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1 in 6 Windows PCs naked as a jaybird online

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and it ain't gonna get any better

yep 1 in 6, I'd say this is pretty good considering the number of children using comps at home who don't have the first clue about security.

When I was 12 I didn't have the first idea about a condom, I blame my parents for this. I guess the blind leading the blind.

Ain't no way some redneck fascict inbred is gonna have any clue about conp security, I guess that's why they all work for (insert company here).

Unix, mainframes drag down servers in Q1

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Re: "The server market is starting to run out of steam"

It's not a rant boy, servers won't go away, what runs the """ CLOUD"""" supposed replacement for servers, errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fucking severs.

Perhaps you just need a tool, not a retool.

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"The server market is starting to run out of steam"

I've never read so much old bollox in my life.

Who the fuck believes a bean counter, their only interest is fucking everyone for a penny.

Yes maybe q1 is bad, but by the end of q4 everyone including the bean counters are laughing, IBM,Intel,Dell,HP, and whoever else are all feeling economic impact, ergo so are their customers, it's a chain reaction. If you insist on believing Gartners for your analysis then you deserve all you get. You don't need Gartners to tell you the business is down at the moment, you just need to talk to a real person.

Try going to the pub and talking to the one regular instead of the old ten, no ones has money for extras today, not just fucking IBM.

Get your head outta your arse and into the real world for a fucking change.

Megaupload founder gets uncuffed

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Too right, we all know what the F.B.I stands for,

Fascist Bastard Idiots.

Virgin Media flushes pipes clogged by piles of Spotify fans

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Not a Ddos then,

I guess it doesn't count when VM do it to themselves.

Steve Jobs' Atari memo, Apple I to go under the hammer

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Hmmmmmmm Budhist mantra eh?

being auctioned at Sotheby's too,............. going, going , gone.

Gotta love those Budhist mantras

Google warns against ISPs hard on web filth

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I'm flumoxed

where the fuck did all these kids/bastards come from then?. shame that there wasn't some other kind of filtering going on pre kids/bastards arrival.

China hits back at Pentagon's cyber spy allegations

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Yanks? who'da thunk it

"Clearly, US intelligence has advanced to the point now where it can be pretty certain that cyber espionage attacks on its networks have been carried out,"............. spot the oxymoron?

" if not directly by Chinese military then certainly by “Chinese actors”." .............. I'm sure Jackie Chan or any other Chinese actor has recourse to legal action for defamation.

RIM-Moto sketch THIRD nanoSIM design as peace offering

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fuck all that shit

I'll use MS Skype

Apple orders 10in iPad, moles claim implausibly

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Re: Apparently

"A earlier rumour about a 10" iPad was soon squashed when Apple launched the new iPad 5" screen which is sold in pairs."

Surely, pairs=pears

Apple logging passwords in plain text

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As a well known non Apple fanboi

it's nothing for me to get worked up 'bout either. I neither have nor desire/crave any Apple products, so for me just another reason not to waste any money on an unwanted unusable , it just doesn't work gadget.. Someone please give me a job in their marketing department, they obviously need a rocket under them or an injection of leather, I'm not a keen fan on bullshit, if you're not sure where that comes from.

I'll take all the down votes you can give me and some more when I post next,


NJ lab claims plasma fusion breakthrough

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1.8 bn c?

Why didn't just ask Apple for the thermal specifications of the iPad 3.

New iPad can't get its Wi-Fi up

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I can honestly say that

I have not experienced these problems, I am not an Apple fanboi, but there is a genuine reason why I have not experienced these problems, of WiFi connectivity, overheating but not beyond thermal specifications, inability to get FaceTime to work correctly on LTE, why non HD is less than abysmal, no Siri, weak front facing camera, or why enhanced apps tke 3 times as much space on it.

And I bet you already know what that reason is.

Enormous Apple market cap swells and swells ... like a bubble

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Re: re mondo the magnificent

So not even apples for apples, or oranges for oranges if you prefer.

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Re: re mondo the magnificent

no not obtuse, just not surprised that you can't even begin to see how ludicrous the claim is.

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Re: re mondo the magnificent

Eh, perhaps ypur comprehension is lacking. Apple is part of the retail market, therefore it's value can never exceed the entire retail sector. Shoddy journalism, even more shoddy commenting, still what else can one expect from ElReg, or it's editors. Perhaps you should try, Apple has the largest market cap in the entire retail sector

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re mondo the magnificent

not just mediocre journalism, a story with absolutely no relevance at all. how can the market cap of one company be compared against the size of a retail market. le3ts compare apples to apples, what is the market cap of the companies making up the retail market, y bet is that then, apples market cap will appear trifling, much like the useless gadgets they sell.

iPad queue hog doesn’t want it, won’t be first

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@rbryanh...... famous Wilde quote

In this life there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants. The other is getting it.

