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Larry Ellison says he's not following Oracle to Texas, prefers his private Hawaii pad

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Ellison needs to bone up on Long Run out Landslides off the Coast of Hawaii

He needs to take a moment of his busy day to research Long Run Out Landslides off the coast of Hawaii; from which he will discover that there is a long history of gigantic landslides off the Hawaii islands, any one of which would have eliminated the human population . . . if there had been any at the time. That the strip of land (45 miles long by 14 miles back up from the sea shore) below the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory is sliding towards the surrounding ocean, as until recently, the associated volcano's have been adding ~ 1 million tons of lava to that area every day since the early 1980's. https://www.livescience.com/25293-hawaii-giant-tsunami-landslides.html

Watchdog signals Boeing 737 Max jets can return to US skies following software upgrade, pilot training

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My original comment made some time ago on The Times, London web pages remains valid; that the control of trim is always under the complete command of the pilot and should never introduce any form of external input from what would have to be recognised as a "second pilot". All aircraft fly under a simple rule, the pilot flying hands over the flight controls to another pilot with the phrase; "you have control" to which the other pilot then responds; "I have control". Introducing a new "pilot in command", a computer system, not under the full control of the "pilot in command" to manage the trim system is a doomed concept and should never have been permitted. Now I made this point as the new wording for the certification reads;

"The new flight control laws now permit only one activation of MCAS per sensed high-AOA event, and limit the magnitude of any MCAS command to move the horizontal stabilizer such that the resulting position of the stabilizer will preserve the flightcrew’s ability to control the airplane’s pitch by using only the control column. This means the pilot will have sufficient control authority without the need to make electric or manual stabilizer trim inputs. The new flight control laws also include FCC integrity monitoring of each FCC’s performance and cross-FCC monitoring, which detects and stops erroneous FCC-generated stabilizer trim commands (including MCAS)." (page seven; Department of Transportation [4910-13-P] https://www.faa.gov/foia/electronic_reading_room/boeing_reading_room/media/737_AD_2019-NM-035fr.pdf )

If I understand this paragraph correctly, it removes any possibility of commanded changes to the trim. Again, there is no report that the necessary changes have been made. So all we have so far to date is the requirements delivered by the FAA, and not a note to describe the changes have been made by Boeing.

America's largest radio telescope close to collapse as engineers race to fix fraying cables

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Rebuild the entire structure is the best solution

If all anyone does is to set out to try and fix the existing structures and cables, then the first thing to accept is that the entire structure must be at end of life; that every part of the support structure will have to be replaced new. As another has already mentioned, that would necessitate a close down of some years. Turning to the 900 ton platform, would it not be a better solution to completely re-design the structure using light weight composites, and then re-design the support structures to account for the new loading? It may well be that the re-design would end up the cheaper solution; as well as creating a longer life for the resulting structure. Much better to start again with a clean sheet of paper and work out a design that will last to the end of the century.

BBC makes switch to AWS, serverless for new website architecture, observers grumble about the HTML

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Lost opportunity

Once you hand another organisation, outside of your previous total control, in house system; surely, you are from then onwards, you are a hostage to fortune, as now you do not have any control over new appointments to your supplier's management. Then add, what a missed opportunity for the nation. We were taking back control of the nation, and a great starting point would have been allowing the BBC to create their own; British nation style AWS system . . . to underpin their world status as a broadcaster. And add all those jobs for our young citizens, forming a part of a new UK industry, supporting the development of the BBC world wide.

Think tank warns any further delay to 5G rollout will cost the UK multiple billions – but hey, at least Huawei is out

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This was my email to ofcom.org.uk April 14th 2020

Dear sirs,

As the original inventor of the camera phone with GPS, US patents: 5,712,679 January 27 1998; 6,181,373 January 30 2001; 6,469,735 October 22 2002, Japan Patent: 2896930, (and others), all originating from an original UK patent office filing January 1989; and then having set out to create a Video911 service in the USA early 2001 and for three years having attended many wireless industry conferences throughout the USA and also in Europe; then having during that period had opened the debate on a new structure for the universe, publishing The Universe is a Cloud, Some Raw Food for Thought early 2002; followed that up in 2017 with The Universe is a Cloud of Surplus Proton Energy, (copies in major libraries, but not currently available as adding new chapters), which sets out a completely new electromagnetic structure for the proton - I feel I am able to add to the debate on the subject of the effects of waves of electromagnetism upon the human body.

A proton is well known, (regardless of my own input to the debate), to be entirely comprised as a form of electromagnet entity. What seems to have been lost is that everything is formed from protons; not just the wires connecting a transmission aerial as a form of metal; your eyes reading this, your fingertips that touched the typeface of the keyboard; even the keyboard itself. Everything, the air you breath, the water you drink, the saliva on your tongue, your tongue itself, the grass you walk across, the bricks forming the walls of your home, the concrete from which your offices are constructed. Everything is constructed from tiny electromagnetic objects called a proton.

When the likes of BT describe how their new 5G wireless modem can fill your home with such signals; passing through solid walls as though they are not there; as though invisible to the wireless signal; while that seems a true statement, in truth, each and every single wave of such energy, has to pass right through the electromagnetic attachments between each proton, in turn, directly affecting every one of those attachments, whether in a brick, solid concrete; or you.

Close by me lives a friend who is still recovering from the removal of two massive tumours in his brain, which I am sure were caused by the effects of holding his wireless telephone against the side of his head, and that wireless telephone was designed at a much lower level of such effects, than the new 5G systems being deployed today.

My home has no wifi, everything is connected with wires; I do not own, nor ever carry; any form of wireless telephone; why? because my own research, and deep understanding of the effects of such systems, has brought me to believe that, as the rise of energy levels, (and associated immense rise in frequencies), associated with the modern telecommunication industries, increase; they pose an ever greater danger to human health.

Mention has been made of the BBC, both on your web pages as also in recent reports about OFFCOM. It is my profound belief that the BBC has become "captured" by outside corporate interests, to the direct detriment of an open debate about these effects. That the BBC is not presenting truly investigative journalism; but instead, the PR output of such major industries, and more besides; to the long term detriment of the stature of the BBC. That is a very sad state of affairs.

Please note, I am not doing this to provoke any form of violence against such industries, or their installations; I am absolutely against any such action. What does concern me is that for many years now, it has been the order of the day to sweep knowledge of such effects under the proverbial carpet. But the longer that continues, the greater the long term backlash caused by such effects, becoming ever more visible to the general population.

