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Brit civil service claims there's enough money for mammoth ERP refresh project

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Once Upon a Time we did these things for ourselves

When we once needed battleships for the Navy, we built them for ourselves; , when we needed aircraft to defend the nation we built them for ourselves; when we needed a computer to track the messages of our enemies, we built it for ourselves; when we needed radar to track the movement of aircraft attacking our nation, we built them ourselves. The United Kingdom once had an exceptional ability to invent, design and manufacture whatever we needed. Not only that, but we were the leaders in such industries. We created them; ships; railways, aircraft, computers, radar, nuclear power stations. . . you name it, we invented it, designed it and manufactured it. So what went wrong?

All I can do here is challenge everyone to present herein their understanding of the decisions that have, very effectively, destroyed our capability to remain a world leading manufacturer of whatever we need to remain competitive. Come on, everyone, Why?

Disruptive innovation's like a party. It's always happening elsewhere

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An Unfunded Patent remains simply a license to sue and as such, is worthless

The underlying problem, illustrated above, is not a matter of if or when any new thought may "arrive"; it is the long term effects of the way new thinking is currently funded; where the large corporate or government program has an undeniable advantage simply though being able to easily access the funds necessary to allow progress. While at one and the same time, a lack of access to necessary funding, often ending with the originator being "bought". Another example has to be the way, as William Kingston has frequently described; "Kingston's conviction that intellectual property no longer serves the purposes for which it was originally set up is reflected in many publications arguing for its reform. His research revealed the extent to which owners of patents or copyrights are intimidated by firms which have large funds for litigation. It led him to propose that compulsory technical arbitration should be a pre-condition for any reference to the Courts . . . Inevitably, Kingston's concern with intellectual property spread to interest in property rights in general, and especially in those rights which lead to business becoming global in scope. An aspect of this is the growth of bureaucracies, both national and international, on which he has also written. In his view, this development reflects policies that are inimical to innovation." (Taken from the cover sheet of: INNOVATION The Creative Impulse in Human Progress, by William Kingston).

My own experience has clearly demonstrated to me that science, as practised here in the UK, has no real interest in any new thinking that in any way, damages the career prospects of existing proponents of a failed theory; instead they will do everything in their power, to suppress it to cover up their own failures. And who cares?

As Arm plays chicken with Qualcomm, both have a lot to lose

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Might it help if one party, or the other; purchased some old Telecom IP?

Just a thought?

NASA boss says US may lose latest space race with China

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Re: Rapid Revolutionary Progress does neither tolerate nor entertain an Ignorance Vacuum

"Such a simple strategic error of tactical judgement is thus gravely to be regarded and best completely avoided at whatever the cost for the price exacted by failure is astronomical and virtually incalculable."

My oh! my; what an interesting thought, and why not also relate it to the intent of a present UK citizen . . . soon to move to a new nation and set out to present his work in a new language . . . that would result in at least two primary science subjects, physics and cosmology, being also, exclusively, taught in a new nation's language, such as to exclude all the existing US and UK universities from being the primary source of the new knowledge. How much will that simple strategic error "Cost"? Time remains of the essence.

France says non to Office 365 and Google Workspace in school

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Re: Delighted!

Not true in all circumstances, the user can pay a small sum to any FOSS producer; even a single penny paid counts as "Consideration".

Google's Alphabet to review every project after $6bn decline in profits

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Do No Harm??

They once set out to "Do No Harm". Now they have turned their collective backs upon . . . now let me guess . . . "such Nonsense!!" . . . which will, eventually, lead to their self destruction.

Intel sued over historic DEC chip site's future

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Why Not Try a Classic "What If"?

Now what if someone came forward to create a new Research Institute? Something of the highest architectural standards? Opening up a completely new area of technology? Food for thought?

Sage denies misleading customers over perpetual licensing, users not happy

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Imagine; two centuries ago; when your mother bought a fine china bowl

Imagine; two centuries ago; when your mother bought a fine china bowl . . . And the result was that at some point afterwards, the fine china bowl maker climbed through every window of every past customer and smashed the fine china bowl. From that moment onwards, she would have to pay a subscription to use the next bowl . . . that at any point in the future, the manufacturer could smash this new bowl if the subscription was not paid??

What we are observing is the destruction of the concept of a purchase made in a classic free market; to be replaced with classic feudalism. I set out this debate in great detail with my free PDF book The Road Ahead from a Grass Roots Perspective, particularly chapter 4 and 5. The detail covers a substantial debate, go read it for yourselves.


What we are witnessing is the complete rejection of a free market; which in turn has been replaced with classic feudalism. By accepting such feudalism, we destroy centuries of development of the concept of why we originally created the concept of a free market . . . Today all of our freedoms are being destroyed by people who do not believe in any form of free market; who instead insist that they can dictate every aspect of the way we all live . . . which is, again, classic feudalism.

Do our governments fully understand that they now govern classic feudal nation's; that they have permitted the destruction of freedom; to replace that freedom with feudalism?

You've heard of the cost-of-living crisis, now get ready for the cost-of-working crisis

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You Never Had it so good

For many years I worked permanent nights as a Toolmaker setting multi-spindle bar carrier lathes. Such machinery needs to be worked 24hrs a day, every day possible, and while three shifts were originally the norm, eventually we ended up with a 12 hour night, start 20:00 with a half hour for "lunch" at 01:30 to 02:00, finish shift at 08:00, that was the first four nights, Monday to Thursday . . . finish 08:00 Friday morning, return back to work 16:00 Friday and work through to 02:00 Saturday morning for a 60 hour week.. Downsides; 130 Db continuous noise; covered head to foot with cutting oil spray, so needed a bath each end of shift; cuts to fingers from razor edged tooling. Upsides: getting a machine weighing many tons, to regularly produce thousands of machined components, accurate to a few thou, where the grinning day shift operator tells you, "I never touched it, ran all day" with the stack of full component boxes as proof of his statement. There are many challenges in such work that bring one to realise that; if you can meet the challenges of such work, you can do anything; meet any challenge.

