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VMware weaves Oracle databases into vFabric Data Director

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But does Oracle support it?

Nice - the problem is does Oracle support this?


Cloud data fiasco forces bosses to break out the whiteboards

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Re: Again I'm amazed

Basically - and this will burn cloud users more and more - a chain of clouds (you heard it used here first) is going to cause this to happen more and more. The SaaS is only as reliable as the weakest cloud in the chain ;) - and as the end-user you have no idea where or control over that weakspot.

Welcome to XaaS - and you yhought your internal IT was bad ...

Cloud startup's business model defies laws of physics

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Because you do not have free internet?

Because you do not have free internet? Just an example - streaming full-time is going to cost money - unless you have an all you can eat plan.

More transistors, Moore’s Law, less juice

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Bad code on a super fast CPU = Flat battery

Moore’s Law, “the electrical efficiency of computing (the number of computations that can be completed per kilowatt-hour of electricity) also doubled” every year-and-a-half'

The problem which everybody keeps forgetting and which is the crux of the matter is that we are doing more computations - color screens, sounds, unoptimized code, more detail, richer data than we did before. So in effect we have to keep doubling the number of computations per kwh otherwise we would scream to a halt - see the two day battery expectancy of most smart phones.

Unless the hw and battery designers can keep up, the functionality requirements of users will force the coders to once again - anybody remember mainframe - optimize their code and make better use of CPU and memory real estate. THAT is the next challenge.

Hardware-happy HP has swallowed a Sun death pill

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Apotheker = Jonathan Schwartz?

Software guys - check

Hair issues - check

No understanding of HW margins - check

Give away the crown jewels - check

Major investment gaffs - check

Ruined a company - ummm, jury still out ...


HP chief bows to Jobsian cult

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MS$ has more tenacity than hp?

Say what - just look a the products (perfectly usable) that lies scattered and broken in the SM$ wake - they are notorious for killing off products rather quickly

Chinese coal blamed for global warming er... cooling

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...and ... @AC

Clearly you do not understand the terms of tenure - if it was about the money all the nay-sayers would have been productively involved in commerce.

Tenure is a great job if you can get it - doesn't pay that much but you only have to publish a few works that gets your institution pushed up the lists of places to be. So either think of a new idea or jump on the bandwagon and start beating that drum!

Finally when you work for BP - they expect results. Only exec management can do nothing and still get paid. If you do not get it - start goto Clearly.

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Its all about the money ....

Rest your weary souls, no need to get you knickers in a knot, ... sorry overuse of idioms.

Its about cuts in scientific spending so ProfA need to make more news than ProfB so that he will get the larger piece of the rapidly shrinking pie. There is no reality in all of this - it is about how "scientists" can bamboozle the illiteraty to give them more $$'s.

And yes, the stupid politicians (read illiteraty) who are always a few years behind is still in Global Warming Cloud Coo-coo land and we are having to pay for a frivolous waste of money in carbon taxes.

What a ponzi scheme - I wish I dreamed it up.

Cisco doubles Catalyst Ethernet ports to 60 watts of juicy juice

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Coffee anyone ...

Wow! Now I can have a laptop that can make coffeee as well! Can see that - coming to your favourite appstore - the Barrista app - make coffee using the power of the Net!

iPhone app remotely spies on Windows computers

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His Jobness will prevail

Nice! Now how do I know this does not as part of the data it send also have a little password trapping routne that send my https passowrds to some Criminal mafia Ring in Outer Uzebekistan?

I am sure his Jobness's minions wil eventualy close this down ...

EMC redefines its flash future

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... sound like a flash in the pan to me.

Sure all the vendors are running the labs at full speed to roll out flash -but then even flash couldn;t save Sun from the meltdown. Oracle is not doing much better with the flash - execept fitting it to its Exa-xxtx range.

MLC flash will just dumb down the 'amazing' perfomance increase flash bought. Back to normal then.

If you do not have flash - don't try and play in the storage game. Its the panacea that is going to save us! Until the next cool technology.

Why do we need SANs?

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... and we have a mainframe.

And we all know where that took us. Massively over inflated costs, dependency on a single vendor who could keep us hostage for time to come with very specialized technical knowledge needed once the thing started falling apart. Have you ever priced a disk inside such a vendor monster with the cost of buying it separately? That is the crux – it is not a SAN, it is not a DAS, it is not a File Server – it is a cobbled together landgrab by vendors to try they drag us back to the middle ages of computing.