Yahoo! cutting! thousands! of! jobs! say! sources!

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Thumb Down

Awaiting down vote storm.

Equally you could say Yahoo does not confirm story, but that would mean you wouldn't be able to create a shitstom of negative feeling towards Yahoo, as demonstrated by posters above, who may have valid points or not.. All your story is, to tell the truth, a mishmash of rumour and hearsay. I know full well how El reg lets you do this, because it's the PRESS and publish or be damned. However in a fragile economic situation, do you not think it wiser to create confidence rather than negativity?. Translated for the US journo, we don't want rumour, we want the truth, or otherwise, if you've nothing good to say, say nothing.

Apple claims its 'innovation' creates 514,000 US jobs

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el reg playing with the lawyers?

is not any word starting i copyrighted or patented yet?

FBI boss warns online threats will outpace terrorism

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Thank the lord

That i'm blessed not to live in the land of the free.

AWS takes NoSQL database to the cloud with DynamoDB

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0.12 c a gb works out at 110 us a tb. i’ll take it given the price of hard drives today.

Study finds piracy withering against legal alternatives

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And 2k people showing a fair representation of the us population?

Facebook won't deny it is sitting on huge mountain of cash

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hmmmm Enron

need I say more.

yes thanks for the down vote already you fuckwit

Newfangled graphics engine for browsers fosters data theft

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On the bright side, when your GPU is frazzled the attack wont work anymore.

Call of Duty is hottest selling entertainment product ever

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talking about the price of MW3

you can download it for free at some of those low rent piracy/torrent sites that absolutely none of us would ever dream of using, but the ElReg keeps our mind focused on by continually reporting about.

Espionage hack attack preys on chemical firms

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both criminal and commercial, are they not one and the same then?.

Netflix set to make your video history public

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says it all,silicon,amazing what you can do with it

Google researchers propose fix for ailing SSL system

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methinks Google have identified the problem correctly

verify the certificates, yes. Brilliant idea and will perhaps renove the fantasy being created that SSL is broken, when it's plain to see the CA's are the problem, solve that and SSL is not broken.

Dan, obviously still no understanding of SSL, perhaps this link will clear your head a wee bit.


Apple eyes set on Sharp IGZO tech for iPad 3 screen

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just reusing semi-redundant TV fabs, ahaaa

then why not some even older crt models and some car batteries and an old shopping trolley or two, save all the enviroment from electronic waste and non biodegradable trash, everyones happy, no?

WD cleared to gobble Hitachi GST

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maths is not my strong point

but I cannot work out how two companies merging reduce the competition by two, surely it would be just one. So either there were only four companies before the seagate-samsung merger not five, or there is another competitor besides the three mentioned.

Apart from which, I'm sure the WD spinoff will be a bargain basement price, same as all of Honda's water logged cars in Thailand being sent for scrap.

The Register Guide on how to stay anonymous (part 1)

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no mention of the many different toolbars often installed by lots of people into their browsers, notable ones being offered by Google, Yahoo and MSN, perhaps representing somewhere near 100% of all advertising.

(At least) 4 web authentication authorities breached since June

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Let's count the number of ways tht SSL is broken

1) Fucked CA's





Report: Hacking forum is a cybercrime academy

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it's not about the reader but the reporter, ya'kno. Research, some of us have heard of it. Thanks for the downvote, it's the only reason I post.

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never surprises me, however I would of thought that at least ElReg's hacks would've discovered hack forums on a google search eons ago, or not appartantly.

ARM vet: The CPU's future is threatened

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a new way of thinking

yes, quote from your story. Hits the mark exactly.

Four illegal ways to sort out the Euro finance crisis

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Hmmmmm, 4 other illegal ways could be used

1) The mass killing of everyone of pensionable age.

2) The mass killing of anyone ill.

3) Tthe mass killing of the unemployed

4) Ethnic cleansing of the USA by anyone who feels like it. (won't save the euro, but it will take all the press attention away from the problem)

World+Dog to favour dual-core laptops through 2014

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OK, who to believe.