When I first started out at that work pay was sufficient for a great lifestyle, while over the years the pay consistently reduced to not much more than basic minimum wage. Oh! And walking distance to the factory. Might sound odd to Register readers, Another upside was I could work all day Monday on my own projects, so at least one 24 hr day a week, even extending to home from work Tuesday morning, not needing to sleep until after lunch, meant I had time to do may things other than work for an income. Which is why today I can describe myself as an Internationally recognised inventor, as also author.

Next time you start your car, remember that almost all components under the car bonnet came from tool makers working like that. On my part, next time you look at a digger working on a construction site, take a close look at the steel ends to all the hydraulic pipes, each part taking ~ 20 -28 seconds to machine, completely, internally and externally.; and in every manufacturing nation around the world. . . Sitting quietly in your home with you PC . . . You Never had it so good.

Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth II – Britain's first high-tech monarch

Chris Coles

Having watched her coronation on a new TV, out in the middle of the local village green; enjoyed the many memories of her husband Prince Philip; watched in awe at her work to bring so many nations into her Commonwealth; news of her passing brought tears to my eyes. Some will know that I deeply disapprove of what one might describe as a Feudal Mercantile Economy, corporate feudalism; yet her strong leadership, over such a long lifetime, brought another viewpoint that will live on for many coming centuries. I for one will miss her Christmas message to us all. God Save the King, King Charles III. May his coming reign bring similar success.

Commercial space station Orbital Reef's design phase passes NASA review

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Hotel's in Orbit were already suggested in 1986

Go read The Space Chronometer; An Orbiting Clock for Humanity https://www.jstor.org/stable/1575232

UK launches 'consultation' with EU over exclusion from science programs

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Re: The UK Will Become a Science Super Power

You clearly do not understand the concept of freedom of thought, and thus believe that a nation of more than a billion slaves, to a leadership dedicated to ensuring no one is EVER allowed to form their own view of the road ahead; can possibly rule the future planet; which China so clearly demonstrated by murdering their very best young people who had simply sat down to peacefully ask for the freedom to choose their own leadership. India is well known to be riven by deep corruption; their slaves are called "untouchables".

As a classic Brit, I have the brass cheek to believe in the capacity of the British nation to return to success. And another thing, it is the ownership of technology that creates opportunity, not the ownership of slaves. One good mind can, and as has been repeatedly demonstrated; create great prosperity.

If as I have in the past, spent any time in the US, to meet and converse with their very best people, you will know full well that, yes, while they might be described as being on the back foot right now; their people show great resilience, combined with a very competitive mindset. Their road ahead is already clearly set out and will allow them an easy return to success in all things. Nations that insist upon acquiring slaves will fail; nations that accept new thinking always succeed, as the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Time remains of the essence.

Chris Coles

The UK Will Become a Science Super Power

The past history of the United Kingdom was as a science super power; we led the world in many areas of science. The very first thing to do is to think positive. There are very specific proposals in front of the government for a means to fund the creation of at least one major new research institute, here in the UK. Which if followed up with enthusiasm, will, not "may" . . . will . . . create an opportunity for the UK to return to full scientific leadership in direct conjunction with the United States; where an identical research institution will compliment the first to lead the world. It will be Europe that will regret their post Brexit actions, as the positive results of the two new research institutes will lead the world to a recognition that the UK remains a Science Super Power. Who ever becomes Prime Minister has been presented with a choice, to accept the deal offered and retain scientific leadership. The very same applies to the US. Scientific Leadership requires new thinking to be accepted and fully supported. The choice is theirs, on both sides of the pond; theirs to win via positive leadership being fully applied to new thinking.

James Webb, Halley's Comet may be set for cosmic dust-up

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Why not design and deliver a simple dust shield?

All that is required is a dust shield, which should be easy to design, and deliver it to fly just beside JWST? Simple!

Meteoroid hits main mirror on James Webb Space Telescope

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The JWST needs a separate impact shield

JWST is orbiting the sun while the entire solar system is also orbiting the Milky Way galaxy; so it seems reasonable to assume the majority of such impacts will stem from the direction of movement through space. So why not launch a separate shield specifically designed to cover that risk? Simple!

European tech businesses cool on China due to coronavirus lockdowns

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Panic is the underlying cause

If what we are being told about the ongoing threat to the health of the vaccinated is correct, then the same thing is happening to the CCP, that their death rate is now ~40% above normal. On the other hand, if no one within China has the courage to tell the CCP the truth, that the vaccinations are the cause of the increase in deaths, and instead, the CCP has taken on board the idea that the increase of death rates are entirely the result of the unvaccinated spreading such infections. Then to the CCP, the lock downs make sense, and can be seen as a classic case of panic . . . citizens are dying, "we" are dying too, so everything we must do is bring the ongoing infections to the minimum. The simple fact is, Corona viruses are also the source of the common cold, which we all know spreads throughout every nation. Trying to bring to a halt the spread of a common cold is never going to work; instead, we long ago learned to live with it. Now old fashioned ideas like catch the virus and survive makes you immune for the rest of your life, have been dumped; panic rules.

Why the Linux desktop is the best desktop

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Microsoft's dominance stems from their documentation

As someone that started out with Windows 3.1 through to W7 who turned to Linux Mint, as I did so the underlying problem came into view; well expressed by many other comments herein . . . a refusal to understand the problems caused to, what one might describe as, the common computer user . . . the absolute refusal of what one might describe as Linux enthusiasts to accept that many will not know all of the subtleties of managing the software. As I see it, the great achievement of Microsoft, right from the beginning, was the creation of books that set it all out, in plain English, how to manage their software. There very simply is no comparison to such as; Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out . . . with Linux Mint. of even greater importance, try asking the Linux enthusiasts for answers and find your self being treated as an idiot . . . not worth the bother; as many have also described herein. It is Microsoft documentation that delivered their dominance, because it gave answers to any and every question, without any suggestion that asking was a demonstration of the users stupidity. Until Linux creates documentation to the same standards of understandable quality, they will not break through to the majority of Microsoft users.

