

UK jails schizophrenic for refusal to decrypt files


Guitly until not proven guilty but still sent to jail.

"There could be child pornography, there could be bomb-making recipes," said one detective.

There could be pictures of barney the dinosaur and poems. You don't know, so don't comment.

Also, bomb making recipes are not proof of terrorism. I believe I have some on my hard drive somewhere.

Not AC because the black heli can suck my big one.

US forces developing 'miniature weapons' for killer robots



The Nikita Missile. Finally.

Arkansas cop tasers 10-year-old girl


@Mad Dave

Implying a taser is an implement of torture.

Oh you..


She could be heard shouting...

Don't tase me, mom.

Wall-punching Brit gamer foams (milk) at the mouth


Best thing is...

He's 19. He's an adult.

Also, he may have done it on vet first time around which would have taken him a bit longer. 17hrs seems a bit much though.

Dirty, dirty PCs: The X-rated picture guide


I remember at school....

'Some' students *cough* used to cram rubbish into the open drive lots of computers until they were full....

Got to do something between drawing penises in paint and learning how to do a typewriter left swipe in powerpoint.

World's first iPhone worm Rickrolls angry fanbois


First thing I did after jailbreaking...

Was turn off SSH. It's a toggle switch ffs.

Is this the world's dirtiest PC?


Sometimes they can be harder to spot..

My friends laptop would constantly overheat. He had taken off all the panels that came off easily (Memory plate, etc) and had it standing on its side with a large fan blowing air onto it.

For a few weeks he wouldn't let me touch it because it was borrowed but eventually when he was out the room I just opened it up. It looked very, very clean.

I was puzzled.

Then I spotted it.

The Ventblocker was a 3mm thick perfectly uniform layer of black dust on the back of the heatsink. So compact that I just peeled it off.

Everything else was spotless.

Pirates get extra seat in Euro Parliament


RE:patents bad? yes.

"Patents should help protect ideas, not money. Almost noone who only invests vast amounts of his time to work on a good idea will get it patented"

You say this as if the people doing the meaningful work technologically and scientifically are all funding themselves and doing it in their spare time.

This obviously isn't true. Most real scientific and technological breakthroughs come from teams of well funded scientists.

Sure, the person who invented the ring pull can may have had a hard time protecting his intellectual property. But in the grand scheme of things who gives a shit? It's not some huge breakthrough, it's just a ring on the top of a can. And no doubt that guy wanted to make his millions, and has by now because he invested huge amounts of money in an idea he believed in.

A lot of people get patents granted, spend thousands upon thousands in the process and then never think of a marketable product.

Then when someone does they charge through the nose for the right to use it. Is this fair? Would this happen less if it was cheap and easy to patent something? No. It would be 10 times worse.


"a complete removal of the patent system"

Ho ho ho ho.

Sure there are patent trolls, but no one can for one second doubt that patents aren't a good thing.

What incentive is there for R&D if you can't make some money off it in the long run?

A reform of patent law? Probably needed. But all out abolishment is retarded.

Giant iPhones invade Florida



They're going to make the $2000 back easily?

That means they got 2 42" LCD screens for free... And people are calling them sad? This is genius.

It takes a special kind of mind to think "You know those costume contests they have at bars and clubs? Couldn't we just build a costume so complicated and outrageous that they have no choice but to give us the prize money. We could make a lot of money from that"

ID Card scheme banking on 28 million volunteers



Meet coffin.

Accused NASA spy billed US gov for swimming pool upkeep



Was it really worth the risk for just $11K?

Lily Allen exits Twitter, bins BlackBerry


God you're all boring.

I think she's funny. At least she doesn't just comply like most artists out there, and she has her own opinions on matters and people.

Man posed as teen lesbian to snare girl's nude photos


@Dave Gomm

That's good to hear.

I've been in a class where they were teaching the dangers of social networking to 12 year olds. Some of the answers about what was safe and what wasn't safe to post on the internet were disturbing, but some were encouraging too.

I think IM programs are the real problem here. They leave much less of a paper trail.

There was no info taught on IMing with the class I sat in on.


@RE:How do you really protect them?

>Also, if you are worried about your kids knowing more about computors than you befor the age of 18 then you are probably reading the wrong site.

That would be the test.

As soon as they could bypass all the filter software/hacks I had done, they are competent enough to use the internet without said software.


The bigger problem here is..

Young girls thinking it's OK to strip on webcam.

Surely that's a prerequisite for underage sex and, with the lack of understanding about safe sex, teen pregnancy.

In my opinion there should be online safety classes. 1 class, once a year (It could be during PHSE/PSE/Whatever it's called).

Basically you show pupils how fucking easy it is to fake an identity.

The teacher goes into a chat room and talks to some guy. Explains that she is 14 and likes ponies. All the classic bullshit.

Shows how easy creating a fake identity is.

The second half of the class consists of how easy it is to save screen shots of your webcam sessions and share them with friends.

Kids are dumb. And they will continue to do dumb shit until we tell them why it's dumb and the way it will directly effect them.

Buffalo Linkstation Pro


After reading what you wrote...

It seems exactly the same as the old one.

It just has a new case.

West Midlands cops to roll out Mitsubishi EVs


A 1l corsa..

Could outrun one of these no problem, and outrun them for longer.

