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Ballmer and Gates defend Vista, drop Windows 7 hints


Vista is great??????

What planet is that guy on?

HAHAHA, surely he must be a troll?????

Fight malware by upgrading to Vista, urges MS



Why would anyone with half a brain want to upgrade to VISTA?

When it came out, I thought I would see how bad it was. So, I dutifully backed up my old system using the XP backup utility and installed a clean version of VISTA. After a few issues I finally got it installed......

Right, I thought, let's get my data restored....

WHOA steady tiger...can you imagine my complete dismay to find that the data.bkf file that I created in XP could not be read by VISTA because it was not compatible????? Why, why, why, would you allow this so very fundamental balls up to be released to a public that was already sceptical about the crap that MS releases??? To get over this hurdle, MS revealed that you have to download a utility from their website to be able to read your old backup files!!! Wait for it.......it was called "NTBACKUP"...FFS!!! So in the newest version of the OS, you cannot read your old backups without downloading a utility designed for the version of the OS that is 2 releases older than the one you are releasing!!!!! I almost fell off my chair!!

I did what any sensible person should do.....went out and bought a MacBook Pro and switched to Mac...I have never looked back. It works, it never crashes, it performs sooooo much better, it is stable, functional, better to look at and I actually trust that I can do online shopping on it!!!

Save your sanity...buy a Mac...

Angus Glover

Downing Street rejects Vista petition



Simple answer...get a MAC. You can run XP and \ or VISTA on it if you really wish to but why? The MAC will be far more secure, far more stable and much more fun.

MS sucks. They charge us a fortune for products and then use us as testers to find all the bugs.....