It is my belief that OFCOM should immediately set into motion a complete; and absolutely independent, investigation of the effects on the human body; while at one and the same time; advising a moratorium on any further installations. To enable such, OFCOM as well as the likes of the BBC, and others, are going to have to put to one side the negative inferences against those, such as Dr Joseph Mercola, who has recently published EMF*D 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to protect Yourself; that are highlighting their own understanding of what is occurring. (I have no commercial interest of any form with Dr. Mercola).

It is my profound belief that there are immense dangers associated with the deployment of ever higher frequencies and energy levels of all wireless systems, and that these dangers must be recognised and appropriate actions taken to protect the general public.

As you will see, I have copied this to my local BBC TV station.

Yours sincerely,

Dear sirs,

further to my email to you 14th April, 2020 I now add the formal brief of Children's Health Defence to the United States Federal Communications Commission, FCC.


Again, I have no commercial interest of any form with Children's Health Defense.

I repeat my final paragraphs of my earlier email to you:

It is my belief that OFCOM should immediately set into motion a complete; and absolutely independent, investigation of the effects on the human body; while at one and the same time; advising a moratorium on any further installations. To enable such, OFCOM as well as the likes of the BBC, and others, are going to have to put to one side the negative inferences against those, such as Dr Joseph Mercola, who has recently published EMF*D 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to protect Yourself; that are highlighting their own understanding of what is occurring. (I have no commercial interest of any form with Dr. Mercola).

It is my profound belief that there are immense dangers associated with the deployment of ever higher frequencies and energy levels of all wireless systems, and that these dangers must be recognised and appropriate actions taken to protect the general public.

As you will see, I have copied this to my local BBC TV station.

Companies toiling away the most on LibreOffice code complain ecosystem is 'beyond utterly broken'

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Civilisation demands documents always available

We need to go back to the point where it became obvious; that to remain civilised, we must always be able to access our, indeed, every-bodies work.

We take a book for granted; every book printed, every written document that has been collected, every fragment of papyrus is conserved to enable the passage of thought to be retained over the ages. What changed was an uncivilised attorney came up with the idea that a company, such as, but not just Microsoft, could remove the right to access of any work created by anyone who had purchased their software. A good parallel would be for an 18th century manufacturer of bone china cups and saucers, deciding that, to increase sales, they would employ people to climb through the windows of the homes of every single household that had previously purchased their bone china; to destroy it. For a start, that would mean that there would not be any old bone china left to use today; every single purchase would by now have been destroyed.

A good example was the recent decision by Microsoft declaring that their software Paint, was no longer to be "supported"; except what they did, in addition, was to effectively destroy every single image previously created by inserting damage to all those images. In my opinion, that was a crime, a criminal action against humanity; that was effectively saying that we are removing access unless you pay us, every month, for access to your work . . . for ever! That decision made Microsoft totally uncivilised!

It was these problems that drove the creation of free software, where dedicated groups of individuals set out to allow humanity to retain access to their work.

No one can work forever for free; sooner or later, a normal business model has to be implemented to allow the people doing the work to be able to enjoy a normal life, earn their keep, pay their bills, create a home, marry and bring up their children. That is a normal life for the vast majority.

So there is only one proviso; they must NEVER try and prevent access to documents; always remain dedicated to the concept of a civilisation who retains knowledge for the benefit of future generations.

Ex-Imagination Technologies boss tells UK Foreign Affairs Committee: Britain needs to stop overseas asset stripping

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We have to turn the clock back

This is a much wider problem than simply a matter of who owns what; this goes right back to a series of decisions made decades ago that are linked to the changes made to the function of what were then called "savings institutions". Immediately post WW2, while the government was deeply in debt, we saw the creation of many new companies that became bywords for the inventive and industrial capacity of the UK. Then, most new companies were formed from the investment of savings held by the people; savings that were guided by the local community stock brokers. Using my experience as a guide, anyone thinking of starting such a new business was almost certainly also a customer of their local stock broker; who in turn would put you into contact with others surrounding them who had funds available to so invest. Your new company was thus locally owned, initially entirely by the founders, then with the addition of funding from their surrounding community. All such new companies were thus locally owned and managed. Again, the mark of success was sufficient cash flow, created by a combination of the achievements of the employees in producing a successful product, allied to a increasingly prosperous surrounding community able to afford to purchase the product. As always, in any business, increased production requires ever increasing access to the working capital to expand that productive base, and your local bank, (then there were many such in each community), was where you went for such access.

Longer term anyone wishing to take the business further, you had to be able to deliver secondary success in two vital aspects; regular delivery of good dividends to the existing shareholder base, and by regular I mean that you had to show that you were focused upon that aiming point above all others - your share holders always received good dividends; the second requirement being strong management, clearly holding the entire company concept together in the interest of both the quality of the employees and the success of the product on your chosen market. If you could fulfil those requirements, you could approach a savings institution, who would in turn spend a great deal of effort to check your company out; that it fulfilled their requirements. At that point, the savings institution would buy a proportion of the shares of the company; but of much greater importance, the company was essentially delivered to the people with savings, as a safe investment for granny. That purchase by the savings institution ensured the respectability of your ongoing business prospects.

That in turn was the base foundation of the entire industrial economy. The longer term investment of our industrial economy came from such investment.

All that came to an end when we were forced to abandon our colonies and the leadership of those colonies were repatriated and they in turn decided to combine all our best industries into large publicly owned, (government owned), businesses. British - everything! But they all failed because they were from then onwards managed by bureaucracy and they needed ever more funds to keep up the illusion of success. sic!. and someone came up with the great idea that the rules underpinning the savings institutions should be changed to suite the need to use the otherwise, savings of the people, normally invested in either the savings institutions holdings of industrial shares; or indeed their own purchases of those shares using grannies box of money under her bed.

From that moment the entire function of the savings of the nation was diverted into the needs for further government funding; savings were from then onwards, increasingly diverted to be used entirely for the purposes of bureaucracy. Today we live in the fallout of those disastrous decisions where there are no spare savings available to be invested in our own industry; ergo the increasing use of the phrase- inward investment.

The UK lacks adequate leadership within it's bureaucracy which has become in my opinion, completely corrupted by their access to those savings over so many decades. The problem can only be solved by fundamental changes that it would seem no one has the courage to set into motion.