1l corsas are the polices arch nemesis.

BT to push fibre to 1.5m more homes and businesses


@Oh Deep joy

Name a single ISP that is thinking about IPv6...

Nokia netbook to land on 22 October


Contract laptops..

This will lock people into old hardware for 2 years. Surely this is a bad day for computing?

Nokia N97 Mini out this month


@Steve Evans

My friend bought one and that's when I used it, I've not read a review of the phone but find it amusing that reviewers have said the same thing I said. Adds some truth to it.

In comparison to the iPhones UI it is a turd that wont accept polish. Even my friend admitted the UI was clunky as hell.


N97 mini

What's the point of making a mini version of an already awful phone?

The UI was clunky and about as intuitive as my gran at halo and the general feel of the phone was that of a cheap handset.

Top prices, old shows - the Beeb's iPlayer goes global


Why not just..

As another commenter noted, make them pay £9 a month in whatever currency they use and give them full access?

Then you get another license fee payer.

This per show bollocks will never work.

Tories oppose charges and speed cameras


"councils would be given more ability to introduce innovative schemes"

Oh god no. This is terrible news.

Car GPS tracking? Average speed cameras?

At least with speed cameras I know where I stand, and I only have to be going the speed limit for that 20 meter stretch.

O2 finds new way to bind iPhone users


Visual voicemail..

It's a nice feature but it's hardly worth £20 a month.

I don't really use it much anyway since I hate getting voicemails.

First prison sentence for extreme porn


What the?

Images of bestiality can get you put in prison? Everyone's seen one of those pics/videos at some point.

Most I would imagine are viewed just out of morbid curiosity. (Google "Mr hands" if you dare).

What the hell is happening to this country? Blind leading the blind making up stupid laws with no real definition.

Dumb law maker:"Ok, all extreme porn is to be outlawed!"

Voice of reason:"Well ok then, but who decides what porn is extreme?"

Dumb law maker:"We have appointed a czar of extreme porn. Mrs Smith (91) from Kent"

Mrs Smith:"Oh my giddy aunt, excuse my language, is she showing her ankles? TO THE STOCKS"

UK cops eye shotgun cartridge Taser


They had these in...

They had these in splinter cell.

Tr.im cuts air supply, says no money in tiny Web 2.0 pot


If he seriously doesn't have a seller...

I'd buy it for maybe £10K.

LHC rushed back into service at 50% max power


More like..

Beancounter1: Energy costs just peaked at 25% more after russia yawned

Beancounter2: I have a cunning plan....

*Cut to the control center*

Boffin 1: You want me to what?

Cameron condemns Tweeters as tw*ts


@Michelle Knight

"140 characters forces brevity and tightens up the use of the English language in order to get the point across effectively"

What a great way to troll people, if a bit obvious.

Thumb Up

Gets my vote!

Also, It would be fun to work out how many UK twitterererers (Twats?) are actually old enough to vote.

My bet is less than 20%.

How many of those will base their voting not one fuel price, the NHS, education, the transport system or the green issue but rather on the fact that he insulted their hobby.

I'm guessing 1% of that number.

No harm will come from this.

And finally, Cameron can't get away with swearing. He's too well spoken.

Wheels come off O2's data network


Just after...

My friend txt me asking if I got his MMS.

I asked him to send it again, then saw this story.

Staten Island manhole swallows texting teen


They should sue!

If I fell down a bloody manhole I would never step on another one as long as I live.

Also it could have been a lot worse and understandably traumatic.

Leaving a manhole open is fucking stupid and someone needs to be disciplined.

If this was an old granny or a toddler you'd all be up in arms about how wrong it was of the workmen.

$1m for seethrough vidspecs in DARPA VR war-graffiti plan


Augmented reality..

To give it its proper name.

Ukraine slaps ban on all porn




Police headcams burst into flames



How very battle royale of the government.

Camera catches Samsung's OLED iPhone wannabe

Thumb Up


Needs an OLED screen.

Apple admits to iPhone 3GS heliophobia

Thumb Up

Feeling cold?

There's an App for that.

Owners say iPhone 3GS is a scorcher


My 1st gen iPhone...

Gets so hot after about 20 minutes of talk time. So much so that I just put it on speakerphone and use that from then on.

Shit sucks.

I'm upgrading to the new 3Gs when o2 get some damn stock back in.

Hopefully mine wont be one of the toasty ones.

Apple's iPhone 3G S: the $179 handset


O2 have sold out.

I rang up to upgrade today to the 3gs from my 1st gen and they haven't got any 16gb ones in stock.

Nor could they be more specific about when they'd have them in than some time this week.

A little bit frustrating.

Still, I have to admit I have broadband and my mobile phone with O2 and so far they are the best people I have used for both.

Pretty much always have signal on the phone, and get a steady 20MB connection (for £3.95 after a load of cashback offers).

Britney Spears dead hacked

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4 digit pin?!?!?!?!?!

Never have I heard something so worrying.

Luckily twitter doesn't matter.

9/11 hero mutt cloned


He waited for you...


Britain looks to export net censorship model to Europe

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"The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) is a British success story"

And that's where I stopped reading.

MySpace cuts 30% of staff

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Sell to facebook..

1500 people running such a simple company is what happens when old media take over your new media venture.