Patch now: RCE Spring4shell hits Java Spring framework

Chris Coles

HP? Dumped Them Years Ago

Never; Ever; Use HP Products Ever Again. PERIOD!

AMD confirms Ryzen chips' stuttering performance on Windows 10, 11

Chris Coles

Missing Something?

"Maybe I'm missing something but this doesn't seem difficult to me to do that without introducing secret code. Happy to listen to other thoughts on this subject as I'm genuinely curious."

Surely that is the most important question of all; why TPM? What is the true function?

On my part, I grew up with DOS, and as I worked my way forward it became very clear that Microsoft, as others, came to realise that they could do something , no previous business could have done; climb through the window of EVERY previous purchaser, and destroy the previous product that they had sold to the customer. Imagine, every piece of fine china, for example, bought and used in a family setting, one morning . . . suddenly smashed to pieces . . .

My belief is that the TPM function is to reinforce that function with ANY earlier example of their own software, as well as making it impossible to use ANY software that they have defined as being competitive to their perceived market. That today, they have not one jot of interest in accepting the rules of a free market; that their intent is to use such functions to destroy a free market and replace it with a monopoly.

UK govt signs IT contracts 'without understanding' the needs

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Many Senior Civil Servants are not permitted to read newspapers, watch TV or listen to the radio

By chance of birth I come into this debate with uncommon knowledge, the existence of the extreme religious sect called; Plymouth Brethren "Exclusives". My uncle Peter was such, and my eldest brother once told me that, if I walked up to his front door and knocked on it, he would slam the door in my face while describing me as a "Heathen". A cousin, brought up within that family, eventually decided to leave and in doing so, had to leave behind his wife and children. Many such exclusives are in fact, senior civil servants, as was my uncle Peter, who I understand was Clerk of Works to the House of Commons. Again, I also gather that the same problem applies to the US, and, indeed, of all places, China. These are people that do not read anything other than a bible, (or in China the "Party doctrine). Again, within such communities, who are not permitted any normal social interaction with outsiders; they will only gather together with others of their sect. So it will be imperative that they only promote to the most senior levels of the civil service; other members of their sect. These people, exclusives, are not permitted ANY external social interaction, or as the title of this states; they are not permitted to read newspapers, watch TV or listen to the radio. They have no contact whatsoever with their surrounding communities; this is an entirely exclusive group that consider themselves to be above everyone else.

It is thus no wonder that they cannot take proper command of any new technology.

Photon fantastic: James Webb Space Telescope spies its first starlight

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JWST will confirm a Steady State Universe

At long last we will have confirmation that, instead of being able to observe the remnants of big bang, we will be shown images that will confirm the universe stretches out to the limits of the JWST vision, exactly as we all see it at night from here on planet Earth.

HPE has 'substantially succeeded' in its £3.3bn fraud trial against Autonomy's Mike Lynch – judge

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Re: Lynch should be in prison

We need answers to a considerable number of questions, all of which stem from my understanding of the past history of corruption within the civil service. Starting from the founding of many companies here in the UK who will have approached the civil service for a grant. If their experience was anything like mine, to get a grant, I was presented with a stark choice, hand over shares in my company, or no grant. So now understand that, if they took the deal offered; they were from that moment onward; under the complete control of the civil service holders of their company stock. Did Autonomy receive any such grants, under similar conditions regarding holdings of stock in their company? Were members of the civil service appointed to the management of Autonomy? Were any of the founders of Autonomy members of the civil service? Turning to the long delays of the judgement, has the judge been placed under any pressure to revise, or redact his judgement, from anyone within the civil service? Are such attempts to so revise, or redact . . . legal? If any of these questions can be answered in the positive, surely it is in both the interest of the reputation of the United Kingdom; and the interest of HP to find out if they reflect the true nature of the underlying corruption?

I own that $4.5bn of digi-dosh so rewrite your blockchain and give it to me, Craig Wright tells Bitcoin SV devs

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All Rubbish goes through a magnetic system to remove the metals

Need one say more? All household rubbish is passed under a magnet to remove them as scrap; they are worth money. So the hard drive will not be in that rubbish dump, and the metal will already have been melted down for re-use. Gone!

Boffins' first take on asteroid dust from Japanese probe: Carbon rich, less lumpy than expected

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Now add a steady state universe trillions of years old

What if, instead of a universe ~13.4 billion years old, we enjoy a steady state universe many trillions of years old . . . then it becomes much easier to imagine a inordinately slow process where, as here with the solar system; the energy from the sun's solar wind has, over the full life of our solar system, blown off the surface of all surrounding planet and large mass objects atmospheres, sufficient fine dust particles, much of which will, inevitably, be organic . . . to explain what has been discovered on another object in outer space. Then add that a visible galaxy is the accretion disc for the Galactic Core Object at the centre of the galaxy, so over such immense timescales, all that mass is eventually re-distributed to form new galaxies . . . which have thus spread the dust throughout the universe . . . now we have a method of distribution that is based upon immense timescales.

Again, with the mass of the sun providing a gravitational field sufficient to support a proportion of the dust blown off of the inner planets being captured by the sun . . . might serve to explain why the surface of the sun, taking consideration of the timescales; has the same properties as the dust particles from the asteroid sample?

And, again, add that the sun is not in a static location; instead it moves in orbit around the galaxy; as also all of the rest of the solar system. Remember, when you sit in front of your TV over Christmas, you are actually moving sideways at up to 1,000 Km's per hour; plus add the motion of the entire solar system orbiting the galaxy. Now, again, add dust clouds in space from the destruction of previous galaxies . . . give clear evidence of many ways dust with organic origins can be delivered over immense timescales. Food for thought?