By the way – isn’t this what the Oracle Exadata is supposed to deliver? If not – some of their sales guys are telling fibs!

HP makes flash music with Violin

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Maybe will get Oracle to sharpen their pencil?

Given that this is very much the little Johnny come lately, build from industry standard parts, it will have a hard time getting traction. But if it gets Oracle to sharpen their pencils a bit, that would be helpful.

Now if somebody, with half a brain, can build a MySql database machine, to do some real database crunching and compete with the big guys, ummm actualy guy, Oracle, and offer an alternative that woudl be fantastic. Oops, I forgot, Oracle "owns" MySql. It seems Sun was worth every penny they paid for it - Larry must've laughed and laughed when the MySql Sun acquisition happened - all according to his plan for WORLD DOMINATION!

Zuckerberg: the iPad 'is not mobile'

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Can I access data on the move?

Using 3G the answer is clearly yes. Its moves, it can be used while moving, ITS MOBILE

Apple (read Jobs) must be laughing - who's the higher on the rich list now!

No one needs Blu-ray, says Microsoft exec

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World to America ...

Dear Microsoft - do you really think the whole world has access to ultra fast broad band?

PS: that is a rhetorical question.

Oracle gooses Exadata clusters with chunky Intel chips

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The problem is.... they are not faster than x64

In which way is it not faster?

GHz? On chip 10 Gigabit Ethernet network speed? On chip encryption and decryption , floating point computation, parallel processing throughput?

Of course the X64 chip is faster in some areas but in others its slower - it is all in the way you use it.

Apple reckons light shines between iPhone customers' ears

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Well said - BOLLOCKS

What car do you drive - the lowest level and cheapest of what ever is available? Cause you just want a car, right?

What clothes do you wear? The cheapest you can get at the local yard sale? Cause you just want clothes, right?

What food do you eat? Cheapest grub you can get? Cause you just want food, right?

Why is it that people who can't afford something always tries to put it down?

If you want a phone - then buy a phone. The rest of us doesn't care!

What a plank!

Fanboi's lament – falling out of love with the iPad

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Its a toy ...

Sure you said the same thing of the iPhone and three years later - Apple is "bigger" than IBM, Intel and Microsoft..

So it is a toy, but it also allows people to - much more than Linux or MS - use it for their specific needs. And in spite of the fact that it weighs more than a phone - it also does more than a phone. I for one - tired of the iPhone's small screen - don''t get me started on the rubbish the otehr "smart" phone vendors expect you to use!

And no - for Pete's sake - it is not a phone. If you want just a phone - buy a Nokia....

Facebook forces users to expose or remove connections

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Gates Horns

Its all about the Money HahUM!!!

Facebook wants to find ways to monetize all the idiots posting on it. This is it!!!

IDC convinced data will crush universe

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Its all in the eye of the seller ...

All that is happening is that zillions of marketing droids are been programmed to repeat this message until we get to the tipping point - the earth getting spun of its axle by the petillions of hard drive's centrifugal force working in unison.

You are all doomed! <insert evil laugh>

Dr. Evil.


IBM flashes 1.2 million TPC-C result

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Still all just flash, with smoke and miirors

TPC-C - still just smoke and mirrors and now they have added flash to the mix.

This is one of the things that gets me about the computer industry - and I am not picking on IBM alone. TPC-C is just BS, we all know that, it is configuration nobody would ever buy, running a set of tests that has no relation to real world circumstances and they keep on rolling it out. It is by the way hellishly expensive to run one of those, get the kit, software and expertise set up to run and then to get it certified. All meaningless mumbo jumbo. And remember - the cost for that test is built into the kit you buy later.

But then, why am I surprised - this is a world where we follow dumb and dumber celebrities to see what they did last weekend.

EVA to become P6000 in HP's Converged Infrastructure

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What are the marketing droids thinking

Dear marketing Droid,

The main reason for your existence is to allow your company’s product to be easy to distinguish from the competition’s. Except for that you are just a cost centre expense.

IBM has a 6000 range, Sun has a 6000 range, NetApp has a FAS6000 range and now HP will have a 6000 range?