Damn you, coronavirus. Damn you. Now you've gone too far: James Webb Space Telescope, Moon mission work paused

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Dr. Mercola's Coronavirus Resource Page

This the coronavirus resource page that, personally, I trust above all others. https://www.mercola.com/coronavirus-resources.htm

MPs to grill Post Office and Fujitsu execs on Horizon IT scandal after workers jailed over accounting errors

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But where did the money go?

OK, so money disappeared, missing from the daily accounts; large sums of it too. But money never disappears, particularly when it is represented by numbers on a screen; 2 + 2 always equals 4. If the software says the money is not there then the software itself has taken the money; if the software has taken the money, then the money has to arrive somewhere. In the past, scams, for this is really what we are describing here, were well known, the 25th supermarket checkout being an excellent example. If money disappeared from their accounts it had to end up somewhere else; so, where did the money go?

Yes, I do understand that the missing money may never have been under the control of the sub postmasters; that it was an illusion created by the Horizon software. So who had reason to lose money via the software? As I see it, there is a very much deeper problem that is not being addressed here. Software showing losses from the tills, against sales over the post office counters; where it is now established that the sub postmasters were not stealing from those tills, means that money was placed into the till, but the software for the till showed a proportion was not there at the end of the day; presumably by adding to the sales total within the software; above that physically entered into the tills by the post office staff. If the software added to the till total, and the accounts of the head office showed such losses; then someone has to have had reason to allow the software to both at one and the same time, show increased turnover, (relative to the losses recorded), and make the losses disappear, by deliberately accusing the sub postmasters of stealing the money, when they arrived at the head office.

That is fraud. Someone steals a reward for increased sales; when the increase was a result of, (deliberately? ), faulty software, then blames the failure to actually deliver the increased sales, as cash return to head office, on to the theft of the increase by the sub postmasters. That is a deliberate act of criminal fraud and they MUST be prosecuted.

Sopra Steria exec on warpath as its UK Government profit crashes ... by millions

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"I don't want to hear explanations,"

" "I don't want to hear explanations," says it all!

Four hydrogen + eight caesium clocks = one almost-proven Einstein theory

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Re: Gravity is an attachment force

The only one making personal comments is you; very sad!

Chris Coles

Re: Gravity is an attachment force

As if suggesting that not being educated was never any form of personal attack; then saying that I accused you of bigotry, when all I did was suggest that saying a lack of formal education discredited me, was a new form of apartheid and then you use the word "crank"and run away with a "Bye". My personal opinion is that you have been taught to run away from new thinking; that is not a personal attack if that is a true reflection of the statements you have made. Disagreements have been a significant part of science for centuries. Try reading The Man Who Knew Too Much by Stephen Inwood; you will learn that you are simply a reflection of how real science has worked for centuries.

So, now reflect that the conventional description of the relationship between the proton and the electron does not conform to the rules for electromagnetism, as laid down by James Clerk Maxwell; or, again, that Hooke's Law does not provide a full description of the forces within any spring and that the demonstration of such presented to the Royal Society in 2011 has recently been upgraded and will be presented soon.

You live within a steady state universe that is entirely electromagnetic and Newtonian; get used to it.

Chris Coles

Re: Gravity is an attachment force

Nice of you to forget that some of the greatest strides forward were made, not by conventional scientists, but amateurs. But then you believe in scientific apartheid, "the man must be a fool as he has not the right colour of education". The foreword for the book was written by someone that is now President of a major US university, not that that will interest you with your head proverbially buried in your own version of apartheid having been taught by rote; not to look at new thinking, but to denigrate it at every opportunity. Very impressive!

Chris Coles

Re: Gravity is an attachment force

The experiment, or at least the most recent was delivered to the Royal Society during 2011. That has also been added to the book as a part of a chapter titled Misunderstanding Isaac Newton. Again, an earlier experiment to show a beam of light would be diverted by a large mass resulted in my being given a 950 Kg steel bar that now resides beside the wind tunnel in the basement of the Mechanical Engineering department at the University of Houston.

Again, why does no one want to review the book if it is so utterly stupid, as it would be an easy thing to do; except that, as I see it, they who have received it dare not do so, and that does include the BBC, (two copies), and the Royal Society. There is also a copy in the British Library and every major national library, including the Bodlian. Go have a read and then come back and comment.

Chris Coles

Gravity is an attachment force

As I understand gravity, having written a book on the subject, gravity is a result of the positive electromagnetic force field of the proton extending beyond the orbit of it's electron, (which is a part of the electromagnetic force field structure of every proton), to attach, (under the rules laid down by James Clerk Maxwell, A positive field will always seek to attach to the closest negative potential, or extend to infinity), to the negative potential of any adjacent proton's electron, as that adjacent proton rotates past; with the constant movement of all protons within mass causing such attachments, and subsequent detachments, to reflect the energy level of the mass.

Inertial mass is caused by the same attachments, as within solid mass, to attach to all adjacent mass. Thus gas molecules are always similarly attached to each other by the same mechanism, regardless of distance. As such, these Gas Molecule Attachment Force Columns, extend from the planet surface to attach to any other mass object and provide the force necessary to resist movement.

Gravity is simply an electromagnetic force field attachment between all protons and the attachments, (and subsequent detachments caused by the rotation of each proton), create the photons reflecting the energy level of that local mass. The same mechanism creates inertia.

About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer

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MINT Desperately needs a decent handbook

"- Dreadful documentation, support and "knowledge" on the internet. A million forums and how-to's full of garbage."

Could not agree more. MINT is delivered with everything one needs other than being able to purchase documentation that gives a complete listing of the packages and how to use them. Not everyone that moved from MS to Linux has a background in software; no one seems to care about those of us that just want to use the software for other purposes than self congratulation.

HP Ink to compensate punters for bricking third-party ink cartridges

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Buy Brother, Brother.

After years of struggle with ink and then these desperate problems with HP, bought a Brother Laser Printer and have never looked back.

Does my boom look big in this? New universe measurements bewilder boffins

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Space is not empty as Gravity cannot disconnect

Gravity is a constant and there is no one trying to say that gravity can be disconnected. In which case, the force of gravity must exist throughout the universe. If a force called gravity exists throughout the universe, then the space between mass in deep space; cannot be empty. If space is not empty, then every photon traveling through space must be traveling through the force called gravity. So the challenge was to describe what gravity is and how it worked.