UK government publishes guidance on security rules for tech takeovers

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We are a technology colony of the US; this is just icing on their cake

A The Register already knows, it is my firm belief that the signing of the Defence Trade Co-operation Treaty, which allows the US to simply list any technology that they believe is being worked on by ANY UK, (and Australian), facility; must be handed to the US without even any paper trail; which treaty now makes us a technology colony of the US . . . That we are no longer an independent nation free to develop our own unique defence technology industrial base. Now take a close look at the above list of technologies . . . and realise that is exactly what the treaty describes. So this is simply an extension of the colonisation of our nation; and you can bet your bottom $ that the US is the leader of this new guidance; not parliament. We have been colonised; this is simply an extension of that process; designed to take full control of the national inventive capacity.

Sheffield Uni cooks up classic IT disaster in £30m student project: Shifting scope, leadership changes, sunk cost fallacy

Chris Coles

Out of curiosity, here is a question:?

Thank you, the best answer herein has to be the curious question . . . why not set out to start from scratch and create their own system that then could be sold to every other university?

Buyout of British defence supplier Ultra Electronics paused by UK.gov over competition concerns

Chris Coles

Re: No! and again; NO!

Your answer follows an earlier mistake on your part. You were referencing Dominic Cummings who to my mind is a classic case of failed morality. Yes, at first sight he seemed to have what it might take to bring in needed change; but instead he has failed the test by suddenly turning against the very people that opened the door for him in the first place, no doubt with an associated grand income to boot! Then following with flying off into a world of recriminations. What we need are level headed people that care about an orderly debate; wildly lashing out; because he did not get his way; has destroyed his credibility.

There is no crazed herd of elephants, and your perception of an answer is similarly misconceived. So my answer is again . . . NO!

Yes, by all means let people know that you are not backing down; but throwing bricks through the opposition window does nothing but bring on further trouble. The misguided need to be brought to understand their mistake, in a manner that allows them room for reflection, and the need to change direction.

Chris Coles


It is also important that I add that my personal experience of the American people is very positive indeed. They are very generous and I have over the years made great friendships with people that I admire. This debate is not about the underlying American belief in freedom; to me, this is all about what I believe to be the failed mindset of a few misguided individuals, who have to be brought to accept that they are wrong; that they must change direction.

Chris Coles


Then you have accepted the complete collapse of the rule of law? yes, law! Why would I open with such a statement? Because every action of the inventor comes very strictly; within an fully agreed framework of national law and interlocking international law.

Instead, what you are telling everyone that reads this debate . . . the primary driving force of . . . recent events . . . is to, as you so succinctly put it: "remove such nationalistic citizenship rights via signed paper treaties"

So your message is we must all accept that from now onward; Our personal intellectual input must no longer be seen as a means to create new business/employment opportunities within our own nations under our own personal leadership; ergo; classic industrial competition . . . returning the British nation back to the level of great success we attained during the majority of the last century . . . that instead we have to accept that there never will be any further need for such attainment because we must now accept . . . "the stealthy shadows of secure shade and alongside the leading businesses involved."

That all present suppliers must from now onward be preserved . . . so excuse my asking . . . Under Whose control? And for that matter; why remove competition? Surely the true answer is that as you and your masters in Virginia want to prevent any competition with your own national champions? That the concept of free enterprise competition from what is your closest ally is an anathema, (someone or something cursed, reviled, or detested).

And if we take what at first glance seems odd; the deliberate theft of 15 copies of a new book describing a completely new way to look at the subject of gravity . . . from the UPS depot in Philadelphia; was in fact; a complete rejection of EVERY international law regarding . . . copyright . . . intellectual property . . . forcing the understanding that we have no option but to come right back to my previous point; that this whole debate is nothing to do with the points you have been trying to make above . . . it is all about retaining absolute complete control over every other nations to retain your perceived advantage.

Now we have to return to your statement above:

"Or is it a past failing of the Private/Pirate Business Sector not exercising its Available Options with the Presentation of Novel Opportunities to the Public Sector for Greater JOINT Leadership?"

The important phrase is: "exercising its available options" . . . which clearly to repeat; are an anathema. The available options are, first and foremost free trade, which in turn is fully underpinned by intellectual property law in the form of copyright and patents, which are owned by the originator, the author and inventor; who, under law, retains the right to act within their own personal moral compass; to do their best to improve the lot of the citizens of their nation.

Always remembering . . . there is no such thing as "Leadership" when faced with the actions of absolutely corrupt civil servants who have completely turned their backs on both their own nation . . . and the rule of the law. You want people like me to present novel opportunities to a clearly deeply corrupt Public Sector, and seem so surprised that I will not do that. To repeat; I will NOT do that.

Chris Coles

For the record, this is the question I tried to present to an EAG dinner debate Wednesday 12th December 2012 "Delivering Security in an Age of Austerity"

During the 1980's Israel developed a new ground attack fighter, VERY similar to the US F16, called the Lavi, which ultimately contained a lot of US defence technology. But that development led to concerns that doing business with an Israeli company would result in ideas and designs being appropriated without proper compensation; when the US supports a foreign competitor.

Airpower Journal Vol. IV, No. 3, (Fall 1990): 34-44

In 1995 eight Special Ops Chinook helicopters were ordered by the UK MOD, but the contract did not include access to security codes which were to have been created, without Boeing's involvement, by the MOD to reduce costs. That contract omission in turn became a very long story taking many years to resolve resulting with a first flight in 2009.


Such difficulties, caused by the absolute, and, dare I say it, admirable commitment by the US; to retain complete control over its defence technology; led the US to propose a new Defence Trade Cooperation treaty between the UK, (and Australia), to achieve fully interoperable forces which was signed into existence by the US Congress in 2007.

On the face of it, this is an excellent treaty, removing many previous obstacles to UK MoD access to US defence related technology.

The problem is; for the individual British private inventor; this treaty is an abomination.

What it has done in effect is remove my British citizenship, my right to defend my nation; and replace it with a right presented to the US to take any new technology I might create; and use it for their own purposes:

"without a license or other written authorization".

