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iOS 13 leaks suggest Apple is finally about to unleash the iPad as a computer for grownups


missing features

Without mouse and pluggable storage support (available on Android) it's not a computer but computer-lite

We'll ask you one more time: Where's our DRAM money?


I for one am glad someone in the DRAM cartel broke ranks and RAM is now at a more sensible price again.

In Windows 10 Update land, nobody can hear you scream



It's weird this wasn't caught, as the hardware, it happened on like my XPS 13 isn't uncommon you would think someone would have flagged it. The fix is obviously deleting the Intel audio and installing the correct Realtek (in my case)) driver. As Dell drivers website wasn't responding at the time it was a bit more fiddly than it should have been.

At last! Apple admits its MacBook Pro butterfly keyboards utterly suck, offers free replacements



Macbook keyboards have been crap going back all the way back to the shitty plastic one were bits fell off the top case. Until I say the light I had the mentioned above not so plastic fantastic, then a 13 inch 2011 MacBook "pro". Both of them would miss keys occasionally and christ they were uncomfortable on the fingers.

Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn't default browser


Re: Fucking idiots

Microsoft has a history of not listening and shooting themselves in the foot. The Initial release of Vista and Windows 8 show they do the "la la la I'm not listening" fingers in the ears trick.

Stock trader gets two years in prison for pumping up with Fitbit


Yet Trumps buddy...

Who dumped $31.3m is steel stocks the day before the Orange ones idiotic tariff announcement will get no penalty.

MPs draft bill to close loopholes used by 'sharing economy' employers


Yes and hell no

The whole point of zero hour contracts is for well-paid professionals who work as a limited company, not for minimum wage workers where there are zero benefits.

Windows Fall Creators Update is here: What do you want first – bad news or good news?


search is still crap

Indexing is still running on Windows 10, why is Cortana search still so bad. As a neanderthal, I still prefer startisback (classic start if you are a tightwad) using the search in stat(isback) it can instantly find any file or folder just like it did in Windows 7.

McAfee settles McAfee lawsuit over McAfee name



From what I remember McAfee was always a bag of spanners, none the right size and all with rounded ends.

LastPass now supports 2FA auth, completely undermines 2FA auth


I agree

I noticed lastpass was wittering on about my problem of typing in 6 digits. I think I will carry one using authenticator plus and suffer from the "Real" hassle it causes.

Lessons from the Mini: Before revamping or rebooting anything, please read this


not really in the spiritl

The modern mini is a good car but if you want something cheep in the spirit of the original that's still decent I suggest a citroen c/ peugeot 107/toyota aygo.

Microsoft warns Windows security fix may break network shares


Nothing to see it will be sorted

Unlike Apple who regularly screw with Nas products.

Free Windows 10 upgrade: Time is running out – should you do it?


windows 7

installing windows 7 and trying to get it fully updated these days is a nightmare and quite often needs intervention to finish. The last time I tried Wsus offline it got stuck on something and even when it eventually finished windows had extra crap it wanted to install

NHS advertises for digital director at £131k


already allocated

For a job like this they already know who will get the job, the advertisement is only because it's a legal requirement.

Microsoft boots fake fix-it search ads


the internet, can't live with it .........

Search engines have become a minefield of crap links, you want a driver, it's there somewhere but you will have to trawl through a myriad "driver update solutions" disguised as what you want to find the proper file.

Uber driver 'pulls handgun' on passenger


should have shot him

In the crazy world of opposite land (Red America) if he had shot him the stand your ground law would have meant no foul no charge.

Feds widen probe into lottery IT boss who rooted game for profit


Why do Americans think trusting electronics for voting and lotteries is a good idea (it's not especially when contracted out)

It's all Me, Me, Me! in Doctor Who's The Woman Who Lived but what of Clara's fate?


why this

I thought TheRegister was a tech site why does is keep reporting on fantasy TV?

Overheating iPhone 6S+ BLINDED my cam, cries flashgate fanboy


upper operating temperature

A max of 35∘C is a pitifully low temperature for consumer products in a world that for many people can regularly get to over 40∘C

US eco watchdog's shock warning: Fresh engine pollution cheatware tests coming


Re: Excessive fines?

conservative estimates say this cheat caused 4000 premature deaths, hardly nothing

Nice try, Apple. The Maxi Pad is no laptop killer – and won’t scratch the Surface


Re: Maxi Pad

It's called the iPad pro


Re: "Is it me or are MS hoping to just quietly kill the Surface ............?"

The Surface 3 does not have a fan the 3 pro does but as it can have a i7 and is a real computer in tablet form it's to be expected


Re: Just a thought, but...

Surface is a Billion Dollar plus business per year M$ will make more while people still buy

You've been Drudged! Malware-squirting ads appear on websites with 100+ million visitors



The drudge report has a front page that looks like it's coded by a child so no surprise here.

Ant-Man: Big ideas, small payoff


slow, so slow.