Mass is formed from protons, thus, for the gravitational properties of mass to exist, the proton must be gravitationally connected to another proton. But we are told that the negative electron balances the positive proton and as such, all gas molecules, (especially including all gas molecules in space), are thus free to travel without contact with each other. Ergo; Ideal Gas Law tells us that temperature and pressure are related to the speed of impact of the gas molecule upon the walls of the container. Again, nucleosynthesis demands the speed of impact between atoms of mass as the primary driving force for the creation of elements. So now we have to accept a mismatch between science and logic. Gravity cannot be disconnected and thus is always a force between protons; yet gas molecules are totally disconnected from each other.

From that starting point, it came to me that there is no such thing as a Black Particle; a particle with no external observable field, that if we can observe the proton it must exhibit an external field; and thus the modern depiction of the electromagnetic properties of the proton within a gas molecule, do not conform to the rules for electromagnetism, as laid down by James Clerk Maxwell. That a positive field always seeks the closest negative potential or extends to infinity and that, as the gravitational properties of the Earth extend beyond the Moons orbit, then a small proportion of the positive field of the proton, must extend beyond the orbit of the proton's electron and that in turn, brings the electromagnetic force field of the proton into conformance with James Clerk Maxwell. In which case, the next closest negative potential must the an adjacent proton's electron. Logic demands the question; is gravity caused by the surplus positive electromagnetic force field of a proton, extending beyond the orbit of that proton's electron, to attach to the next closest proton's electron?

If that logic is correct, then deep space is full of the electromagnetic force field attachments between all the protons, forming the nucleus within all the gas molecules, in deep space; and thus all photons must be traveling through these electromagnetic force field attachments. In which case, Red Shift denotes distance traveled by the photon, rather than speed of movement of the source of the photon. That in turn drove the creation of a completely new model for the electromagnetic force field structure within the proton; that now fully complies conformance with Maxwell.

Ergo the title: The Universe is a Cloud of Surplus Proton Energy.

DJI strips out code badness, reveals some GPL odds 'n sods

Chris Coles

Anyone flying any form of conventional aircraft, gliders are a very good example; know full well that the air we fly in is regulated primarily for safety reasons. When we fly, we know before we take off that there are areas of the sky that we are not permitted to enter. Yes, we can still enter if we fully comply with the accepted regulations. The entire system is designed to prevent collisions between aircraft. It is that simple, we all agree to abide with the regulations because our lives depend upon everyone else also doing the same thing for the same reason. To understand the overall problem, may I suggest that every drone owner visit their local gliding club and buy a copy of the relevant, (to their considered drone flying location), 1/4 million air flight chart which will show in full detail where and where not they can fly in safety. It would also make sense if they also, at the same time, purchase a copy of the relevant flying laws which will always also be available at their local gliding club. To find you local gliding club use the BGA British Gliding Association web site www.gliding.co.uk Better still, go learn to fly a conventional glider, a wonderful sport, and make friends for life at the launch point while learning why the rules are there in the first place; to protect lives.

UK IBMers lose crucial battle in pension row

Chris Coles

Over many years, anyone following the rulings delivered by the appeal court will have come to the conclusion that the next step for the employees is to take this to the House of Lords; Now called The Supreme Court. It is certainly true that many appeal court rulings have been reversed.

Long ago I formed the personal opinion that the appeal court, for their own reasons, leaves matters open to be taken on to the Lords for a final ruling.

Forget Iran and North Korea. Now there's another uranium source

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Re: Newton's third law

"You can describe the universe with forces (Newton) or you can describe the universe as curved space (Einstein). It's not a matter of either one being "wrong"; they are incommensurable descriptions and both are useful. Feynman's 12th Lecture:

Characteristics of Force "

To stay within the remits of the rules for discussion here, I have to do my best to strip this debate down to a very basic level. Ergo, to start, these are the two quotations I will use from the Feynman lecture:

“To push the molecules only slightly closer together requires a great force, because the molecular repulsion rapidly becomes very great at distances less than d. If the molecules are pulled slightly apart there is a slight attraction, which increases as the separation increases. If they are pulled sufficiently hard, they will separate permanently—the bond is broken.”

“This particular illustration does not describe correctly the way in which Einstein’s geometry is “weird,” but it illustrates that if we distort the geometry sufficiently it is possible that all gravitation is related in some way to pseudo forces; that is the general idea of the Einsteinian theory of gravitation.”

In the first quotation; “the bond is broken” In the second; “ but it illustrates that if we distort the geometry sufficiently it is possible that all gravitation is related in some way to pseudo forces”.

But gravity between all the mass remains in place at all times. If that is so, then it becomes impossible for the bond, (gravity), between molecules to be broken. It is this simple anomaly that has become the bane of science ever since it was created. Einstein could not define the origin of gravity, as Feynman himself admits; “the origin of these forces remains obscure.” So Einstein created a solution involving pseudo forces, the distortion of Space Time.

Thus this has been a debate in front of everyone since Einstein, including Feynman, to provide a solution to the true origin of the force of gravity; the bond that is NOT broken.

Gravity is caused by the positive electromagnet force field of each proton extending beyond the orbit of that proton’s electron, to attach to the closest adjacent proton’s electron. The “bond” is never broken and as such, conforms fully to the laws of electromagnetism as laid down by James Clerk Maxwell.

Clear August 21 in your diary: It's a total solar eclipse for the smart

Chris Coles

Re: Clouds?

The sudden hole in the clouds will be caused by the same thing with a hurricane eye, right at the centre of the rotating hurricane; only in this case it is the attachment of the gas molecules in the atmosphere, forming Gas Molecule Attachment Force Columns, (gravity is caused by the attachment of gas molecules to mass), between the Earth and the Sun forming a vortex, no different than any other vortex is caused by a rotating mass within an atmosphere. Simple!

Civil rights warriors file US lawsuit: Let us see Five Eyes agreement

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Lord Denning once told me; Everyone answers to the Law

"Such requests are futile, as groups like the UK’s GCHQ are usually exempted from FoI laws."

Some years ago I had an interesting conversation, over the telephone, with Lord Denning, then Master of the Rolls, (he was always listed and did indeed answer the phone when called). He made it crystal clear, everyone answers to the law; no one can be excluded from the law of the land; all laws apply to everyone; so this statement is entirely wrong and indeed; unlawful.