[For clarity; the Treaty reads:



This Treaty provides a comprehensive framework for Exports and Transfers, without a license or other written authorization, of Defence Articles, whether classified or not, to the extent that such Exports and Transfers are in support of the activities identified in Article 3(1).



(1) (d) United States Government end-use].

All the US need do is list any technology and it automatically becomes subject to the treaty.

But this has much wider implications; as my interpretation reads that, from now onwards; the treaty precludes the UK from ever again developing its own unique defence technology base.

We have become a defence colony of the US.

Two points:

1. Many of us, outside of the MoD "charmed circle" have felt for some decades now that the UK executive government does not have our interests in mind at all; that the civil service only cares for itself, first and foremost, with the wider interests of the nation following a long way behind. This treaty illustrates that perfectly. We have been summarily "Rolled Over" and have agreed to a very one sided treaty that; if it had been presented to a strong organisation, visibly dedicated to the development of a long term British industrial defence structure; invented, designed and manufactured by British inventors and designers; they would not have accepted it. Instead, once again, they traded British long term potential for a short term fix from the US defence industry.

2. On the other hand, British inventors have grown to understand that the US does not abide by international treaties such as the Patent Cooperation Treaty and that within the US, today, the rule of law is moot.

That the government of the United States is quite prepared to ignore their own law, if that will suit their own purposes. (Chapter 12, The Road Ahead from a Grass Roots Perspective).

I say this to the UK government:

You sir, are the leader of the Royal Navy, and not the leader of the civil service, so this is a little unfair; but we outside can see no one acting as the leader of the United Kingdom executive government; which in turn seems weak and leaderless; so I ask you to please take my concerns inward with a view to establishing who exactly IS supposed to lead them; and to strengthen their moral, ethical and leadership structures with a view to returning this once fine industrial nation; Great Britain; back to full strength.

Lastly to the United States:

You claim to be the world leader; the strongest nation; but that in turn presents the responsibility to defend the rule of law; dare I say it; beyond any other related responsibility. What I see is a nation being driven down a dark alley by a defence industry dedicated to always winning by force of arms; when the rest of the planet yearns for peace.

At the end of WW2 you forced the UK to abandon it's colonies; yet here, with this treaty, you have colonised the inventive and industrial capacity of the United Kingdom.

That treaty is an abomination and must be revised to permit the British inventive spirit to once again prosper and succeed.

Chris Coles


Chris Coles

Re: Garbage In Garbage Out/What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

Having had the remarkable experience of, having voiced my concerns at the Royal Society introduction of the new European Commissioner for Science and technology, and having attended the first of two OECD conferences in Paris, where I asked, as always . . . questions; I watched a full on team, (doing exactly what we often see in a movie), moreover, in a quiet dead end street in Combs la Ville in France . . . a string of black vehicles, light aircraft flying low overhead, lots of people from their vehicles walking down either side of the street looking over the hedge into my elder sisters garden where I was staying . . . only to find myself, the next appointed time for the OECD, having being stopped at the introduction desk, only to find myself marched out of the OECD between two security guards; letter delivered to my home here in the UK telling me they do not like me asking questions and never to attempt to try and attend ever again.

Considering no one ever reported my concerns, acknowledged by Mrs May, I assume a D Notice was presented to editors from your department. Oh! Yes! Your department; your use of the word Abomination gives you away. Have you yet read the second full page of my question that I was unable to present verbally?

If what I am describing is such utter rubbish . . . why bother?

Each time your answer seems to verbally point in both directions . . . leaving me to wonder why?

The United Kingdom has been colonised; we no longer have full control of our proudly home grown technology, and dare I say so, all because a small group of absolutely corrupt employees in your department . . . gladly received the buckets of silver cast at their feet.

I will NOT work with such corruption. Period!

Not one sign of anyone with the courage to strip out the corrupt and put matters right since.

Not one sign.

Chris Coles

Re: Garbage In Garbage Out/What's Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

So you were there that night, but as I passed the rest of my question to the First Sea Lord, am I to assume you have neither had access to my full question; nor had read and fully understood the underlying implications of the treaty?

The primary problem is; what do you mean by the term HMG? Yes, anyone can be certain that there are many under that heading who are fully professional, and importantly; care about such inputs to HMG. The continuing problem being that some of us out here have also come to the firm conclusion . . . that there is a very hard core of absolute corruption there as well.

As for your use of the word "Subjugation", may I be so bold as to suggest that, having read the treaty, you also go purchase a copy of Enough Already, Time to end the war on terrorism, by Scott Horton. So far, 20 years of subjugation has cost the lives of millions of innocents.

Life has taught me that it is vital never to deal with the corrupt; as one only creates further corruption by doing so. You might consider that it is equally important to step forward to find out why people like me have made that decision . . . not to deal with them; where good old fashioned common sense dialogue should have then stepped forward to assuage the expressed fears . . . which remain undiminished.

There is always more than one side to a debate, which requires both sides to be heard and fully understood; what I received was a full on "silence him", leaving me to ask myself why?

Chris Coles

Re: Too Late . . . Tony Blair Gave Away All Our Technology Via The Defence Trade Co-operation Treaty

You need to read it again.

Chris Coles

Too Late . . . Tony Blair Gave Away All Our Technology Via The Defence Trade Co-operation Treaty

This statement troubles me as it would seem no one has told him about The Defence Trade Co-operation Treaty: "This afternoon, I instructed the @CMAgovUK to investigate the proposed acquisition of Ultra Electronics by Cobham to assess any national security concerns

The UK is open for business, however foreign investment must not threaten our national security


— Kwasi Kwarteng (@KwasiKwarteng) August 18, 2021"

The very last day of Tony Blair's premiership, we signed over to the United States the right to list ANY technology that might be being developed in ANY UK government facility; at which point, we have to hand it over, for free; not even a paper trail. At that precise moment, we were, very effectively; colonised by the United States Central Intelligence Agency. We no longer own ANY technology; as all new developments, if so listed; have to be given to the United States.