Origin movies are usually a bit on the dull side but this takes it up a notch, slow with too little action is my take.

Hacker 3D prints device that can crack a combo lock in 30 seconds


simple Fix

Looking at the video before this, all Master have to do to stop this is manufacture the first disc without the nub that does nothing on that disc.

Stolen an Apple watch? Want to pawn it off? Good news!


Re: Version 1.0

Released with an obvious flaw to anyone with a brain, seems reckless to me.

Apple MacBook 2015: Twelve inches of slim and shiny fanboi joy


blunt talking

This will sell well to a f ultimately disappointed people with too much money. Get a surface pro 3 at least it will be able to do more than watch cat videos.

HTC One M9 Android smartphone: Like a M8 with a squinty eye


no wireless charging

I am using a S3 (namelessrom) after dropping my HTC one M7 in a brook once you try wireless charging you realize it's a must, drop and charge, sorted.

Sir Terry remembered: Dickens' fire, Tolkien's imagination, and the wit of Wodehouse


Sad face

I was trying to get a customers Ipad to stop being an ass when the trukking thing popped up that Sir Terry was dead. it was like being punched in the gut.

It's a sad day, the man brought joy and broadened the imagination of millions. For a man like this to get such a disease is a tragedy. I am grateful for every word in every story he wrote. Gone but never forgotten, I will miss you Sir Terry.

$533 MEEELLION – the cost of Apple’s iTunes patent infringement


On another foot

Apple have serous cheek dissing the (admittingly broken) patent system when the enforce their patents that have serious prior art

Sky bathes in cash - then adds £5bn to its debt mountain


Maybe Sky's legendary (bad) customer service has something to do with that.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Thin plot, great CGI effects


one film edit

When you make movies for the sake of money instead of content you get the pointless 3 movie hobbit.

Hopefully someone will cleverly edit this into a one movie with filler removed, coming to a torrent site soon?

The Great Unwatched: BBC hails glorious digital future for Three


Not worth watching

BBC 3 has mostly become the home of really tacky TV and repeats.

UK PM Cameron says Internet must not 'be an ungoverned space'


The problem is who decides and what's to stop them adding things "they just don't like"

Mastercard and Visa to ERADICATE password authentication


sms authentication though not fool proof is far more secure

Bible THUMP: Good Book beats Darwin to most influential tome title


The Bible is on the list because it "contains principles and guidelines to be a good person”

Has he/she actually read it, there are some seriously awful things in the bible

The last PC replacement cycle is about to start turning


Pipe dream

Will some people use a phone for all there work instead of a laptop yes, will people in static settings doing normal office stuff do the same? I doubt it.

Euro space boffins ready, mere hours from flinging Rosetta lander at Comet 67P


After the brilliant and super complicated deployment of curiosity rover successfully hopefully this will go off without a hitch

Online tat bazaar eBay collapses in UK


ebay is not only second hand tat but also the place to fence shoplifted goods.

The late 2014 Apple Mac Mini: The best (and worst) of both worlds


memory Usage

OSX memory usage is far higher than on an equivalent windows machine, anyone who says otherwise is just wrong.

Russians hear Tim Cook is gay, pull dead Steve Jobs' enormous erection


Putin is clearly gay, unfortunately he is the self hating destructive type the Republican party is full of.

Seriously, for real this time, the 12in MaxiPad is totally on the way ...


I can't see any reason why it would be thicker. With an extra 60 mm diagonally this gives a large area to add battery size

Nokia France leak: Windows Phone DUMPED in Microsoft Lumia revamp


Someone at theregister uk is on the juice

Defenestrated is a word someone came up with to be clever but does not mean what the above title supposes. I know on a hump day you need to come up with something but throwing a person through a window does not fit this none story.

Zippy one-liners, broken promises: Doctor Who on the Orient Express


I don't get it

Dr Who got too silly and gave up with making any sense by the end of Tennant's incarnation. SF is supposed to mean fiction not fantasy

The every episode has to be an extravaganza turned me right off.

Jony Ive: Flattered by rivals' designs? Nah, its 'theft'


Apple invented nothing

There is nothing in IOS that had not been done before in some form or other, I suspect Ive and his ilk are big Star Trek fans

Dairy Queen cuts the waffle, says bank cards creamed in 395 eateries


the time of the bank card is over

with the other safer options that don't expose peoples bank accounts maybe the banks need to ditch the direct payment card.

Windows 10 feedback: 'Microsoft, please do a deal with Google to use its browser'


no chance

There are to many weird enterprise programs that need internet explorer even now.

Doctor Who becomes an illogical, unscientific, silly soap opera in Kill The Moon


Dr Who lost the plot with late Tennant episodes, they have given up with any pretense that it's SF

Marriott fined $600k for deliberate JAMMING of guests' Wi-Fi hotspots


that would be the "Steer traffic to added-value services" part of the spiel on the netenforcer web site. I wonder how many Hotels do that?