Mighty multi-scope snaps stunning STARBIRTH image

Chris Coles

My previous understanding of the nature of deep space was that there are indeed atoms of various elements widely spaced apart, but that they are separated and act as individual atoms. Indeed, deep space has often been described as having particles emerging and then disappearing under rules long ago laid out in Quantum Physics; yet here, and frequently recently the rules have been changed to permit the publication, (without contention), of the following phrase: "When the ejecta smash into the starbirth's surrounding gas".

A gas is surely a quite different external environment in deep space? To my knowledge, the only book, (an e-book), published that describes exactly why we can make that change in perception, has never been reviewed by anyone, the author was shunned and as such the book was removed from availability to await funding for publication as a normal hardback book.

Returning to the wonderful image; no mention has been made of the seemingly vast expanse of space that has been obliterated by a dark cloud mostly beneath the main image. If we were dealing with an event on this planet, when we see such a drifting cloud we would naturally assume that the cloud was drifting away from the event as a cloud of dust that blocked out the sun. But how does that drift occur in deep space?

There must be an external gravitational influence, causing the resulting dust cloud to drift, as though within a moving homogeneous gas atmosphere surrounds the entire display...... IN DEEP SPACE!

There is much more to this image than has been reported here.

Last time CO2 was this high, the world was underwater? No actually

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Was Shoreline Erosion Taken Into Account?

Rather than argue for or against, why not add some new thinking? If this paper is correct, then we also have to take into account the action of the sea at sea level. If, say, sea level had been stable for the last 3 million years; while the Eastern Seaboard had risen 35 metres; then every tidal estuary would be situated within a 35 metre escarpment on each side of the bay. However, anyone that has, for example, spent some time in Washington DC will be able to tell you that the land surrounding the tidal levels of the sea does not have 35 metre escarpments on each side.

Yes, sea levels have both risen and fallen during the last 3 million years. What AGW proponents argue is that sea levels have never been higher, (during the period CO2 was between 180 and 300 ppm), than today; and as such, with a steady rise in the surface levels of the ES, we ought to be able to observe the interaction between the rising land and the action of the sea; at sea level; constantly eroding the rising land.

A shoreline, 35 metres above present sea level, but with no erosion caused by the sea between the present sea level and the old shoreline, to my mind, seems to point to either a sudden rise in land levels or a sudden drop in sea levels; where erosion cannot become a factor.

Was that scenario taken into account in the research?

Why does our galaxy spiral?

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Re: All of this is just pure fantasy. It's not science!

Joerg is correct to point out that "creating a simulation based upon assumptions" is a childish fantasy.

The underlying problem is the assumption that the laws of physics are immutable; laid down on stone tablets.

There is at least one much better explanation of the forces involved with the formation of the arms of a galaxy that has been out there for more than a decade; but it has not been reviewed because the new thinking challenges the assumptions laid down on those stone tablets.

UK's Intellectual Property Obliteration office attacked by Parliament

Chris Coles

As a British inventor that has just had a new patent granted, GB2447526, I can say a few things here that should be seen as relevant to the discussion. In the first place, it took the UK IPO very nearly 5 years to deliver the patent, while, at the same time, the Japan Patent Office makes a big thing that they do their best to deliver a patent within days. Their reasoning being that speed delivers a real, definable, competitive advantage to their nation. Here, my own experience shows us that the UK IPO seems to want to see something that they know and can immediately understand. So anything bringing forward new knowledge is suppressed rather than appreciated and they sit on it because they cannot understand new thinking; where in point of fact, true invention delivers something that NO ONE has ever before created.

The other side of the coin is well represented here. Many within modern society seem to believe that all IP is born from giant corporations that must be fought against; rather than recognising that all new IP is the birth child of a single individual who must have some mechanism to earn a living.

Another crucial aspect is there is no mechanism to deliver the equity capital investment that is essential if the originator is to be able to develop their original thinking. The only source being, yes you have guessed it; the giant corporation.....

The total failure of the UK executive government, the Civil Service, to stand up and protect the individual rights holder, is well represented in the ongoing indifference of the UK IPO. One only needs to remember Tony Blair telling everyone that his government was absolutely against "Individualism" to get an idea of the negative mindset inside Whitehall. Then add how the MOD nowadays will only deal with one supplier and we can see that a Parliamentary committee is very unlikely to be able to deliver any real change.

Until the UK economy completely collapses, (not that I wish such), I suspect no one will listen to anything a single inventor has to say; but for the record, the very first thing to do is close down several departments and retire the top 10 levels of the Civil Service. THEN we just might have a half chance of renewing past success as a manufacturing nation based upon Intellectual Property.

Russia blocks Monsanto corn in GM study fallout

Chris Coles

"In fact, GM has already saves millions of lives in poor countries due to increased yields."

Tell that to the millions of Indian farmers that are now desitute with a substantial number committing suicide..... why..... because the claims are pure unadulterated Bull sh one T

NASA working on faster-than-light drive capable of WARP TEN

Chris Coles

My problem is the funding for this 100 year space ship is provided by the utter idiots that are also developing a device to deliver a bomb to any point on the surface of this planet within an hour. People with that mindset should not be anywhere near ANY form of long term peaceful development of space technology.

And I do indeed mean it when I say; Utter Idiots.

For that reason, I will not associate myself in any way with the 100 year space ship program.

We need to find a way forward with long term space ship development that has, right at the heart of the operation; the peaceful development of space travel.

We're raising generations of MUTANT KIDS, says Icelandic study

Chris Coles

Re: Careful with your evolution mumbo jumbo.

There are two separate "lines of evolution" of the genus Homo Sapiens, not one. Why do I say that? Because I, (and many around me here in the South of England), have a VERY distinct ridge of bone running from front to back down the centre of my skull; whereas others have a totally rounded, like an eggshell, skull form.

In the past, I was told my skull shape was caused by the manner of my birth and that it was due to the way the plates of my skull fused after birth. Now I have come to the conclusion that the whole idea of defining a different skull shape as a different genus became impossible due to the stupidities from WW2 NAZI experiments. Another reason being, (and you can easily try this for yourselves), that people seem to find it VERY difficult to feel the top of another individuals skull.