Can you please explain why giving the product list the same range number systems as the opposition is going to accomplish that? Unless, of course, you want to confuse the customers as the product has no features which differentiates it from theirs?


Hardware Sales Guy who has to go and sell this.

Google engineering gaggle flees Facebook

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Business model ...

So what COULD the two business model be?

- Google gathers your data and uses it to make money - i.e. selling screen space on your web real estate to advertisers, usage patterns etc.

- Facebook sells your data to a third party to use on your web real estate and both they and the third party makes money.

Both use your personal data to make money with - what is the problem?

Is Oracle severing its LSI relationship?

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Of course LSI still exists

Of course - most of the Oracle / Sun and IBM storage sales is based on LSI.

This Reg article is nothing but a Troll / trawl by the way.

Open source boss quits Sun Oracle

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Infinite wisdom - The sayings of a wmesard

Mind if I use that in our next exco meeting?

Intel puts cloud on single megachip

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So when the Sun has finally set who will come up with the brilliant ideas?

This is just an extension of the Sun Niagra type chip - small cores, doing more parallel streams of work - which is what 80% of all computerised task is anyway, or you can buy a honking big IBM or Sparc overengineered multi core chip with a limited future applicability. It was so successfull it kille Sun's Rock ...

Louis - you are partialy right - the software needs to be clever enough to use the chip capabilities. However - I do not think the M$-trained programmers can do that anymore.

I keep on wondering - when Sun has finally gone, where will the new ideas come from?

Pizza-making ATM hacker avoids jail

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Standing up for the old, stupid people without friends.

"However, Sommer's age, character references and academic record counted in his favour and helped him to avoid jail."

Huh? So if I am either old, stupid or could not get somebody stupid enough to vouch for me I would go to jail?

Where is the justice in that? The guy is a thief, he knew what he did was illegal (or otherwise he woudl be stupid) , send him to jail - end of story. This PC crap gotta stop ...

Standing up for the old, stupid people without friends.

Sun's Sparc server roadmap revealed

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Stay with cloudy writting ....

And some non techie reporter said: "And instead of hitting something close to 2 GHz as it should be able to do as it shifts from a 65 nanometer to a 45 nanometer process in the middle of 2010, Sun is only telling customers that it can boost clock speeds to 1.67 GHz with Rainbow Falls.

This, to use a technical term in the computer business, sucks."

So improvements in GHz directly relates to improvements in CPU thoughput? Naha!! This is like improving the revs your car engine can do without improving the breathin ... naw, waste of typing - you won't get that either.

So what you do is - ask Intel and IBM that if next time they "increase" the GHz of their CPU, if the speed of the application using this will improve at the same rate? Shall I type slower? Use capitals?

Will Google regret the mega data center?

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Off shoring the cloud ….

This is where the cloud becomes scary - India, China or any other country with lots of spare space, good enough Net infrastructure and plenty of spare electricity will be now waking up to the fact that the US states will be pricing themselves out of the Infrastructure Housing Market.

My bet is on the Middle East - lots of desert, enough gas to be able to produce power and cooling and they will be able to ratchet their profiles up a few notches. Even Oh Canada - got some spare space??

Off shoring the cloud …. it can go where the costs are lowest and return on investment the highest ... you read it here first. It is a cloud after all.

Sun setting dedupe up for ZFS

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Big Brother

If it was that easy ...

Hmmm, actually it is - a few 1TB disks from the corner electronic store, a few Linux clones and I have my own backup Saas service - watch-out Google and cronies.

Now lets see if Oracle recognizes that with RAC, OpenStorage, their DB files, applications and log files spread with some ZFS goodness and they can take over the world. Bet $5 they won't!

Thinking off it - they already own have the world anyway.

Owners say iPhone 3GS is a scorcher

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Cheap plastic covers

Why did Apple move away from the iPhone 1's nice metal back cover - cost? That is an excellent heat sink and it DOES NOT CRACK when you drop it - as happens with nice slippery shape stuff. Maybe its some marketing droids idea to sell some extra covers to keep the revenue stream going...

Google to delete Street View source images

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You have got thousands of cameras watching every move and you worry about google ...

Ha!!! You have cameras of every move you make on the street, and you worry about google photos???