Given being the operative word.

This debate is a classic example of smoke and mirrors to cover up reality; we are no longer a nation; we are, very simply; in exactly the same place as Hawaii was before being subsumed as a new State into the United States. Since, just about every important industrial group has now been bought by US corporate interests . . . so everyone, get real and live with it.

Adobe shareholders sign off on exec raises, with CEO Shantanu Narayen winning a plush $7m pay rise

Chris Coles

Used to be Nine Times average wage

All this report shows is the lack of competition; where in the now long distant past, executives were quite happy to take home an average of nine times the average pay of their employees.

Prince Philip, inadvertent father of the Computer Misuse Act, dies aged 99

Chris Coles

Re: More like him please

We need someone just like him, no nonsense; say it like it is . . . to head up the civil service. He was a class act, and will be much missed.

Hero to Jezero: Perseverance, NASA's most advanced geologist rover, lands on Mars, beams back first pics

Chris Coles

They Will Discover signs of Past and Present Life

They already have discovered a lot of imperfect evidence of life on Mars. Perseverance has been designed to find the necessary incontrovertible evidence. They have achieved immense success in landing the rover. Now, all we can do is wait for the evidence to be discovered.

Larry Ellison says he's not following Oracle to Texas, prefers his private Hawaii pad

Chris Coles

Ellison needs to bone up on Long Run out Landslides off the Coast of Hawaii

He needs to take a moment of his busy day to research Long Run Out Landslides off the coast of Hawaii; from which he will discover that there is a long history of gigantic landslides off the Hawaii islands, any one of which would have eliminated the human population . . . if there had been any at the time. That the strip of land (45 miles long by 14 miles back up from the sea shore) below the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory is sliding towards the surrounding ocean, as until recently, the associated volcano's have been adding ~ 1 million tons of lava to that area every day since the early 1980's. https://www.livescience.com/25293-hawaii-giant-tsunami-landslides.html

Watchdog signals Boeing 737 Max jets can return to US skies following software upgrade, pilot training

Chris Coles

My original comment made some time ago on The Times, London web pages remains valid; that the control of trim is always under the complete command of the pilot and should never introduce any form of external input from what would have to be recognised as a "second pilot". All aircraft fly under a simple rule, the pilot flying hands over the flight controls to another pilot with the phrase; "you have control" to which the other pilot then responds; "I have control". Introducing a new "pilot in command", a computer system, not under the full control of the "pilot in command" to manage the trim system is a doomed concept and should never have been permitted. Now I made this point as the new wording for the certification reads;

"The new flight control laws now permit only one activation of MCAS per sensed high-AOA event, and limit the magnitude of any MCAS command to move the horizontal stabilizer such that the resulting position of the stabilizer will preserve the flightcrew’s ability to control the airplane’s pitch by using only the control column. This means the pilot will have sufficient control authority without the need to make electric or manual stabilizer trim inputs. The new flight control laws also include FCC integrity monitoring of each FCC’s performance and cross-FCC monitoring, which detects and stops erroneous FCC-generated stabilizer trim commands (including MCAS)." (page seven; Department of Transportation [4910-13-P] https://www.faa.gov/foia/electronic_reading_room/boeing_reading_room/media/737_AD_2019-NM-035fr.pdf )

If I understand this paragraph correctly, it removes any possibility of commanded changes to the trim. Again, there is no report that the necessary changes have been made. So all we have so far to date is the requirements delivered by the FAA, and not a note to describe the changes have been made by Boeing.

America's largest radio telescope close to collapse as engineers race to fix fraying cables

Chris Coles

Rebuild the entire structure is the best solution

If all anyone does is to set out to try and fix the existing structures and cables, then the first thing to accept is that the entire structure must be at end of life; that every part of the support structure will have to be replaced new. As another has already mentioned, that would necessitate a close down of some years. Turning to the 900 ton platform, would it not be a better solution to completely re-design the structure using light weight composites, and then re-design the support structures to account for the new loading? It may well be that the re-design would end up the cheaper solution; as well as creating a longer life for the resulting structure. Much better to start again with a clean sheet of paper and work out a design that will last to the end of the century.

BBC makes switch to AWS, serverless for new website architecture, observers grumble about the HTML

Chris Coles
Thumb Down

Lost opportunity

Once you hand another organisation, outside of your previous total control, in house system; surely, you are from then onwards, you are a hostage to fortune, as now you do not have any control over new appointments to your supplier's management. Then add, what a missed opportunity for the nation. We were taking back control of the nation, and a great starting point would have been allowing the BBC to create their own; British nation style AWS system . . . to underpin their world status as a broadcaster. And add all those jobs for our young citizens, forming a part of a new UK industry, supporting the development of the BBC world wide.

Think tank warns any further delay to 5G rollout will cost the UK multiple billions – but hey, at least Huawei is out

Chris Coles

This was my email to ofcom.org.uk April 14th 2020

Dear sirs,

As the original inventor of the camera phone with GPS, US patents: 5,712,679 January 27 1998; 6,181,373 January 30 2001; 6,469,735 October 22 2002, Japan Patent: 2896930, (and others), all originating from an original UK patent office filing January 1989; and then having set out to create a Video911 service in the USA early 2001 and for three years having attended many wireless industry conferences throughout the USA and also in Europe; then having during that period had opened the debate on a new structure for the universe, publishing The Universe is a Cloud, Some Raw Food for Thought early 2002; followed that up in 2017 with The Universe is a Cloud of Surplus Proton Energy, (copies in major libraries, but not currently available as adding new chapters), which sets out a completely new electromagnetic structure for the proton - I feel I am able to add to the debate on the subject of the effects of waves of electromagnetism upon the human body.

