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Facebook uses one billion Instagram photos to build massive object-recognition AI that partly trained itself

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Re: HAL 209

Pretty sure it will be more like ED-209; so what humanity does in that 20 seconds to comply won't actually matter.

Microsoft fattens Exchange Online mailboxes to 50GB

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I guess you didn't get it, you must be a little slow. Bluffdale, UT is where the NSA facility is; you know, the facility that stores their vast collection of intercepted data.

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Microsoft has the capacity and they have moved to a new storage rig. They have decided to consolidate to a single DC that is located in Bluffdale, UT. They have also decided to outsource the management of the entire storage rig.

AT&T adds 61¢ 'Mobility Administrative Fee' for users

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Re: Death of a thousand cuts

It's just a flesh wound.

Kiwi cops to buy 6,500 iPhones, 3,900 iPads

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Re: "each cop gains 30 minutes of time a day"

Do you think they only go once a day?

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Re: "each cop gains 30 minutes of time a day"

And 30 minutes on FaceBook, 20 minutes sending some Tweets to other officers and 15 minutes finding the closet donut shop during the day.

Heroku cops to poor tech performance for last THREE YEARS

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So I guess that means things will speed up as one of the following happens:

1) Customers leave entirely

2) Apps are ported

I'm thinking it will be more option 1 than option 2. It is a little hard to convince your customer base to move to your new platform when you couldn't get the old one working right. What keeps Cedar from having the same problems as Bamboo down the road? They will what, promise Dogwood which would be a good name, so when it too is slow, it is a dog.

Japanese boffins tout infrared specs to thwart facial recognition

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Nothing says you have to talk to them. They also cannot legally detain you and if they did detain you, unlawful detention comes into play. Wearing a bag is not against the law. You don't think those glasses wouldn't get their attention either? I did say a mask as well, but I guess you forgot that portion with your short attention span. You could be a member of the church of Jason.

Do the police stop people who wear a niqāb?

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My solution is much easier, a mask. If you want to go low cost, brown bag it. This is optional though, cut holes for the eyes and maybe for the mouth.

Microsoft to give free TV ad to top-voted Windows Phone 8 app

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Re: how?

How? It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. WP7 handsets were still being sold when WP8 was released. So the phone was not "old" by any means. So someone that bought one not long before the WP8 launch or before Microsoft tossed them under the bus cannot use any new apps. Also, any app updates will be WP8 only. SO you can't even get updated apps. What was the point of the WP 7.8 update?

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Sucks for the Windows Phone 7, 7.5 and 7.8 users. They must get sick of being tossed under the bus Ballmer is driving.

Security audit finds dev outsourced his job to China to goof off at work

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Re: Bob is no longer employed by the firm, ....

The two Bob's wanted to talk to Bob.

Potty-mouthed Watson supercomputer needed filth filter

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Re: Maybe it needs to have its mouth...

Bring out the Lifebouy bar.

Steve Jobs' Apple yacht freed after family settles the bill

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Re: That yacht looks terrible

It was their first and hopefully the last.

Microsoft to Moto: We'll give you $1m a year for your patents

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The $5 per handset is not just for FAT. The licensing terms that Microsoft has is $0.25 per device with a cap of $250,000 per license agreement. $250,000 is 50,000 units. Since every manufacturer is selling more than 50,000 units, they would be paying the cap of $250,000. Technically, Google could be paying for the license and thus Microsoft only sees $250,000 per year and encompasses every Android handset. They may not let a license be transferable though.

Report says Cisco offloading Linksys

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It never made sense for Cisco to buy Linksys. Some say it was a way for Cisco to get into the home and small business sector. The reality is that they didn't need Linksys. Cisco could have just produced a line of products for those market sectors. The main factor in those sectors, price. Cisco couldn't charge what they were for products in those sectors. The cheapest ASA is $400 and supports 10 inside clients. How many home users are going to pay that and then have to figure out how to configure it? The same can be said for the small business sector as well. They could use their cable modem or DSL line and a cheap firewall/router and be done for less than $100. All Linksys did was give Cisco products in that price range.