Be that as it may, considering the strength of the real difference between my skull shape and structure, to that of others with a totally smooth, rounded skull; I am convinced that I must be from a different line of evolution to the other skull form.

Again, my father is listed in Salt Lake City as a member of a family that "Lives to a great age", so, while I am 68 years old, I am also very fit and agile and thus expect to live to that great age. Oh! and he is also listed as a direct descendant of Princess Pocahontas; which makes me a Pow tan Red Indian Prince many times removed. :)

In which case, there is much more to learn that that presently posited.

CERN 'gags' physicists in cosmic ray climate experiment

Chris Coles


Simply, why not also reach the conclusion that it is the temperature of the atmosphere that controls the quantity of cosmic radiation detected?

Without any corroborating evidence; it is entirely possible that we might conclude that the temperature controls the data, rather than radiation controls.

Government plans cyberweapons programme

Chris Coles

The overall problem with security of the traffic on the internet

The overall problem with security starts and stops with the quality of the UK Hosting services. My recent experience tells me we have a very long way to go before anything can be achieved.

Strategy will be everything.

Blighty's Skylon spaceplane faces key tech test in June

Chris Coles

Ice is the unseen problem that will bring the whole idea to a full stop

Having designed a Freeze Drying Microscope taking samples down to -100C I can tell you from direct experience, the problem they face is ice. It is quite amazing just how much moisture there is in air. Moisture that will, instantly, turn into ice. Remember, when aircraft engines were first created, they had to fit heaters to their engine intakes to melt the ice as it formed..... or the engine would promptly fail.

They make no mention of what they are going to do about the ice that will, inevitably, coat the entire cooler system. Ice is their Achilles heel.

Why Nokia failed: 'Wasted 2,000 man years' on UIs that didn't work

Chris Coles

Lack of available competitive investment is the underlying cause

"Europe lost its last global technology platform. "

Perhaps it will take the endgame of the long term demise of NOKIA to bring everyone to recognise; that the real failure in Europe, is the idea that all long term development, (and by association, government grant support), for new technology; must always be into existing large companies.

This saga is a classic demonstration of what you get, in the end, from a lack of competition. Instead of many new, small businesses, snapping at the heels of the likes of NOKIA, (and, moreover, in the right place to immediately take up the running as a market leader), you get stagnated management, unable to see the potential from their magnificent gold plated "offices".

Europe desperately needs a functioning system to feed new, free enterprise based, equity capital; into new small businesses, right at the grass roots of every nation. Until the EU recognises that need, all we are going to see is the same story, again and again.........

NASA nano-satellite belatedly ejects from orbiting mothership

Chris Coles

The Space Chronometer was a much better idea

Considering that, with the help of Dr. Alan Jefferson, I became one of the "Honourable Mentions" for the Tour Eiffel de la Space Competition, in 1986, celebrating the Centenary of the design and construction of the Eiffel Tower, with our entry for The Space Chronometer; an hour minute and second hand in space to give Greenwich Mean Time to all humanity; one might be forgiven for asking why has it taken so long to try out such structures? And such a feeble one at that....

Our own was for three separate hands, hour, minute and second; 9Km, 6Km and 3Km in length, a control module at the centre of each hand and the same length cable, 9Km, 6Km, and 3Km to the other end to balance the rotation with each hand having a satellite at each end to drive their rotation. The rotation holding the hands out straight with the design being limited by the once every 60 seconds rotation of the 3Km long second hand on one side and the 3Km long cable balancing on the other, rotating around the central control module. Each hand a quite separate entity, each one behind the other to form a single clock face.

The whole providing an 18Km diameter "Clock in Space".



US Navy's electric plane-thrower successfully launches an F-18

Chris Coles

I stick to my previous statement

It is clear that those of you that slam the idea of keeping a steam catapult have no experience of sea water around anything electrical. Add to that the sea slamming into the electrical equipment in that slot in the flexing deck in a force ten storm and remember, it MUST work 24/7/365.

It is one thing to launch an aircraft from a dry desert airstrip and quite another at sea in a ship that flexes while being awash with zillions of gallons of violently agitated sea water. Another point to make is that, with anything new, you let someone else try it out first so that they can put up with all the unexpected problems, so we are going to be the fall guys.

Again, a decent sized warship has a complement of, say, a thousand, now compute their fresh water requirements.......... You need a fresh water system whether you like it or not.

To specify an aircraft carrier without an aircraft was bad enough, but without steam catapults is, IMHO utter stupidity. But then, I am a fool until the day there is a small flash and a puff of smoke and the lights all go out......... Steam has a very long history in ships for the very simple reason, it is very reliable. You aircraft carrier is a useless pile of scrap if you cannot launch the aircraft at the exact moment you need to. Add to that the requirements for the defence of the carrier fleet and you end up with more than one type of aircraft to be launched.

To specify without any prior experience to back up the decision, on something of such primary importance as your flagship is, to the defence of the nation; is irresponsible to say the least.

I stick to my previous statement.and leave the matter to the history of the Royal Navy.

Chris Coles

Live Steam is a fundamental aspect of all ships

All ships have what are known as Live Steam systems. heating, cooking, and with aircraft carriers, catapults. It is easily provisioned and is very reliable, having been in use since WW2. So now we know the reason why the ships were not provided with steam catapults, the contractors knew there was a new electromagnetic catapult in the pipeline.

This just another example of the poor quality of the MoD Civil Servants. They have been hoodwinked into a strategy that tries to force us to buy the new technology.

Just to remind everyone of the old technology, it is a simple tube with a split along its length with an internal flap, originally made of leather. Inside the tube is a piston with a flange on its side to fit within the slit in such a manner that, as the piston is forced by live steam down the tube, the flap slides around the flange and maintains a seal. So the old technology is THAT simple and works VERY reliably. VERY Cheap, reliable, simple, well understood.

There is not one single reason for abandoning the steam catapult.

This is outrageous.

The Mod should immediately institute a design change to the carrier specification to include steam catapults and fire the civil servants that were implicit in the failure to include them in the first place.

Motorola drags Microsoft to ITC, says Xbox infringes its patents

Chris Coles

Motorola attorney in Chicago showed one of my patents as an example of a good patent

Some time ago, a US inventor, in dispute with Motorola over their assumed patent rights attended a meeting between his attorney and the Motorola legal team in Chicago. During that meeting, (I was told), one of the the Motorola attorneys said something to the effect: "Your patent is worthless; this is an example of a good patent" and promptly tossed one of my US patents onto the table. Which is how I heard about the incident as they then approached me.

