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Lester Haines: RIP


Real bad news. Condolences to his family and colleagues.

Descansa en paz Lester.

El avión de papel del proyecto PARIS aterriza en un libro de texto

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Re: ¿Por Qué No?

Enhorabuena Lester, goodStuff.

Y si, el Register se beneficiaria mucho de tener, por ejemplo, articulos traducidos al castellano. Muchas veces me quedo con las ganas de compartir su informacion pero el receptor encuentra la barrera del idioma.

And yes, the Register would benefit greatly of having, let's say, some posts translated to spanish. Many times I find myself unable to share its information as the receiver is stopped by the language barrier.

Raspberry Pi, meet face: You're probably NOT Blighty's biggest PC maker!


Re: Pfft! Looks can be deceptive...

"biggest selling UK computer manufacturer" != "biggest selling UK PC manufacturer"

btw, CPCs (and other 8-bit gems) can still be put to good use...


The CURSE of WHO: WHY has there never been a decent videogame with the Doctor?


related/similar games

Roland in time featured phone boxes that'd get you places.

Highway encounter featured characters that looked quite a bit like them Daleks.

Spanish startup to ship first Mozilla-phones


Re: Spanish startup Geeksphone? Hope they are better than ...

ya got it wrong mate


"But later authorities in Hamburg showed the Andalucian produce was absolutely fine and it was in fact German beansprouts which had caused the bacteria to spread."


talk about stereotyping and what not...

off to have a beer under the mighty beatiful sun :)

Ridley Scott confirmed for Blade Runner pre/sequel



bah, it's not like they're gonna set fire to all the copies of "Blade Runner". They won't be abe to take that one away from us for now. Don't mind if they try to do a second part, although I don't expect anything good, they'll do CG instead of real photography.

Regarding setting fire to all copies...the original Star Wars trilogy...is there anyway to get that on DVD or Blu-Ray without the 3D crap Lucas added at the end of the 90s? It actually ruins it for me.

Microsoft's MS-DOS is 30 today


soundcards like these


what a piece of crap, sold it to some friend, lost the friend

LucasArts Day of the Tentacle


i seem to remember

that the floppy version had the voices during the intro, rest of the game was text. It also took more than 5 floppies...10 or 15 or some crazy amount, like that Sherlock Holmes and the Scalpel thingie.

And Full throttle being the first complete talkie, only available on CD.

Intel debuts '3D transistors' with 22nm chip recipe


While I ain't no fan of appl€ or m$

I'd say they do help in making computers marketable, if some people like to pay premium and enjoy doing so then good for them, in turn the industry as a whole gets bigger and we get more toys to play with and more jobs to make money from.

We still have choice and freedom methinks, which is the important bit.

Five amazing computers for under £100

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Amstrad CPC is just too cheap, less than a fiver

Bought two 464 CPCs with monitor the other day, a colour one for 3 € and a monochrome one for 2 €.

Spanish police hold alleged Nintendo blackmailer


By the looks of it

you all must have gotten A* on your linguaphone courses.

Stick to the 'ona serveza poh favoh', no use trying to get any further.

Incendiary MacBook blamed in house conflag inferno suit


buy a new house

not that big of a deal

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit


great stuff

as the first posters say, feels like the perfect mix of chase hq, out run, spy hunter and the first 3 nfs games.

i think you can use manual gears but the thing is so frenetic and addictive that i haven't been able to bother to look. its more about braking, handbraking and using weapons than changing gears really

not like midtown madness though, that was a free roamer as far as i remember, here you don't get much choice of which way to go but it is real fun: simple, fast and did I say addictive?

soon to come test drive unlimited 2 as well, that will sort out the free roaming bit

F1 2010

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I second that

The Microprose saga was the greatest, YES.

And Stunt Car Racer another very enjoyable game by Crammond.

Trojan-ridden warning system implicated in Spanair crash


Typical Corporationish

Relatives of the victims were on TV yesterday stating quite clearly that they wasn't settling for any goddamn money (you can call that typically spanish too, I'm sure many others would settle for a handful of dimes). So now they REALLY have to find someone to judge/trial and I maybe they're trying to get Windows to be their scapegoat.

Spanish and any other nationish do the best they can, I doubt anybody intended to get 154 people killed. If the original poster was taking the piss about that then I sincerely wish him the worst available.

Google Chrome OS - do we want another monoculture?


off-line issue

I don't know if the posters are just "localhost" coders (understandably scared of the web) or is it that I am at fail to understand the information given.

The system will have a "caching" feature, I believe this means the files actually being worked on will be saved on the netbook. I also believe the latest and up to date version of certain applications will also be installed locally, hence the existence of the "httpd" and "sqlite" on the tree (as someone mentioned above).

It is still a bit of an indecent proposal (meaningful though if one runs a company), given that google will be the sole software provider by the looks of it, but it opens the door to an idea that people should have developed already instead of copying whatever is around (win, mac, linux).

Why do most of you omit the "cache" feature? I don't think google are that stupid so as to provide a OS that requires always-on internet. And if they were they must have realised by now that it would be no good.

I also think that the more competition in the OS and browser marketplace the better, more fingers sharing the pie and more innovation ahead.

I'll get my bullet-proof coat just in case.

US gov asked Twitter to stay up for Iran protests

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I don't know bout you Jack but I found twitter tremendously useful on finding out what was going on in Iran at a real-time pace (around 10 tweets per second). No media outlet could let us know anything, maybe due to the crippling of telecoms or because they didn't want to get involved. Twitter actually bring us the small voices of the people in the streets, the paintings on the walls, and it's proving very very useful in this popular revolution/fight for democracy. I am not a web 2.0 evangelist but I can see very valid points where twitter has its usefulness, I only wish no big media outlet/corporation buys it for that will be the end of this kind of usage. These (Iran elections) very days twitter is actually making the technology be useful for humanity, instead of lining the fat cat pockets.

If many people are tweetting about the same thing, one would think there must be some truth, or at least he/she would pay attention and acknowledge there is something going on in there.


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