There's also another branch of thinking that laptops or notebooks won't be around for that long, thanks to tablet devices and more advanced smart phones, also accordingly, the average PC will be accessing the cloud and will need less compute power,the big need for processors being on server farms.

On the other hand, who knows?

Wait for more reference material from ElReg, or possibly start thinking for myself again.

Profit piranhas want a bite of HP

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or commentators. doesn't matter. this story is just full of shit, as shown by the authors comments on it. won't happen, shut the fuck up dimwit, go stand in the corner with the big pointed hat with a capital d on it.

El Reg, where has the integrity gone, now you're just publishing speculation and bullshit.

Iranian pimp plates arse up Afghan car sales

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corrupt police??????

surely this is some joke, the Merkunt trained pig in Afghanistan could not possibly be anything other than 100% straight could it.?

Intel's Tri-Gate gamble: It's now or never

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The last three paragraphs sum it up

Absolutely spot on, the main point of a salesman one may ask. The answer- to blow sugar up your ass.

Think file-hosting sites guard your private data? Think again

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C'mon now Dan, surely you can do better

Are we talking about a file hosting specific search engine here? something on the lines of


or it's ilk, of which there are myriads.

Nutter preflames El Reg 'cockheads'

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obviously a wanker

he didn't comment on the size of your lamentable small penis, as your wife keeps telling me.

Perl and Python float on open source VMware cloud

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sounds good, but you want to add this


and this


and this


into the mix, and I personally think you're onto a loser with the whole idea to begin with, even without the bs mentioned above. Life needs to simple to be secure, complexity doesn't equal security.

Mozilla refuses US request to ban Firefox add-on

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The biggest bullies

are the biggest cowards.

Schoolyard psychology, explains so much about the rapidly increasing downwards descent of American attitude to the rest of the world.

Is iPhone data collection legal?

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What fucking title, methinks CUNT

hasn't google already been here, although in many various forms.

Natty Narwahl: Ubuntu marine mammal not fully evolved

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Progress without change.

Novel idea, why hasn't that ever caught on before. Ok not every change is for the better, but if you don't try, you'll never know, all the negatives today will possible be all positives next year. Still, I guess nobody's happy until they've someone or something to slag off.

ET, phone back: Alien quest seeks earthling coders

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3 day old data?

Thank fuck he wasn't waiting for Royal Mail to deliver.

How is SSL hopelessly broken? Let us count the ways

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SSL broken or CA?

Taken from https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Testing_for_SSL-TLS_(OWASP-CM-001)

Large number of available cipher suites and quick progress in cryptoanalysis makes judging a SSL server a non-trivial task. These criteria are widely recognised as minimum checklist:

SSLv2, due to known weaknesses in protocol design

Export (EXP) level cipher suites in SSLv3

Cipher suites with symmetric encryption algorithm smaller than 128 bits

X.509 certificates with RSA or DSA key smaller than 1024 bits

X.509 certificates signed using MD5 hash, due to known collision attacks on this hash

TLS Renegotiation vulnerability[1]

While there are known collision attacks on MD5 and known cryptoanalytical attacks on RC4, their specific usage in SSL and TLS doesn't allow these attacks to be practical and SSLv3 or TLSv1 cipher suites using RC4 and MD5 with key lenght of 128 bit is still considered sufficient[2].

The following standards can be used as reference while assessing SSL servers:

NIST SP 800-52 recommends U.S. federal systems to use at least TLS 1.0 with ciphersuites based on RSA or DSA key agreement with ephemeral Diffie-Hellman, 3DES or AES for confidentality and SHA1 for integrity protection. NIST SP 800-52 specifically disallows non-FIPS compliant algorithms like RC4 and MD5. An exception is U.S. federal systems making connections to outside servers, where these algorithms can be used in SSL client mode.

PCI-DSS v1.2 in point 4.1 requires compliant parties to use "strong cryptography" without precisely defining key lengths and algorithms. Common interpretation, partially based on previous versions of the standard, is that at least 128 bit key cipher, no export strength algorithms and no SSLv2 should be used[3].

SSL Server Rating Guide has been proposed to standardize SSL server assessment and currently is in draft version.

SSL Server Database can be used to assess configuration of publicly available SSL servers[4] based on SSL Rating Guide[5]

MySQL.com hacked via... SQL injection vuln

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"Because the variable-values are kept separate from SQL, it's (AFAIK) immune to SQL-injection attacks."

Wouldn't you put the select statement in a stored procedure, the parameter would be on the WHERE clause.?