My patents? 5,712,679; 6,181,373; 6,469,735

Perhaps they should worry about me instead?

Radical hypersonic glider vanishes above Pacific

Chris Coles

Why not follow it down with the booster following behind to record the flight?

Perhaps they need an English inventor to suggest that they add a camera to the booster nose and then when they release the hypersonic glider, they then follow the glider down while visually recording the flight. In that way they would also have secondary confirmation of what they are recording from the glider's on-board systems. If they had done that, they would have seen what happened. There, job done by an Englishman.

Boffins: Stop trying to monetise us, you don't know how

Chris Coles

Government only wants more income for itself

These proposals from government are not designed to improve the circumstances of research, but are instead designed to improve the income of the government. If the government could, it would not fund anything at all. Furthermore, the primary role of government is surely to create law. Parliament's function is as a law maker for the nation. What has happened is that, to create new employment within the Civil Service, the servants, sic!, saw the opportunity to increase both their power over the nation and create new employment for themselves by getting involved as the originators of research and development. History shows us again and again, that if we do come up with something new and useful, they are so concerned to create income for themselves, the last thing they are going to do is go on supporting the work already initiated. How many successes have been sold on? The recent TV series describing the development of our hydrogen bomb, related bomber aircraft and the early rockets are an excellent example. Again and again, they sell off rather than support. So to come out now and say they are looking for new research to become more economic minded is another way of saying that they are in desperate need for more income to pay for their wages and pensions..... and they do not care a single jot as to how they get their hands on it. The great mistake has been to allow government to become involved in the first place. Why is there no mention of our savings institutions funding such? What are the savings of the nation doing being swilled around markets with a single purpose of creating income for the financial institutions? Take another look, they create immense income for, yes, you have guessed it, government. I have recently set into motion a debate using a free PDF book; The Road Ahead from a Grass Roots Perspective. In it I suggest that the rules for a true free market economy should be:

To create a true free market, capital based, local economy, with as much competition between the many suppliers to the local economy as possible; only requires we accept four primary rules: 1. Only the job creator makes the decision to create a new job. 2. They receive adequate Equity Capital by abiding to strict, but open rules that leave them in complete control of their new business. 3. Local savings are invested, as equity capital, back into the local community to provide the required capital to create the new jobs. 4. All transactions are made to the rules of a free market. It really is as simple as that.

If you go read the book, you will see that you can have every form of research paid for by the investment of the savings of the nation and without a single penny of taxation being spent. Until we create an economy that is more financially successful OUTSIDE of government so that the government returns to its primary function of creating law, the civil servants will continue to try every possible means to increase their income at your expense.


Nokia N85 smartphone

Chris Coles

The rights to many N85 functions may be auctioned in Hong Kong next June

As I see it, they can only sell that to which they own the rights. It is my understanding that certain patent rights, (which may, or of course, may not, impinge upon some of their geographic markets), are going to be auctioned in Hong Kong next June. If indeed that turns out to be correct, they should worry about that as surely they would not wish to become a hostage to the fortunes of, say, a new upstart Chinese or Indian wireless phone manufacturer; would they?

EU funds Antipodes-in-90-mins rocketliner concept

Chris Coles

A Total waste of money and matches Buckminster Fullers statements

By pure chance I came across this web page about Buckminster Fuller with this statement.

"How can they justify large research and development budgets for next year if it were visible that the original technical gains were accruing exclusively to society from the individual preoccupations and initiatives existing entirely outside of massive government and massive corporate manufacture and distribution? The self-deceit of democracy at this moment in history by its professionally advertised aggrandisement of the "corporate image" with reputed impeccability of super-inventiveness may be the undoing of democracy's case until another century has washed away this miasmic fallacy. Not only have these professional word- and picture-factories manufactured the greatest and most persuasively erroneous myths, but they also have robbed our heritage of word- and picture-language of its incisively exquisite effectiveness."

In 2002 I got to speak to a European Commissioner who told me that it is nowadays impossible to gain funding as an individual. The end result is that we get these sort of totally ridiculous proposals and they get funded. Dreadful waste of money.


Apple patents map mobile future

Chris Coles

Apple should look at their front entrance video database

They would see a tall British inventor, me, some years ago now, walk through their front door in Cupertino and leave an envelope with details of three US patents and one Japanese patent describing a full system, not just the hand held. I am told that, as a public company, they have to place to one side sufficient funds to cover any possible claim on such potential infringement.

I look forward to hearing from them in due course.

Nokia invents social networking mapping

Chris Coles

Nokia were not the first to invent social mapping

The originating inventor of social mapping was myself with a UK patent application dated 16th January 1989 culminating in three US patents 5,712,679; 6,181,373; 6,469,735 and one Japanese patent; 2896930. But I could never find funding, (A VERY long story). The first corporate use of social mapping was by Epson, in the shape of the Seiko-Epson LOCATIO system that, I am told by my Japanese Patent Agent, they abandoned upon the grant of my Japanese patent. But by then they were about a decade behind me, but with massive investment. Something I could never receive being in the UK where the idea of someone, anyone, having a new idea worth long term investment was, as today, laughed at.......... I have taken this from the Epson web site.


"Remarkably, the GPS semiconductor technology used in all the handsets was supplied by one company: Epson. To date, Epson has shipped more than 10 million of the GPS devices to manufacturers of 3G handsets.

"We were thrilled with this major design-in win," says Yutaka Kitazawa, General Manager of Epson's GPS Business Development Department. "It was a reward for a decade of pioneering research and development."

After Epson established the GPS business unit in 1995, Kitazawa's group came up with idea of creating a multifunction handheld device comprising a personal digital assistant or PDA, digital camera, mobile phone, and GPS that would work on low power. Dubbed the Locatio, the device was launched in 1998 together with both an e-mail service and a mapping service aimed at making the GPS technology more useful. "It was a revolutionary device," says Kitazawa. "Unfortunately, it was ahead of its time for most consumers. Still, we learned a lot from the experience."

The reality is that NOKIA are about twenty years behind the curve and do not own all the rights to which they are now addressing their efforts.