Sex offender wins case against Facebook vigilantism

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Re: Rule of thumb

England is known for the origination of "hanged, drawn and quartered" as a form of capital punishment. Capital punishment is well over 2000 years old so clearly did not originate in the United States. Capital punishment is also used in over 50 countries and outlawed in nearly 100.

Nine sentenced in Chinese kidney-for-iPad scheme

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"The deal went south, however, when young Wang's mother found her son in poor health and became suspicious. Legal charges soon followed."

But it all started off with his poor mental health.

What killed Motorola? Not Google! It was Moto's dire software

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It wasn't software that killed them

In the analog days, you couldn't beat a Motorola. You could beat the crap crap out of the phone and it would keep working. In the US, Motorola was late to the digital side. They refused to buy chips from Qualcomm (I can't blame them) but they decided that they knew more than Qualcomm and tried to make a 600mW CDMA phone when the standard was 200mW. One and only one US carrier sold the phone and quickly stopped too. The phone was horrible and just didn't work. Motorola had to go back to the drawing board. When they finally did get a digital phone out, the quality was horrible. In the course of two days I had four. The first was dead out of the box. The second had a short in the ribbon cable. The third had non-functioning display and the fourth worked. Six month later, it broke though.

Then you have their "switches" which was nothing more than a re-badged switch but had Motorola software running it.

You also had Motorola trying to create their proprietary systems; iDen. They didn't want anyone selling phones but them and no one selling switched but them. Not many bought into that system and while iDen was around for a longtime, it didn't age well. Look at the data speeds it offered and what upgrades were available? Motoola also wanted to compete with Qualcomm in the satellite phone service and handset market.

All the RAZR did was extend them from going out of business. Motorola went back to their comfort zone and that was to sit there like a bump in the rug. Motorola Mobility ceased to be innovative a longtime ago.

Just bought an Apple product? Need support NOW? Drop an F-BOMB

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Re: or...

Tried that. I needed to speak to a higher level and all the "Call me" did was have the lower level call me and then we both got to sit on-hold for the higher level. I guess it was better than sitting on-hold for the lower level but it doesn't put you in touch with whom you really need to talk too. In fact I have never been able to get to the higher tier automatically but they do get on the phone and then let the lower level support person get the info and send it up.

Walmart workers filmed playing iPad frisbee

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Re: Wal-Mart Employee satisfaction?

How many Walmart shoppers are on food stamps? The answer is quite a few.

"At the stroke of midnight, a growing number of Americans are lining up at Walmart not to cash in on a holiday sale, but because they’re hungry.

The increasing number of Americans relying on food stamps to survive the sluggish economic recovery has changed the way the largest retailer in the United States does business.

Carol Johnston, Walmart’s senior vice president of store development, said that store managers have seen an “enormous spike” in the number of consumers shopping at midnight on the first of the month. That’s typically when those receiving federal food assistance have their accounts refilled each month.

“We’ll bring in more staff to stock. We’ll also make sure all of our registers…are open…Some people may think at 12:01, Walmart’s very quiet, but in a lot of our areas of the country, 12:01 is a big day or a big night for us, actually,” Johnston said.

Becca Reeder and her husband, T.J. Fowler, are one of the families shopping before the sun rises.

When NBC News visited their home six days before the first of the month, they had no milk in their refrigerator. Among the few things left were water, bacon grease for the dog’s food, a little bit of apple juice, cheese and tortillas."

The clientèle that Walmart attracts are the same demographic as the people who work there.

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Fragile...is that Italian?

Fragile you say? is that Italian?

FTC shuts down five US robocall operations

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What do these two agencies really do? Did the Do Not Call list really do anything? NOPE! They both enact rules and then never enforce them. What is the point of enacting them?

Boeing zaps PCs using CHAMP missile microwave attacks

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Coming soon to a battlefield near you....popcorn

Popcorn will be used as a warning on an attack. First target will be out but subsequent targets got the advance warning. If they could make sure the popcorn gets burned, now we have chemical warfare.

Fish skin points to better LEDs

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So would it he a Shit Light Emitting Diode then? Batman will be pleased and Wayne Enterprises has a new market.

Only buy Huawei or ZTE if you like being SPIED ON - US politicos

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Re: Reds under the Bed.