A proton is well known, (regardless of my own input to the debate), to be entirely comprised as a form of electromagnet entity. What seems to have been lost is that everything is formed from protons; not just the wires connecting a transmission aerial as a form of metal; your eyes reading this, your fingertips that touched the typeface of the keyboard; even the keyboard itself. Everything, the air you breath, the water you drink, the saliva on your tongue, your tongue itself, the grass you walk across, the bricks forming the walls of your home, the concrete from which your offices are constructed. Everything is constructed from tiny electromagnetic objects called a proton.

When the likes of BT describe how their new 5G wireless modem can fill your home with such signals; passing through solid walls as though they are not there; as though invisible to the wireless signal; while that seems a true statement, in truth, each and every single wave of such energy, has to pass right through the electromagnetic attachments between each proton, in turn, directly affecting every one of those attachments, whether in a brick, solid concrete; or you.

Close by me lives a friend who is still recovering from the removal of two massive tumours in his brain, which I am sure were caused by the effects of holding his wireless telephone against the side of his head, and that wireless telephone was designed at a much lower level of such effects, than the new 5G systems being deployed today.

My home has no wifi, everything is connected with wires; I do not own, nor ever carry; any form of wireless telephone; why? because my own research, and deep understanding of the effects of such systems, has brought me to believe that, as the rise of energy levels, (and associated immense rise in frequencies), associated with the modern telecommunication industries, increase; they pose an ever greater danger to human health.

Mention has been made of the BBC, both on your web pages as also in recent reports about OFFCOM. It is my profound belief that the BBC has become "captured" by outside corporate interests, to the direct detriment of an open debate about these effects. That the BBC is not presenting truly investigative journalism; but instead, the PR output of such major industries, and more besides; to the long term detriment of the stature of the BBC. That is a very sad state of affairs.

Please note, I am not doing this to provoke any form of violence against such industries, or their installations; I am absolutely against any such action. What does concern me is that for many years now, it has been the order of the day to sweep knowledge of such effects under the proverbial carpet. But the longer that continues, the greater the long term backlash caused by such effects, becoming ever more visible to the general population.

It is my belief that OFCOM should immediately set into motion a complete; and absolutely independent, investigation of the effects on the human body; while at one and the same time; advising a moratorium on any further installations. To enable such, OFCOM as well as the likes of the BBC, and others, are going to have to put to one side the negative inferences against those, such as Dr Joseph Mercola, who has recently published EMF*D 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to protect Yourself; that are highlighting their own understanding of what is occurring. (I have no commercial interest of any form with Dr. Mercola).

It is my profound belief that there are immense dangers associated with the deployment of ever higher frequencies and energy levels of all wireless systems, and that these dangers must be recognised and appropriate actions taken to protect the general public.

As you will see, I have copied this to my local BBC TV station.

Yours sincerely,

Dear sirs,

further to my email to you 14th April, 2020 I now add the formal brief of Children's Health Defence to the United States Federal Communications Commission, FCC.


Again, I have no commercial interest of any form with Children's Health Defense.

I repeat my final paragraphs of my earlier email to you:

It is my belief that OFCOM should immediately set into motion a complete; and absolutely independent, investigation of the effects on the human body; while at one and the same time; advising a moratorium on any further installations. To enable such, OFCOM as well as the likes of the BBC, and others, are going to have to put to one side the negative inferences against those, such as Dr Joseph Mercola, who has recently published EMF*D 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to protect Yourself; that are highlighting their own understanding of what is occurring. (I have no commercial interest of any form with Dr. Mercola).

It is my profound belief that there are immense dangers associated with the deployment of ever higher frequencies and energy levels of all wireless systems, and that these dangers must be recognised and appropriate actions taken to protect the general public.

As you will see, I have copied this to my local BBC TV station.

Companies toiling away the most on LibreOffice code complain ecosystem is 'beyond utterly broken'

Chris Coles

Civilisation demands documents always available

We need to go back to the point where it became obvious; that to remain civilised, we must always be able to access our, indeed, every-bodies work.

We take a book for granted; every book printed, every written document that has been collected, every fragment of papyrus is conserved to enable the passage of thought to be retained over the ages. What changed was an uncivilised attorney came up with the idea that a company, such as, but not just Microsoft, could remove the right to access of any work created by anyone who had purchased their software. A good parallel would be for an 18th century manufacturer of bone china cups and saucers, deciding that, to increase sales, they would employ people to climb through the windows of the homes of every single household that had previously purchased their bone china; to destroy it. For a start, that would mean that there would not be any old bone china left to use today; every single purchase would by now have been destroyed.

A good example was the recent decision by Microsoft declaring that their software Paint, was no longer to be "supported"; except what they did, in addition, was to effectively destroy every single image previously created by inserting damage to all those images. In my opinion, that was a crime, a criminal action against humanity; that was effectively saying that we are removing access unless you pay us, every month, for access to your work . . . for ever! That decision made Microsoft totally uncivilised!

It was these problems that drove the creation of free software, where dedicated groups of individuals set out to allow humanity to retain access to their work.

No one can work forever for free; sooner or later, a normal business model has to be implemented to allow the people doing the work to be able to enjoy a normal life, earn their keep, pay their bills, create a home, marry and bring up their children. That is a normal life for the vast majority.

So there is only one proviso; they must NEVER try and prevent access to documents; always remain dedicated to the concept of a civilisation who retains knowledge for the benefit of future generations.

Ex-Imagination Technologies boss tells UK Foreign Affairs Committee: Britain needs to stop overseas asset stripping

Chris Coles

We have to turn the clock back

This is a much wider problem than simply a matter of who owns what; this goes right back to a series of decisions made decades ago that are linked to the changes made to the function of what were then called "savings institutions". Immediately post WW2, while the government was deeply in debt, we saw the creation of many new companies that became bywords for the inventive and industrial capacity of the UK. Then, most new companies were formed from the investment of savings held by the people; savings that were guided by the local community stock brokers. Using my experience as a guide, anyone thinking of starting such a new business was almost certainly also a customer of their local stock broker; who in turn would put you into contact with others surrounding them who had funds available to so invest. Your new company was thus locally owned, initially entirely by the founders, then with the addition of funding from their surrounding community. All such new companies were thus locally owned and managed. Again, the mark of success was sufficient cash flow, created by a combination of the achievements of the employees in producing a successful product, allied to a increasingly prosperous surrounding community able to afford to purchase the product. As always, in any business, increased production requires ever increasing access to the working capital to expand that productive base, and your local bank, (then there were many such in each community), was where you went for such access.