Women turn on to a throbbing Maserati

Chris Coles

Buy an old Austin 7 Ruby instead

My experience of a fast car was to briefly own an E-Type 4.2L Roadster. The problem is that any "nice" girl will take a look and naturally assume that you are "fast" and I have to report that my personal life was much better when I drove an Austin 7 Ruby. When the fast car goes, the fast woman goes as well. Stick to a small car with class and win the heart of a nice girl. better by far than an imaginary "win" of someone that moves on as the success declines.

Vista woes fuel Mac sales surge - analyst

Chris Coles

More on why we walk away

Earlier this year my old PC was hacked into so strongly that it completely collapsed with an unrecoverable system. I bought a new hard disc and re-installed my legitimate copy of XP Pro with my legitimate copy of Office XP Pro only to find that the system has automatically upgraded me to SP3 which interestingly removes all access to the upgrade system and now my office documents, while they still look OK on screen, but when I print, or convert to PDF and print, they now have a weird variation in the text when printed, making them unusable.

I am sure that some smart arse has come up with this as a great idea to force us to upgrade to new software. (Or the system has assumed I am no longer legitimate).

But this is like taking your old car in for a service and someone in the garage has decided that you cannot have your old car back in working order, or, that when you get in to drive, it wanders all over the road and if you go back they just scrug and walk away.

Imagine having an old, vintage car; and the dealer has decided that you can never drive it again. This attitude is exactly the same.

Ultimate market power corrupts in the same way as any other monopoly. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and this is an excellent example. But as I said in my earlier comment, we can and will walk away from such indifference. In my case, as soon as I can afford to. With regard to Apple the price is acceptable because the ongoing service from Apple has a clear track record of creating product that is a satisfying experience for the customer.

Competition, free markets; are all about choice. Treat otherwise loyal customers with indifference and sooner or later, all of them will simply walk away.

I most certainly will, I am sure many many others are about to follow.

In turn I expect Apple to treat me with respect when I am older and own older software, just like an old car owner who cannot afford to buy a new car, I expect them to continue to treat me with the respect I am due as a loyal customer to their product.

Without that respect, we will always walk away.

Chris Coles

Lesson number one in business - In the end, the customer can walk away.

Microsoft created an operating system that was redesigned; I reckon around about the 1986/87 period to seek out information on behalf of a great many organisations, not all of them benign or commercial. I suspect that, at its height, it has been a great success for some of those "organisations" but which had the downside of making it wide open to hackers too. In trying to keep collecting information while trying to keep out hackers, they created the worst of all worlds, a system that they had to keep running while at the same time, were trying to fend off criticism by trying to show they were committed to making the system hacker proof.

Ergo, we became, as users, attached to an unending stream of updates... start up, update, turn off, start machine, update... while all the time the information gathering capabilities made our PC slower and slower. Add to that we cannot see any of what is being collected. Have no idea of who is reading what or where. That once the "cat" was out of the bag, and the hackers themselves were then employed by commercial organisations to allow the commercial world the same information gathering capabilities as the "organisations" and the whole thing has arrived at a point so far away from a normal commercial product sold for the advantage of the customer that the customer has at last realised the continuing stupidity of all of this.

I first got an understanding of the unseen capabilities when my desktop turned completely Japanese one day. And on another day, someone ran a sound WAV file that was someone walking with hard shoes on a wood floor walking across the room, opening the door and closing it behind them, clunk! Whoever it was, was a real show off, but left me absolutely certain that there is no way we can keep anyone out of our machines.

Microsoft has destroyed its market. Or, should I say instead, the "organisations" requests for information gathering capabilities were, inevitably, sooner or later, going to override any commercial sense of what a product should provide a customer. We in turn have come to realise we can all walk a way.

I do hope, for all our sakes that Apple has had the good sense not to follow the siren calls from those "organisations" but then again, we may never know the truth anyway. We have to rely on the commercial sense of Steve Jobs. So as a final point, may I hereby ask Steve Jobs to make a public statement that there are no similar "subsystems" in OSX designed to gather similar "information".

Phoenix eats dirt

Chris Coles

They never once thought they would get water at the surface

They have made a VERY big mistake. They never seemed to have thought they would sit on a thin surface of dust covering a frozen ocean. If you have ever had any experience of freeze drying, you would know that ice sublimates. It freely turns from a solid to a mixture of gas molecules and water vapour. So the surface they are standing on is a sort of mush ice mixed with dust. When they dig into it, it is thus not unlike mud, (as a previous post has also alluded).

Remember, they are not in a high vacuum as with a freeze dryer, they are in a low pressure atmosphere which is still sufficient to create dust devils.

They needed to be able to remove the screens, but I would guess, they cannot. Thus always, the mush ice will inevitably have to dry out before it arrives in the oven. So someone came up with the idea that all they would want to observe was tiny particles and all the others, sic! never once took their device into a chamber with a frozen tank of water covered with a thin layer of dust that had been standing for say, at least a year to gain the full effect and asked the simple question; what if?

Now we will have to wait for Pioneer 2, what, perhaps another 10 years, before we get true readings of the water content of the material BEFORE entry to the oven. If they had just one single artisan, rather than all academics on their team, they might have spotted their simple, but disastrous mistake.

So the FIRST thing that must be done is to simulate the REAL dust environment on the surface under the spacecraft. (Which is now NOT a space craft, but an Earth ship on a dust covered frozen Martian ocean. And, remember, now that the ship is on the surface, it will act as a sun trap and heat the surface under the ship. So any possible solution must come ASAP, before the depth of the dust level increases as the increased heat levels sublime more of the under surface ice. But is so sad they never thought about the implications of a frozen surface covered with a thin layer of dust. They must have assumed that the surface was all dust and they would only find a very slight indication of water. If only they had assumed all scenarios, they would have had at least one oven without a screen.


Time to move on from Chinook to the real MoD cock-ups

Chris Coles

Take simple instruments and fly the aircraft

All the MOD needs to do, is fit standard aircraft instruments and fly the Chinooks. If all the problem was, was that they were not cleared to fly on instruments, then a standard set of artificial horizon and related instruments out of a civilian aircraft would have done the job for what? 10K per aircraft?

Creative climbs down over home brew Vista drivers

Chris Coles

They are reacting to the danger of competition... too late

They are simply recognising that from now onwards, they will have competition. Dan K, do not go near them, they want you back on board to STOP you from competing. Simple as that. Go for it Dan, set up a Brazilian competitor and give us what we need, a company centred upon the needs of the customer.



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