If those loony Democrats trust the commies so much, explain the bay of pigs or the Cuban embargo? Look at what president was in office when that transpired?

Now Apple cuts back on Samsung displays

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Re: Apple...

"It's called business, you partner with people you can trust." How well is that trust with the people Apple hired to create their map software?

Facebook: 83 million IMPOSTERS stalk our network

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Re: Cats have accounts

Cats have a FB account? Shouldn't they have nine rather than just one?

Apple unveils tightened Mountain Lion requirements

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Re: WTF?

It is the GPU, not the CPU that dictates if Mountain Lion can be installed. That is why some Core2Duo machines can run it and some cannot.

FCC: Let's kill analogue early, fob diehards off with converter boxes

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Re: The nice thing about standards...

Well, AT&T put GSM there and they also have W-CDMA running in that band as well. Verizon put 1xRTT and EV-DO on that band as well. So while you can't buy an analog phone anymore, that band has been used for digital transmission starting in the late 90's. When the analog sunset date arrived, they turned off the analog portion and since then have expanded their use of digital on that spectrum.

So there you go, the FCC didn't need to force them to use it and has been in use for digital transmission for around 15 years now.

Nokia's Great Software Cleansing scrubs off everything since the '90s

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"they will likely sell 10-20% of the total number of Smartphones that they sold in 2010."

Actually even less. In 2010 Nokia sold 134 million smartphone, a 34 million increase over 2009. WP as a whole will see around 10 million sold and that is across all manufacturers. So Nokia won't even see 10% of where they were, even if they were 100% of the WP sales.

Foundering Nokia pushes 10,000 bods, 3 veeps overboard

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Re: ... and success follows because?

If they are to survive, they need to get rid of Elop. He is no magician, if anything he is a puppet with Balmer pulling the strings.

Nokia was profitable until Elop enacted his plan. Nokia saw sales growth in the smartphone market, until Elop enacted his plan. The share price of Nokia was over $10 until Elop enacted his plan. If they lose another $1.40, they face being de-listed. How will Elop survive that? Even the members of the board have to look at their stock options and see that they are now toilet paper.

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Re: Even with Qt, Symbian was doomed

It was in a tail spin? 2009 they sold 100 million smartphones; most of which were S60. In 2010 they sold 134 million, once again, most were S60. So 34% growth is a tailspin? While Nokia saw 34 million more smartphones sold over 2009, Apple sold a total of 40 million at the end of 2010. So the total increase that Nokia saw was almost equal to what Apple sold. Even Q1 2011 Nokia saw an increase over Q1 2010. So they were on track to sell over 134 million smartphones in 2011 as well. Look at WP7, as a whole around 10 million will be sold in 2012. Nokia sold more than that every month of S60 phones.

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Re: They're making the wrong one redundant

"Maemo/Meego would have been a 1-horse platform meaning it would have entirely reliant on Nokia to spend money on enticing devs to code for it. Let it die. Face it, it's not as if anyone's using it or coding for it."

Wrong, wrong and wrong. First, in Q4, Nokia sold more N9's than the combined WP7 sales from ALL manufacturers. So more people bought it than WP7. Next, you don'r have to code for it, Nokia was just on the cusp of realizing the Qt initiative. So a developer develops an app and then they could create install files for S40, S60 and MeeGo, So while each have a different install method, the code is the same. Nokia sells a lot of S40 handsets and a lot of S60; that alone meant an ecosystem, a very large one.

Just the Internet retards want WP7 to die? Look at the sales figures, it is quite clear not many want it to survive. Market share for Q1 2011 was 2.7%, Q1 2012 it was 1.9%. All that money, all that marketing and they LOST market share and became even more irrelevant. It doesn't matter how much money is thrown at it, it is just not going to work. They call it a smartphone OS but in reality, it is more feature phone that smartphone. That hardware is the same as Microsoft has it so locked down and limited that it is pathetic. How long did Microsoft let WM languish and they still are. Pet project or not, it is dead. Microsoft just doesn't want to believe that though, but sales show the truth and when MeeGo outsold it in Q4, that just speaks volume in how the market has said time and time again that WP7 is not what they want and have voted with their wallets.