Longer term anyone wishing to take the business further, you had to be able to deliver secondary success in two vital aspects; regular delivery of good dividends to the existing shareholder base, and by regular I mean that you had to show that you were focused upon that aiming point above all others - your share holders always received good dividends; the second requirement being strong management, clearly holding the entire company concept together in the interest of both the quality of the employees and the success of the product on your chosen market. If you could fulfil those requirements, you could approach a savings institution, who would in turn spend a great deal of effort to check your company out; that it fulfilled their requirements. At that point, the savings institution would buy a proportion of the shares of the company; but of much greater importance, the company was essentially delivered to the people with savings, as a safe investment for granny. That purchase by the savings institution ensured the respectability of your ongoing business prospects.

That in turn was the base foundation of the entire industrial economy. The longer term investment of our industrial economy came from such investment.

All that came to an end when we were forced to abandon our colonies and the leadership of those colonies were repatriated and they in turn decided to combine all our best industries into large publicly owned, (government owned), businesses. British - everything! But they all failed because they were from then onwards managed by bureaucracy and they needed ever more funds to keep up the illusion of success. sic!. and someone came up with the great idea that the rules underpinning the savings institutions should be changed to suite the need to use the otherwise, savings of the people, normally invested in either the savings institutions holdings of industrial shares; or indeed their own purchases of those shares using grannies box of money under her bed.

From that moment the entire function of the savings of the nation was diverted into the needs for further government funding; savings were from then onwards, increasingly diverted to be used entirely for the purposes of bureaucracy. Today we live in the fallout of those disastrous decisions where there are no spare savings available to be invested in our own industry; ergo the increasing use of the phrase- inward investment.

The UK lacks adequate leadership within it's bureaucracy which has become in my opinion, completely corrupted by their access to those savings over so many decades. The problem can only be solved by fundamental changes that it would seem no one has the courage to set into motion.

Damn you, coronavirus. Damn you. Now you've gone too far: James Webb Space Telescope, Moon mission work paused

Chris Coles

Dr. Mercola's Coronavirus Resource Page

This the coronavirus resource page that, personally, I trust above all others. https://www.mercola.com/coronavirus-resources.htm

MPs to grill Post Office and Fujitsu execs on Horizon IT scandal after workers jailed over accounting errors

Chris Coles

But where did the money go?

OK, so money disappeared, missing from the daily accounts; large sums of it too. But money never disappears, particularly when it is represented by numbers on a screen; 2 + 2 always equals 4. If the software says the money is not there then the software itself has taken the money; if the software has taken the money, then the money has to arrive somewhere. In the past, scams, for this is really what we are describing here, were well known, the 25th supermarket checkout being an excellent example. If money disappeared from their accounts it had to end up somewhere else; so, where did the money go?

Yes, I do understand that the missing money may never have been under the control of the sub postmasters; that it was an illusion created by the Horizon software. So who had reason to lose money via the software? As I see it, there is a very much deeper problem that is not being addressed here. Software showing losses from the tills, against sales over the post office counters; where it is now established that the sub postmasters were not stealing from those tills, means that money was placed into the till, but the software for the till showed a proportion was not there at the end of the day; presumably by adding to the sales total within the software; above that physically entered into the tills by the post office staff. If the software added to the till total, and the accounts of the head office showed such losses; then someone has to have had reason to allow the software to both at one and the same time, show increased turnover, (relative to the losses recorded), and make the losses disappear, by deliberately accusing the sub postmasters of stealing the money, when they arrived at the head office.

That is fraud. Someone steals a reward for increased sales; when the increase was a result of, (deliberately? ), faulty software, then blames the failure to actually deliver the increased sales, as cash return to head office, on to the theft of the increase by the sub postmasters. That is a deliberate act of criminal fraud and they MUST be prosecuted.

Sopra Steria exec on warpath as its UK Government profit crashes ... by millions

Chris Coles

"I don't want to hear explanations,"

" "I don't want to hear explanations," says it all!

Four hydrogen + eight caesium clocks = one almost-proven Einstein theory

Chris Coles

Re: Gravity is an attachment force

The only one making personal comments is you; very sad!

Chris Coles

Re: Gravity is an attachment force

As if suggesting that not being educated was never any form of personal attack; then saying that I accused you of bigotry, when all I did was suggest that saying a lack of formal education discredited me, was a new form of apartheid and then you use the word "crank"and run away with a "Bye". My personal opinion is that you have been taught to run away from new thinking; that is not a personal attack if that is a true reflection of the statements you have made. Disagreements have been a significant part of science for centuries. Try reading The Man Who Knew Too Much by Stephen Inwood; you will learn that you are simply a reflection of how real science has worked for centuries.

So, now reflect that the conventional description of the relationship between the proton and the electron does not conform to the rules for electromagnetism, as laid down by James Clerk Maxwell; or, again, that Hooke's Law does not provide a full description of the forces within any spring and that the demonstration of such presented to the Royal Society in 2011 has recently been upgraded and will be presented soon.

You live within a steady state universe that is entirely electromagnetic and Newtonian; get used to it.

Chris Coles

Re: Gravity is an attachment force

Nice of you to forget that some of the greatest strides forward were made, not by conventional scientists, but amateurs. But then you believe in scientific apartheid, "the man must be a fool as he has not the right colour of education". The foreword for the book was written by someone that is now President of a major US university, not that that will interest you with your head proverbially buried in your own version of apartheid having been taught by rote; not to look at new thinking, but to denigrate it at every opportunity. Very impressive!