Lastly, before Nokia decided to abandon S60, you do realize that they saw growth right? They went from 100 million per year in 2009 to 134 million in 2010. They even saw higher sales in Q1 2011 than what Q1 2010 had. The Elop calls it a burning platform and starts the WP7 path and sales fell. If S60 was a burning platform and they were selling over 134 million per year, or over 10 million per month. What is WP7 when they are selling less than 10 million per year? If S60 is a burning platform, WP7 is in an incinerator.

Skype launches in-call ads

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Next Microsoft will use this in the following methods.

1) They will see if you Windows Activation Technology shows you have a valid license, if not they will connect you to a rep that can assist you in rectifying that.

2) If they see you are not running the "Ultimate" edition, they will connect you to a rep to assist you.

3) If they see you are not running Windows, they will connect you with a rep to sell you a license.

Nokia eyes private equity buyer for bling-phone firm

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If they wait a little longer, they can get the rest of Nokia for not much more.

Apple's online store goes offline

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Re: PS: Or Maybe.....

"These make it possible for customers having bought an old version of the product soon before the announcement of a new product to return their purchase and have it replaced with the more current offering, at little or no cost.

The website blackout does definitely not serve any technical purpose."

Except that you keep someone from ordering a machine and then wanting to return it for the latest one. Why add to it when it is unnecessary? It is a waste of time and money to sell the previous model only to have them return it. Apple can't shut their site down for 14-days ahead of time now could they? So that is a cost of doing business to them, but adding more is just idiotic, something you have a doctorate in.

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Re: Or Maybe.....

Yes, they are not available. Apple no longer sells them, you cannot order them through the site any longer, they are REMOVED. Go find the previous MacBook Pro on their site to order, hwo about the previous MacBook Air? What, you can only find the new models, I wonder why that is.

Also, before a product refresh, there are signs on supply constraints for some of the models. Do you really think that Apple is going to continue to produce these models and stockpile the previous model when they are going to introduce a new one? Before WWDC, you could see that many models said 1-day shipping. If you ordered prior, you would get the previous model, if you order after, you get the latest. it is not a hard concept to understand.

As for distribution, many many times, they drop ship them from China. They don't have months and months of systems in a warehouse or even weeks worth. Apple more or less deals with on-demand production. It is also not uncommon that some machines in a product line are hard to get leading up to an announcement and others are not. Resellers on the other hard usually still have the previous generation on hand after a new product announcement.

Also to show how ludicrous your comment is, many companies do not keep a lot of product on hand. Cisco is another good example, I have ordered millions of dollars of equipment and it takes 2 to 8 weeks (and sometimes even longer) for it to come in. Each day you might a few boxes; it never arrives all at once. Cisco didn't have it on hand, it was coming from China. if I wet through a reseller, I could have gotten it quicker, as Cisco lets the resellers do the warehousing and Cisco produces the kit when they demand is there as well as stockpile orders in the meantime. Alcatel-Lucent is another good example, whenever I have placed an order, it takes weeks to get and if you look at the tracking information, it shipped a few days before it being received. If you are talking about a TV set, yes, they Sony, the distributors, the store all have stock.

Lastly, true details of the new hardware were scarcely known until a day or two before the announcement. Things like part numbers being entered into systems, pictures of various components, etc. if Apple spent weeks getting the distribution setup as YOU suggest, then that would require them to be in production for weeks and this is NOT THE CASE. Anyone that ordered a new machine yesterday would have seen that the FedEx tracking showing that it originated from China and yet they will have received it on Tuesday if they ordered it with next day delivery.

Your post just proves how clueless you really are in the world of a global economy and more importantly how Apple works. Apple is very secretive and they don't provide a road map like most companies do. They are not going to produce these things weeks in advance and let the secrets be revealed until Apple is ready.

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Re: Or Maybe.....

Sure it does. Apple quits making the old models; even the ones with Build to Order (BTO) options. So if someone went to buy a machine with more RAM, bigger HDD and maybe a faster processor, how would they fulfill the request when Chinese factories are not producing the soon to be previous model? Sure Apple could manually have someone go through the order and try to make a new machine with the same specs but the price would be different. The new machine might already have the RAM and HDD that the customer wanted as standard now. Before you say that if it is less, why does it matter? I have worked for companies that had a set dollar amount before it became a capital item and there were two budgets; one was for capital. A lower price could put it under the capital mark and thus couldn't be bought. Lastly, Apple also has a return policy:

"If you want to return an item, you can ship the item back to Apple, or bring it to any U.S. Apple Store for a full refund. For eligible Mac, iPad, iPod, and third-party products, you have up to 14 calendar days from the time you receive your item(s) to initiate a return."

Most machines bought from the online store get shipped from China anyway, so when you order, they either grab one from the warehouse or have it start down the line.

So someone could order a machine during the announcement and receive it and before the 14-days is up return it to get the latest machine. It is just easier to close the site down and then reopen it after the announcement.

Insider cuts into Apple, peels off Intel Mac OS X port secrets

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What are the secrets?


From WWDC 2005:

"Jobs then confirmed a long-held belief that Apple was working on an Intel-compatible version of Mac OS X that some have termed “Marklar.”

Mac OS X has been “leading a secret double life” for the past five years, said Jobs. “So today for the first time, I can confirm the rumors that every release of Mac OS X has been compiled for PowerPC and Intel. This has been going on for the last five years.”"

Windows 8: Not even Microsoft thinks businesses will use it

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Re: not new coke

If you look at the reception that WP7 has had and the sales that have followed, it is quite clear that Microsoft is NOT listening. MS also thinks that what you use on the desktop dictates what is bought on a tablet/phone. This is not the case, so forcing Metro on your customers and expecting that they will buy a tablet with Windows 8 is just foolish. Apple is not using the same UI for the desktop and tablet.

Intel phone boss: 'Multi-core detrimental to Android mobes'

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The Atom and the A9 both have a GPU. Also the power draw for an Atom will make sure you never get too far from an outlet or the device will have a massive battery.

OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 240GB PCI-E SSD

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Re: Really the end of sata?

That is what they have today. To keep costs down they are using off the shelf components. Down the road, they could easily bypass the SATA/SAS portion. Sandforce or one of the others could easily make a controller that provides access to a PCIe bus and have direct access to the FLASH chips.

It is really only a matter of time before you see SATA/SAS go away and you PCIe slots in computers for storage. Even a NAS or SAN could go with PCIe.

The current technology is still in its infancy and we will soon see what it can really do.

Samsung snafu grounds blue Galaxy S III

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How could it be a dimensions issue. Why would the dimensions be different for the blue over the white? Shouldn't the CAD files be the same for either color?

Why GM slammed the brakes on its $10m Facebook ads

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"People might own a car for ten years so it can be very difficult to know exactly when they're in the process of trying to buy a car."

The change of a GM making it to 10 years is pretty slim, they are starting to fall apart by the time the warranty is over.

If FB were wise, if they see you like GM, start giving them Taxi and wrecker services ads, maybe even some walking shoes.

LightSquared files for bankruptcy

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"The filing was necessary to preserve the value of our business and to ensure continued operations,"

What value, what business and what operations? I have yet to see anything that LightSquared offers except a lot of complaining and trying to game the system.

"The voluntary Chapter 11 filing is intended to give LightSquared sufficient breathing room to continue working through the regulatory process that will allow us to build our 4G wireless network.”

The regulatory process? That would mean a way in which to accomplish an objective. They don't have a way to do that unless they plan on the original intent of the spectrum and they don't need FCC or any regulatory approval; they already have it when they bought the spectrum.

Iranian firms told not to use foreign email providers

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So we had reports of Iran eavesdropping in on secure connections and now they are going to force the use of domestic services. Even easier to eavesdrop and no longer even have to worry about SSL/TLS decryption.

iPad chargers can open beer bottles

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The real iOpener


Intel bakes palm-sized Core i5 NUC to rival Raspberry Pi

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Ivy bridge

The use of Ivy Bridge would have been better especially since it supports the TDP to be tuned. I guess that will be the second version of it. Kind of shocking that Intel would use Sandy Bridge especially since they have been stockpiling Ivy Bridge CPU's.

Boeing plans super-secure Android smartphone for top echelons

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What about the users?

They will make the phone secure but in the end, it will be the apps that the users use on the phone that will be the downfall.